I need more Fantasy in my life.

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  1. First things first, If you are looking for a romance partner then please turn your pretty little body around and walk away. That's not to say I am actively avoiding romance, but as it is I'm not seeking it. That coupled with what I have in mind, I don't think romance would be high on our characters priority list.

    So...A little bit about me. I post a couple times a week and I cannot change this. If you are looking for someone who can post once a day or multiple times in one day then I'm sorry but I simply cannot fill that desire. I work really hard and when I'm not working I'm practicing my work because I want to make a career out of it. I then also of course need to spend time with my lovely waifu, we've got a good thing going and I'd like to keep it good. Priorities are essential! That being said, if I ever can't post I will let you know, being left hanging is just as bad as being left at the wedding altar and I am a gentleman. As such, I am only looking for one person, so the first that I come to an agreement with gets in on this fun party shenanigans of roleplayiveness. Was that even English?

    That being said, when it comes to my expectations...I'm a bit of a picky little prick. I need at least 2 full length paragraphs to respond properly, I also want you to build the scenery as much as I do, and I request your character have more than 6 seconds of thought put into it. If I get one more anime-cliche I'm going to rip my hair out and choke a donkey to death with it and the throw that donkey into a volcano because why the fuck not, I'm already insane! Essentially, if you can sum up your character with a string of phrases, I don't want to deal with this character. Characters should be real and believable, people are not as simple as they seem on the surface. People have layers of emotions under thoughts under actions, and our characters should reflect that. I always expect a minimum of 2 paragraphs of a personality summary from my group roleplays and this will be no different. Your characters history is important as well, but alas, I'll be more forgiving on history for a 1x1.

    As for what characters I play as, I almost always follow "the warrior" as an archetype, and as I am craving a fantasy setting, I most certainly will be. Whatever character I use will depend on a multitude of factors, but expect me to make a tough guy/gal (not necessarily a badass, big difference. Badasses are boring.)

    Plot wise, I want to make a story with a definitive goal, an objective that defines the story as complete. If I have nothing for my character to drive towards I will have no motivation to continue the story, as there would be nothing to complete. I do have 2 plot ideas I'd love to follow, but as I said I can only really do 1 if I don't want to burn myself out. You can find those below.

    So here's some ideas, as these are largely fantasy based consider all of these in no way beyond the one-shot-pistol, if the world has even gotten that far in their tech. Blades will be the primary method of combat for all of these, but magic also exists. I'm very much so a fellow who likes magic to be weak, though, nothing that can destroy society as we know it.

    Plots I have a craving for:

    Magical Pirates of Awesome: Lame name is lame, just a filler for now. For this plot we would be playing as a pirate captain (you) and his/her first mate (me) searching for a legendary island. An island of paradise where nobody could be truly upset, but in the end they find the island is a false legend and once they accept this fact, they retire, their adventures burned into their minds forever. Not even time could separate their friendship. Perhaps in the end, the island was a metaphor. NOTE: Romance would not be doable in this one because of my character.

    Surviving betrayal: The heir to the royal throne has been betrayed by his/her escort in a time of war. The natural world in which they are left is harsh, monsters and wraiths roam freely and threaten the lives of anyone who is not near civilization. You find yourself and one knight at your side, but you know nothing of this person, not even her face covered by the helmet she wears. You must get back to your royal capital where everyone considers you to be dead already. Nobody is coming to help you, survive with who is now your only partner.

    Yes, only two, but considering only one will be being done...I'm going to be 50% disappointed either way, so deal with it! If you're interested, send me a message.
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  2. I'm interested in the surviving betrayal one, but I'll need time to create a character. Although, I'm not exactly well versed onexone roleplays.

    Edit: Sorry, I was in a rush when I wrote this. In the surviving betrayal I'm assuming you play the warrior? In addition, although I haven't done a lot of one on one roleplays I think I'm okay at writing.
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  3. There's a lot more control involved. Get two passive players together and the plot goes nowhere, so it's a good way for aggressive players to get the stories they want since both partners need to push.
    Yeah, I'd be playing the knight. I've got a decent amount of detail ready if this is the one that gets selected. As mentioned above, I'm best at the warrior archetype. Both plots characters, though, are me attempting to slowly come out of my comfort zone. Baby steps, though.
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  4. That should be fine.
    I guess I should start on my character then. Should we work out some more details about the betrayal and such?
  5. Awesome, let's take it to PMs from here.