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  1. I Can't See Your Love: Scourge

    This is ICSYL Scourge, a parallel world to the main ICSYL's, as such has similar themes but requires NO previous knowledge of the series.

    The world of Shintaion was at a turning point. It seemed to be the dawn of a golden age as technology advanced, creating airships that soared through the skies at the blink of an eye, railroads to transport people and products across the land, guns equipped for shooting magic bullets, radio technology, even advancements in the medical field that saved countless lives and a peace between the continents that seemed to be never-ending. Until the creatures known as Dark Beasts made their move....

    The Dark Beasts grew weary of living underground in just glorified tunnels, never seeing the light of day or the sky above. They wanted better lives for themselves and their offspring. They were descendants of forbidden beasts banished into the underground. The Dark Beasts began a massive exodus to the surface finally after years of living in their own underground civilizations. With their numbers and superior strength they were confident they would be safe and free to live in peace. They tried to settle on uninhabited lands on the surface to avoid fighting, but the leaders of the world would not permit that. They felt intimidated by the appearance of the dark beasts and of their power. This proved to be a fatal mistake as they instigated the most horrific war the world ever would see. At first, the dark beasts tried to avoid conflict by backing off some settlements but when the Queen of the Dark Beasts was assassinated, their wrath could not be contained. The King vowed he would bring Hell to Shintaion.

    The dark beasts, being some of the most powerful creatures on the planet, were able to turn the tables and wiped out many a kingdom as payback for the atrocities committed against them... Heads of the surface leaders rolled, airships burst into flames and littered the landscape, many young men and women died in battle, and countless civilians were killed in the crossfire on both sides. There were no heroes who could stop this insanity and bring peace to the world! The fury of the Dark Beasts was too much to quell for even the strongest surface warriors.

    For three long years it raged on until a a breakthrough occurred. The surface scientists created experimental aura weapons that could easily wipe out all the dark beasts in a few bombing raids. In the end it became mutually assured destruction as the armies of the surface unleashed the aura weapons on the dark beasts as a last resort, seeing no other way to win the war.These weapons backfired and left the land a lifeless husk incapable of fostering life, wiping out even those who deployed them and approved of such madness. Plants did not grow, most animals died off and even the sun was blotted out in some areas. Shrivisk was hit the hardest, with a total of thirty bombs dropped on it as it was housing the majority of the Dark Beast population underground. The underground civilizations of the dark beasts were demolished as their tunnels collapsed leaving few survivors. Civilization descended into anarchy and fell apart, monsters overwhelmed many surviving settlements and bandits terrorized the rest...

    Ten years after the end of the world..

    A Shintaion was born, a more savage, cruel, and desolate Shintaion. The war with the dark beasts wiping out 70% of the population still wasn't enough to convince the people of how costly war was on civilization and on the planet. People began trying to rebuild but could never avoid this desire for conflict and conquest.. Many factions emerged over the years and vied for control over what was left of the world, only three remained and became the three major powers of the world.

    Faction: Order Of Aegle
    Leader: The Priestess Lucia, a light beast whom started out with a noble cause, being a healer and helping people across the land...But she desired more than just a good reputation, she wanted to rule over the people and used her powers only for her own gain. Now she is treated more like a Goddess than a humble Priestess!
    Beliefs: A dictatorship like faction. They prefer using brute force to conquer areas and rule them with an iron fist. They do not believe in slavery but believe that you MUST fight to prove your worth in their society with relatively few exceptions. They view Demons and Forbidden Beasts as the superior races over the others and thus mostly consist of them. Physical strength and magical strength are more important than wealth or intelligence. They are not above hiring bandits or privateers to do their bidding.
    Goals: Return the world to it's original state before the war, destroying ANY traces of technology which they blame for destroying the world and fear could truly destroy it. They desire the conquest of Shintaion just to demolish it's railroad and vault just to keep it out of the hands of the ALF. Lucia's ultimate goal is to be worshiped by all who live..
    Territory: Teros.

