I Can't See Your Love 2: Revelation of Sins

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I am in the middle between passive and aggressive. But I prefer to plan things out with my fellow RPers so I don't mess them up. Although I do keep plot twists under wraps. I believe planning things out helps make for better posts so I do it often.
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Fantasy, sci-fi, post apocalyptic, parody.
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No SMUT EVER. Not big on modern RPs, not a fan of Mass RPs due to past experiences. I may make exceptions though if an RP is particularly interesting. I will NEVER get involved with anything like yaoi or furry FYI, those I do not make exceptions with. Also not too keen on perverse RPs.
*Great Monastery, Second Floor*

Before Neil and Arisa could progress onto the next floor, they stumbled upon a very different room. There were several doors at the end of the room and a staircase leading up to the left side.

“Which way do we go? This is insane! It has to be some kind of illusion!” Neil said to Arisa. Arisa responded, “Yeppers..All these doors..They can't all lead to somewhere in this monastery..And they might be rigged with traps or something when we open them... Let's try that closet to us first.”

They opened the door and saw only a strange void, similar to the sealed realm, they could walk inside it but it was pointless as there was nothing inside there. “Wow. Just an empty place...Let's try a few more of these doors together.” Neil said.

They opened a door to the left of them and once again, found an empty void. Nothing. They opened one to the right, nothing once more. They moved to the left side of the room and opened another door, nothing again.

“My Neil..I think it's safe for us to split up and check each door individually. There probably aren't any traps but be careful. Let's leave claw-marks on each empty door. And if we find something, make noise and call the other person! Allright?” Neil nodded and said, “Sounds like a good idea..It'll get us through this faster. Let's do it then!” With that, the two of them began to go through the doors, opening each one and marking the door with their claws so the other would know they had already explored it.

Neil opened one of the doors and once again found a strange void like area but this time there was a door inside it. He decided to try that door and he opened it up and found he was in a void like area once more.

This time he saw another door to the south, before he opened it, Arisa did from the other side. “Hey Arisa..Uhhh damn...” Neil said looking rather puzzled. Arisa giggled and said, “Got lost huh? I can't blame you..This place is confusing.”

“Yeah..So this door is useless, it just leads to the door I came from.” Neil explained. “Hmmm. There's no clues or anything.....But there has to be some sort of way to find the door leading out of here and into the next room. Well my Neil, let's go back to investigating some other doors then. And just make some noise if you find anything, the way out or something interesting.” Once more the two split up and began to search.

Arisa opened a door to her right and noticed there was a door inside the room. However this door was unusual, instead of being up-right, it was on the ground inside the void. She didn't want to fall through it so instead she opened it up from further back and gazed through. She saw the floor of the room!

“This door..It's..On the ceiling? This is just crazy..” She exited the area and tried another door instead. Eventually, the two finished searching all the doors. Nothing. No hints, no clues and no way to the next room. They decided to climb up the stairs and to their annoyance, they found around thirty doors spread out in the area.

“Grrr! Enough with the doors! This place really was built with some bad magic traps! This isn't amusing or dangerous, it's just annoying and stupid! My Neil..I think we should try something different.” She prepared use her energy to blow open all the doors at once with some sort of attack but she suddenly stopped.

“Oh..Sorry Neil. I am just sick of this place. Sick of opening doors. That would have wasted energy...Let's just try opening them again and split up...” Neil nodded and said, “I understand your frustration. This area just doesn't make any sense. It's just cruelly designed... Like it's meant to drive us insane.” Arisa agreed, “Yeppers. Almost drove me crazy. Starting a fight with doors...Hehehe..Oh well my Neil. I'll just have to keep my cool and be calm like you are.”

As Neil readied to open another door, he was shocked to find it was locked. He broke it down and found nothing. Arisa tried to open a door but she felt a prescience near by. She slapped the door and it came to life! It was a Mimic of some sort, a monster imitating a door. It's eyes were near the knob and it's jaws were on it's left side whenever it opened. Thus anyone who tried to open it and go through it would be biten. “What the hell? Well Mr. or Mrs.Door thingie... You're going down! It's not nice to try to chew on people and pose as a door!”

