I Can't See Your Love 2: Revelation of Sins

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The group wasn't sure what to do now but they followed Reaper. But this uncertainty of not knowing what happened to Atoshi bothered them.

"Did he finish him? If Atoshi didn't then..How is this possible now? Man this is crazy. Either way, we're going to wait for him!" Kraw thought as he and the others followed Reaper as he led them out.

There weren't much to say as the Reaper led them to the exit. Everyone was just concerned about Atoshi and whether Shini was gone or not. Because if he remained, how could they go on with their daily lives and live in peace? They couldn't. Thus this was going to bother them until they found out just what had happened.

"This is the exit. I must bid you all farewell. Do not despair just yet. Wait for him and give him time." Reaper pointed them to the portal leading back to the Underworld gate.

With that, everyone departed from Eternity. It was hard to say whether they felt happy. It was good that Eternity was restored to normal but for Atoshi to be missing and for Shinigami's defeat to remain unconfirmed was not good at all. They went through the portal and returned to the Underworld.

*Underworld,Northern Niflheim Mountain Range*

As they returned to the Underworld, they noticed the Crimson Ten were waiting for them, as they had recently finished off their business and wanted to monitor the situation without entering the realm itself.

"So you've returned..But something is amiss. Where is Atoshi?" Sho asked the group.

Hishin shook her head and said, "We honestly don't know. He was fighting Shinigami and something strange happened to the realm. He was gone along with Shini. We awoke after the realm had changed and went back to it's normal state. That's all we know about it.. But there's still chance he might return."

"Don't worry, your man will be back, Hishin! He's strong, he couldn't have lost to Shini! I bet he's just trying to find his way back out!" Arisa tried to comfort Hishin.

"Heh, gotta agree there. Even if he can't make it back, Atoshi isn't going to let Shini get his way and win. So I don't think we've got anything to worry about, it's just a matter of time." Kraw said, being extremely optimistic.

"Yes. I just wonder how long we can wait..How long will it take him if he's still alive?" Nina questioned out loud.

Neil said, "There really is no to know how long it'd take him, wherever he is...Maybe it's best if we camp out for a while here and give him time."

Everyone agreed with that idea.

"This mountain may not be the most hospitable place but it's worth it, so we may get some closure on this matter. We might not be able to set up camp in this exact area but near the base of the mountain it is easily possible."

"I see. So you are going to wait for him then. That is a wise idea, he may need healing. All of you look to be in rather bad shape. Just rest for now. Pyrmia and Cruso can heal most of your wounds for now.. We'll set up a make-shift camp so you all can wait for Atoshi. It's the least we can do. I just wish we could have gotten here sooner and joined you in the realm.." Sho stated.

Pyrmia and Cruso began to tend to the wounds of the group as they continued to talk.

Katsugi questioned, "So how did things go on your end? Did you finish off those Zaka Clan remnants? Or do we still have to worry about them as well, aside from Shini possibly still being alive?"

Duo answered instead of Sho, "They won't be doing anything any longer. Heh. Since Jackal put a bounty on their heads, it's also made things easier, sympathizers of the Zaka Clan betrayed em. Thanks to that, the Underworld Guard and the efforts of your friends, we took out their very last base and their new leaders. Sure a few of them managed to get away but the Zaka Clan is no longer organized and no longer a threat with no bases and nowhere to hide. They're still going to be captured and punished eventually though, they have those brandings of the Zaka Clan symbol burnt onto their flesh or birthmarks if they born into the Clan. It's a dead giveaway for those hunting them."

"Good. At least we've got some good news that can be confirmed. I'm glad they won't terrorize the surface or the Underworld any longer." Camack added. He had reverted to his normal self as the battle had ended.

Ruby readied a carrier pidgin and sent it out explaining, "This message will inform your friends of the current situation. Atoshi deserves a hero's welcome once he comes back."

She then looked rather sad as she added, "If he doesn't...Then at least we will be gathered here and ready to act to stop Shinigami if he's still alive...We have to be prepared in both cases."

The mood was rather solemn as the Crimson Ten went to their carriage and began to help set up camp near the base of the mountain. They couldn't rejoice yet, they could not celebrate and nor could they afford to assume Shinigami was defeated. Pyrmia and Cruso tended to everyone's wounds, healing all they could.

"Shit..I hope never to fight like that again... Took way too much out of me and all his attacks hurt worse than hell!" Kraw commented.

Katsugi told Kraw, "Yeah..That was the hardest battle I've ever fought...Well at least once Atoshi comes back, we can move on with our lives...We can rejoice then."

"Yeah, you said it. It just ain't right to try and celebrate now even though we got out of it alive. It's thanks to him, we owe him our lives! I know for sure I'm going to try and get stronger after this! So we don't ever get taken out again. I still need to get faster without using my energy. We all have to get stronger here, we can't just slack off just because it seems things are becoming peaceful." Kraw added.

"Yeah. It really does seem like things are turning around though. Sure there are dark beasts who hate surface dwellers still, but there are now dark beasts who understand us and consider them our allies...I just hope this peace can stay." Katsugi added.

"It will at least for a good few years until something happens or next rulers of the Underworld are chosen. Jackal is a good leader, he might be cruel to his enemies but he's got a good sense of justice. He's not going to start any wars aganist the surface. Heh. And Krad Dusk, my deadbeat scumbag uncle? I don't think he'll try anything. I still want to give him some pay-back for that stunt he pulled, nearly killing you and everything else ten years ago!" Kraw added.

Katsugi didn't seem too concerned as she replied, "Don't worry about it Kraw. I don't really care anymore..I know he's not going to try that again. Besides, the Forbidden Alliance will probably capture and arrest him soon enough. At least he gave up on his evil ways for the most part...I heard he helped stop that bomb from being dropped but at the same time he built that same bomb. We'll never understand that madman."

"Heh I have to agree there. I guess I just better let it go then if you don't really want a shot at payback. I really do wonder what's going to happen next. But even if Atoshi doesn't come back, we gotta move on...I think we can find somewhere up on the surface to live. Discrimination really has died down quite a lot but it's still around. Maybe I can do something more about that. True equality, that's something I'd love to see... Even if there are people who will harass us, it's a goal worth aiming for. We can beat the crap out of anyone trying to give us trouble now! It's you and me, Katsugi! That's the future, whether Shinigami is still alive, whether Atoshi comes back. We're going to keep on surviving! Keep on fighting and getting stronger even if we don't ever have to fight anyone like Shini or Harken again!" Kraw concluded.

Katsugi almost smilied, "Kraw...." She held hands with him. "Yeah! that's right! That's the spirit we have to have! We can't just be sad here or worried!" She added. She and Kraw then stared into the portal, waiting and watching for Atoshi.

Neil spoke to Arisa, "I really am not sure what we're going to do now. But I know once this is over, we have to go back up to the surface and see Nile and my family again. I've really missed them...But it's up to you, Arisa. You haven't lived with Jackal for a while now."

Looking rather serious, Arisa said, "Well my Neil..I think going up to the surface is fine for now. I miss Nile a lot. Going back to the castle would be nice but...It's bittersweet to live there. So many memories. I was somewhat glad to leave it honestly. I do miss my brother and his family...But I think maybe we can see them later, once we have our ceremony...." She looked rather sad.

