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    Heimdall saw all. Blessed with sensory capabilities far beyond his Aesir counterparts, only he stood as the gatekeeper of Asgard. The observatory was his home, it was his fortress and it overlooked the rainbow bridge from where it was nestled among the high reaching stone. He had watched during the midst of battle, Odin's theft of a jotun infant. He watched that infant grow alongside Thor but despite that their childhoods were vastly different. Heimdall could practically hear the black haired Prince's resentment festering like an infected wound.

    Heimdall contemplated Odin's reasoning--if you were going to steal a Jotun infant and then treat it like an outcast, would it have been better to have left it back on that cold rock? The gatekeeper of the nine realms supposed not given that the alternative would have most likely been death however now, for the sake of Asgard, Odin will regret that kindness.

    Soon the young Prince met a frost giantess of Jotunheim; Angrboda. She possessed knowledge of sorcery allowing her to be able to switch between two forms--An Aesir one and her natural one. From there a romance bloomed and Loki sired three children, birthed one--all with legitimate blood ties to the throne. It was his voice and the whispering of spies that had informed the king of Loki's spawn. Imagine the outrage--mix breed jotuns dirtying the throne! Heimdall didn't possess the same bias and racism of his fellow Aesir, so he reported this out of loyalty to the king and nothing else.

    That loyalty wavered when he saw Odin rip those children away from their mother. First it was Jormungandr, 5 years old, when he was casted into the Midgard oceans, bound by magic to live the rest of his days there. Fenrir was next--Angrboda had hidden him well but not well enough, he was stolen fresh off the teat and locked away in another realm. Chained in the mountains because of how quickly he grew. A collar was fitted around Fenrir's neck, one that would tighten with every pull of his chains. Then it was Hel--their only girl. Odin killed the child without a second thought but she didn't stay dead. Her soul was banished to the underworld where she ruled over it but her physical body remained in one of the 9 realms, sleeping, growing, waiting. Lastly was Sleipnir bore by Loki under unusual circumstances after eating the heart of a peasant's mighty horse. Only Sleipnir remains in Asgard, living life as a slave and as Odin's personal steed. Angrboda was killed as punishment after Loki's invasion of Earth and partly because of her own refusal to bend to the command of Odin. Only she knew how to travel through the realms when they weren't aligned, doing so to visit and tend to her imprisoned children. Odin offered to spare her life in exchanged for information on how she does it, but Angrboda refused and was imprisoned in the Asgardian dungeons. Days later, she was killed.

    Now the time has come for revenge.

    Heimdall, without the King's knowledge used the bifrost bridge to transport Hel's unconscious body, Fenrir's chained form and Sleipnir into the midgard realm, specifically Upstate NY--the Adirondacks.

    Y O U R _ T A S K

    • Bring Hel's soul back from the underworld put it back into her body.
    • Break the magic binding Jormungandr to the sea.
    • Get the collar off of Fenrir
    • Get from Earth to Asgard
    • Try not to get captured by the Avengers.

    [​IMG]Of the Nine realms, Midgard appears to the weakest. No magic to protect it or it's puny inhabitants--it was times like these that they were regarded as defenseless. The world's are aligning--opening doors that go both ways. In comes the Aether--a weapon of mass destruction, behind it comes all those who wish to make the weapon their own. Dark elves, light elves, giants. Whoever possesses the Aether will have the ability to keep the portal open and destroy the other realms.

    S.H.I.E.L.D and The earth's mightiest heroes must protect the Earth once again, this time? From everyone.

    Y O U R _ T A S K

    • Investigate all Alien Disturbances
    • Find a way to track the Aether and keep it.
    • Protect the Earth
    • Go after Hel, Jormu, Fenrir, Sleipnir
    • Try not to die, okay?
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  2. Steve grew less and less fond of magic every time he encountered it. The only person he'd encountered that didn't seem corrupted in some form by it was Thor, and, by the god's own account, he used to be something of an arrogant ass himself. Now, they had a whole tray of things going wrong with the arcane. The children of Loki had somehow gotten here. Some superweapon called the Aether was on the loose and everyone and their mother wanted it. Steve hated superweapons, too, for the same reason. They both gave power. Too much of it. It went to people's heads. The little people always got hurt because of it, and didn't receive a second thought.


    He didn't have much to contribute from a physical standpoint if these opponents were anything like Loki. Steve could barely hold his own against the Trickster. So things seemed dark, to say the least. That being said, they did have a few heavy hitters under their belt. Bruce Banner. As unpredictable as the Hulk may be, he could make the difference between victory and... something a whole lot worse. Thor. The god of thunder certainly packed a punch. And Tony. Not Steve's favorite person, but... he brought a lot of firepower to the team. He didn't even give the agents a second thought from a combat perspective.

    Sitting in the meeting room, Steve knew they had to think of a course of action. This wasn't something they could just punch and make go away. They had to find Loki's kids and the Aether before it was too late. "I don't think anyone will dispute that this is nothing to be taken lightly... though I imagine some of you will anyways." He left that oh-so-subtle dig at Tony in the air before continuing. "So let's get right down to business." He looked about the room for a few moments, examining all of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and anyone else present.


    "Not gonna lie. It's not looking so good. We've got four major threats from Loki's kids. Possible incursions from all sorts of nasty aliens. A superweapon that could kill every single one of us. Maybe not any kind of thing we haven't dealt with before on their own, but that's a lot to deal with at once." He paused, letting that sink in before continuing, a new determination entering his voice. "I'm sure as Hell not going to back down just because it looks a little tougher. Now, we isolate each threat as needed. First step is to gather intelligence. Find out where each of the kids and the Aether are. Bring them in. Romanoff. You and I will need to get with the S.H.I.E.L.D. guys on that. Need all the support we can get."