    Faction: Abscus Liberation Federation
    Leader: President Alva, a human who came to power with his overwhelming charisma and speeches that inspired the people. He quickly gained followers and formed the ALF. He tries to act to the public as an honest figure but behind the scenes he schemes ways to expand the ALF's territory and weapon arsenal, regardless of how costly it could be..
    Beliefs: A democratic faction. Generally more peaceful as they prefer making deals and treaties than fighting. They favor propaganda and expand their territory by acting as liberators of independent or unstable regions. Despite this talk of freedom their economy is heavily based on the slave trade. In their society, your status is based on your wealth and race with humans and elves being favored for political positions. They do keep a fighting force that is more elite and trained than the OOA but with less true combat experience.
    Goals: Conquer Shintaion to obtain it's technology and rebuild civilization even more advanced than it was before. Their ultimate goal is to rule over all the continents eventually and bring order back to the world.
    Territory: Abscus

    Faction: Shintaion Defense Force
    Leader: General Zigus, an earth beast whom was the leader of Arcadia even before the war with the Dark Beasts. During the war he lost all of his family, it lead to him hating conflict and war. This influenced his decision to remain neutral in the conflicts between the OOA and ALF. He views the people of Shintaion as all he has left in the world, he doesn't want them to be "liberated" by the ALF or for Arcadia to become forced to worship Lucia. He is a troubled man but a good leader.
    Beliefs: An independent government made up of Shintaion natives banded together to fight against local threats including monsters, raiders and other nations. Being mostly unharmed by the war with the dark beasts as they were neutral during it, they are rather well off. They accept anyone of any race provided they follow the laws and are willing to put their lives on the line for Arcadia's continued Independence. They even allow drifters from other nations to join them provided they earn Zigus's trust.
    Goals: Repel the two invading factions from their lands. Restore order and civilization to the rest of the continent and Lavion. Their ultimate goal is to perfect a way to restore the world back to normal but with the war looming there is no chance.
    Territory: Shintaion with only small footholds in Lavion.

    The SDF soon finds itself being the main target of both factions..They desire it as it is the most well off of all the continents with bountiful resources, a weapon's vault and the rail road system in Lavion.. The question remains, can this world survive another war or will civilization truly end this time for good?


    They specialize in the usage and construction of technology such as the magic bullet shooting guns, airships, etc. They are also the most balanced of all the races being capable of some magic but not as much as the elves. The most common race in Shintaion.


    Demons are capable of channeling their inner energy into their weapons and attacks. This allows for a high amount of endurance as well as high attack power. They know their way around martial arts rather well and some are quick to temper. They have some magic potential but are second best with technology. Demons generally are humanoid but with animal features to them, IE: A lizard demon. Life span of demons is around 130 years, ageing slightly slower than the others.


    The more stealthy and agile of the species, the elves use their unique tracking and speed advantage to be hired assassins or special operatives. They also are the best at magic, excelling in it beyond the other races easily. They however lack humanity's interest in technology and thus rarely use it. The least common race left in Shintaion. Elves life span is 200 years at most as they age much slower than the rest of the races.

    Forbidden Beasts

    An original race so it requires much more detail to explain:

    Forbidden beasts are best described as people with some beast like traits and behavior. They walk up right. They have tails. They have claws in place of nails. They are cold blooded lizard creatures and have live young. Their lifespan is no more than 100 years at best.

    They are able to use elemental energy based on what type of beast they are (IE: Ice beasts use ice energy). Today Forbidden Beasts use regular weapons like guns and bladed weaponry but they can turn the weapon into pure energy (IE: Earth sword, Ice Hammer, Light Spear). While these weapons are in energy form they can focus enough magical energy to create low to mid level spells. So nothing too extravagant.

    There are 8 breeds of Forbidden Beasts: Fire (Survive and easily walk through Lava), Wind (Able to fly with their wings and have lungs capable of surviving high up in the sky), Earth (The most defensive of the beasts, very sturdy skin), Ice (Can also use a mild form of healing but more physically weak than the other beasts), Water (Can easily survive and breathe underwater with their gills), Thunder (The fastest of the breeds), Dark (The strongest in terms of physical strength and able to command versatile dark energy) and Light Beasts (Light energy good at countering Dark Beasts and the most powerful healing abilities).