"Arisa. Don't be so sad. Your parents are proud of you, not only did you avenge them but you helped destroy the Zaka Clan and you fought with Shini with the rest of us. You've really done great things and I am glad I met you. I just wasn't enjoying life...That false religion, it made me too strict and afraid of so many silly things. When I met you, that really helped me realize that. You're a fine, strong and outstanding woman and a good mother, Arisa! You've made your parents very proud! And you've really made me happy! It's good to have a sense of humor like you do." Neil said to Arisa sincerely. He put his arm around her. She smilied.

"My Neil that's so good of you to say! You really are a smooth talker, yeppers. But that came from the heart. You're really sensitive but not wimpy.You're tough but not stupid or brutish. I met a lot of beasts who all wanted to court me, but they all were so fake. They tried to punch out or blow up poor little Underworld creatures to show off. They just acted like characters instead of being themselves! You're a great fighter,a great fighter and a true man, my Neil! That's why I'm glad I found you before any other female could! You're mine now and forever!" Arisa exclaimed. She and Neil embraced as they both smilied.

Neil said rather loudly, "Atoshi will come back. Fate has not always been cruel! It let us survive, it let us meet each other! He definitely deserves and needs to be here so we can enjoy this victory and be reunited with his loved ones! We just have to keep holding out and hoping that he'll be here! That's all we can do for now."

Everyone as near the portal now, except the Crimson Ten whom were finished setting up the camp. Everyone was waiting, nervously as time went on. Talking to each other occasionally, trying to keep up the hope that he was alive.

"Kid....I'll tell you if I feel anything going on. That portal might be on it's way out soon..But you heard Reaper, Atoshi can get back anyhow even once it's gone. I just hope he gets here soon." Alter Camack spoke to Camack.

Camack replied to his Alter Ego, "Thank you. You said you've really helped me throughout all these years...I don't know where I'd be if it was just me.."

"Don't mention it Kid, if you die, I'm flat out screwed! I had to help you, it's not necessarily from the goodness of my heart. Heh. Let's not get all sentimental and assume it's all over so soon! We don't want to get off guard if that bastard Shini is trying to pull a fast one on us.." Alter Camack responded. Camack agreed.

Sho walked back up and told the others, "The camp has been set up. If it gets late and he hasn't arrived, you can retire there. Or just bring some sleeping bags up here if you wish.. We'll be at the camp as well. The others may arrive soon too, although some of them did get injured."

"Thank you, all of you of the Crimson Ten! It's good to see you are here to try to help us through this..." Hishin said to him.

"No need to thank us. We're doing our duty. I just wish we could have done more. Well. I shall bid you farewell for now. I have to go back to the camp. Just please tell us if or when he comes back." Sho responded. Hishin nodded.

Nina looked into the portal, "Brother..Did you make it? Or is your soul just somewhere else?" She questioned out loud.

"I think he did, Nina. You know him, he's not weak. Not his body and not his soul. Shini's plans are as good as foiled. That is what I believe. He'll be back, it may take him a while but he shall return." Kento responded.

"I hope you're right. It just is no good why things have to be this way..All we can do is wait..." Nina stated.

The long wait began. But everyone was prepared for the long haul, the Crimson Ten brought up some food and sleeping bags just in case for all those whom were awaiting Atoshi's return. They all kept their distance from the portal but they couldn't help but stare into it every few minutes, hoping to see Atoshi exiting it.


-The Beyond

’The darkness, it might consume me. Am I dead? Am I alive? My legs have gone numb, and so has my mind. Am I floating or lying down? This feeling in me, is it warmth or the cold? I can feel it, but I can not describe it. There is no light, no sound, no feeling. What distinguishes me from pure energy is erased, is this what he felt? Could I be going mad, uncontrolled, no will of my own? Or am I dead, dying, or being attacked? I would not know, and no amount of trying would see a result. Should I give up? Is there a ray of hope or is that my imagination? What do I do completely helpless like this? The feelings inside me are completely gone and with that no motivation. This world of absence has made my soul fickle and untrustworthy. Darkness, it consumes me, and with that I am neither dead nor alive. But wait, I can feel it, a slight prickling in my lower body. It is that feeling, that stinging feeling. The darkness, it does not hold me any longer. The light I can see it, the sound of air I can hear it, the ground I can feel it. The earth feels so rugged against my rough hands. I can now feel the warmth in the wind, the wind so beautiful yet an eerie hum to it. I can see, I am opening my eyes. But this is not what I expected, this was not the light that was promised, this was…darkness.’