Arisa killed the Door Mimic with a large yo-yo, breaking it apart with a few swings. “Phew..That would have been dangerous if had opened it..I hope Neil doesn't run into anyone of those things....But I know he'll be fine..”

Neil opened a door and inside was a brick wall and a statue that breathed fire, he dodged it and quickly closed the door. “There are traps here....I really don't like this... Arisa should be fine though. She's fast enough to dodge things like that. This crystal really is slowing me down..Good thing that statue was slow when it came to launching that fire..” Neil thought to himself.

Finally, Arisa opened a door and called out to Neil, “Neil! I've found it! A real exit!” Neil came running. She and Neil embraced and celebrated, relieved they had found the way. “We did it, Neil! We did itttttttt! No more freaking doors!!” Arisa jumped joyously with Neil. “Heh. Yeah. Let's not celebrate too soon. You never know about this place.. I don't think the others went through this particular path, I couldn't smell them. But it should take us to the next floor....”

The two entered this new room and found a fleet of many stairs, they began to walk up them. It was not endless but it certainly was a walk to get to the top, especially with Neil carrying the Arlon energy crystal. Arisa looked rather guilty. “My Neil, how about I carry it? You could use a break. You're really pushing yourself.” “I feel it's my duty to carry it, Arisa. Having Arlon blood and since Roy is gone, someone has to be the caretaker of the crystal. But you're right. I could use a break. And I know you wouldn't accidentally shatter it. I'll trust you with it then.” With that, Neil handed the crystal over to Arisa.

“Thanks Neil, I'll take good care of it! Well...Let's goooo!” She sounded very excited to be out of the maze of doors. Neil nodded as he led the way, looking back every now and then to make sure Arisa wasn't having trouble getting up the stairs with the crystal. She was doing fine so far as dark beasts were naturally physically stronger than ice beasts. But she moved somewhat slowly and carefully.

*Great Monastery, the Tower*

Kraw thought, “He's not going to try climbing again...That means I'll have to hit him while he's on the ground and dodge his blades around the same time. Heh. That Nifire..If I could try to get rid of it, being cut by those blades wouldn't hurt much. Maybe that one technique could work..” He then had an idea. He charged up some of his energy and created a medium sized sphere of it.

He waited until he saw Leo's blades coming for him, Kraw jumped into the air and hit them with the sphere. It dispelled the Nifire on the blades. The blades managed to graze Kraw but without the Nifire, it didn't hurt him very much at all. Kraw then made his way towards Leo.

“Interesting. That technique, a dispelling technique to rid a weapon of energy of any sort.” Leo then dodged Kraw's axe as he threw it off at him like a tomahawk. Despite the energy Kraw put into the axe, it wasn't fast enough to touch Leo this time.

As Kraw's axe came back to him. He noticed Leo was back in the ceiling, he quickly came down and moved in closer to Kraw, applying his Nifire to his blades once more. “There's got to be a way....I'll just have to try this one, it's a gamble but...It should pay off!”

Kraw poured a great deal of energy into his body. As Leo towards Kraw, swinging his blade, Kraw's body became as strong as Titanium. But instead of trying to grab the blades, he decided to use this chance to tank Leo's attacks while Kraw launched his own assault. Leo's blades could not cut into his skin, even with Nifire. As soon as Leo was close enough, Kraw began to bombard Leo with a furry of punches. “Titanium fists!” Each hit made a bone-cracking noise as it hit Leo, Kraw punched him primarily in the head and the stomach.

Leo pulled his blades back and escaped before Kraw could hurt him too much. “A worthy opponent. That was quite the move. That would have broken my skull several times over if I were a typical fighter.” Leo still looked rather unharmed, although he coughed up some blood but very little. Kraw's body returned to normal. Kraw looked rather worn out afterwards.

“Heh. You're not bad either. It's a shame you have to be fighting on the wrong side, working with that rotten Shini. You pissed off the wrong guy by kidnapping Katsugi!” Kraw added. “Am I truly the one on the wrong side?” Leo asked Kraw rhetorically as this time he targeted Kraw from afar with his blades.