    "Tony. Thor. We need your mobility. Keep an eye out. Watch for any sign of incursion. Investigate and eliminate as needed. Don't run into anything too steep without backup, though. If we're available, wait for us to help. Doctor Banner... if we get the Aether, we need a way to contain it. Even if it's only temporary. When the big guy's not smashing things, work on that. Tony can probably help."

    He looked around again, eyes piercing and serious. "When a child is located, or when we find the Aether... no one should even consider going in alone. We have no idea how dangerous the children are, or what could be guarding the Aether. Unless there's no way you can wait any longer, wait for backup. Got it?" He looked long and hard at Tony before scanning the rest of the group again.


    "Any objections?"​
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    Everything seemed to be happening at once--like they were having the shittiest of shit weeks. He and Tony had come up with a radar of sorts that notified them when strange things started happening all over again on Earth. After the last battle, they had tried to take all the precautions necessary. He still had nightmares, y'know and more often than not the big guy translated all that fear into anger which left Bruce utilizing every ounce of self control to keep him in check. At the beginning of this week, the radar had been acting all sorts of crazy. It set off multiple alarms--the type that made you think that another invasion was on the horizon but when they checked the radar, only 4 little red blips had popped up. The radar couldn't track the blips, it just gave them an entry point, a place to start looking. However, according to Thor things were going to get a hell of alot worse and soon. Simply put their world was in danger--again, this weapon, The Aether was like a magnet for all sorts of evil and it was drawing said evil here to Earth. The Aether had gotten into their world via a portal and said portals were opening up all over the place due to the alignment of the seven worlds.

    Bruce like think of the 9 worlds as being on a single looping string and that when the world's change their speed on the string, they run and bump together, creating those little rifts or holes. Currently, the world's were only bumping a little bit but soon enough they would all be smashing into each other and would create a massive rift that could allow anyone or anything in. Just the thought of it all had him wringing his hands nervously. "Not gonna lie. It's not looking so good. We've got four major threats from Loki's kids. Possible incursions from all sorts of nasty aliens. A superweapon that could kill every single one of us. Maybe not any kind of thing we haven't dealt with before on their own, but that's a lot to deal with at once." How inspiring. Bruce needed air or a walk, all this stress wasn't good for him or the big guy. He could feel his other persona practically shifting under his skin, it's thought's bubbling to the surface of Bruce's own consciousness. 'Hulk...smash?' They were bleeding into each other, the big guy's voice was addled with the same anxiety that Bruce felt rather than the usual blinding rage. "I'm sure as Hell not going to back down just because it looks a little tougher. Now, we isolate each threat as needed. First step is to gather intelligence. Find out where each of the kids and the Aether are. Bring them in. Romanoff. You and I will need to get with the S.H.I.E.L.D. guys on that. Need all the support we can get."

    Motivational. Kind of. Cap was sure of himself and that was good enough for Bruce. Oh right--the kids. A part of him found the whole situation a bit odd, if they were just kids, why not leave em alone? Then again they were Loki's kids. Thor hadn't told them much about them but it was odd to think that someone like Loki was deemed decent enough to reproduce with. Bruce snorted quietly aloud at his own snarkiness, hands in the pockets of his lab coat. "Tony. Thor. We need your mobility. Keep an eye out. Watch for any sign of incursion. Investigate and eliminate as needed. Don't run into anything too steep without backup, though. If we're available, wait for us to help. Doctor Banner... if we get the Aether, we need a way to contain it. Even if it's only temporary. When the big guy's not smashing things, work on that. Tony can probably help." Bruce looked up at the sound of his own name. That was him, Cap'n of the Smash and Grab. The Doctor licked his lips, wrinkling his nose to push his glasses up some. "Sure, alright. I can probably start working on something now." He replied and cleared his throat.

    Right the Aether. Containment. He hadn't a single freakin' clue as to how he was going to manage that--yet. Bruce knew that after he got a third cup of coffee in him, he'd at least have something. The Aether was dark matter, dark energy, dark, dark,dark,dark,dark. It would need to be contained in something that could cancel out that dark energy temporarily. Or at least that's what he was thinking so far, they had never seen the thing, he didn't know how big or small it was, the shape,--nothing. Once more information was gathered, the good doctor would be able to refine the blueprints being constructed in his head.

    "Quick question though, what exactly are we going to do to the kids once we catch one of them?"
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    Steve locked eyes with Banner. He was one of the easier members of the group to get along with, when he wasn't a huge rage monster. Still, this line of questioning what may be a sensitive matter was pretty typical of the man. It was actually appreciated by the soldier, for the most part. Freedom of speech, and all that. He was glad to let the team share their thoughts and question the plan. Generally speaking, he was glad for what the man contributed to their discussions. Granted, other than with Tony, he didn't have many grievances with anyone on the team, so not being disliked wasn't saying much. He actually liked Romanoff quite a bit. She was definitely the easiest to get along with. They shared a lot of views. Worked well together.

    His eyes drifted downwards.


    "We give them to Thor. Only thing to be done with them. Can't hold them here, so he'll take them back to Asgard." Steve wasn't so sure of this plan. Far as he could tell, these kids just wanted to keep to their own. There was one issue that needed to be addressed, though. "These are Loki's children. They could ally themselves with him at at any time, if they haven't already. So, even if they're not up up anything right now, which I doubt, we can't just let them walk. Not with how powerful they could be."

