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  1. Welcome To Inhuman High school Weather your a more famous type of monster like werewolf and vampires or a infamous monster you'll feel at home here.
    Monster type:

    Name:Jake freeman
    monster type: werewolf
    looks: Tall kind of tan muscular Dark hair and gray eyes usually wears a bandana has a tattoo of a of a Ouroboros (dragon eating its own tail) on the back of his neck when he's in werewolf form he has a black coat of fur
  2. oooh...prettyful...

    Name: Faithe Acer, but she prefers Fate.
    Monster type: Transhuman
    age: 16
    dorm#: 17A
    looks: [​IMG] [​IMG]<< but with the black hair and blue eyes in the first.

    Small Definition...Maybe (open)
    Small Definition...Maybe (open)

    4. Transhumans


    What are they?

    They’re more than meets the eye, but they don’t transform into SUVs or semis.

    Simply put, Transhumans are human. Just a hell of a lot more evolved than you and me. See, they have much bigger brains than us. They have bigger eyes than us. They have telekinetic powers and can plunder your memories and thoughts and assume the likeness of any human being on the planet. And as a bonus, they’re hung like John Holmes on Enzyte. Bastards!

    Lest you think they’d be an ideal addition to the X-Men, you’d be sorely mistaken. Apparently, the next step in human evolution is sporting a hide of waxy, yellowed skin that drapes off the skeleton like a dieting septuagenarian, breaks out in a bleeding, ulcerous rash when exposed to light – oh, and is partial to cannibalism.

    Unlike many monsters, Transhumans prefer a diet of fresh human flesh, “quivering with life,” according to the book The Cannibal Within. Well, all parts of a human except the liver. Kind of like Each Usige, but they see liver a poisonous.

    Whose Ass Would It Kick?

    Given that they’re above human brilliance, to put them up against a run-of-the-mill zombie would be insulting. No, devious genius is needed here. As well as culinary taste.

    The infamous Hannibal Lector is perhaps the best match. Except they’d probably recognize each other’s genius and refined tastes in grey matter sautéed in olive oil and garlic, co-write a cook book on a hundred and one dishes with fava beans and go on Food TV.

    How Do You Kill It?

    Evolution has a real way of keeping powers in check. So those enlarged body parts are also their greatest weakness. The eyes, the brain
    Sorry, best I could find for a description

    Can I join?!
  3. (yea)

    sat in his dorm with his bandana wrapped around his mouth he was tuning a guitar and strumming a low chord then he looked outside the new kids were showing up he sighed he watch the sun after that it was a warm day
  4. Fate stared at the school from a distance. "Time time time.." She mumbled, checking her watch. She unzipped the stark white jacket she was wearing, revealing her crimson red tank top. She wore a pair of black jeans and white tennis shoes as she approached the school. She stepped inside the doors and was pushed towards the wall by a rush of students. "Children." She muttered, walking down the halls aimlessly.
  5. jake waked out of his dorm with his bandana on and sunglasses and a pure black shirt and skater jeans and black high-top shoes and kids looked behind them watching him and they straightened there stances once they saw his tattoo on the back of his neck he bumped into a girl wearing a red tanktop and a white jacket "sorry ma'am" his voice was a bit deep and clear even thow he war his bandana around his mouth
  6. Fate stepped back. "It's alright." She said, glancing at the kids. "I'm Fate." I guess I should get to know some of these people. Then maybe I'd be able to get a competition out of some of them.. She thought to herself. "You are?" She kept her hood over her head and she had practically no skin showing.
  7. jake "you can call me jake or Da Kurlzz" he had in hands in his pockets then took out a flyer "theres a concert tonight on the roof im in it if youd like to come " he was monotone yet very serious no ones gonna come to a it I don't care thow im fine playing to no audience I do it every night he thaught to himself "wel I gotta go start set up and a sound check and stuff hope you can come fate" he nodded and walked off to stiars
  8. ((Hollywood undead XD))

    Fate nodded and glanced over the flyer. Another group of people..I guess I'll go. "Okay. Goodbye." She said as he walked off. She folded the flyer neatly in two and slipped it in her pocket. She remembered she hadn't reached her dorm and started backtracking towards her room. Let's see here..
  9. (yes)

    jake got to the roof and started working on lights an sound checks he had posted flyers everywhere on doors on trees on a notice boards but he still knew no one was gonna come so when he was done he strummed his guitar and started to play saving abel addicted then stoped and watched the sky
    Jake Freeman threw 6-faced die for: Life Total: 44 $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice
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    Fate stepped into her room. "Empty. Perrrrfect." She sighed, setting her backpack on the bottom bunk and stepping back out, locking the door behind her. She noticed no one seemed to pay too much attention to each other unless they were friends. She looked towards the stairs Jake had disappeared up. I guess maybe I could start up. Not like I have anything else I must attend. She started towards the stairs, swallowing the words she wanted to yell at the several students who went rushing past. When she made it to the roof, she paused before stepping into view. Jake was playing a guitar. That's good.. She thought before stepping out. "Hello. Again." She said, glancing around. Empty..what's up with all the empty rooms?
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    jake looked a her "hey you know ur may be the only person here tonight right?" he was still strumming his guitar
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    Fate shrugged. "Okay. You're really good with that guitar."
  13. jake "thanks its the only thing I have left of my parents " he sighed "so where are you from?"
  14. "Maine." She answered. She hated it there, too cold. She moved and sat by him. "My dad sent me here before he went off to the military. My mom is either dead or somewhere I don't know."
  15. jake sighed "my parents are in maine and you said your ad is in the military ? what part army marines navy air force? what rank?" he was sounded very sad and was taking off his bandana and glasses "cus I might of knew him"
  16. "Army. Sergeant." She answered. She looked at him a moment. "Really?"
  17. jake chuckled "ya I just got done with my tour of duty and I also got shot in the leg" he grined "I was a navy seal and that's as much as I can tell you"
  18. Fate smiled. "That's nice. Painful, but nice. What brought you here?" She asked.
  19. jake "I don't know refuge try and finish my schooling to get a better job try to get a girlfriend o don't know honestly " he kept strumming and cracked his neck
  20. Fate nodded. "That's interesting. Better logic then most of the children around here." She sighed.
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