Atoshi got up his head hung heavy as his form sat up. His eyes had shown him the world, one that he had never been to. The sky was dark, no stars and purple currents flowing around. The wind whipped around what rubble remained around him. Through smaller cavities it would give off a high pitched whistle. Standing now he looked at the large castle in front of him made of black stone. Behind him, there was a long drop, a drop to a town below full of decayed trees and the same ground he stood on. The dirt looked to be harmed, its color not a cool brown but a painful bruise color. He staggered a moment and was fully on his feet now standing up straight. “Where am I?” He asked confused. Ahead of him lay three bodies. Noticing them he quickly rushed over hoping they were still alive. He turned over the first one, it was Sartos. “What is this?” The man squinted his eyes and successfully opened them.
“At-Atoshi. I do not believe it, you…survived.”
“What happened?” He asked greatly concerned for his Uncle’s condition.
“I could not…do…it. He was…too…powerful.” Sartos’ body went limp, and slowly faded away into dust.
“Rest Uncle.” Atoshi said moving onto the next person. It was Alastor, the Great Beast.
“Well…look at that. I never thought…I’d see you again.”
“Alastor, what happened?” He asked direly trying to find out the cause.
“I…I saved her…for you. She is not…too badly hurt. You…should go to her.”
“Just hang in there. Do not leave me.” He tried to give as response but his body just gave out. He was sleeping and barely alive. Atoshi moved onto the final person who lay there.
“Hi…Atoshi. It has been…a real long time.” Her voice was familiar, and her face was too.
“Yes, it has been ten years, Nomia. How did you end up like this?”
“We…fought Shinigami after…learning he had taken over Reaper’s realm. I found myself…in the village below. When he came back…the three of us fought him. We stood no chance. He eliminated…us all with one…attack.” Her voice was getting softer and softer. “I will…be alright. What about…the rest?” She said through deep breaths. He shook his head as he thought about Sartos.
“My Uncle, is gone. Alastor, he is still alive.”
“I…I am sorry.”
“Do not be. Get some rest.” She nodded and rested against the ground. Atoshi turned his attention to the castle sitting on top of the floating island.
“SHINIGAMI!!!” His voice echoed over the empty expanse. Chatter below on the street rose to a clamor as several hundred people got out of their house to look up into the sky. There was large manifestation of energy at the top above the castle. It soon formed Shinigami and he looked several times more powerful. His aura was actually flowing out of him.
“Surprise surprise, my catalyst seems to make it through unharmed. I should be upset but I must say it is satisfying to see you again.”
“Do not talk of me as if I am your pawn! I said we will finish it and now I have my chance.”
“Poor poor boy, I am sorry to say but your time is up. Not only do I have full access to my power now but your Arlon energy is about to destroy you from within. Nothing you can do now will help a damn thing.”
“That does not matter! I will use my feelings and focus them on you!” His power multiplied as he took off into the air, his wings extended. His chakrams were unhooked in mid flight as he went up against Shinigami. The sparks flew as their weapons clashed together.
“Unfortunately for you I can do more than just disruption now.” He said through clenched teeth. A wave of energy swooped around Atoshi’s side and sent him into the ground of the floating island. It felt as if a hand was holding him down. “You see, I told you that my power was no match for you.” His gloating was short lived as the Arlon energy made Atoshi’s body shine a golden orange. From this he used it to make a small crack in the middle of the stream holding him down. The crack started to claw its way all the way up the arm of the stream and straight into Shinigami. Once it hit its target there was a large explosion. The malevolent being slid to a stop in the air as the vampire took to the skies once more.
“Very good, but I still-“ Shinigami was interrupted with a punch to the face that sent him downward. He once again stopped himself in the air. “So ru-“ He was punched again.
“Shut the hell up and fight!” He turned his face back to his assaulter; the blood on his face was dripping down his chin.
“Fine.” He readied his sword and took a swing at his opponent. The sword met with the chakrams once more. It was another case of sparks but the weapons he carried glowed the same color his body did. The sword had finally been shattered, sending a shockwave into the castle. The rubble was shot all over the island, to Atoshi’s surprise Alastor had recovered enough to help Nina off the island before the structure collapsed. Taking the chance Atoshi turned berserker endlessly hitting his target. Shinigami had no choice but to dodge the attacks. First a vertical swing by both weapons, then a diagonal. Finally he wrapped up with a disruption field. It blocked Atoshi’s attack long enough for him to make another attack. The aura streams were adjusted so a piercing spike was smashed into the orange aura around his chest. The spike drilled Atoshi further away until he finally stopped the power. “This, this is wrong. Why and how can you do that? Nobody ever takes a direct hit without suffering damage.”
“My friends give me strength and I give them hope.” Atoshi punched Shinigami straight in the face again sending him through the island breaking the magic holding it up. The rocks started to fall to the ground. Using his quick speed and agility Atoshi managed to get down to the crater Shinigami landed in. He picked him up by the collar and chucked him in the air. “DARK IMPULSE!” A shockwave of blackened energy shot upward in a dome shape. The large pieces of the island were shattered into nothing but dust, the rubble of the castle suffered much the same fate. Shini tried to block it using another aura stream. It stopped the attack in its track near the center but the rest kept going making a depression in the middle of the visible edge of the wave. He hung there for a good ten seconds before he managed to burst through the wave. Before he could react, the vampire was already attacking him again. This time the hits connected, several cuts on Shinigami’s arm were visible and the pain reflected on his face. The horizontal and vertical slashes stopped as he pulled back on his right chakram and thrust it forward straight into the entity’s chest. The spikes on the end of the blade dug in deep and the force of the punch rocketed him right off of them. As he launched blood sprayed in the air. Coming to a stop a good thirty meters away Shinigami was now breathing heavily and blood stained his clothing.
“Such…power. You will receive my full potential.” Shinigami closed his eyes as he focused. Atoshi tried to charge at him but was stopped mid way by a wall of power. Once his enemy opened his eyes he extended his arm as if to grab a toy. The aura was shaped to his will and grabbed hold of the helpless bat. He then closed his hand and squeezed so hard his arm shook. With the conflicting auras several sparks shot out as Atoshi screamed from the pain. His body was being crushed; his bones could be heard cracking. As soon as it was no longer amusing Shinigami threw his victim to the ground laughing. “Ah ha ha ha ha! Can you take on what my true power is?” His answer was simple, bursting through the dust cloud he was in, the fast object made his strike. His objective was to run straight into the sphere of power Shinigami had around him. He made it a good few feet in before he was stopped. “Bad idea.” The sphere allowed Atoshi in but gripped him like before. Inside the winds kicked up and the aura was used like thousands of tiny razor blades. His skin was being cut up, every part of him started to form wounds. Shinigami then took his still prey and began performing advanced martial arts moves in mid air. The aura once again reflected him and large bone shattering blows were made. An uppercut, then a kick to the side, followed by several small kicks straight to the chest, and finally his leg came to a rest. He raised his arms and started punching Atoshi in the face. He could not move his body and the aura started to dissipate. “Final blow, multi crusher!” Shinigami prepared himself for his technique. He began to punch his victim with thousands of punches per second. Next there was a heavy punch sending him to the earth. Extending his arms above his head, the aura shaped into thousands of hands that followed after the target. Atoshi did not even have a chance to rest after he hit the ground. A second later the hands made it to him and started to pummel him even further into a rock coffin. Half of the village below was destroyed after the attack stopped. Now with time to think Shinigami rubbed a bit of blood off of his face onto his fingers. Looking at it he smiled. “Pitiful.” His smile turned into a frown as he saw the blood in his hand turn silver. “So you are still alive!” He shouted below to the dust now clearing.
“Yes…and with the power of the vampires, I shall destroy you!” The blood from below shot up into thousands of sharp tendrils. It confronted the orb Shinigami had around him. From the opposite end the hands came out and grabbed hold of the silver pillars. As they passed by they smashed through each one shattering it into thousands of tiny crystals.
“You serve no threat!” The crystals falling were then turned into a weapon. Each of them went for the sphere again in a futile attempt. They were nearly shattered into nothing as they confronted the awesome power above. Atoshi could not stand any longer and he fell to the ground.

’This is it, the darkness. It has consumed me and consumed the rest. The numbing feeling comes back, the sounds start to disappear, and the ray of light lost. I could not help anyone, and I could not help myself. My power is no match for his and no use to others. I tried my best and even that was not enough for the likes of him. Perhaps he truly is invincible. Wait, an orange glow? Arlon, you trusted me, you trusted my friends. Our power is what will defeat him and save the world. That is right; we have the ability to do this. The light at the end of the tunnel…it is a brilliant golden orange.’

“Hmm? You still have not died?” Shinigami asked seeing that Atoshi was now standing again.
“We will not let them down! You will die here SHINIGAMI!” His power was doubled, tripled, quadrupled. The Arlon energy mixed in with the blood lust technique giving the silver the same orange glow. The pillars were formed once again and went straight for his foe. Aura hands were once again en route to block the pillars. As they edged closer the curiosity welled. Finally the first hand met the first tendril. There was a bit of a struggle but the hand was shattered away. The same was true with the other hands. The next objective was breaking through the sphere. It pierced the bottom like as easy as a poker through water. The attack had found its way through and to Shinigami. The first few popped through his heart, his shoulders, his arms, and his legs. Then several more came through piercing him even more. His eyes were filled with shock and awe. The blood seeped down the crystallized blood and was soon evaporated by the glowing orange aura. “Now let me show you the one attack I learned from one of my elders.” His eyes flashed and his power shot out in a shockwave. Following this wave of energy the blood started to shoot out spikes just like Kington’s. The blood had had time to work through Shinigami’s body and several of the spikes shot out from under his skin. His breathing became extremely unsteady and he started to choke.
“The…love. I…see…it.” Not able to hold the attack out any longer Atoshi retracted the spikes letting his enemy’s body hang there. He began to shake vigorously and started to scream. As he went on the scream got louder, his body started to glow. One could see his body start to shatter extra pieces of himself. The ghostly image of Derfless and Exodus bled away into nothing. His soul was next as it dissolved his body no longer could hold itself together. The light intensified as the form began to melt into the seven orbs. They spun around as if part of a great machine. Lightning bolts were tossed every which way, as the orbs started to slow. One by one they each shattered until one was left. The final one was destroyed as the circling stopped. A large explosion of energy was forced outward and the sky began to clear. The purple aura was dissipating and the blackness replaced with a blue hue. The trees below began to grow with life and there was a horizon to be seen, a mountainous one at that. Atoshi now stood in the crater as both Alastor and Nomia rushed to his aid.
“Atoshi I thought I’d never see you again, I thought I-“ She was stopped before she could go any further. The white beast had grabbed hold of her. Turning around she looked for a reason why she was stopped. The only reply given was Alastor’s head shaking back and forth.
“He is right…I am not bound for this world…for long.” He said his body already fading away. “I always…loved you Nomia.” His body then fully faded as he returned to the sunlit realm from which he first came from.


