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  1. Hello,

    my name is Kagei and I'd like to welcome you to my fresh new Interest Check. It should be pretty straightforward journey, just listen to your guide, do not wander to restricted areas and have fun.

    First, let's talk about myself. (It's my favorite topic, anyway.)
    I'm from small country called Czech Republic (you can also know this country as Czechia, thanks to our wonderful president, or Chechnya, thanks to American television), though I plan to leave it as soon as I finish the grammar school.
    Don't worry about the school part, I have already crossed that special border between childhood and maturity (though I'm not exactly all that mature) and live on my own.
    Because of relative distance from any English speaking country, my English can be a little bit off sometimes, but my CAE certificate is stubbornly convinced that I can speak the language quite well.
    When it comes to roleplaying, I have enough experience to proudly call myself an adept/casual/pretty good roleplayer.
    I can't promise you that I'll be active all day and all night, but I'll do my best to respond at least every other day and properly apologize if something gets in way of my posting.
    I have really strange sense of humor and tend to make strange/inapropriate/unfunny/toofuny/hilarious jokes. Mostly depends on your tastes.
    My favorite drink of the night is gin topped with more gin.

    I also have a few rules. I'm not all that anal about them, but I'd still prefer if you gave them a look.
    Be older than 18 years, because I enjoy dealing with more mature themes.
    Give me as much as I give you. If I post a few paragraphs, responding with one simple sentence is just rude.
    Don't be completely passive. I can carry plot on my own, but it's tedious. Try to introduce your own twists. Derail the plot a little!
    Tell me if you don't like something, it's the only way I can make improvements.
    Have fun!

    Now with these things said, let's move to the truly important part. The roleplaying itself.
    Genres of my choice are Science fiction, Fantasy and everything in between.
    I can roll with simple Tolkien-ish adventure, but I would be more than happy to roleplay cyberpunk spies or go with urban fantasy about zombie-hunting witches.
    That being said, I'm most happy when the roleplay isn't just a "dumb" adventure about unlikely heroes saving the world, but also presents me with something deeper. Moral dilemmas, sides that aren't just black and white, intrigues... Things like these make me really appreciate the roleplay.
    I should also say that I strongly prefer Female x Female pairing, it's just more natural to me and it's what I'm the most experienced in.

    Please, PM me if interested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.