    They are rather civilized and friendly creatures despite their name but they do have beast like habits and prefer to speak in an animal language of barks, grunts, roars etc but they DO have the ability to speak English and use it frequently as they have no choice but to interact with other races in this new world.

    Their culture is one of respecting and paying tribute to nature as they draw their elemental powers from it. They preferred to live around nature (IE in forests, beaches for water beasts, etc) However with most of the world gone their ties to nature have mostly been severed although some still cling to the old ways and refuse to live in cities despite the danger of monster attacks and bandits. They also have much more respect to females of their race than humans do, thus both genders are more equal in Forbidden Beast society.

    They were once feared for their power, hence the name Forbidden Beasts, creatures considered unholy. Some were condemned and cast into the underground by the other races, eventually becoming Dark Beasts...However most Dark Beasts have been wiped out or simply have vanished, only few remain..

    Basically Forbidden Beasts can use regular weapons from sword to gun but also have the ability to turn them into pure energy. From this they can use this as a conduit to control their element. Forbidden Beasts are average at best with technology and their
    energy abilities are what they use instead of magic, as they are incapable of it. This leaves them with less versatility than other races.





    Skills/Specialty(Mention weaknesses here too):


    Equipment(if necessary):





    1.The main focus is on the Shintaion Defense Force and as such most player characters should be apart of that group. However, I am willing to allow players to make characters for the other factions. We can discuss it.

    2.I REALLY want to complete this RP, so I am looking for reliable players whom won't drop out or die off on me. So please try to keep up with the posting and let me know if ya run into activity issues or expect to. If you fail to meet such expectations, well can't guarantee the safety of your characters.

    3.We have gotten further into the RP but we still have openings! Talk to me and I can give you the summary of what has happened so far to get you up to speed.

    4.That should cover it, if you have any other questions or concerns please ask away!
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    Age: 26

    Specie: Forbidden Thunder Beast

    Skills/Specialty(Mention weaknesses here too): Extremely fast and has good strength. Likes to make lightning and energy balls as well as wield an energy sword. Weak against Extremely strong Forbidden Earth Beats. Usually moves to fast to get hit by magic bullets but can be damaged by them.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Equipment(if necessary): He carries lots of knives and a sword as well as a pistol and a rifle but does not use them in fights he uses them for entertainment and to hunt.

    Personality: Random mood swings but usually doesn't like to show emotion, he is excited in combat and loves to fight strong opponents and loves food.

    Faction: Arcadian Brigade Commanders

    History: He once lived in and still goes back to the Ashland, a calm and grassy plain with some lush forests and a plentiful water supply. He was known during the dark beast wars as 13 and has kept the name ever since because he was the 13th member of his team. His team was a conflagration of Species that included at one point his older brother who he had joined with. His unit was one of the few that were constantly in combat and never had a reverie for rest and they always fought the dark beasts as best they could.. He survived the dark beast wars and went back to his home of Ashland, his brother did not and this grieves him to this day. He was found at the end when alliances started to form by Zigus's first guard whose commander had fought along side him in the dark beast wars. The commander then invited him to join the Arcadian Brigade Commanders and upon being bored 13 accepted. 10 years after there end he finds him self with the ABC’s and watching the two other alliances kill each other and occasionally try to kill them.

    Notes: He likes to mainly stay solitary but will interact with others. Do Not Put Hand By His Mouth!
  3. Only a few issues here Okami.

    I made sure to edit in the life span of the beasts now, it's no more than 100 and they'd be old person status by then, so adjust that to be more like 20-30ish or so..So you will have to adjust your history according to that..

    Maybe a bit more detail for the personality too would be appreciated. Like random as in mood swings? Just fix those things and you'll be good.