He faded back into the harbor where Reaper had been waiting. He had known all along he would triumph against Shinigami. “You have defeated him I assume.” He paused for a moment looking at Atoshi and his wounds. “And you had a fight for the ages. I am afraid, you will not survive long and your soul will most likely not find rest here.”
“I never…intended that Reaper. Take me to the exit please.” The cloaked figure nodded and guided Atoshi out to the gate.

-Underworld, The Gate

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUCdBzs_XSU&feature=related"]YouTube- Darker Than Black OST - Tentai Kansoku[/ame]

It was dark out, and early in the morning. Atoshi stepped through the door quietly not waking anyone who had been waiting. They were all asleep in their sleeping bags that they were given. Atoshi walked away from the gate and to the top of one of the edges of the mountain. From it he could see of in the distance Jackal’s Castle. He held his right arm close to his chest as he let the wind blow by him. “So you did it.” A voice came from behind. He was shocked that someone was still awake so he quickly turned around to see who it was.
“Oh, Ados.”
“You suffered some heavy damage. Looks nearly irreversible.”
“It is irreversible. I lost nearly all my power, and my life.”
“And you are doing the only thing that will keep your soul in this world.” Ados said approaching Atoshi. He stood right next to him and looked at his right hand which clutched a sapphire colored orb. “You know it will only spark controversy again.”
“Have you not learned a thing? I am no hero.” He chuckled to himself a bit.
“You know, legend says these mountains glow a nice dark blue hue at night after the door was opened to the realm of Eternity.” Ados mentioned as the moon came out from behind a cloud. The light from it lit up the mountains as well as the orb in Atoshi’s hand.
“Can you give this to my son and Hishin? Not only will it be a priceless heirloom, but it will be my will.”
“Of course my friend. I will stay here and honor your death, as any good Hymn ruler would do.”
“Thank you.” Atoshi said staring at the moonlight. It was not long before his skin started to turn a grey ash color. His body began to dissolve and as it did the glowing light from the mountains faded almost as if they were being pulled into the legendary vampire’s orb. The wind kicked up again blowing the dust away leaving just his dark blue cloak and sapphire orb. Gathering his things up Ados prepared to meet the others at the camp.

’I did it, and the light is forever secure. The orange glow has been replaced with a peaceful blue. I can release that feeling, I can no longer see, can no longer hear, and no longer feel. Unlike the darkness, this feeling brings me joy and relaxation beyond that which I have ever felt before. This is eternity, this is what legends feel like, what they do. I may not be able to hear you anymore, I may not be able to see you anymore, and although I can’t see your love it rests with me for eternity.’

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The Burger King
Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive
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One year after Shinigami's defeat, Neil and Arisa decided to have their wedding ceremony at Jackal's castle. They invited their comrades, a few acquaintances and others. It was not an overly fancy ceremony, as Arisa and Neil wanted to keep it simple. They did not want to waste food or even money on things they were excessively luxurious. Jackal and Mia were able to get everything for free however.

The mood of was the wedding wasn't exactly care-free. While it was a happy occasion, it still did not feel quite right to celebrate considering all that happened, all the comrades lost in the year gone by. Yet they have to move on, they have to press forward, one cannot mope around and be depressed for the rest of their lives, that would be disrespectful to Atoshi and the others who died to protect the worlds.

*Jackal's castle, Courtyard*

Forbidden beasts marriage ceremonies are rather similar to typical marriages found in human culture but somewhat less drawn out with less speaking by the minister, as it was not religious. There was more emphasis on the vows being exchanged than theatrics and having a large celebration afterward. There was a lot of well prepared and rather fancy food set for for the guests and the families.

The guests invited were mostly family, friends and acquaintances. The acquittance were mostly lower class beasts, such as ice beasts from Aken. Neil, Arisa and the Hale family were not snooty or elitist and thus they preferred inviting former slaves, Underworld Guard members and others instead of Underworld aristocrats.

The courtyard was set up for the event, with an array of chairs, an altar, a carpet and several tables and cooking stations were food was made and distributed to the guests whom waited for it. The Underworld Symphony orchestra had all their instruments and equipment set up to provide music.

Neil and Arisa walked to the altar together. The minister then asked them rather simply, "Do you, Arisa Hale take Neil Dia as your mate? To be together for all eternity?"

"I do!" Arisa said looking very happy. The minister nodded and then asked Neil, "And Do you, Neil Dia take Arisa Hale as your mate?"

"I do!" Neil said, also very happily. The minister then responded, "Then by law, I pronounce you, Male and Female, mates! Mr. and Mrs.Dia! You may kiss!" With that Neil and Arisa kissed and embraced each other.

The audience cheered. Sheena shouted,"Sister Arisaaaaa! You've done it! You managed to get Neil as yours! I'm really happy for you, we both are!" She flew over to the couple. Shine followed.

"Thank you Sheena...You know, you've always been a good friend to me...My best friend here on the surface. Thank you for all you've done..Your advice..Everything." Arisa said to Sheena.

"No problem, sis! Besides, you did find attracting Neil yourself. I just give you some small tips here and there. Well...We'll let you go here...There's a lot of people who want to congratulate you aside from us..We just got here first.." She smilied.

Shine shook hands with Neil, "Congrats, Neil! Hey and don't listen to what Duo says, marriage isn't bad at all! You just gotta be reasonable and not always ask for some action every day, you know." Shine said simply as he flew away. Neil nodded as he smilied at the statement.

Kraw and Katsugi were next in line to talk to Arisa and Neil.

"Heh. Nice ceremony I gotta say. Not real complicated or anything. And it didn't put me to sleep or anything." Katusgi glared at Kraw, he smirked and laughed it off.

"Hahaha! Yeah, basically what I'm getting at is that it's been a great ceremony and it's good to hear you two have gotten together like this. This has also given us some ideas for our wedding. I wish ya guys some real happy lives together, let's keep in contact too. Sure both worlds seem real peaceful now but you never know when some psycho with a plan like Shini or Harken might emerge. We gotta keep our guard up and stay strong, don't ever quit fighting. It's up to us now, we can't let Atoshi's sacrifice be in vain. Man I miss em, he would have made a hell of a best man you know. I mean damn, he beat that son of a bitch Shini, none of us could do that." Kraw finished. He shook Neil's hand as well. Neil and Arisa both nodded.

Katsugi said to the couple, "Well I am really happy for you guys...I wish you well! And be sure to come our wedding too..We're planning it for up on the surface though. We'll send you an invitation, it'll be later this year! In the mean time, me and Kraw are going to look on the surface for somewhere nice and quiet to live, The Underworld is nice but not somewhere I'd like to personally live. We just don't want people harassing us too much. But I know Kraw wants to do more about the problems with discrimination in the world, maybe becoming some kind of speaker or something. He'll decide on it and I'll follow him whatever path he takes on that road! Well...Take care you guys! Let's keep in touch. We can talk some more later..Me and Kraw are going to be checking out some the food here.." The two of them left the crowd gathering near Neil and Arisa to get some food.

Next up in line, it was of course, Neil's parents themselves! Pablo told Neil, "Neil, my boy, you've really grown up. You've made your old man proud, Neil! Fighting Crusade..Saving me, your mom and your siblings...Saving Nile...You've been become a great man in your own right!!!" He shook hands with Neil and patted him on the back, laughing.