Kraw looked rather annoyed. Once more, Kraw decided to counterattack instead of defending. He was going to risk being hit by the Nifire blades for a chance to hit Leo once more. “He doesn't leave himself open to many attacks unless he's climbing..This seems to be the only way. To hit him while he's busy trying to hit me. And I can't use the Titanium body technique again. That'd waste up too much energy. I don't have all that much left.”

Kraw channeled his energy into his axe and caused it to grow forty times it's normal size. He jumped into the air slammed it down on the ground and caused the Monastery to shake violently. Leo had jumped himself and avoided being stunned by the quake like effect. However, Kraw then tossed the now gigantic axe like a tomahawk and poured some more energy into it. “Crescent Cleavers!” Kraw called out as the axe released ten large cleavers that zoomed by Leo, one of them managed to cut into Leo's chest before it flew off and faded away. The other blades had missed them as he dodged them. Leo was now bleeding and had an actual wound now. Kraw's axe returned to normal.

Katsugi cheered, “Yeah!!!! That's it, Kraw!” Kraw smirked upon hearing Katsugi.

“Not bad, not bad at all.” Leo complimented. However, once more Leo did not seem to be in major pain. Kraw looked rather surprised. “Shit, that should have cut him open or at least cut into his heart..Not close enough apparently..” Kraw looked rather burned out as he had used up most of his energy.

Leo ran towards Kraw once more to fight him up close and take advantage of how his constant attacks were tiring him out. Leo ran up to Kraw and swung both his blades at Kraw. Kraw struggled to block with his axe. “I don't have enough energy for another large scale attack..It might just come down to a real brutal physical blow then.. Heh. If that's the way it has to be...I'll do it..”

“I don't like this.Leo might be too much, even for you Kraw..He's able to move and fight even after being cut like that....” Katsugi thought. She looked very worried now upon seeing how Kraw was struggling to block Leo's blades.

Leo eventually was able to cut into Kraw's right shoulder with one of his blades. Kraw winced in pain. “Dammit...Heh, he was bound to get me again eventually. No worries...At least it gives me the opportunity to do this!” Kraw struggled with the pain but was able to move his axe and nearly ram it through Leo. Leo dodged however.

“Heh. This guy's much better at avoiding then me... This isn't good..I have to think of something. Something new here...Something I can do with very little energy left.. Something that could make him easier to hit..” Kraw scrambled to think of what he could do next as the battle raged on.


-Great Monastery, Courtyard

A swift move after the chakrams had stopped their assault sent Kington flying across the area. Atoshi had punched him in the chest and sent him back a few meters. He slid a few more before finally stopping. “In…tense power.” Kington said before closing his eyes. Atoshi limped over to Ados who had been stabbed. He looked at his body, from the looks of it he had not run out of blood yet.
“Hey you still…alive?” Atoshi asked hoping to get a response. A quick breath filled Ados’s lungs.
“Yeah, barely.” Ados responded strained from the injuries he had.
“Why…why did you save me?” Atoshi asked. “I thought you wanted to kill me to prevent Shini from doing something?”
“I did.” He replied quickly. “But…I see it…now.” Ados shifted his eye to Atoshi. “Just like that fool said, you have immense power.” After wincing in pain Ados returned his vision to the ground. “I will not die today. Not until I get back to Vel.”
“It does not matter.” Kington said getting up again. He used his sword as a crutch. “It does not matter you have great power, it does not matter what happens to me, it does not matter what happens to the world.”
“You have not given up yet?” Atoshi asked taking a readied stance against Kington.
“I have more power than you think Atoshi.” Kington said as he cut a wound open on his arm. The blood poured out over the blade and while doing so turned to the unique silver color. “My family’s blood will end you.” The blade had grown in size and power. It resonated with Kington’s power. Atoshi was awestruck by the amount of blood Kington had used to forge himself a new blade. It was almost like Kraw’s axe attack but only grew ten times normal size.
“I will not let your family down, I will end you.” Atoshi said. He tossed a chakram to start the attack. The blood on the blade formed a whip that blocked the chakram. Next Kington pulled the sword back like an arrow in a bow. True his blood did create a bow and the arrow was the original sword.
“Briar shot!” Kington said as the sword grew large spikes and was sent rocketing toward Atoshi. He dodged to the left with no strength left to fly. The large spikes on the sword gouged a wound into his right arm. The blade lodged itself into a wall but was easily brought back by using the blood lust technique. The blade took on its original shape again. “This is my true power!” Kington said rushing at Atoshi. The blade had changed once again. It’s blade was forced forward and curved outward. It resembled a large axe. He swung it vertically at Atoshi. Jumping to his right this time Atoshi took off running. He checked for cuts and missing limbs while doing so. Luckily there was not a scratch on him after that attack; but how long could he last against an arsenal of different weapons?