    He sat up straight, watching everyone once again. "Unless they become a more immediate threat, though, they aren't the first priority. The Aether is. Given the choice, I think it's better they run free but we keep the Aether out of the wrong hands than the other way around. Any other questions?" Steve looked around, falling silent. Better let them get it out right then than have doubts emerge later. He was just waiting for the obligatory facetious wisecrack from Stark.

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  5. [​IMG]
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    The surface of the lake rippled, pushing water up the muddy shores and tickling the unconscious feet of Hel. The sun bore down in the open clearing, making Jormugandr's scales sparkle beneath the water. The sea serpent had been confined to this lake for sometime and for good reason too--Jormu was like a goldfish, he would only grow as big as his tank. Stick him in a lake this size and he grows to be about 30 or 40 feet, in a ocean? Well, that would be unfathomable. Jormu breached the surface of the water, reptilian eyes taking in the sight of his siblings. He slithered further out of the water, his body one massive powerful muscle. The serpent left his lower half in the water, nudging his sister's unconscious body. Mother had told him plenty about his younger siblings. When he was smaller, she would come to visit him everyday. Read to him, feed him, sit on the shore and hold him. Suddenly that had all stopped and a year passed until the next time she returned--that time with Fenrir. His baby brother had been so small then, so tiny and blue. That had been the last time he saw Fenrir--until now.

    The other bore a metal collar around his neck--one that was spiked both ways. It looked painful. Then there was Slepi--filthy in appearance but overall he looked to be alright. Hel's body was here but her soul was elsewhere--trapped. His mother had never told him much about it but he knew who had done this to her--done this to all of them. Odin. Jormu retreated into the water, changing his form as he did so. It had been ages since he bore his human skin--he missed the feeling and dreaded it all the same. It felt like being forced into a hole 3 sizes too small. He could never completely leave the water, not until the spell that bound him there was broken. His lower half of his naked human form was trapped beneath the water his upper half free. Green scales tinted areas of his skin, bones breaking and grinding themselves into place. Jormungandr was breathing heavily by time the entire ordeal was over, coughing up water and blood.

    His lungs always bled when they had to switch between inhaling oxygen and water.

    The coughing fit ended soon enough.

    "Help me, please." His claws dug into the sand, voice painfully horse from its lack of use. "Please--we have to break the spell." Jormungandr sniffed lips pursed. "Mother-- she had been trying to the last time she was here, is she with you all now? Is she?" He was hopeful that it hurt. "She hid her books among the rocks." Jormu found that this form made him hypersensitive to everything and currently tension was taut in the air. Like something was coming. Jormu reached out for his siblings, just wanting to touch them.
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    Thor sat at the table with the other Avengers, as Steve spoke. Out of all the Avengers, Thor liked Steve/Captain America the most. They had a lot in common, even things he didn't know they did have. He was angry at how Loki's Children were coming to Earth. He is the Protector Of Earth and it's people, and he can't even save them from the children of his brother. He banged his hand on the table, making it shake but not break. He had learned to control his anger after a few mishaps with him letting loose on a couple of things ended with him destroying a building. He stood up, pacing around the room. He turned to Steve, listening to him speak. "I will rid Earth of any intruders with my last breath, no one will bring harm to this world."

    Thor knew very well what the Aether was and what it was capable of. They would need to find it soon and keep it away from the children of his brother. "I understand... but if I have an opportunity to take them back to Asgard... I WILL!" Thor wasn't the type to always jump right into battle, after years of fighting with The Avengers he has learned some patience, but he still has those times that when he sees a chance he will always take it.

    Thor looked down at the floor, he was now more than ever determined to find the Aether and his brother's children. They would be sent back to Asgard and punished more severely than anyone has ever been. He would see to it that they will never be able to set foot in this world or any other world. Deep down, Thor knew that the inevitable showdown between The Avengers & The Children was mostly his fought. That guilt would be his fuel to right the wrongs and protect everyone he cares for.

    The mention of his brother has always made The God Of Thunder fill with mixed emotions of hate and love. All he ever wanted was Loki to be allied with him, he never wanted this feud to start let alone last this long. Even if he still loved his brother, the children were monsters... and he would HAVE to get rid of them all.

    Thor turned his eyesight back to Steve. "The Aether is NOT the first priority, those mons... children, they are a danger and I will not let them roam around Earth freely." He started to flex his right fist, Mjolnir in his left hand. All of this talk and no action was getting him restless. Thor wanted to go out there and find those bastards and this time he will destroy them like his father wanted him to. When asked by Steve if he had anymore questions, Thor just looked at the man. "Let's eliminate them now."

    Steve Rogers(Captain America), Tony Stark(Iron Man), Bruce Banner(The Hulk), Natasha Romanoff(Black Widow)
    Steve Rogers(Captain America), Tony Stark(Iron Man), Bruce Banner(The Hulk), Natasha Romanoff(Black Widow)
    Loki, Hel, Jormungandr, Fenrir, Sleipnir

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    Steve looked over with a frown, then shook his head at Thor, though he understood why the god was so Hell-bent on getting the children. This was personal, to Thor. Steve knew he'd have to keep that in mind. If the god got out of hand, well... they'd cross that bridge if they came across it. For now, he just figured he'd make his thoughts on that little thing known. "With all due respect, Thor, you're letting this feud get to your head of you think the kids take priority over the Aether. I understand that they're dangerous, and I understand that they need to be captured." He put a lot of emphasis on that word; Steve had no intention of anyone dying that didn't have to. "That being said, the more immediate and more dangerous threat is by far the Aether and everyone coming to get it."