Ena spoke to them as well. She was crying and was holding Nile, "Oh this is beautiful. I'm so glad it worked out between you two.. But now Neil is no longer my little pup anymore...Things have gone by so fast... Arisa, you're a lovely woman, I know you'll take good care of Neil. Just try to make some dishes with shrimp, it's his favorite! And if you're ever busy, I'll be happy to babysit Nile for you. He's a nice kid."

Nash and Enita, Neil's brother and sister also congratulated the couple.

"Thank you all..Mom and dad...Nash and Enita..Me and Arisa are definitely going to try and get a place in Azull to live. We're going to help rebuild it ourselves." Neil commented.

"Yeppers! That's our plan. Living in the Underworld castle is nice but..It's best if Nile and any of our future children live more normal lives instead of living as royalty. I know we'll be able to provide for them well on our own without mooching off on my brother and Mia. Of course, we'll take some vacations here and there and spend some time in the castle too." Arisa concluded Neil's statement.

"That's great to hear!!! Hahaha, well don't be strangers then! Now we're off to get some food, it smells delicious! Sandworm steak huh? Well, we'll see you after everything." Pablo added as he led the family off to the food area.

Carla, Maya and Akio were the next to greet them. Akio just shook hands with Neil and didn't speak much aside from congratulations.

Carla however, spoke to them both, "Princess Arisa Hale. Neil Dia. Thank you for all you've done in defeating Harken, you've really helped change things, you and everyone else from the surface who fought aganist the Zaka Clan..And I am happy for your union together."

Arisa pointed out however, "Thank you too Carla for all of what you guys in the Underworld Guard did, you did your part in stopping them too. But please you don't need to be so formal. I'm don't prefer to be called Princess, it doesn't match me at all. Oh and I don't mean to be rude...But..That weight you've put on are you-"

Carla nodded and explained simply, "While I am not an emotional person..There was one time in my life I truly let my emotions rule me and not my logic..That was with Lowe. Although I did not plan on such thing, it's a blessing none the less to me. To have children from a man as great as him. It's an honor to me."

"Awww..Well..That's really wonderful to hear! Just make sure to contact me when they're born! I'll send you some gifts for them. I wish you luck, Carla! Both me and my Neil do! Let's keep in touch!" Arisa replied and Carla nodded.

Maya congratulated them next but did it rather simply, "I hope you two have a very happy life together. I'd love to talk more...But I don't feel it right to stay here and celebrate too long. There's still work to be done. Thank you for everything you've done! We are in your debt."

"No..You don't owe us anything! We didn't fight Harken for personal gain, we did it to put a stop to him and his murderous ambitions. But don't worry, we won't be offended if you guys leave so early. we understand you still have people to help. So take care!" Neil replied.

Finally.It was Jackal and Mia's turn. They had actually decided to be near the end of the line instead of waiting. Some people in the line were rather afraid and let them move on ahead first however.

Mia spoke first. She was not too emotional but she was a bit teary eyed, "Arisa, it's good to see this day come....To see you've found a man you trust and love with all your heart. I'm glad you're able to enjoy this happiness. You're welcome to come and visit us anytime. You're such a strong woman now, you really have grown. Please, visit us whenever, I'm sure your nephews and nieces would appreciate it! And Neil..Take good care of her, I know you will. After all, you know better than to evoke the wraith of a woman as strong as her! Hehhe.."

Jackal said to Arisa, "Arisa, my sister. Like Mia said, you have grown. I already stopped looking after you. Your journey to the surface really has helped you, you've learned so much. I am proud of you! You and Neil, both of you are worthy of inheriting the throne. You've got the power to do it now! I know it. I also know this, our parents can rest in peace now. You have avenged them and have aided in the defeat of Shinigami."

He continued as he spoke more generally, "But I understand if you don't. It's up to you. You can decide, think it over. Do not feel discouraged that you were not the ones to truly defeat Shini, it indeed takes a great deal of power to accomplish such an ordeal. Atoshi really was an amazing fighter and a great man whom never tried to play a hero, he stayed true to himself. A shame I cannot challenge him to a sparring match now, it would have been truly a battle to behold. But you two still can grow stronger, you can rise beyond your limits!. I encourage you to do it. That Arlon energy shall remain with you forever. It's up to you and the others to protect both worlds now, remember that."

He concluded, "If you ever want to challenge me and Mia to a sparring match or even train with me..Let me know. It would be a wise idea. You can bring your friends as well. We all have to be prepared, even in times of peace. Neil Dia, I know you will take care of my sister, I trust you! You are a man worthy of her and a man who truly loves her! It's up to you to watch over her now! I know you are up to the task. So for now, I must bid you farewell. From this day forward, Neil Dia, you and your family are now to us, you and they are welcome here anytime as well. Do not hesitate to ask. If you wish to talk more, we can talk after." With that, Jackal and Mia departed.

Lena, Bogan, Greg and Sylvia were next. They said similar things, except Greg asked them a question, "What are your plans for the future?"

Arisa answered, "Well. We're going to live in Azull together, along with Nile..And of course we're going to have some pups of our own soon enough...We're also going to continue being Forbidden Alliance members for the time being, sure there might be peace but there will still be minor problems, crime and such. Of course we'll primarily be helping fix Azull up after that attack devastated it. We've got more than gold to support a family though so we'll be fine. So don't you worry about our future, Greg. We've got it figured out."

"Well put. Well Aunt Arisa. We must be going as well. We'll see you then." Greg and the other three walked off.

The day went on without incident. It truly was a day to remember, a happy day. They all enjoyed it, they were thankful for everything, every moment they spent, free of oppression, free to live out their lives in peace. It was all thanks to their efforts and the efforts of everyone who gave up their lives to help obtain this peace. They would never forget all those brave souls and they would never take for granted the peace they had succeeded in creating.

Retired Crimson Ten member: Zigus Zigus retired exactly ten years after the battle with Shini. He then lived a quiet life with his family in Tania. He truly feels at peace now seeing the world in much better shape. He recently became a great-grandfather and is in good spirits despite his age and how close he may be to his final years.

The Humble: RaoulRaoul returned to his home and finally got to reunite with his new children. He and his wives have been granted custody of Ciera and live with her. While Raoul has not grown much stronger, he remains with the Forbidden Alliance. He has been hailed as a master of defensive techniques with his earth energy as of recently after thwarting several criminal attacks. He has not let such praise go to his head and remains humble. He considers Junior family and awaits the day Junior and Ciera decide to marry.[/b]

The link to the Underworld: Khan: With the Zaka Clan gone, Khan has went back to living with his wives. He still works for the Forbidden Alliance as an Underworld agent but there is little for him to do, aside from seeking out and catching remaining members of the disbanded Zaka Clan so they may be punished for their crimes. He has begun working with the Underworld Guard however seeing as he no longer is needed up on Shintaion. He secretly has been training to become the next king of the underworld, he truly believes he has what it takes. While Khan has began to understand Jackal more, he still mistrusts him to an extent.

The Underworld Guard: Maya, Carla and Akio: The Underworld Guard members continue to fight injustice in the Underworld but with the Zaka Clan gone, their primary concern is rebuilding and helping former slaves find places to live. They recently honored their comrades Lowe, Alroy, Nora, Mary, Marie, Shimon and Ron and others in a funeral ceremony. Their lives may have gotten better but they still live with some sorrow in their hearts.