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Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive
I am in the middle between passive and aggressive. But I prefer to plan things out with my fellow RPers so I don't mess them up. Although I do keep plot twists under wraps. I believe planning things out helps make for better posts so I do it often.
Favorite Genres
Fantasy, sci-fi, post apocalyptic, parody.
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No SMUT EVER. Not big on modern RPs, not a fan of Mass RPs due to past experiences. I may make exceptions though if an RP is particularly interesting. I will NEVER get involved with anything like yaoi or furry FYI, those I do not make exceptions with. Also not too keen on perverse RPs.
*Great Monastery, the Tower*

Before Kraw could make his next move, Leo moved at his maximum speed and went in to try to finish Kraw off with a few well-timed strikes of his Nifire infused blades. Kraw readied his axe to block but this time it was too late, Leo was able to stab Kraw with the Nifire on his left shoulder with one of the blades and cut into Kraw's stomach with the other. Kraw screamed out in pain.

“KRAW! That's it..That's it. I can't watch this any longer!!!!!” Katsugi herself didn't have much energy left but she mustered a great deal of her remaining power and melted the cage's bars with an intense fireball she created and hurled at the bars.

Kraw noticed this. He didn't smirk or react too much, as he was dealing with the pain and trying to find a way to avoid being hit. Moving was painful but Kraw realized he had to move. So he jumped to escape Leo's blades from cutting into him again. Leo turned his attention now on Katsugi.

“So you've managed to escape. No matter, I am prepared and you will not interfere! This fight must be seen through to the end.” Leo said to Katsugi.

Katsugi shouted at Leo, “Listen, I don't care about that! You're beating up on Kraw, his life is more important than honor! Of course you can beat him, because he can't neutralize your Nifire as well as I can! It's not really fair!”

She ran past Leo and hurled two fireballs, one hitting both his blades and neutralizing the Nifire. “I remember this..Because you set Aken Village on fire with that stuff and Hishin told me to use my fire on it...Since Nifire is cold fire, heat cancels it's effects out!”

She ran over to Kraw. Kraw smirked and said, “Heh. Stubborn as always. Not listening to what Leo had to say. Well I'm glad to have you here! Heh..Now we got a chance at beating him..If we can figure out someway to win...” Katsugi readied her blades as she nodded and then looked over at Leo, who was now back using his blades to hang from the ceiling.

Katsugi struggled to channel fire energy into her blades. “Why...Why isn't working?? Am I out of energy? From the Helen fight and from melting the bars?” She thought. She then looked and saw Leo jumped down and swung both his blades off at Kraw. She rushed towards Kraw and pushed him out of the way of the blades. Neither of them got hit. Kraw tried to run up to Leo and smash him with his axe but Leo used his blades and latched back into the ceiling before Kraw could hit him.

“Heh...Thanks. I hate to be worrying you like this. But he got me good. And I'm low on energy and it hurts like hell to really move fast. That Nifire freezes your blood...” Kraw commented.

Katsugi looked at Kraw's wounds, “Those wounds..They look serious! We have to finish him off and quick! But I don't have energy left and you are low on energy too....Normal attacks won't hurt him enough and I don't know if you can keep up with his speed like this...This isn't any good! How can we beat him?”

“Heh. You got me, Katsugi..I don't know either. He's one tough son of a bitch. His endurance is crazy, his speed is something I can't keep up with and his Nifire is just brutal.” Kraw added, sounding rather short of breathe.