    He sat forward. "Now, Thor, I know you've got issues with your brother, and I know you don't trust these kids, but don't run in there and do anything you'll regret, alright? These are people. Not monsters. They have as much a right to fair trial as anyone else." Though Steve doubted they'd get one in the Asgardian courts. It was strange that a race so advanced could be so backwards. "If they don't make you, don't kill them. Better to send them back in cuffs than in a body bag. Understand?" Steve looked at Thor intensely and unwaveringly through all of this. Pretty clear he wasn't going to budge on that matter.


    "Banner, you warn us about anything and everything that seems major on that radar of yours. We can't be everywhere- not with so many things to do- but we can do our best to cover as much ground as quickly as possible." He paused before continuing. "Anything else?" He was ready to get moving, but no doubt someone had something to say about the plan. Thor may continue to argue. Tony might just be annoying for the sake of it. In truth, it would definitely be faster to say 'Shut up and go.' This wasn't a dictatorship, though. He wasn't even really the leader by any official title, just by initiative.

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  8. Into chaos the world seemed to ascend. The worlds mightiest heroes, the Avengers, would again come to it's aid; however, the constant danger never seemed to cease, and the group never seemed to stop fighting. Despite few wanting personal lives, their wants were outside of their grasps. Luckily for Natasha Romanoff, he wants were to destroy those who endangered humanity. Although that wasn't always her desire. Romanoff came from a dark history, and her past is what fuels her fire now. Again that fire would be ignited, this time to squash none other than the children of Loki, but Romanoff went in with two things on her mind: Faith in her teammates and faith in herself.

    Meeting up with the other Avengers seemed all too familiar, like the sequence was repeated one too many times, but that was just her job. Bad guys never took time off and neither did she. Dawning her usual skin-tight black suit, which she fought a lot in, Romanoff listened to the debriefing delivered by none other than the Cap himself, Steve Rogers.
    Being the one to help awake the Cap, after his deep freeze slumber, Romanoff grew quite fond of her "buddy." Steve was unique to say in the least, but he was a good guy that did all he could, and can, for his country, which made him alright in her book. Though when she really thought about it, she looked at each and everyone of her teammates either as a friend or as family, all depending on the day and mood she was in. Although her close net ties with the others would never affect her ability to get the mission done. The job always came first.

    "-First step is to gather intelligence. Find out where each of the kids and the Aether are. Bring them in. Romanoff. You and I will need to get with the S.H.I.E.L.D. guys on that. Need all the support we can get." Steve instructed the group like a well oiled machine, that was the way he had always done it. Natasha had read over his files when they first had found him in the ice, he was a leader then and well he was one now. Fearless and brave in the face of danger. Nodding in agreement to his command, Romanoff kept a gentle eye contact with him.

    "Quick question though, what exactly are we going to do to the kids once we catch one of them?" Banner asked, catching Natasha's ear. That was a good question, what were they to do once the four children of Loki were captured? Kill them? Natasha had no clue.

    However, Steve soon picked up the question and answered it efficiently. "We give them to Thor. Only thing to be done with them. Can't hold them here, so he'll take them back to Asgard." He was right, that was the only thing that they could do. The last person they had tried to hold with godly powers was Loki and things didn't end greatly with that, what made it any different with his children? Thor, and the Asgardian prison, were the only logical options.

    "I understand... but if I have an opportunity to take them back to Asgard... I WILL!" Thor seemed to jump into the conversation. Romanoff eyed him out of the corner of her eye. Thor was always a bit of a primadonna. She knew that he had valued the Avengers, but sometimes he sounded a bit like he could take things on all by himself, which slightly bothered Natasha; however, she let that be at all times. An angry god wasn't good to have hating you, although she did have one of those already. "The Aether is NOT the first priority, those mons... children, they are a danger and I will not let them roam around Earth freely...Let's eliminate them now." Thor continued. Sometimes Thor could be a little blind to things, maybe it was the power going to his head?

    To combat the comments made by Thor, Rogers chimed in and duly noted that the more important threat was in fact the Aether to which Romanoff agreed. "If we eliminate the Aether than we can, hopefully, stop the plans that Loki's four children have." She spoke up. If Loki's children were after the Aether in anyway, then if the Avengers, and S.H.E.I.L.D, were able to secure it than Loki's children's plans would be placed on hold.

    "Anything else?" Cap asked the team.

    Romanoff spoke up. "Nothing else, unless you all want to waste time chit-chatting instead of enacting this plan." She spoke, looking around to each and everyone within the Avenger's Tower. "The more time we waste, the higher chance that Loki's children will succeed in their plans." She added to the conversation. Though she was right, the longer the team waited to act the harder it would be to stop Loki's children. They needed to go and go soon.

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  9. [​IMG]

    Steve stood and moved across the room, shield resting on his back. His eyes scanned out the window of the meeting room silently for several seconds. He didn't entirely know what to do, quite frankly. This was all... well, it was looking grim. There were threats on all sides and he felt the walls closing in. But even still, as he looked about, he smiled. These people were so determined, even in the face of terrible odds. Gave him a little more hope for their situation.


