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  1. "Is it better to be feared, or respected? I say 'Is it too much to ask for both?'"

    In the near future, powered exosekletons known as "IS" (Infinite Stratos) are developed by Japanese scientists. Though they were distributed evenly amongst the world's nations to stop the balance of international power shifting, for years, they were only able to be piloted by women - presenting a system dominated by women. However, a boy named Orimura Ichika was able to pilot an IS unit, causing uproar throughout the world.
    This RP takes place five years after his graduation from the Infinite Stratos Academy, a place for young pilots to hone their skills. A team of hitherto-unknown engineers and scientists emerge, and announce to the world that they have developed their own systems - "IA," or "Infinite Atmos." What's more, these IA suits seem to be on par with IS systems. Though the scientific progress made in developing these suits is surely amazing, it raises the question of how they'll impact the world. With no treaties currently in place, how will the international power balance shift? Will either gender dominate society? Just what is this team, where did they come from, and who's funding them?
    Our story will focus on a new generation of students at the IS Academy. Tensions will build between the two, as an integration of trainee pilots of both IA and IS systems comes into play. But it's not just grades at stake - there's something brewing behind the scenes, and it's far more sinister than either side could expect.

    Hello, and welcome to Infinite Sky, the Infinite Stratos-based RP. This here thread - as you can probably guess - is for signups, and other OOC chat. Once everyone's done with their stuff, I'll get to posting the IC. Anyway, here's your form to fill out, for references and things.

    Name: Do I need to say anything?
    Age: IA pilots can be any age from 15-18, but will be treated as first-year students. IS pilots can be any age, and will be treated appropriately.
    Gender: As ever, IS pilots can only be female. IA pilots can be any gender, but for the purposes of the story, I will limit them to males.

    Appearance: A written description of your character. Can include a picture, but still requires a written description.

    IA/IS unit: Pictures are fine, even without words. Please include both its activated state, and deactivated state.
    Also, please note that IA units generally use full-body armour, and as such, are usually a little less mobile.

    Notes: Did I miss anything you wanted to add?


    Laggy Lagiacrus - David Ross
    R-9 Pilot - [RESERVED]
    Arius Angels - Arius Angels
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  2. Name: Arius Angels

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: She has short black hair at about shoulder length and bright red eyes that are slightly narrow and almost scary looking. Her skin is tanned in a rather odd way, showing bikini tan lines if she wears a shirt that hangs off her shoulders. She normally always wears casual jeans and tee shirt when she's not at school. She is tall at about 5'8, and has an hourglass shaped body with a decent sized chest. Her legs are long and make up most of her height, her face is a little long with a narrow chin, her eyebrows are thin while her lips are peach colored. She never wears make up and she has a beauty mark under her right eye.

    IS Unit: . Activated State:
    Deactivated State:

    Notes: Her unit is a fast attacker, lightning quick but her blows are limited in range but she hits pretty hard. Her unit is heavily speed based with next to no defensive abilities and if you don't have a keen eye, her speed makes her hard to see. Her unit gives her large claws to use for fighting and her arms are pretty armored by her gauntlets, but this is the only way she can fight, up close, she has no ranged attacks which puts her at a disadvantage against long range types. Her clawed gauntlets are her weapons and all she has besides speed, even though she has no defensive abilities her energy doesn't last very long at all when she uses her speed against someone.
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  3. It might take me a while to get a character put together, simply because if I can't find appropriate art, I'll have to make it myself.

    Also, trying to think of some sort of gimmick for the IS, because they always seem to have them. Shouldn't take me too long to get something hacked together, however.
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  4. @Arius Angels : By deactivated state, I mean how it's stored. you know, like earrings, a necklace, a watch, things like that. Also, this isn't mandatory, but I'd appreciate it if you could flesh out the physical appearance description more. The clearer the picture we can paint of your character in our minds, the better.

    @R-9 Pilot : As you like it. Your place will be reserved until then, or until you ask for it to be revoked.