Before Leo was about to launch his next attack, Neil and Arisa entered the room. They both could tell some sort of fight was going on and they began to run towards Kraw and Katsugi.
Leo then began to slowly create a wall of Nifire to block Arisa and Neil off. Before it could fully be formed, however, Arisa tossed the Arlon energy crystal towards Katsugi, “Catch!!!!” Katsugi had no idea what this crystal was but she recognized Arisa's voice and tried to catch the crystal.

The crystal made it past the wall but Katusgi was unable to catch it, it crashed and shattered just a few inches away from her. However, the Arlon energy went flowing into her as she was the closet to it. She felt strange but more powerful as the energy and the memories contained with them now flowed within her.

“Interesting turn of events. No matter, it changes very little.” Leo commented on the situation as he thought out he fully formed the wall of Nifire.The wall of Nifire was immense and it blocked off Arisa and Neil from joining the fight entirely.

Neil and Arisa could tell Katsugi had received the energy as she looked more confident and less worried. Katsugi managed to channel energy into her daggers. “My energy..It's back Kraw! Maybe not to full....But now we can try something on him..”

“Kickass! That wall of Nifire he's maintaining is also going to hold him back a bit, I believe. Let's do this, Katsugi! Let's go all out, together!” Kraw said to Katsugi.

Leo however was not going to give them the time to plan or coordinate any sort of combination attack. He jumped down once more, coated his blades in Nifire and began to spin his blades around Kraw and Katsugi like a fan. Kraw and Katsugi thus had to spread out.

Katsugi and Kraw could not possibly whisper to each other their next plan now. Nor could they shout out their exact ideas as Leo would hear them. But they had to work together to beat Leo. Katsugi called out to Kraw, “Kraw! This new energy..This Arlon energy.. It's given me an idea on a technique! Follow me! We need to strike now!”

Before Katsugi could do anything, Leo was able to cut into her right and left shoulders with his Nifire coated blades. She didn't scream or cry out in pain but she winced. Kraw saw this and grew angry. His remaining strength and energy welled up within him.

“LEO! That's it, you can hurt me, you can cut me up, you can freeze my blood..But kidnapping Katsugi and now this shit? You don't treat a lady like that!!!! I've had it! Katsugi!!!! I know you had something planned..But trust me on this..Follow my lead this time!” Kraw exclaimed. charged up his energy within his body. Leo now focused most of his attention on Kraw. Katsugi on the other hand, mustered her strength as well and fought against the pain of her freezing blood. She charged up her energy as well as she looked into Kraw's eyes. She realized his intentions then and there.

Leo looked interested. “It's nothing personal, but she interrupted our fight. I can't just hesitate and hold back on someone because they are a woman. You both are my enemies and I must treat you both as such instead of disrespecting you and holding back. But go ahead, Kraw! Come at me! Let's see your true power!” Leo was preparing to dodge the attack already as he moved and readied his blades so he could latch into the ceiling as soon as Kraw attacked.

Kraw channeled some energy into his axe, but he only had enough to make it grow five times it's normal size. It wasn't much of a difference. He then moved towards the end of the wall behind him. Katsugi watched this and did the same, now standing by the wall closet to her. She was behind Leo while Kraw was facing him. She created a flaming aura around herself. Kraw saw this and nodded at her.

Leo thought to himself, “They spoke of speed...They must be trying to use some of energy riding technique, similar to what the Monarch Roy used. One of them will hit me from the back, the other from the front. They want to pick up enough speed and crash into me or something similar to that.”

Kraw created a wave of his gray demon energy and jumped into it, Katsugi created a wave of fire energy and jumped into it. They both held their weapons steady as they began to soar through the room towards Leo, the energy waves propelling them both towards Leo.

As soon as he saw them coming, Leo latched into the ceiling. However, both Katsugi and Kraw were able to manipulate the energy they were riding, they both rose in altitude and now they could still hit Leo. As soon as Leo saw this, it was too late, they were going to collide with him in five seconds as they picked up speed. Soon, the two of them collided with Leo at the same time.

Kraw's axe was now impaled right through Leo's chest, it left a huge gapping hole in his chest. Katsugi's knives also managed to impale Leo but they instead left a large hole in his part of his back. Leo appeared to be fatally wounded as he did not move, he did not jump down. He stayed in place.