Carla discovered she was pregnant and gave birth to four healthy pups. Although they would never see their father, Lowe, she made sure to tell them all about him. She was honored to have Lowe's children and genuinely loves them. While she was never the kindest person, she simply was kind to those she loved while still being ruthless towards her enemies. She is no longer a cold hearted person but she will not hesitate to kill anyone who would threaten her children, the Underworld Guard or the Underworld itself. She still keeps great care of Lowe's possessions and his airships. She does not intend to find another mate, believing Lowe to have been the only one meant for her.

Maya remains the leader of the Underworld Guard but she intends to hand the group over to Carla one day. Maya still is motherly towards Carla and Akio, taking care of Carla's children and teaching Carla how to take care of them. Maya is still raising Juila just as she promised Roy. Juila has become a strong fighter but she realizes she cannot make a living being a fighter and is leaning towards becoming an architect instead. Maya is happy with the way the world is but she intends to continue the Underworld Guard so there will be a line of defense aganist a new threat brewing in the Underworld or any danger from the surface. She intends to expand the Underworld Guard however so it can be similar to the Forbidden Alliance and keep order in the Underworld. She still mourns and missing her lost children and her husband, the adopted ones and her own. She never intends to seek a mate or have any kids of her own, but she still is open to adopting but she intends to make sure they never have to fight like the others did.

Akio is truly the most depressed of the Underworld Guard survivors, having lost his brother Lowe, his comrades whom were like family to him..And of course, Mary, the woman who loved him. However..He began to move on with his life. He had to be an uncle to Carla's children, after all. Maya also helped him move on. Akio continues his work with the Underworld Guard. Rumors say he is seeking a mate and perhaps he truly does intend to move on with his life. He feels guilty trying to find any sort of happiness but he realizes he can't keep living in the past.

Junior and Ciera:
Junior choose to live with Duo and Ruby as well. They were granted custody of him. He still visits often with Neil and bonds with him. He also is best friends with Raoul and always seeks out his advice. Junior intends to become an arena fighter one day but he works with the Forbidden Alliance currently. Junior is still mourning the loss of his siblings and his mother but he carries on with Alicia II, knowing they both have to move on. He still is courting Ciera and is truly in love with her. The feeling is mutual as Ciera returns it. She has grown up just like Junior. She is more mature and more brave now. She wants to travel Shintaion and beyond to perform her music for the people for free. She does it to lift people's spirits and to honor her family, whom Harken killed. She currently is living with Raoul and his family. She is almost ready to marry Junior, having realized he is truly a good man that she can trust.

Daughter of Alicia: Alicia II
She decided to live with Ruby and Duo as they offered to take care of her. She still visits with Arisa and Neil on occasion but she realizes she is not Neil's natural daughter. While she is still saddened by the loss of her mother and two of her siblings, she has moved on and plans to become a scientist like her mother, to honor her. She intends not to make the same mistakes her mother did and she swears to use her knowledge only to help people.

Rai and Mara: Rai and Mara pledged to help rebuild the Underworld together. However, first they accompanied Magnus and Eve on a journey to find a life restoring artifact they heard of...In the end,it revived only Magnus's sisters, not Gomez as he was unwilling to come back. Thus Rai and Mara went back to the Underworld and helped in the rebuilding effort. Mara's psychic energy and Rai's strength made a big difference. While some still mistrusted and hated Mara, Rai stayed by Mara and encouraged her. Their plans for the future are rather unclear but after doing all they can for the Underworld, they intend to move to the City of Warriors to live together after a few more years helping the reconstruction effort in the Underworld.

The Crimson Ten: Sho, Scarlet, Ruby, Duo, Taiyo, Samy, Pyrmia, Cruso, Shine and Sheena.
The Crimson Ten have recently been involved in helping rebuild the destroyed areas on both the surface and in the Underworld. They have also managed to prove that Arcadia was not attacked and destroyed by Zaka Clan Dark beasts after interrogating some Zaka Clan prisoners but some people still don't believe them unfortunately.

Sho and Scarlet, being the leaders of the Crimson Ten have been very busy. They have been dealing primarily with coordinating the rebuilding efforts in the Underworld and Shintaion. They also met with Jackal and Mia to for peace talks and to sign an official treaty with them to maintain peace between the two worlds. Despite just how busy they are, they still make time for their family and children.

Ruby and Duo have been mourning the loss of Alicia. They wish they could have raised her better but they realize it was not their fault. Currently, they are raising Junior and Alicia II, aside from their own children. Forbidden Alliance business wise they have been involved in the rebuilding of Azull. They seem to be in much better spirits now but they still wish they could have saved Alicia.

Taiyo and Samy having lost their hometown Arcadia, have been leading efforts to rebuild it, including the arena. However, even if they rebuilt it, many people lost their lives in the attack on Arcadia. Thus they had to rebuild Arcadia and make it better than before, to attract people to live there. In the meantime while all the rebuilding is taking place, Taiyo and Samy have been living in Tania with their children.a It may seem rather bleak but they both believe that New Arcadia will become a great city once it is built. New Arcadia was the name and it would be built close, but not over the old one as they decided to set up a memorial there instead.

Cruso and Pyrmia have remained rather mysterious even to this day. They are after all, experts in espionage. But they have come into the lime-light more recently as they have been seeking and looking for people who can succeed the Crimson Ten one day...They still are not the most sociable of people however, they prefer to keep to themselves and raise their children.

Shine and Sheena continue to be leaders of the air unit. They have been helping rebuild Azull and Arcadia while training new air unit recruits on the side. They still seem to be rather upbeat and happy. They have also kept up close ties with Neil and Arisa, whom they consider best friends. They can be busy at times and once the rebuilding efforts are finished, they want to cut back on their work hours to spend more time with their children. Seeing as it is a time of peace, it is a wise idea.

Dion and Isabella
Dion decided to quit being an assassin as he returned to the surface to live there with Isabella. Isabella give birth to their children without incident. Dion stayed with them, so they could have better lives than what he had. Accepting a deal with the Forbidden Alliance, Dion became a spy for the Forbidden Alliance. Because of this, they would dismiss his actions during the Dusk Wars and leave him with a relatively clean slate. Just in case however, Dion has taught some of his assassin techniques to Isabella and their children, so as to keep his family's techniques alive and insure they are passed down to the next generations. He has made sure NEVER to teach anyone the resurrection technique Erika used, that way it will die with him. Isabella is living a much happier life now and thanks to Dion, she has even become a capable fighter. She was able to get a job as a receptionist at the Tania FB Alliance HQ and enjoys it as she hates to fight. Meanwhile however, Dion has received a new mission, find and capture Krad Dusk himself!

The Mad Doctor: Krad Dusk
The man behind the Dusk wars, the god beasts and even the one who supplied the United Surface Army and the Zaka Clan with magic infused weapons. He was captured and arrested by the Forbidden Alliance but he escaped on the day of the trial... The hunt for him began anew. It seems he may never be brought to justice...But it's clear he has given up on trying to change the world, he just wants to be left alone it seems. His wife apparently is also with him, wherever he is....

The Wiseman: Kai Dusk
He was strange prophet who could see into the future and also the son of Krad Dusk. He seemingly vanished without a trace, seeing the world mostly in a state of peace, he longer shared his visions of the future with people of the world. Very few remember his prescience or think why he showed them the future...It was clear however his intentions were not malicious.