    "Alright, Avengers. We need to roll out. Do your jobs. Keep Earth safe." He turned and faced them. "Everybody from the youngest child to the oldest veteran is counting on us... and we're the only ones who can do it. No pressure, though. This is the best and brightest assembly of humanity and others..." He nodded at Thor. "... In this whole universe. We can do this. We will. What was that show?" He paused and chuckled to himself, before making a reference he'd likely be the only one that found funny. "We'll be big damn heroes. Now, let's hop to it. Romanoff, on me." He took off hurriedly out the door.


    Before long, he'd found just the person he wanted to see. One Agent Furst. The leader of a S.H.I.E.L.D. team that had just the resources they needed. He approached her at a brisk pace, shifting his shield. Steve was getting restless. "Agent Furst. How quickly can you get your team together?" He flashed her a quick smile to make up for the to-the-point greeting.


    "Hope you're doing alright today, by the way."

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    "Alright, I'll be in my lab, call if you need me...or the other guy." Bruce had a bad feeling about all of this. Smashing kids into pulp or handing them over to Thor seemed to be their only options. Did the sins of the father just carry over or had they done something truly wrong? Bruce decided to put it out of his mind, Natasha was right. They had work to do. He glanced over at the redhead, lips twisting a little as he got up and left, heading for the lab. Thor was hellbent on getting those kids and such determination from the God would probably cause a problem sometime in the near future, but he didn't dwell on that either. All he was concerned about presently was the containment for the Aether and keeping an eye on the radar. Bruce walked into his lab, collapsing into his chair with a sigh. The scientist pushed himself away from his desk, spinning in his chair as he went, towards the computers. He opened up the radar and all the color seemed to drain from his face--why hadn't they been getting an alarm for this? Was there something wrong with their system?!

    Bruce looked over all the computers, standing up abruptly and knocking his chair backwards. A mistake like this could not would not happen again, there was too much at risk for there to be something wrong with the radar system! He checked all the wires, the internet connection--the volume. The freaking volume on the damn thing was turned down. Bruce unmuted it and a blaring alarm filled the lab. There was a small hoard of red blips on the screen that were somewhat close to the other 4 blips that had been presumed to be Loki's children. However it was likely that the hoard was moving toward the other 4 blips--and in the direction of the City. Bruce ran over to the intercom after writing down the coordinates. "Guuuys? We've got a little problem on our hands. Coordinates 48° 52′ 36″S, 123° 23′ 36″W. It's about 3 hours from the City."

    D e m o n _ K i n g

    The Aether was here, he could smell it. It's dark energy drew them like moths to flame, just aching to be burnt. They followed the scent through the eight other realms, using the portals as their mode of transportation. It was going to be far too easy to find the Aether, then they would just have to wait until the realms aligned perfectly to make use of it. It was going to be a glorious day. Everyone was familiar enough with the other realms but only Asgard had the ability to travel between them all through the use of their beloveded bridge. That bridge was one sided, unlike the portals being littered all over the realms. The demon king had brought a decent sized party along with him, the others weren't far behind. Once the Aether was theirs they were going to take it back to their realm and use it against the giants there.

    They were sick of them, filthy bastards. They lived alongside each other on the basis of a fragile truce but alas peace never lasted forever. Earth, the demon king Malekith decided, smelled just as bad as those unwashed giant heathens. The stench of those humans permeated the air, it was borderline nauseating. They were surrounded by trees but the forest didn't deter them, after all they still had the scent of the Aether--another sniff, and something else? Aesir? Frost Giant? The king snarled and his subordinates waited for the next course of action, all armed to the teeth. No matter what is was, they would kill it. Either way, they hated Aesir and Frost Giant's alike. "Hork uk aeui kemd sra Aakerk, sra usrar rork raod suvordk sra Aasrar. Toda sra kcuis vesr aeui!" The king spat out harshly in his own native tongue, 'Half of you find those Aesir's, the other half head towards the Aether. Awake the scout!" Said scout was carried in the form of a glass jar filled with dirt, when the jar was opened and the spell cast, said dirt flew out and transformed into something a lot more vicious and spider like.

    However, the demon king would wait behind to see what would happen. The party split in half and followed their orders, the 'scout' charging ahead and following the Aesir scent as the King had instructed.


    The 'Scout'
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  11. Well, that didn't take long. It looked like he wouldn't get to work with the agents after all. Not yet, anyways. He smiled apologetically at Furst. "Sorry. It's for us. Don't think we can just ignore this one. Before I go, though, here's my recommendation: Get your team together. Get on finding the kids. Keep an eye on them. We'll need every one of your agents if we want to do this without stretching too thin. Do not engage, though. Not against a threat like them." He gave Furst a hurried salute.


    "Good luck, Agent." With that, he took off to the nearest intercom. "Tony, Thor: That's your cue. Go give whoever they are a warm welcome. We won't be too far behind. Banner, you meet Romanoff and I at the Heli-pad. We'll need to get there ASAP in case things get hairy for Stark and Thor. Let's get moving, Avengers; we're on the clock. Time to remind these people what happens to those that try to mess with Earth." With that, he ended the transmission and took off again. So much running. Not that he minded. It just made him all the more aware of how frantic the situation was.

    He glanced back at Romanoff, assuming she'd followed him. A good agent. A good fighter. She had a lot of baggage, though. Something that could affect her in the field. He'd keep that in mind. She was more importantly his friend, though. A good comrade that he could rely on. That he could trust. So, as they arrived at the helicopter, he felt glad to have her along. "Romanoff, you take pilot." Now all they had to do was wait for Banner.