The two pulled out their weapons, dropped down and quickly moved far away from Leo. Katsugi's residual fire energy created an large explosion around Leo, that caused a create deal of the roof to collapse upon him. The wall of Nifire surrounding Neil and Arisa disappeared.

Katsugi smiled as she asked Kraw, “How'd you know I was thinking of an attack like this?”

“Heh. I know you well, Katsugi and you know me well. We were in sync like that, you know, great minds think alike. I thought you were going to try something like this when you first spoke. Once you got that Arlon energy crystal, you also got same battle memories as I did. And the fastest techniques in them? Energy riding ones..It's a good way we'd be able to hit him without us having to worry about being counter-attacked too.“ Kraw added.

Katsugi also added, “Yeah..I guess you're right on that..But your axe..I'm amazed, you didn't make it too big..It was small enough so it wouldn't be able to hurt me. You did that on purpose right? You didn't just take a guess on the size right? Because if it was any bigger, it could have hurt me!”

“Relax. I knew what I was doing. Heh. No luck or guessing involved. Besides, I didn't have the energy to make my axe bigger than that anyhow. I'm all out of energy at the moment.. I liked that attack though. Let's call it the Double Meteo Impact!” Kraw added as he looked rather tired out and he sat down.

Katsugi breathed a sigh of relief. “Good. Because otherwise I would have really been upset..Well we did it Kraw...Thanks for coming to save me like that...But you could have got yourself killed. Well this time, it's my turn to nurse you back to health!”

Kraw smirked and said, “Hot damn! I like the sound of that! Heh, let's find the others and get out of this hellhole!” Katsugi laughed and added, “You perve! It's nothing like that. Oh Kraw. You know..You still need to explain everything you did over those ten years!”

Kraw replied, “Heh. It was just training,Katsugi, I mean it.. No single women were around in Jackal's castle. It was business and it paid off. I know you're still not happy about it and it's fine, but next time, we're training together! I promise you that. You're the only person alive who I can say I love, Katsugi. I wouldn't throw away our relationship just for some random women in the Underworld who I don't even know!

He continued, “Ten years might have passed without us being together but we've got the rest of our lives together, Katsugi! And this time, I'm not going anywhere, I mean it! It's you and me from now on, Katsugi!” Kraw said sincerely and full of charisma despite being physically tired out. Katsugi and Kraw then embraced. It seemed Katsugi finally forgave Kraw.

Neil and Arisa gave them a moment of privacy. Eventually they walked up to the two of them.“Yes! You guys beat that Leo creep and Katsugi managed to get the Arlon energy! And you two are reunited..This couldn't have gone any better. Now we just need to find the others and we can leave!” Arisa said as she smiled, happy at Leo being defeated and happy seeing Kraw and Katsugi reunited.

Neil noticed their wounds and was surprised, “Whoa!You guys need some healing first of all before we go anywhere..You've got some strange wounds..Allow me to take care of them-” Neil was interrupted by something.

Suddenly and violently, Leo broke out of the rubble that fell on him and barley managed to stand. But he was still alive, despite his extreme wounds from being impaled by both Kraw's axes and Katsugi's knives. This startled the everyone else as they had all thought Leo had been crushed to death or had died from blood loss already.

“He's still alive and kicking! I got to hand it to that guy...He can take a beating greater than I can! That was one of the toughest fights of my entire life. He beat me in the one-on-one..I can admit I lost that one.” Kraw said as he saw Leo get back up.

Arisa, Katusgi and Neil looked ready to fight but Kraw told them, “Hold up here....He can't possibly fight again or recover from those wounds, I don't know him all that well but there's really no way he fight with those holes in chest and his back! It's amazing he's even still clinging to life.” The others stood down and waited as they stared over at Leo, whom looked like he was about to speak.