    I'll put up my own bio here shortly as a sample...
  4. Name: Carla Sivon

    Age: 23

    Specie: Dark Beast

    Skills/Specialty: Due to countless combat situations, Carla is a skilled tactician,thus putting her in second command in the Brigade just under Shine. Her fighting style is a brutal one, she primarily aims to vanquish her enemies in one shot with killer long rang attacks. Her signature attacks are: Energy rifles with bayonets, deadly well aimed beam based attacks, various barrage attacks, energy grenades....The downside is these attacks lack consistency when dealing with heavily armored opponents or high mobility ones whom can dodge easily.

    Her weakness is in close combat, she does not have many options for it aside from the aforementioned bayonets and thus tends to avoid it. She also is not the most charismatic of leaders being rather unemotional and thus isn't one for speeches to raise morale. She also holds an intense grudge towards the OOA members that could prove detrimental...

    Appearance: Eye-patch over her right eye for a reason she keeps secret. Her left eye is brown. Rather slender build and somewhat tall. Dressed in a SDF uniform. Very professional looking and intimidating to the enemy. She looks very mature and reserved generally. She is rather low profile preferring not to get too much attention when in the city.

    Here is the best visual aide, although she's a dark beast, not a human but this still gives off the general idea and matches the character, minus the sword and imagine slightly older.

    Appearance (open)

    She is rather calm and unemotional, only seeming to express emotion if it benefits the mission(IE: Comforting a comrade). Carla is ruled by logic, not emotion. She makes sure not to be overcome with emotion even when seeing the atrocities of the ALF/OOA and experiencing them first hand. She has no sympathy for her enemies. She also tries to avoid becoming attached to people, thus not socializing very often. She does seem to be warming up to members of her team however. At times, she does have moments where she will express extreme anger or hatred towards her enemies. She strives to maintain her calm during combat, regardless of the situation so she can survive.

    Faction: Shintaion Defense Force.

    History: Carla was one of the few surviving Dark Beasts, she escaped with her elder sister Joanna from Shrivisk before the bombs fell, she ended up in Abscus and took shelter there. They emerged soon after it was all said and done yet they could find no safe place to hide. People would attack the two just on the basis of their race, blaming them for the state of the world, fearing and hating them...

    It was a painful existence, having years of history and culture wiped out in an instant. Being burdened with the blame of destroying the world and being one of the last of your kind. The two could never hope to live normal lives. They tried living in Teros but left upon realizing how obsessed Lucia was with trying to recruit them into her ranks, wanting to use their power as Dark Beasts to conquer the world. They wished to have no part in such selfish ambitions and quickly departed. This put them on Lucia's wanted list.

    They even attempted to live in Abscus but found the government there tried to charge them for war crimes despite no participation in the war. Escaping Abscus was not as easy. An ALF team was dispatched to capture Carla and Joanna but soon found themselves wiped out instead but resulting in Joanna being severely injured..

    However, upon reaching the waters and trying to head towards Shintaion they were attacked by OOA forces on the open seas, Carla fended them off but Joanna wasn't able to make it, she died protecting Carla...

    When Carla arrived on Shintaion she went on a rampage, killing a whole gang of bandits in her anger near the outskirts of Arcadia. This was witnessed by Zigus himself, he saw her carrying her sister on her back and saw how lost she was. He gave her access to Arcadia and finally she found herself a home after the Arcadians determined she was not a threat.

    She now fights on to protect Shintaion as one of the highest ranked members of the Brigade. She realizes she may be the last of her kind but she aspires to live and fight on to rebuild Shintaion and make it a sanctuary for all... It's all she could do to repay her sister she concluded. Even if this means fighting the ALF and OOA, she is willing to do her part to honor her sister's sacrifice and achieve the SDF's goals.
  5. Name: Alexandra Van Der Woodsen (her friends call her Alex)

    Age: 19

    Specie: Elf

    Skills/Specialty: She is very fast and agile, in battle she mostly uses her acrobatic abilities she isn't very strong but she compensates it with her fast and agile maneuvers. Alexandra has a very good aim, she is covered with knives all over her body, she is best known for her aiming and fighting with knives. Alexandra also knows martial arts but she isn't very good at it, if she docent has a weapon in her hand she can't fight.
    Alexandra weaknesses are this: she isn't very good at close combat she likes to take down the targets from afar, her defense is very weak so she tries not being close to the enemy without a weapon.
    Alexandra can't control magic, the elves usually have even a little magic but Alexandra don't have magic, but she compensates with the skills of an assassin.