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  12. B r u c e _ B a n n e r
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    The Avengers @BarrenThin @Infinite_Darkness @IceQueen
    Location: His Lab - - - > The HeliPad

    Bruce hurried along without question, shrugging off his lab coat and throwing his glasses onto his desk. The big guy shifted beneath his skin and the voice in his head was louder. 'Hulk, smash?' The voice wasn't as uncertain anymore---like it was growing excited. He knew what was coming. The scientist took the elevator up to the helipad, quickly climbing into their decided mode of transportation. He had never been fond of small spaces, despite his newfound control over the other guy. It was just like you were asking for a catastrophe. He seated himself anyway, close to the exit per usual. Nat was piloting and so it was just him and Cap in the back. Bruce put his feet up in the seat and held his knees to his body so he could rest his face. He had barely gotten any sleep the night before and doubted he would getting any this week--not with these new threats popping up all over the place. The Aircraft took off towards the specified coordinates the plane barely jostling as they cut through the city. Nat was a good pilot--no, a great pilot. She was just great in general, how 'bout that?


    Bruce snorted quietly into his arm at his own foolishness, eyes squeezing shut as he felt the plane begin to slow. He counted down the seconds in his head as Nat put the plane into auto-pilot 10, the auto pilot system was a creation of Tony's. Once activated the plane would circle around once and pick a clear space to land, 9. Cap was doling out instructions and Bruce kept silent, despite having the other guy loud and clear in his head. Lately, he's been getting stronger--popping up at the worse of times, 8. Lately, Bruce has been taking sleeping pills to deal with his sleepwalking because when he's unconscious, the other guy is wide awake, 7. After waking up amongst the contents of the fridge for the 5th time he decided to record himself, 6. The sleepwalking would start around 12 am, he'd open his eyes but instead of them being a dark brown, they'd be glowing a bright green. The other guy would wander around like a curious little kid rather than the rage monster that it was, 5. That was dangerous all by itself, imagine someone else waking up in the night--say Cap or Natasha and they pissed the other guy off? 4 The back hatch of the aircraft hissed and began to lower, the howling of the wind filling his ears. Bruce took a moment to give the other guy some basic instructions--the same ones he gave it each and every time they went on a mission. 'Smash everything but our friends, big guy.' 3 Natasha came into the back, gearing up just like Steve as they prepared to go. Bruce took a deep breath and unfurled from his position, toeing off his shoes and unbuttoning his shirt. Unabashedly, his pants followed--no need in ruining perfectly good clothing. His boxers were super elastic and thank god for that, there were just some parts of the green guy that no one needed to see, 2. "Are you guys going down with me?" Bruce grunted out as the Hulk clawed his way to the surface, he didn't give either much of a chance to respond, wrapping his arms tightly around their waists as he flung himself out of the plane, 1.

    Bruce has gone completely green by time he landed. The Hulk stood inside of a small crater of his own making, skin hot and eyes wild. Surprisingly enough he had held them gently the entire time, now? He dropped them like a sack of potatoes. The had landed just a bit ahead of the battle, the hulk roaring as if to inform their enemies that he was coming for all of them. It took about 3 jumps to land him in the middle of battle, puny men with swords and guns were crushed beneath his feet upon his landing. The beast grabbed a boulder and did what he did best.

    "HULK, SMASH!"
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  13. Steve's mask came down. His belt clamped on. His pistol was loaded in its holster, safety off. He was breathing steadily, despite the knowledge that they were walking into a battle with no idea what they were fighting. Time seemed to slow as they approached, looking out before them. "Hit hard. Hit fast. Be safe," He told the others as they got ready to land. Then Banner started to Hulk out. A little early for that. Made Steve twitchy. Bruce spoke. Asked if they were coming down. Well, yeah. Why wouldn't they? "Of course. We'll be landing soo- Hey, wai-!"

    That was all he managed before they hit the ground with a crash, scattering bodies everywhere. Hulk didn't hesitate for an instant, immediately going grabbing a rock and going berserk. Good. Little hesitation left little time for error. Steve grunted and assessed tune situation almost instantly. Bad guys. Multidimensional. Time to stop them. So he followed Hulk's example, though he made a point to distance himself from the giant and he hoped Natasha would do the same. They'd only get in his way.

    Time to get to work.


    The steady, repetitive clang of his shield meeting armor was all he focused on. He didn't let anything else get to his head. Not the cries of pain. Not the screams. He wouldn't let it in. The battlefield was his home, but it was also where he felt most alien. He didn't like to hurt people. Hated in, in fact. Not as much as he hated bullies, though. Not as much as he hated people that were a threat to the helpless. That was all he cared about. Not himself. Not his hate of hurting others. He focused on the people that were going to get hurt, and stopping the people that were going to hurt them.


    Not on his watch.

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  14. Agent Furst aka Cavalry
    Annabelinda woke up that faithful morning early like always. She did her normal morning routine which consisted of breakfast, workout and then a shower. Water dripped down her when she exited the shower grabbing for her towel when her phone let out its emergency tone. In what seemed like a quick moment she had the phone in her hand answering it. "Agent Furst here." She quickly pulled on her all black clothing while she listed to what was being said on the phone and with that she was out the door key in hand headed to meet up with the Avengers.
    On her way she called up Shield HQ telling them to call her agents to meet up with her at HQ. She bumped into Steve, "Already being called in as we speak Cap." She gave him one of her rare smiles. The things she had seen really hardened the 25 year old and being the head agent at such a young age was more than an accomplishment. She was truly worried about what Loki's children could do and the destruction they could bring if let to run free. She nodded her head, "I will head out as soon as my team makes it in." She waved to Steve as he left, then set out gathering all her necessary tools to take them peacefully as possible but also to defend themselves should they need to.