-Great Monastery, Third Floor

With things looking gradually edgier by the moment and no trust to be passed around Nina, Cammack, Kento, and Hishin found themselves in a pickle of a problem. There was one single doppelganger amongst them but who was it? “Are we able to ask questions?”
“Any questions you desire.” The Guardian replied. He began smoking a long pipe as the incense burnt out. It was Kento in Nina’s body to ask the first question.
“I know Nina better than anyone else here, tell me what you said we would do after this whole war.”
“I, did not want to say anything but we are to get married.” Nina blushed somewhat. Kento was now content with Nina.
“Well I know I must be real.” Cammack in Hishin’s body said. “I alternative self…he Is still there.” Cammack said finally openly speaking about his alter ego.
“And I married Atoshi and had my little girl chats with you Nina, so that rules out all of us.” Hishin said. It was true there was not a single person in the room who did not know some secret of the others.
“Heh heh heh. You children are so amusing. The doppelganger does not just copy physical form but can also take on memories of the person. Even with you clued in on that you still will not guess correctly.” Each of them looked at each other in distrust. If the doppelganger could reach into the living memory of the person they copied then they had no chance of telling who he was. Cammack started to eradiate a light from Hishin’s body.
“There is my proof I say who I am. I received Arlon’s energy and this glow is its essence.”
’Gutsy move kid. I like it.’ His alter ego stated. The others nodded and agreed. Cammack had proven himself not the doppelganger. Nina then walked over by Hishin and whispered something into her ear, something only she could hear. There came a small nod from the vampire as they had set out a plan. Each of them tried to make a strike at Kento. Both of the weapons hit and threw him up against the wall. He fell to the ground still untransformed.
“Hmm. You have chosen…….correctly.” The Guardian said. “But I must ask you how did you know it was him?”
“His speed. No matter what memories a person has, their natural instincts cannot be replaced. Kento would have easily dodged our slower techniques even in that body.” Nina said as the door behind the Guardian opened.
“Such clever people you are. Very well you may go ahead. As you pass the seal in the next room you will not only be reunited with your friend but your souls with your original bodies.” The old man faded in a flash of green light. Everyone was happy to continue on. As they stepped across the next room a bit of nostalgia overtook them. When they returned to reality each were back in their own bodies. Kento was back as well.
“Sorry about that guys, I guess a surprise attack got me.”
“Do not worry Kento, we should be heading back up.” Hishin said. Cammack was the first to climb the stairs.
“Hey these stairs lead up to the tower.” He shouted back. Each of them rushed up to see the Leo now standing in rubble with huge holes in his chest.

-Great Monastery, Courtyard

The barrage of different weaponry continued. Atoshi had to dodge the swift strike of a large scythe next. He jumped over the blade and skidded to a stop. “Kington I will give you one last chance. Stop this madness, make amends, even dead your family would never approve of this.” Atoshi pleaded with the vampire one last time.
“I will not stop.” Kington said forming a lance. He jabbed it forward hoping to hit Atoshi. Instead he jumped up on top of the weapon and used it to walk forward and kick Kington in the face. His body went flying back again and Atoshi landed with grace. Not all that impressive for a fight to avenge his family. Kington got up again using more blood to fuel his weapon. His sword was now back to a two handed large bladed sword. Atoshi sighed as Kington made a rush for his position. It was very simple to dodge the attack and the follow up swing. Atoshi used his chakrams to slice through his chest. After that he caught the chakrams on their way back and came back to stab him in the back with both weapons.
“You chose your path Kington. Now you have been defeated.” Atoshi said as the bright silver blood turned back into a red and maroon color. Kington fell to the ground his sword covered in his own blood. Atoshi started to take a few steps away as Kington struggled to get back up. He was to his knees before he finally gave out.
“I-I was wrong?” Kington questioned himself. “My path…it was not one I chose out of honor. Just like getting too close to the light, the darkness had blinded me from my path.”
“I know what you mean.” Atoshi said sitting on a large rock a good ten feet away from Kington. “I was once blinded by loyalty and power. Then I was looked at as some hero. I cannot stand either of the two paths. The grey between feels quite nice.”
“Hmm heh. The lowest scum in the universe.” Kington commented laughing to himself. “A true path to follow indeed.” Kington was now able to get up his injuries seemed to stop spilling blood and looked to be regenerating.
“You had that much regeneration power from the beginning?” Atoshi asked.
“Just an enhancement from Krad Dusk and his research on vampires. I knew my path was wrong…but now…I finally see the motivation to continue my own life. Your Hymn friend should be alright. The briar was not that powerful as he was not the intended target.” Kington smiled.
“What?” Atoshi asked looking back over to where Ados was laying down. Instead he found him standing right behind him.
“I was in pain but mostly from your attack Atoshi.” He said.
“You have more experience in battle than I thought.” Atoshi said.
“Hey you cannot assume anything. But I will not be fighting anymore. Time to live a peaceful life and use these powers to help rebuild some of the demolished cities.” Kington said. Armand, Marx, and Hannah had now joined them again.
“Thank goodness I thought you were killed.” Hannah said with a happy gleam in her eyes. Marx, looking slightly jealous interrupted by clearing his throat.
“Ah hem. Miss Hannah it would be wise we be getting to the nearest hospital to treat his wounds.”
“Yeah he is right. Nice attacks there, I sure would like to spar with you some more.” Armand replied with a smile on his face.
“Thank you sir, for not killing him when you had the chance to.” Hannah said thanking Atoshi. As she came up from her bow she noticed something was shining in Atoshi’s pocket. “What is that?” Hannah asked pointing to the glowing area. Atoshi dug in his pocket and pulled out the orb he had been carrying. He then noticed Hannah had two glowing from her as well. Marx pulled out his own looking at it.
“I was hoping you had more time Atoshi…but now it is too late.” Ados said.