    Also, I apologise for not including this earlier, but I would like to request that a description of your unit's abilities be included. And please, even if it's only slightly, skew your stats and/or weaponry towards a certain focus - heavy armour at the cost of speed, rapid attack speed at the cost of attack power, that sort of thing. I've done this sort of thing before, and it's no fun when everyone's an all-rounder, with no discernible weakness to write against.

    Name: David Ross
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: David does not stand out much in a crowd, as he stands at a fairly average five feet and seven inches. He maintains a fairly slim and athletic figure, but it is not particularly noticeable, especially at a distance. His skin has a very slight tan to it, but this is due to genetics, rather than extended exposure to the sun. While he has no features that immediately seem conspicuous, he does seem to have slightly broader shoulders than is normal for someone of his height and overall build. However, aside from people measuring him to see what shirts would fit him, few really notice this.

    David's hair is kept at a medium length - only a few inches, at the very most. It does, however, seem to feel extremely thick and bouncy. David usually keeps his hair combed to one side to avoid it becoming a problem - this isn't usually too hard, as he tends to keep his fringe cut short. His hair is as black as is naturally possible, and does not show any signs of being tampered with.
    David's eyes are deep green in colour, and have bags under them that seem to indicate a heavy amount of sleep has been missed out on.

    Normally, David will not wear anything particularly special, when it comes to clothing. His standard outfit will depend on the weather - t-shirt and shorts for hot weather, shirt and jeans for cool weather - but the style will usually remain the same. He will tend to choose dark colours and plain clothing, and is reluctant to wear anything more gaudy than a wristwatch. He does not seem to wear anything on his feet but a pair of black lace-up trainers when not in school uniform, however.
    David has been known to look quite dashing in a suit when attending formal occasions, but has been known to feel that they're stuffy and restricting.

    IA/IS unit: Click here for image of David's IA unit
    David's IA unit appears as a blue, steel belt when deactivated.

    David's IA unit is capable of using one of two weapons, in addition to a spear made out of an unnamed metal, capable of harming an IS unit's shielding.
    One weapon is the laser rifle. Capable of firing in short bursts of five rounds or in semi-auto mode, the laser rifle fires quick rounds of a moderate power. The laser cannon fires rounds that are more powerful, but can only fire one round at a time, and each individual round is far slower than a laser rifle's.
    His unit also comes with armour that, while not quite heavy-duty, is still more durable than the average IS unit.
    However, due to its heavy weaponry and its bulky armour, David's unit is incapable of high-speed movement, and is less manoeuvrable than a lot of other units the same size. The limited firing capabilities of his weaponry means that he has to lead targets more than usual, and the ranged nature of his weapons - melee included - means that he is at a disadvantage in CQC.

    Notes: he believes cooked tomatoes to be the work of the devil.
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  5. whoops sorry I thought it was kinda like a regular mode and an Assault mode! -changes some stuff-
  6. I fixed most of the stuff, if the descriptions aren't good enough please let me know. I'm not the best with physical descriptions but I am trying so please. -bows- don't be afraid to let me know if it's any better. and her unit type is in the notes section...
  7. I'd advise some proof-reading, and making it so your images are laid out like this:

    Activated form:

    Deactivated form:

    You also need to describe your weaponry. Maybe I need to put that in, maybe not. Either way, we have no idea what you're using to attack us with.

    I must raise the issue of your IS' strengths and weaknesses. You don't seem to have any weaknesses. You've reduced one of your strengths, certainly, but it doesn't seem to have been reduced by much. Your strengths, on the other hand, seem to still be up. Other players don't have anything t use against you.
    For example, take the Scout in Team Fortress 2. Fast and agile, with a powerful weapon. However, this is balanced by the Scout only being effective at attacking at close-range, due to his weapon being a Scattergun. lso, he has to rely on his movement, due to being extremely fragile. Conversely, the Heavy is effective at close to medium range, is extremely bulky, and has a powerful primary weapon. However, his slow speed makes him a sitting duck, and his large frame makes him easy to hit.
    It's the same in IS. Orimura's fast and powerful, but wastes energy - he can be beaten in an endurance match. Cecilia is suited to long-range combat - she can't deal with close-range attacks properly. Houki is a melee attacker - keep her at arm's length, and you should be fine. You need to include something that makes you vulnerable, not just less powerful.

