I would love to RP.

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  1. I'm willing to try all types of RP, and would be happy to practice and get a feel for how RP's are run here. If anyone is willing to take on a forum newbie with a little bit of RP experience, then I'd love to join you. ^.^
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  2. A Rookie.

    For the cookie.

    Now tell me your... more specific preferences.

    Like whether you're alright with fandoms, whether you're good with anime-esque RPs, preferred genres...
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  3. That is the thing, I enjoy a lot of RP types, and with so many here, I'll probably find some that I'm not a fan of, but as for right now I enjoy too many. xD
  4. I appreciate your offers. I may join your Cronus RP. It does seem a little intimidating though. xD
  5. image.jpeg Why hello good sir! By any chance could I, a humble GM, interest you in the free-form tale of a small fantasy village that centers on the interactions of its residents?

    Don't understand a word I just said? Simply take a look at this:
    OPEN SIGNUPS - The Village of Blen OCC

    Promised to cure the bordom that ails you or your money back mostly guaranteed!
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  6. You are suggesting a slice of life RP, that centers around the residents being visited by passing heroes? I'm not quite sure I follow, even having read the link you have sent. It does seem interesting. I would like confirmation on this before I create a character for it. ^.^
  7. Passing adventures wishing to become heroes, which you may play if you so desire. Not so much slice of life that it is entirely realistic but so in that it revolves mostly around the interactions between characters instead of some grand goal or plot.
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  8. Ah, I see. Less slay monsters and more team bonding exercise, as well as character exploration right?
  9. Which could inculde slaying monsters at some point, yes.
  10. It is such a unique premise to me. I'll look at some of the other character sheets before making my own. ^.^ Unless you are full by the time I get to it.
  11. Highly unlikely.
  12. What is your maximum capacity for this RP you are planning I do not believe I saw it.
  13. We're always accepting.
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  14. You sir/madam are quite the beautiful little star. I applaud your tenacity in allowing so many characters and players.
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  15. I thank you for your interest and time.
  16. It is not a problem, though I have a quick question, would I be able to run a retired hero as a layman? I'm thinking a fisherman, who only has unbreakable string for his fishing pole.
  17. I'm assuming he would be rather aged?
  18. That he would be.
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