    Hel paced in her fortress that was allowed to her by Odin the oaf. She could see her body that was adorned on the shores of some place with her brother nearby. How she wanted to call out to him to tell him she could see him. Sadness struck her deep inside. She never got to meet her family but Hiemdall told her a lot about her brothers and what Odin had done to them. She screamed practically in frustration every day. Her job with the dead was forced upon her, not that she didn't like it because that was not the case as all, she loved it after the first couple hundred years. She wanted her family her brothers and father to hug her and laugh with her. She was the youngest of all her siblings and she wanted to be with them most of all to do things that she missed out on when she was murdered at birth.
    She was a pure soul as of now and she knew what powers she had and what she could develop throughout time. She was young but she was more than ready for what faced her in the future now if only she could retrieve her body. Her ear perked up when her brother mentioned that her mother hid her books with rocks and she knew that meant only one thing that they were with Fenrir. She knew where they were in a sense, but all this made her lose her normally calmness. She looked in one of the mirrors staring at herself taking in the beautiful half and taking in the nightmarish side of bones and rotted flesh. She was terrible looking but completely loving in every way, when it came to her close family.​
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  15. [​IMG]
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    ground was trembling with vibrations, the air loud with the sound of metal on metal and the stench of blood wafting in with the breeze. Jormungandr was alone again, his siblings had taken Hel to a safer location given that she was the most vulnerable to attack out of all of them. He longed to go with them, to protect his younger siblings against any dangers they may face, alas he was bound to the lake. The mix breed male had changed form again and so presently, a small child knelt naked in the muddy shores, skin red with the abrasions from the pebbles. He felt small and exposed, so this form was fitting no?

    The wind whipped and howled, pale skin rising with goose flesh. The lake was unrestful, waves crashing on the shore, keeping the small child's feet wet. A halo of dark wispy curls framed the chubby face, too big green eyes dotted on his face and accented by lips in the shape of a cupid's bow. Jormungand had the coloring of his father, but the structure of his mother. He didn't have to wait much longer for the sounds of warfare to fade and for the undergrowth to start rustling--his breath caught in his throat, not from fear but from excitement. Jormu didn't fear death or any sort of hell.

    His mother, Angrboda, had told him plenty about his grandfather, about his uncle. There was a time where she spoke their names with spite, but towards the ending of her visits, said spite and wrath had been tinged with worry and fear. He had thought nothing of it till now, perhaps that was why his siblings hadn't answered him? Had something happened to her? Was she dead? Jormu swallowed the lump forming in his throat as everything began to click. The faintest shimmer of scales decorated the small pale throat of this body and the side of his face. He moved further back into the water, sinking down until the water came up to his nose. He rightfully assumed the worst, if those men had been anything like his mother had told him.
    Despite the cold air, the water felt warm on his skin. Often, he had tried to escape his bonds but nothing had ever worked. He'd give those wretched Aesir's that--they had some decent spell casters among their ranks. Though he undoubtedly knew, if his mother had more time, she would've broken the spell on himself and on Hel.

    This form was rather small and young, blonde haired and brown eyed. He didn't mind it much, being small made it easier to hide but it still felt awfully uncomfortable. Like his skin was far too tight. The serpent didn't focus on it much, given that someone was coming through the trees.

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  16. [​IMG]

    Sleipnir was none to eager to leave his lake bound brother, but it was essential to hide his sister's body. So with a lingering, watery gaze, Sleipnir hefted Hel into his arms and followed Fenrir into the woods. He hated this. Having to separate and run after finally reuniting with his family. He hated Odin and Thor. Why couldn't they just let them be? They'd never done anything wrong. He just wanted to live with his family in peace, maybe in a cottage in the middle of nowhere with a huge lake for Jormu, a forest for Fen and...Well he didn't really know what Hel would want, but when she joined them in mind and spirit, he would ask her...If they all survived that is. He shook his head vigorously trying to banish that thought. They would survive. They had to. They would survive and they would find their father and everything would be good.

    Sleipnir crouched in the bushes with Fenrir and Hel's body, his breath coming out in haggard puffs. It wasn't that he was tired, he was just so nervous and fearful of what could happen. From their vantage point, they had a somewhat clear view of Jormu in his new form. Sleipnir frowned, unsure of why his elder brother had chosen that form. But he trusted his brother to know what he was doing, he just hoped that whoever was coming, would hesitate.

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  17. T h e _ D e m o n _ K i n g
    Mentioned: Hulk
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    Good thing Malekith had decided to stick around, the party he had sent back to deal with the Aesirs had encountered some humans. Rather strange ones in fact, they had a green hulking brute among them and presently, that thing was engaged in battle with the scout. It wasn't much of a battle, honestly. He had crushed it with a boulder after shouting something along the lines of; "HULK SMASH SPIDER!" As expected, Malekith was pissed. He picked up a pair of swords from the few soldiers that had fallen--they were made of otherworldly steel-- attuned to the magic of the wielder. Automatically, the swords lengthened some and the weight changed to fit Malekith better.

    The king joined the battle after watching two of his men get taken out by a human an parading around in a blue and white outfit. He attacked, aiming a kick at the human's head but instead his foot met the metal of his shield, the human nonetheless was forced backwards, his strength far superior than that of some little human. His subordinates didn't posses his strength, his magic, his power for that was the reason he was dubbed the king of the demons. The king was relentless in his attack, swords seeking out tender flesh like a shark did blood. He kept the human on the defensive for a long while, not noticing the shadow that had been casted over him.