    Appearance: fantasy-girl-assassin-wallpapers_15036_1280x800.jpg

    Equipment: You can see all the equipment in the picture.

    Personality:Alexandra is a very calm and lovely person, she can't get angry easily and if you get her angry watch out... Alexandra likes to be in the company of others, She is a very cheerful person and almost aways has a smile on her face, but she isn't like that in battle. When Alexandra is fighting she is ruthless, she will kill everyone that's in her way without even blinking.

    Faction: Arcadian Brigade Commanders.

    History: Alexandra was living a peaceful life with her family, well not very peaceful life actually, her parents were assassins, they trained her well but she was to young the world was in war and there was nothing to do about it. One day when Alexandra woke up from her sleep she noticed that her parents have abandoned her, there was only a note on the table in their home, Alexandra was very upset, she was alone and had no idea what to do, she was very mad at her parents, but the life still goes on without her parents, on the note was written "Sorry" and just this, Alexandra was very disappointed. Alexandra continued living her life, she didn't have a choice, her parents trained her well, she knew how to take care of herself and so she did.

    One day she got tired from living like this, the war was still going on the place where she lived was almost destroyed, the nature around her home disappeared, the animals disappeared as well, Alexandra couldn't live like this so she left her home. Alexandra started traveling the world by herself, on her travels she met great dangers, she almost got herself killed but it was worth it. Alexandra finally found a new home and that was ABC they welcomed her with joy, she was very happy and she swore to herself to protect her new home with the cost of her life.

    Alexandra was young when she joined ABC, she was trained there with the help of the special agents, her abilities being stealthy and very agile helped her to become an agent for ABC. Alexandra is usually sent for spying and killing someone without anyone noticing that she was there.

    (Ok this is the first time im playing a female charcter so dont be harsh on me :P oh and i hope ill get accepted)
  6. Well...The issues I see here are with grammar and spelling, I'd recommend running it through a word processor or look it over since there's a lot of issues and misspelled words there...

    You REALLY need to improve the history though, make it her personal history more about her and her own feats. You also have to keep in mind the war ended ten years ago so her parents most likely would have died years before she met the Brigade.

    So yeah just fix those issues there and we should be good.
  7. Ok ill work on the problems, oh and sorry for the grammar i was lazy and tired, but ill fix it. Oh and the other reason for the bad grammar is thet my first language isnt english and i dont know how all the words are spelled.
  8. Ok Okami, you are approved now.

    And ok, I understand then, I'll approve it once it's fixed.
  9. ok edited, i hope its better now
    oh and if its needed ill put more details in the history but tomorow im to lazy now and it is very late so ill be going to bed soon
  10. I see...Well it's best ya just work on it when ya got more time and aren't feeling lazy. Definitely run it through a word processor's spell checker or something though, still see typos and stuff. I'll wait to approve since I know it's not done yet...
  11. Name: Renault Aurous

    Age: 42

    Species: Human

    Skills/Specialty(Mention weaknesses here too):
    Being a monk at a monastery has its benefits, being the head monk of one even more. He has knowledge of high level healing, barrier, and overall support skills in order to assist others. He also is well versed in skills of binding and light magic and handles himself well with a staff.

    His weaknesses consist of having a considerably low knowledge of technology, having little in the wayfarer of destructive or offensive magics.

    Appearance (open)


    Equipment(if necessary): Sapphire Staff used for enhancing his defensive magic.

    Personality: Having lived through the previous war, Renault has emerged a man renewed in his vows to his monastery. He is filled with an urge to help all that he comes across, in hopes that his efforts may inspire others to work towards an overall peace rather than serve their own selfish gains. In doing this, he seems to have boundless amounts of energy, and can always be seen helping out another.

