I confess...

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It's the game of CONFESSIONS. Confess a truth and only the truth.

I confess... that I often want to make a casserole and be the ONLY one to eat it. D:
I Confess...that when I'm making home made dumplings for dinner I usually eat half of it by mself while still cooking the other half.
I confess that I eat all the pizzas in the house.

If I had pizza in the house, I would confess this.
I confess... that in real life I am not as open with my thoughts and feelings or opinions, because I'm afraid someone is going to hit me. x___x
I confess that my car isn't that great...
I confess that I often think about quitting my job and walking across the country, just for the hell of it.
I confess that I sometimes wish I could go comatose so that I could have hot make-outs in my dreams.
I confess that procrastination is my biggest flaw. t______t
I confess that sometimes I want things done right the first time more than I want to protect someone's fragile self esteem. c____c
I confess that I REALLY miss my internet. Mostly because of horrible, self-centered, bitchy roommates. >_>
I confess that I bottle up my anger and end up exploding over trivial things.
I confess... I like men's deotorent. It smells GOOD, ok? :D
I confess that Fel is a Foolish Fool!
I confess that there are moments I want to run away from home, even now.
I confess that I'm tempted to quit one of my jobs even though I know I wouldn't make rent without it.
I confess that I get bent out of shape over stuff I have no control over cause it makes me feel helpless.
I confess that I rather be in my hometown right about now than here.