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  1. (Thank you Damien Nyr for making a better version of my story! I sure hope you'll be joining again)

    Once upon a time I had an idea, and I decided to turn it into a roleplay, but it kinda went down the drain. I hope more people wanne do this!

    This RP is about a group of rebels who are fighting against the government. A global nuclear war devastated the Earth fifty years ago, and the world has become a disastrous mess of destruction and disease. The continent of North America is the only true safe haven for the human race. People are trying to get in from outside, but the borders are closed and every part of the coastline is heavily guarded by the army. The government are going to extreme measures to ensure that the human race survives by making sure potentially contaminated humans stay out while non-contaminated humans stay in. Another of those extreme measures includes dividing those quarintined within the continent into two - those who are Pure, and those who aren't.

    Pure people consist of those who have been proven to have no connection to the nuclear war while Unpure people consist of those who can't prove that they weren't connected to the war, those who may have been exposed to nuclear gases and toxins, and those who have managed to survive the war and find their way into the continent. The government heavily control the access of the Unpure people to the world and deny them any decent jobs and wages. Even if you haven't touched or breathed in anything dangerous or toxic, if you are labeled as Unpure, you can expect to face a life of poverty and hunger. The government have convinced many Pure people that the Unpures are dangerous, unhealthy and inferior. They can't be a part of society.

    Please join this roleplay!! Because I am sure it is fun to play. I want atleast 5 people to join, and we can always have more while we're already in the roleplay. I will tell what the idea is once we've reached the good amount of people interested.

    Character Sheet:
    (I'll put my own character as en example)

    Name: Quinn Schulkebir

    Age: 26

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Gender: Male

    Status: Unpure

    Affiliation: Rebellion

    Personality: Quinn is kind of distant most of the time and doesn’t talk that much. Once he thinks you’re a nice person on the other hand, he gets more comfortable and starts joking around. He never really over thinks his decisions; he just does what his instinct tells them to do. This can have good or bad outcome.

    Backstory: He grew up in a loving family, but in poverty. His father had heavy debts from a Pure and was shot when Quinn was twelve. His mother knew that the Pure might want Quinn to work back the money his father owned him. He was forced to live on the streets and met his bestfriend Mark there. They joined the rebellion at sixteen and Mark died ten years later.

    Family: He is an only child, his father is a German from origin and his mother is a Pure.

    Other: Quinn has one blue and one brown eye, this makes that people are scared of his unperness.
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  2. Name: Mairylin 'Mai' Lautrey

    Age: 20

    Appearance: [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Gender: Female

    Status: Unpure

    Affiliation: Planning to join the Rebellion

    Personality: Shy, quiet, obedient to people she completely trusts. Does what she believes is right

    Back Story: She never knew her mother, but her father was a very dominant and demanding man. She did what he told her too unless she felt it was completely wrong. He tried to get her to work in groups and to never go off alone, but she always did. She mostly raised herself it seems, as she is nothing like her father raised her.

    Family: Younger sister (died at 12 b/c of undernourishment), Mother (unknown), and Father (Unknown origin)

    Other: Feels uncomfortable in large crowds, OCD and is a little claustrophobic. Prefers being alone or with one or two others.
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  3. Name:
    Miles Runner


    Miles Runner 16 (open)
    Miles Runner 16.jpg
    Miles Runner 25 (open)
    Miles Runner 25.jpeg




    Miles is adaptable, so he knows when it is the right time to act or to speak and he knows when he should be silent, and he is very respectful to all people, no matter their stance in society. He is very tolerant and forgiving, but also a good judge of character, meaning that he will show little mercy to another person who he knows will definitely commit crimes in the future. This being said, he doesn't judge people by their pasts, which is both a positive and negative trait; positive because he is able to understand and easily bond with them without passing any prejudice, however it is also negative because it provides some people with the opportunity to deceive him due to his trusting nature.


    Miles' mother was born to a wealthy pure family, however his father was an unpure. Their secret marriage produced five children, of which Miles was the fourth. A few days after Miles' younger sister Meredith's birth, his mother lost her status as a pure when her marriage to an unpure was discovered, and Miles' father was executed. His older brother, Adam, took the role as head of the family and began selling drugs in order to provide for them, while his older sisters both began secretly prostituting themselves to help out. Adam was eventually arrested for grand larceny. A while after this, his mother had an affair with a high-ranked pure politician, but when the relationship had been exposed it brought about a scandal which resulted in the politician framing Miles' mother for a crime. Miles, unable to provide for his three sisters and knowing that their struggle would be endless otherwise, abandoned them and joined the rebellion aged just sixteen in order to overthrow the pure government and end the inequality which had caused his family's poverty.

    When he was nineteen, he met Caroline Graves, who he married less than a year later and fathered a daughter named Bethany. Due to Miles prioritising the success of the rebellion, their marriage broke down and they separated after just two years. He soon met Danielle Pearce, who had joined the rebellion a while before, and began a forbidden relationship with her, which ended with her death just ten days ago as the result of an attack on the rebellion's stronghold.

    Mother - Anya Hames, 56
    Father - Theo Runner, d. 43
    Brother - Adam Runner, 33
    Sisters - Teresa Runner, 30
    - Caitlin Runner, 27
    - Meredith Runner, 15
    Wife (separated) - Caroline Groves, 28
    Partner - Dani Pearce, d. 23
    Daughter - Bethany Groves, 5

    He enjoys being in the company of other people just as much as he enjoys being alone. He is rather brave and intelligent but he is occasionally reckless due to his lack of interest for his own life. However, he prizes the lives of innocents and those he is close to.
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  4. Name: Vida Bassow

    Age: 23

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Gender: Female

    Status: Pure

    Affiliation: One of the leaders of the rebellion

    Personality: Vida is passionate and strong-willed, though she is an open book. Often disguises herself as an Unpure to fight against the discriminatory Pures. Absolutely brilliant, but on the indecisive side, and she is destructively hot-headed. Extremely disorganized but always happens to know where everything is.