Magnus and Eve
Magnus wanted to help rebuild Azull but he was still troubled by the deaths of his sisters and Gomez. With Eve, Rai and Mara, he traveled to a distant land. They found a sacred temple eventually and the artifact that could restore life.. However, it could revive only three people and only those who were willing...In the end, they were only able to revive Magnus's sisters. The artifact then shattered as it could work only once. They all returned to Shintaion and resumed their lives. Magnus and Eve helped with the Azull reconstruction effort as they raised Magnus's sisters together. The two plan to have children of their own one day and to become arena managers. Rai and Mara visit them often.

Sylvia and Greg
Sylvia, no longer being immortal, having fallen in love with Greg and having lost most her powers, she came to a decision. She decided she could no longer be the goddess of light in Axia and nor could she become Shintaion's goddess of light. The gods would have to replace her or do without a goddess of light. It was for the best, as she could no longer restore life and her life was now mortal, she could die. The gods accepted this as it was a wise decision on her part. She decided to live a more ordinary life with Greg, becoming his mate officially after a wedding ceremony in the Underworld. She officially joined the Forbidden Alliance to work with Greg. Greg was promoted and became the head of the Forbidden Alliance's espionage department. He is very successful and has a keen sense of justice, making sure the department and it's agents spy only to keep Shintaion and the Underworld safe, not to gain any advantage over other nations or lands.

The Warriors: Hanja, Mai, Chow, Raja, Reina and Hideki.
The Warriors continue to watch over their own City but they have seen very little combat and have realized they may have to change their ways and adapt to a more peaceful Shintaion. The half-breeds from Goto Jungle seem to have fit in with the City with ease, although there is the language barrier, translators have become available.

Hanja has become more of a family man due to the birth of his and Mai's child. He is no longer as reckless as he once was, realizing he has to be there to help raise the child. He has instead become more of a leader of the city, serving to guide the other Warriors and help the half breeds from Goto Jungle fit in with society. He's become more mature and civilized with time. He has improved his relationship with Mai but they still argue from time to time, some things never change.

Having become a mother, Mai has settled down as well. Yet she still wants to prove herself as a capable fighter. She has shown interest in arena fighting but with both Azull's arena and Arcadia's totally destroyed, she has nowhere to fight... After Hanja had a talk with her however, she realized she has no need to prove herself, having ascended to second in command amongst the Warriors. She will never stop being tough and instead of arena fighting, she spars with Hanja and some of the others Warriors. Surprisingly though, she has made a good mother for her and Hanja's newborn daughter. She truly loves Hanja as she admitted but she cannot change her feisty personality and thus they will sometimes still be at odds.

Hideki, Hanja and Lena's father now serves as an adviser to Hanja, imparting his knowledge onto him. He has helped Hanja grow and mature and adjust to a more peaceful life. Hideki himself is also adjusting, becoming more of a tranquil person. He is glad to see his days of battle are over however and is happy the City of Warriors is free, no longer under Exodus's control and no longer worried about the Zaka Clan.

Chow has little reason to be any sort of spy any longer, with the United Surface Army gone, the Zaka Clan gone and with the Forbidden Alliance now being allies of the Warriors. Instead he has been helping sell his daughter's artwork, traveling across the land to sell it and spread it so he can help her become a great artist.

Reina and Raja were married recently. They still are keeping guard duty up for the City despite how there is little that can threaten them now. Instead of being bored however, they are happy with the turn of events. They still insist on doing their duties, as while the world may be at peace, they know peace cannot be maintained forever.

The King and Queen of the Underworld: Jackal and Mia
Jackal continues to reign over the Underworld with Mia. Their intentions are clear now,they intend to insure peace of the Underworld and to insure relations remain good with Shintaion. They also have changed the Underworld's treatment of demons, ice beasts and all other races from the surface, with them having to be treated as equals by their law. They managed to slowly but gradually begin a change in the Underworld, allowing it to recover from the damage the Zaka Clan inflicted from it. It seems the two of them however, are not willing to give up their thrones anytime soon. They are still loved by the majority of the people in the Underworld. Because of this, they intend to hold their thrones until they both die. They want one of their children to inherit the throne instead of holding a tournament to determine a new ruler. This way, they can control the direction of the Underworld for as long as they can and maintain peace for as long as possible. While it may seem daunting, the two have become the most beloved Rulers of the Underworld. Having succeeded in uniting the Underworld and having aided all those who suffered because of Harken and promising to immediately crush any groups like the Zaka Clan that could emerge in the future, they have gained even more followers. Yet nothing lasts forever, their descendants may be able to keep the throne but will they be as wise? Only time will tell.

The United Surface Army Three Elites: Veril, Tonya, Aurora
The three were not put on trial. It was obvious they were not responsible for the death of Lowe or the attacks on Peklo or other Underworld areas, thus they were not charged. With the United Surface Army disbanded however, they had to seek our new careers.

Veril was rather hesitant to join the Forbidden Alliance as they were former enemies. He could also not see himself or his family moving to the Underworld. He decided to become a mercenary, undertaking combat related missions for those who paid him. His relationship with Aurora is still rocky to an extent but they have gotten along better as of late. He is also becoming much more of a father to Tonya, having more time to spend at home with her due to the nature of his work. While he still seems to be a bit of a stubborn person at times, he has realized Tonya and Aurora are important to him. When he heard of Atoshi's death, it was rather upsetting to him as he wanted to have a rematch, it left him unfulfilled and thus he aspires to encounter worthy rivals as a mercenary.

Tonya was saddened at Tegan's death but she got over it eventually knowing he is at peace now. Her parents play with her far more often now due to the changes in their careers, thus she is not nearly as lonely as before. She also has made several friends. The future for her seems to be much brighter. She has yet to decide on what job she will peruse when she is grown up, but it is apparent it will involve some sort of science.

Aurora has become more humble and she has stopped creating artificial orbs. She is thankful that Carla spared her and she has begun to take her life a bit more seriously. She has become a free lance scientist now, working to uncover the mysterious of the world and how things work. Thus she has much more time to spend with Veril and Tonya. Also, it seems she has made an effort to try to reach out and befriend Carla. She even sent gifts when she heard about Carla's children.

Bogan and Lena: Bogan has grown much stronger without Dark Bogan weighing him down. He still lives in the City of Warriors with Lena and their child Ann however, preferring to live a simple life with his family rather than live in Jackal's castle as royalty. However, he has considered becoming the heir to Jackal's throne as of recently since his brother Greg is not interested in the throne. Bogan and Hanja get along much better now and are like brothers. Lena has grown skilled at healing and has become one of the city's healers. She and Bogan have also began taking Ann to the city's school as she is of age. The three of them content in the city of Warriors, so perhaps it may be up to others to inherit the throne from Jackal....

The Dia family: Pablo Dia, Ena Dia, Nash Dia and Enita Dia.
The Dia family currently lives in Tania but as soon as Azull is rebuilt, they intend to move back to Azull. In the mean time however, both Pablo and Ena have spent some time helping rebuild Azull. Pablo and Ena's main goal for the future is to open up a dojo of sorts to teach people self defense.

Nash Dia still looks up to Neil highly and wants to become a fighter himself. However, as he has grown up, he has realized it's not as simple as "fighting off bad guys", the world is not black and white, the line between good and evil is not always that simple to define. At the least however, he wants to become a Forbidden Alliance officer when he grows up.

Enita Dia is aspiring to become more like her parents on the other hand. She wants to master the Dia family's style and become a master of it. She believes teaching people how to fight would do more good than joining the Forbidden Alliance. She and Nile clash often over the difference in their beliefs but they still care for each other as siblings.