    "Prepare to die, little human."

    Behind him, a roar sounded blowing out the sensitive ear drums of the demon. Malekith dropped the swords, clutching at his ears as they bled. That green rage beast picked up a tree and promptly threw it at him, the king last minute dispersed into a horde of bats and the tree crashed to the Earth. Malekith would never admit that he was running. More like abandoning this particular fight until he regained his sense of hearing. For now, they'd follow the scent of the Aether. The last of his men (A few women too) were killed, 1 of the women remained alive, captured as a prisoner.

    The king left without a second thought, there were always casualties in war.

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  18. Steve looked up as the new combatant entered the fray. Even before the man aggressively rushed the soldier, he could tell something was wrong. The rest of the soldiers had been grunts, easily dispatched by himself or his comrades. This one carried himself differently. More confidently. The strange man sent a kick flying at his head, Steve taking the blow with his shield. The sheer force had him back-pedaling. Not good. Not good at all. This was guy was a big-bad. Steve looked around for a chance to go on the offensive, but his assailant's violent flurry of blows wasn't giving him the chance. Steve knew that at any moment, he could mess up. At any moment, he could fail and he'd find out what his guts looked like on the blade of a sword.

    But he wasn't afraid. Not even for an instant. If anything, he grew more determined in the face of his possible death. This guy was going to hurt people, and Steve was going to stop him or die trying. His teeth gritted, he did his best to push back against the onslaught, feeling a sword graze his leg. It just wasn't working. Was this the end? At first, he thought it might be. But, then, a familiar shadow stood over his opponent. Steve was vaguely aware of some threat from his opponent as he blocked the next attack and smiled up at Hulk.

    "Might wanna pay a little more attention next time, pal."

    Hulk hurled the guy like he weighed nothing. Breathing heavily from fighting on the back foot, his adrenaline through the roof, he looked up at Hulk again. "Thanks for the assist, big guy."


    "Now let's get back to it." Steve hurled his shield, ricocheting it off of several individuals before catching it. "Got just a bit more trash to clean up." He ran back into the thick of it, shield swinging. It wasn't too long until things died down. Wounded individuals groaned and wailed in agony before succumbing to their wounds. The dead lied scattered about, unnaturally still and quiet. The strange monster had been dealt with easily, and who Steve presumed to be their leader had fled. He took in the aftermath of the carnage with somber silence. The battlefield was one of his least favorite places on Earth. One he wished men had never discovered.

    He looked about for his friends. "Roll call. Everyone okay?"

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  19. [​IMG]

    E V I E P E A R S O N

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    _ Outfit - x _

    Evie was in the lab, as she was reading through her recent paper on the easier way to determine species. It was an interesting method, but once you got use to it you could determine the species with ease. While reading through the taxonomy paper, she heard to cellphone buzz on her desk. The clicking of the mouse and the shutting down of the computer was familiar a noise to the scientists ears. She knew what the buzz was about as she heard the distinct ringtone she set for the HQ. Evie got up and slipped her blazer on top of her outfit, she may be a scientist but she did love her fashion. Although knowing the text was about something important she pulled a pair of blue jeans out from a desk drawer, she deemed the crop top, blazer, and heels okay to wear as she slipped off the skirt and on the jeans.

    Evie wasn't going to lie, she was relaxed and about to release another paper. Blooming biologists were probably wondering where it was at the moment as she walked in the streets. She was making her way to HQ the text came in telling her the needed her. The realization hit her again as she read, "Cya soon Mockingbird" Why did she pick such a stupid nickname to use. Deciding not to worry about it she made her way to HQ and soon found herself in the room with Agent Frust. "Hey, What's going on?" Evie said as she took out her phone and started to tap away at the emails and notifications people wondering where her paper was. Although she wouldn't release a paper without proofreading it 400 times, so they'd have to wait. Evie returned her full attention to the other Agent as she put her phone in her wristlet and stood there with a smile.
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  20. [​IMG]

    mind wasn't on the battle, seeing as the other Avengers were handling it. He was of course thinking about Loki's bastard children. He did bash some of the monsters and crushed multiple skulls, but all he could think about was finding those kids and destroying them all. He knew he couldn't do it here, so first he would gather all four monsters and force them to go to Asgard. They would be punished soo severely that NO ONE would ever try to go against Thor and his father ever again. Thor knew that Loki would be furious with him if he did anything to the kids, but what else was new?

    Seeing as Steve and Bruce had handle most of the fight, Thor, taking out the back of the pack of individuals, flew off towards a lake. He knew that his father had cursed one of Loki's kids to be stuck in a lake on Earth... and he knew just which lake it was. He flew off faster than the speed of light, with Mjolnir guiding his way. If anyone could read Thor's emotions, they would be able to tell that the man was more excited about finding the kids than actually having to kill them. Thor is a hero, even if he is not the most moral of one. What he was doing would seem wrong to some, but those kids weren't innocent creatures. "THOSE MONSTERS WILL PAY TODAY!"

    Thor descended towards the forest, ready to attack anything that dared to come his way. He didn't notice anyone, so he moved closer towards the lake. He looked around, not paying attention to a blonde haired boy's head bobbing out of the water. Thor wasn't in the mood to be fooled with or tricked, he would smash the first thing he saw coming towards him. Let anyone try to ambush him and they would soon regret ever making that decision. "JORMUGANDR SHOW YOURSELF, YOU REPTILIAN ABOMINATION!" Thor struck the lake with Mjolnir, just to make the boy visible to his eyes.

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