    Backstory: Vida grew up very distant from harshly political parents, she was bred to believe that Unpures were disgusting, though through high school she began to form her own opinions, and in turn, creating a few secret political clubs behind her parents' backs, preparing a rebellion. Moved out as soon as she could to a small, dirty apartment, she finally came out with her intentions to her parents, saying that she thought Unpures were equal to Pures (but not her revolutionary motives) and was disowned immediately.

    Family: Two very powerful aristocrats/politicians.

    Other: Too loud for her own good.
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  5. Ugh I am so excited! Two more to go! I hope you guys want to help me built a proper plot, I am not the best game master
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  6. I can help ^~^

    I can't always promise good ideas ^^" But I'm willing to help~
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  7. Does that mean I'm accepted? :)
  8. Course it does! Why wouldn't you be
  9. Yay!! Thank you!! When do we start?
  10. When we have two more people joining
  11. Since this is in the same universe as 'No Way', is this a sort of continuation or a revision? I added the background story of the HQ attack from No Way into Miles' backstory, but since that rp was all set in one day, I wasn't too sure if I should include some of the events there as part of it too, such as our characters bonding.

    And of course, I knew from the moment that you were going to make a new rp that I was joining. I was very interested in the last rp; it's a shame some of the other roleplayers disappeared.
  12. Well I think because you and me are the only original characters, we should try to do it all over again. It kinda sucks, but this time I took it more seriously too! So it might be better. I'll be a good Game Master (Gosh I love that title) and be more stern on you lot.

    No I won't, I'll just be sad when people dissapoint me
  13. Hii Ethan, Damien gave me directions to this rp and some info, and reading your intro, I was interested and was wondering a little about the purism system. How oppressive is the government they're rebelling against towards unpures? How established is the rebellion - is it about to start, a full operation or a militia? Is it seen as a form of terrorism by the pures in power or as a political movement? Thanks x
  14. It isn't that unpures are illegal, that they cannot exist, they are just heavily discriminated. They can't have jobs and Pures will get paid more for similar work. The children of unpures can't go to school, it is almost impossible for them to have proper education. It is of course not allowed to actually abuse unpures, but it happens anyway, authorities not really caring about their well being. You could say it is pretty oppressive.

    I wouldn't know much about the rebellion at this point, in the last roleplay the whole rebellion almost wiped out. But then again this is a different roleplay. So yeah I don't know yet.

    It is seen as terrorism, most pures are way to scared for unpures.
  15. So in some sense the situation of the unpure citizens mirrors the treatment of the African-American situation during the late 19th and 20th centuries? This is a very intriguing plot, could I join in x
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  16. ^let me appreciate how serious I sound there, I just really wanne do this roleplay
  17. And yes, I was thinking about it too but maybe a bit more extreme. I was searching for something between the Jews in ww1 and the African Americans. I guess it has a bit more of the second though

    Course you can please do!

    Damien made the intro bit. He's my hero
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  19. Name: Zöe Lucksinger

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Status: Pure

    Affiliation: Anti-Rebellion

    Personality: Zöe is mature, polite and quite friendly towards almost all people, to some extent unpures too, although she is still wary of them. In fact, she is not at all supportive of their wish for social status but, in comparison to her family members and particularly her father, she is seen as more sympathetic. As her father is a leading politician, she is somewhat of a minor celebrity and is very popular in the media. She is also very quick to judge people by their history and appearance, and due to her purist upbringing Zöe had no other choice but to hate the rebellion. She completely opposes them in entirety, which amongst the pure people, makes her seem like a young symbol of the current constitution, but her apparent mercy towards unpures makes her seem like a symbol of equality. Due to this, many unpures are put off joining the rebellion, because they feel the rebellion is extremely radical and that Zöe is fighting for their rights. She is slightly self-centred as well, and unfairly allows this golden image of her to pass and give false hope to the unpure people.

    Backstory: Zöe is the youngest of three children, having an older sister Maria (who is also a rising politician) and a twin brother called Casey (who is a young general, given his rank due to his relations, and very anti-rebellion/anti-unpure). Her mother and father were both children of leading aristocratic families, with many of her living elderly relatives and deceased ones previously holding the title of chancellor. She was brought up as a purist and aspires to be a politician too, albeit her popularity, in stark contrast to her sister Maria (who preaches the idea of putting many unpures in concentration camps), has given her a heavy responsibility. She has studied politics for almost ten years now, and hopes to continue further education in the topic later in life.

    Family: Zöe's father is the vice-chancellor Geoffrey Lucksinger (58) and a leading voice behind purism. Her mother Margot Lucksinger (53) is the chairwoman of a charity supporting the army. Her sister Maria Hearnden (25, married to fellow politician Simon Hearnden, 31) is a very anti-unpure politician. Her brother Casey Lucksinger (17) is a very anti-unpure general in the army.

    Other: She is nicknamed "Zöe the Illustrious" although she has had no real achievements to her name. This is in contrast of her other family members' nicknames "Geoffrey the Pure" and "Murderous Maria", the latter especially popular amongst the unpure.
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  20. It was nothing really haha, I just like to do my bit and help out
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