"I wish that I could be like the cool kids."

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  1. | IC | SIGN UPS |

    :To make things more organized, this thread will ONLY BE USED FOR OUT OF CHARACTER TALK. All of the sign-ups will be in the sign-ups thread:


    You're a Cool Kid now.

    You're in high school and, someway, somehow, you ended up becoming quite the popular kid. Everyone knows of you. You can sometimes hear people whispering about you as you walk down the hallways of Winston High. Yes, you have become the subject of most gossip that fills up the halls of the high school. And it doesn't matter if you're a rich, preppy cheerleader or a delinquent that all of the teachers pray they don't have to teach. No matter what your 'title' is, your 'stereotype', you've managed to climb your way up the social ladder and make yourself quite comfortable up there. Unlike what they say, it's not lonely at the top. There are other people; people you probably didn't expect, but, hey, you can't judge. You got up there, right? Being at the top with others caused you to make some new friends. Friends of other 'social groups' that you might not have talked to before. As you all hang out and have the times of your lives, you get labeled as the 'Cool Kids'. It's quite a diverse bunch, like The Breakfast Club, if you think about it. But that doesn't seem to faze anyone. Now, we all know things aren't going to be sunny days and rainbows. It's high school, for crying out loud. Actually, it's life in general. And with life comes heartache, sleepless nights, betrayal, and many other things among the laughter, stupid pranks, and youth.

    That's what this is about. It's about the true life of a Cool Kid.

    About your life.

    •Follow Iwaku's Rules
    •Ask questions, express concerns, suggest ideas. Don't be afraid to speak up! (But be polite and civil about it.)
    •Balanced genders. We're not going to have a bunch of roleplayers so it should be quite easy.
    •Make sure that we have diversity! If someone is already the delinquent, then pick something else!
    •Drama, Romance, Angst, Fluff and everything in between is highly, highly encouraged! It is high school, after all.
    •Make sure that the story is always interesting. Add whatever twists and turns (as long as they fit the roleplay and, if involving someone, they agreed) that you'd like!
    •I am GM.
    •Don't post on the IC until I have accepted your CS.
    •Treat others like you would want to be treated in the OOC. If you have disagreements that get out of hand, take them to PM.
    •While romance is encouraged, anything above PG 13/Kissing (and some feeling up) needs to be directed towards the PMs as well. Or, fade to black.
    •A paragraph minumum for the posting. I do understand Writer's Block, which is the only exception.
    •Have FUN!

    | COOL KIDS (Accepted CSs) |
    •Ryder Lee | 18 | Typical Teenage Rebel | Axy
    •Cassandra Jones | 18 | The Girl in Your Dreams | Kitsune
    •Anastasia Molotov | 17 | The Delinquent | Cherie
    •Jaxster Sinclair | 18 | Don Juan [Player] | N/A
    •Gregory Matthews | 17 | The Happy-Go-Lucky | Kaz
    •Christopher D. Wayne | 17 | The Heart Breaker | Kronas17

    | SCHEDULE |
    1. Geometry
    2. History
    3. English
    4. Biology
    5. Gym
    6. Elective (Up to you)

    1. Me
    2. Ay-Ex
    3. N/A
    4. Kaz
    5. Cherie
    6. Kronas17

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  2. QUESTION: I'm unsure as to the 'title' for a character, what does it mean? c:
    Also, do you have to reserve a space or just post a character? o-o
  3. You can do either! And by 'title', I was referring to the stereotype that they were. Examples: The Dumb Jock, The Badass Delinquent, The Outcast, etc. Things like that. (They don't have to start with 'the') c:
  4. Ohmygod.
    There's a plot and story to read
    I am now informed *changes FC*

    I'm not on a laptop anymore, I'm on my phone from now on especially so yeah ;-;
    Tell me if the code looks so freaked up when I update it from time to time OTL
  5. Will do! :3
  6. IIIII'll probably join. I'm getting back to the point where I start drowning myself in RPs, looks like. xD Ican'thelpit.
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  7. Ah, there was 2 more people who applied and the thread says 3/5 but here it's 3/6 so would I be able to make a character sheet or?​
  8. I'm gone for like two - maybe three - days and I come back to 27 alerts ;~; Now, I have to play catch-up.


    @Dramma Wait, I'm confused. >.< 3/6???
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  9. •Ryder Lee | 18 | Typical Teenage Rebel | Axy
    •Cassandra Jones | 17 | The Girl in Your Dreams | Kitsune
    •Anastasia Molotov | 17 | The Delinquent | Cherie

    There are 6 bullet points there, was that just a mistake?​
  10. OOOOOOH.

    Guess I should have explained this before.

    There's six because I was counting the five who applied plus myself. I apologize for the confusion. Should have made that clearer >.<;
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  11. I need help for the dog's name...
    Picasso - based on artist
    Jacques - based on artist since Jax is a art nerd
  12. I'm.....being drawn towards Jacques. Sounds unique and fancy~ ^w^
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  13. So, when do we start? ^^ This looks like it's gonna be super cute!
  14. I plan on starting today since I might not be able to during the week because of school.


    Should we do something like:

    Character's Name | Stereotype | Location

    Ex: Cassandra Jones | The Girl in Your Dreams | English
    Currently: Taking Notes

    Or no?
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  15. I used to do that. I would love to bring it back. It's like a short and quick summary / clarification
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  16. Yea, I like that idea.
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  17. Also I have school this week too. So yeahhhh. XD
  18. So my plan to start on Sunday was completely shot as we can all see... -_-

    Hopefully I'll be able to start soon, but, in the mean time, there's a few things to discuss:

    1) Does anyone want our characters to already be friends/have relationships? Or should we work our way to that in the roleplay?

    2) There's only six of us. I think a posting order is needed. Thoughts?

    3) Posting in general....(how many posts for a school day/class, time skips, etc.)

    That's all! :3
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  19. Well, established relationships and whatnot would be easier to get through the roleplay.
    While if we start from the beginning its useful to know one another's characters HOWEVER the rp might die of boredom later on in like a month and a half or so or last longer. 50/50 chance. That's based on MY experience.

    So it's up to you :o
    I mean we could do relationships then flashbacks OR do when they're meeting each other and then skip to present time c:.

    But like said, it's up to you vuv
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