Neil and Arisa:
After they were married, the two moved back to Azull to live. They helped in the rebuilding effort and settled with a humble house in which they would raise Nile and other children they would have. Their new life together has been a very happy one but a very normal compared to the adventures and ordeals they faced earlier. But they have not been blinded by this, they realize peace can end, they realize they have to keep their strength up. They still are Forbidden Alliance officers but they have not ran into any serious threats in years. Currently, it seems they are interested in challenging Jackal and Mia one day to test their skills. At the moment however their main concern is Nile, they want him to live an ordinary life despite his Arlon energy. They want to make sure he has more opportunities than them and gets a truly extensive education.

Kraw and Katsugi:
They two of them were married in the spring, they choose to hold at the wedding at Serenda. It was a service that was slightly less fancy than Neil and Arisa's but it did the job.The two of them seem to be living in Tania for now but they intend to move somewhere else later on, perhaps New Arcadia once it is finished? They have not decided yet. They still want to be Forbidden Alliance officers however, as it seems to be their best career option that involves fighting so they can keep honing their strength. Kraw also has been traveling on the side, going to areas where primarily half-breeds are so he can tell them stories of his and Katsugi's journeys to inspire them and encourage them to fight for equality. The two of them are enjoying life but they both miss the old days in a way, the days when they traveled with and fought alongside Atoshi and the others. While they are glad there are no more threats to the world, they still have fond memories of those days. They also have thought of children but they wish to find somewhere they truly intend to live first...One thing is for sure however, Kraw will fulfill his promise now, he will never leave her side and she will never leave his.

Shintaion. The Underworld. They both are entering an age of recovery, an age of prosperity, an age of peace! People are living longer due to advances in medical fields, technology is slowly but surely advancing. Racial tensions also seem to be dying down yet discrimination and prejudice cannot be entirely eliminated. There are still those who mistrust and fear dark beasts of the Underworld and there are still those who hate the surface dwellers from Shintaion. While the leaders of both worlds may be maintaining peace, it is up to every single person in both worlds to do their part and not fan the fires of war. Yet nothing lasts forever, especially not peace. One day it may all come to an end, one day brave men and women will once again have to put their lives on the line and fight for the future and those they love but that day is distant from this time. Peace reigns now!


Even though it had been a year later those at the wedding ceremony had not entirely got over Atoshi’s death. The one who had the most trouble was Nina who had lost so much. It was only with Hishin’s help did she get around dissolving the wall of depression. Over the past year she also had become good friends with Kento. They had broken up several months after Atoshi’s death. Kento had helped her by her state of depression as well. All three of them had traveled together to get to the celebration.

“You doing alright Nina?” Kento asked worrying about her state of mind being back down in the Underworld. She nodded and walked into the large group of people. Many familiar faces were seen everywhere, especially the faces of the bride and groom. They let everyone have their chance to talk to them as they went around the party.
“Hey, you guys made it!” A young man waved from across the room. As they approached the well dressed man they just barely recognized that it was Alastor.
“Hi you two, you guys are looking sharp.” Nina said trying to get into the spirit of things.
“Thanks, you would never believe how much Coltier dresses cost.” Salika said giggling.
“So I heard you two were planning on getting married yourselves. You already engaged then?” Kento asked looking at the two for a ring.
“Yeah we are but we could not find a ring after all that had happened.” Alastor responded as he looked to Salika to finish his thought.
“So we settled for the next best thing.” Her arm reached up and pulled back her hair around her neck. There she had a bite mark.
“Well welcome to the vampire clan.” Hishin said with a big smile. “You will be a fine ruler of Coltier.”
“I can only hope to be just as good as Dad’s friend was.” Alastor said.
“And believe me you will get all the coverage needed.” Another member in the party said. They looked over to see Narcia formed into his normal self. “I must say that this wedding is probably one of the best stories for us morphlings to cover. Nothing beats good news.”
“I see you are as lively as ever.” Hishin said.
“Well with no war going on anymore it has been hard to find a good story to write about. I do hope you guys would not mind giving a statement or two.”
“Well I think the party is absolutely magnificent.” Another former fighter had joined the group.
“Hi Cammack how have you been?” Kento asked happy to see that he was able to make it.
“I have been busy but now I am the Human Relations Officer in the Alliance. So long as I hold my position and hold it well we should see much progress from Lynor.” He took a sip from his wine glass as he finished.
“Wow so many people are here.” Nina commented looking around.
“Yeah a lot of them were here to help out you guys as well as the bride and groom.” Cammack said looking around.
“And some of them were just a big pain in the ass.” Kington had joined the group along with Armand. “We decided to take a break from training and come here and visit.”
“I have no relation to the bride and groom but Kington insisted we come.” Armand said with a half smile.
“I wanted to see my rival’s son.” Kington looked at Alastor with a smile. “You have the blood of a legend kid.”
“Now do not go toasting without me.” Ados had now joined them grabbing a wine glass for himself. “The Hymns send their regards to everyone here. Seems everyone took to the news rather well and I could hear the sighs of relief. I managed to also straighten things out with the group of Shini worshippers back in Vel.”
“So that is why we have not seen you in awhile.” Salika said.
“It is good to be back though. Now we should go and see the bride and groom.” Ados suggested. They all nodded and went up together to say their best wishes to the couple.

Afterward there was a bit of a post party in honor of Atoshi and everyone else that had lost their lives to the battle against Shintaion’s evils. Everyone then carried on with their lives and hoped for the best in their futures.

Narcia: His morphling news team has had the best coverage over all of Shintaion. They now run an extremely successful paper accurate to the very last bit. Although nosy they have a tendency to show politeness around their subjects.

Ados & The Hymns: It had been a long road for the Hymns to endure but they eventually migrated over to the Underworld. Their nesting grounds have been added to the maps and are not to be disturbed. They are another resident of the Niflheim mountains. Their leader, Ados, has taken on the job of being the ambassador for the Hymns.

Armand & Kington: They had pledged to get stronger through rigorous training. They have left Shintaion for new lands to explore in hopes of one day becoming the strongest in the world.

Marx & Hannah: They were not able to make it to the wedding as they were subject to inquiry back home. Their participation in the war landed them with a lot of paperwork but sent their best regards to the couple. Marx had finally asked Hannah on a date and are currently a top couple back in their home land.

Kento & Nina: Although things did not work out between them they remained good friends. They both decided to run a local clothing store for some good honest money. They still run that store to this day and can be found sometimes bickering in the back about silly things.

Alastor & Salika: After the war Alastor had taken over the position as leader of Coltier. The government there has turned into somewhat of a monarchy as the place is now referred to as The Kingdom. Salika had been turned into a vampire to live a long and healthy life with Alastor. Years later they would have one child.

Hishin & The Bar: Hishin has decided to remain widowed. She believes Alastor would never accept anyone else as a father. Now she runs the bar back in Faris and likes to tell anyone who will listen about the adventures she has been on. People have come to call it The Legend Bar.

Reaper: The guardian of Eternity has kept up with his schedule. He now is back to work sending people to their appropriate place to rest. Souls are then ushered back into new vessels as he commands.

Atoshi: A well mannered fighter who fought to the end. Although he never wanted anyone to call him a hero, the title was granted after his battle with Shinigami. The orb he left behind was given to Alastor as a family heirloom. The orb itself holds a small part of Atoshi’s soul, making it the closest thing to him. As for the rest of him, there is no telling where he has gone.

Shinigami: There was nothing left of him after the fight. The shattered pieces of the orbs evaporated before they hit the ground. His soul has not been found either. His whereabouts are as uncertain as Atoshi’s.

[align=center]~The End[/align]