    However, in doing this he detracts attention from himself, and lately he can only sleep after getting drunk in his room, fighting the bitterness that plagues his soul. The horrors that he's witnessed eat at him and he now helps to ignore his own pain rather than for the vows he took when he was young. The more it hurts, the more effort he puts forth the next day to forget.

    A man with no family to speak of, he has made plenty of friends but still feels a terrible loneliness about himself, knowing that upon his death no one will carry on his name, and eventually he will be forgotten, no family to be remembered by.

    Faction: Arcadian Brigade Commanders

    History: Renault joined the Monastery at the age of 13, after feeling a greater calling than just joining the military or taking up his father's trade, which was apt for boys his age. He loved it there and while his life at this time lacked for excitement, he learned much and found his peaceful life quite enjoyable.

    Upon the start of the war, his monastery took to taking in stragglers and healing anyone that peaceably passed through their gates. Because of their neutral position in the bout, they were largely left alone by both sides and were kept out of the majority of the fighting. Renault, being 29 at the start, was already well versed in his healing arts and healed many a fallen man, being selected as one of the few to go to the local towns to pick up supplies for the monastery, since either the other monks were too old to make the perilous journey, or were too inexperience to do so.

    However, Renault had no idea that those trips would save his life at the expense of others. When the bombings were launched, the monastery that he stayed at was also attacked, with the reasoning that there inside could contain a dark beast. When Renault returned, only charred ashes remained of the beautiful stonework that had made up his home. Renault despaired at the world and for 3 days fasted and mourned, burying what few remains were to be found, and giving prayers to help them pass on.

    After this was finished, he set out to the world to find that the rest of it was very much like his monastery was. With grim determination, he worked to heal as many as possible. His name quickly spread; moving from the Great Plains (where his monastery was located) to the Arcadian Desert, through all of Shintaion he traveled and healed, gaining the love of the populace. At a point in his life though, he realized that his impact wouldn't really be felt until he picked a side: healing indiscriminately sounded nice but it also meant that in the end it didn't matter what you did, because both sides viewed you as a spot for the enemy.

    The time that his thinking turned to this and the time that General Zigus extended an invitation for him to join his forces were well coincided. Renault agreed and became the head of Defensive Strategies for the ABC, organizing all distributions of healers as well as overall construction of barriers around key footholds. Here too he has made a name for himself, though he is to be tested like never before, as another war brews, threatening to be more lethal than the first, and it is this that forces shadows from his past to torment Renault.

    Hope this works for you Weavel, looking forward to this rp!
  12. Great job Kazesei, approved! Yeah no issues here. Yeah this'll be awesome when we finally get it started here. Been too long since I GM'd or RPed.
  13. So, the ICSYL series, is it an rp series that you've made? or is it based off of a manga/video game series of the same name? Because this isn't the first time I've seen an rp with that name before.
  14. It's an RP series that began in 2006 on Iwaku, started by Katsugi that me and Pirogeth continued. So yeah, you probably heard about it since the sequel was around for a while and since it's one of few complete fantasy RPs on Iwaku, both the original and it's sequel were completed. So yeah, you probably recognize it from someone talking about it or seeing one of the old IC/OOCs around.

    Like I said though, this RP requires no knowledge of previous series, so it's not essential to read previous entries in the series. It's quite a LOT to read. Hence it's not required. Makes it easier for people who never took part to join in on this one since we're starting anew.
  15. Well I'm glad to be joining an rp that has had such a proud lineage. Hopefully we know what made the last ones work so well and can carry it through with this one. I'd love to be a part of a complete roleplay, I'd say it's a considerable achievement for all involved.
  16. Ok im done with edeting, i dont know what else to do, i hope this is better :D
  17. Ok Nichoooo, bio approved! Yeah that fixes the issues I had with it.

    Yep finishing an RP is awesome and that'll be one our goals.
  18. Yeah im approved :) I cant wait the roleplay to start
    But there are just ABC members, i may find someone else to join the rp :P
  19. Yeah, just waiting on a few more bios here. Expecting two more and gonna recruit/advertise for more.. Can't really get an estimate just yet of when we'll start until then...
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