    Sorry if that seems a little long-winded.
  8. Um no you're fine...and uh...>w<; You know nevermind. I'm just being awful with my CS right now. x..x; I'm not doing it on purpose I SWEAR.
  9. Don't worry about it. I just take combat stuff pretty seriously. The last time I didn't, bad stuff happened, and I don't want it happening again.
    If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask. That's what I'm here for, you know?
  10. Well I did some more editing. x..x; I'm so sorry! I don't play a terribly powerful character ever, I've never made a character that had no weakness. So I'm sorry I wasn't clear at; -bites tongue- nevermind. If I seem like I'm being kinda dumb I'm sorry. And really I'm not sure what to ask about, see the problem? I'm normally not so bad at this. I think I just hit my stupid button today. I'm not trying to be all downer and depressing so don't take it that way. I guess I'm just having an off day?
  11. It seems fine to me, but you might be making it a little too weak to function. Orimura's ranged abilities were so poor, it was like he didn't have them - mirroring your lack of ranged attack. He was primarily a speedy melee attacker, like you. His energy consumption was high, and frequently got him into trouble - like I assume yours would. However, he had phenomenal attack power at close-range.

    In the same way that it's no fun playing against somebody with no weakness, it's no fun playing as somebody with too many. You can always pick the stereotypical weaknesses, you know.

    Just think about how your character's IS looks. For example, mine has heavy weaponry and bulky armour - this means its attack power would be decent, and its defences would be good. However, this would also mean that it weighs more,and moving in it becomes more difficult.
    With your IS, it looks as though it would be lacking defensive ability, due to it barely covering your character's body. And, if you attack and move a lot, it's logical to assume you're going to use up a lot of energy. However, its sleek design would allow for fast, rapid, and precise movement. Those claws look vicious as well - it's going to hurt if those hit.
  12. Since IS rely on BS'd shielding for defense, there's no guarantee that no physical armoring means weak defenses. Though it still is likely a drawback to the whole frame. I've got a couple ideas I might as well spitball before posting, to see which sticks. One is to go with a fairly standard long-range setup with poor close-in ability, and the usual unique gimmick every IS seems to have. The other is well...something of an all-rounder at least in terms of speed/mobility versus armor, but it has to choose one at any given time. It starts out with additional armor, but can purge it with explosives to gain in mobility. Also has a really fun all-or-nothing idea with the shields that justify the need for some additional armoring.
  13. To be fair, it can be reasoned that more armour would mean more room for energy storage, efficiency-increasing parts - you know, just extra stuff to make it function that much better.

    Also, while I like the sound of your idea for balance, I do have an issue with it. While you may be at either end of the spectrum - purge or no - you're still able to adapt to your opponent. And if there's one power I've seen that's overpowered, it's adaptation. Need defences? You're sorted. Enemy running rings around you? Purge. Enemy's got balanced stats? You'll be fine either way. What I'm trying to say is that switching up your stats in the middle of battle seems a tad overpowered.
  14. I certainly wouldn't second guess more armor as better for overall survivability, especially when you shields inevitably go down.

    I can leave out the armor purge idea, then. I think I've got enough of a concept hammered out to go ahead and get to work, so I should have a character sheet up soon enough.
  15. Take your time. Just put it up whenever you feel it's ready.

    Also, before we start, I don't know if I need to clarify this, but it' something about speed. It doesn't matter how fast or slow you are, I'm willing to accept the ability to make a quick burst of speed in a single direction, for a short distance. No matter what you're using, I think it's kind of standard for each unit to have some sort of evasive manoeuvre, ineffective as it may be. If anyone feels this needs tweaking, or removing entirely, do tell me.
  16. No it's fine and it makes sense.
  17. It's fine by me. IS really feel like NEXTs in a lot of ways, so the short-dash dodging makes some sense. And I think is something they actually do.
  18. NEXTs? I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with those. Or perhaps I am but I don't remember them.

    Either way, I'm glad that's settled.
  19. They're the mecha from Armored Core 4/4A. But don't worry about it too much.
  20. If you say so. I'll be doing things, then, if you need me.
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