-Great Monastery, Tower

Leo had burst through the rubble and was smiling. “A-amazing…powers. Those were amazing powers. Nothing, nothing I have seen before…amounts…to that. But your effort on me is wasted. I am but a ploy…a chip placed cleverly on the board in Shini’s possession. You have seen…dire circumstances before…but nothing like this.” Leo said as he dug in his pocket pulling out the Lust orb. It started to glow as did Arisa’s.
“What? Do not tell me…” She trailed off already knowing the answer. The orb was ripped from her as it joined in the center of the room.
“Now see…true power. Ghck…ah.” Leo finally had the wounds he got catch up to him. His dead body fell against the rubble with a thud. There was no time to celebrate a win as the other orbs from outside had joined the circle and were creating quite a violent reaction. They stayed in circle with each other swirling ever faster. A large congregation of power was starting to be seen. As the reaction took place lightning bolts made of that power shot out in different directions. Everything it hit was destroyed and shattered.
“I think it is best we get out of here.” Kraw said turning around and running back down the stairs with the other four now joined up. The structure started to shake as the foundations were being knocked out. The towers started to fall out of place and come crashing through the bottom floors. It was destruction supreme and every sense of the word. The glass shattered in the beautifully crafted circular worshipping room. The floors on each level were slowly caving away. The columns which lined the entrance crumbled away under the stress of weakening foundations. The group had just escaped from the outer door as a plume of dust shot out from a cave in inside the entrance hall. As they ran toward Atoshi they turned back to see the devastation caused by the swirling objects. These orbs were now fully visible from that far away and the seventh one had joined up with the others. As the orbs slowly came together more and more energy was released in the form of bolts. Finally the crushing blow, a bolt had hit the main foundation beam and the entire monastery started to collapse in upon itself. The rumbling, shaking, and brick falling lasted for several seconds. As the final part of the Monastery fell into ruins there was a large burst of energy that made a spherical shockwave. Everyone around was blown back. It was not long before everyone was back up on their feet looking into the dust just pouring out of the freshly destroyed monastery. It was hard to make out but they could see a figure inside the dust. As it walked forward the dust curved around a sphere of power that engulfed the person. Inside there was a sleek black haired man. He looked to be twenty eight, his eyes full of malice. The eyes were a shade of grey with a bit of dark blue mixed in. The size of his face was average, no one feature other than the eyes really stood out. His hair was combed to the side and his clothes were to match. He wore a black full length coat over a dark grey shirt. His pants were of a quality black thread. As he looked toward the group he smiled giving an eerie sense of doom to all those who seen it. In a second the man was within five feet of the group.
“Surprised to see me? It has been a long time since we talked Atoshi.”
“Shinigami.” Atoshi said his eyes filled with hatred.
“No need to pick up your weapons now, you see I am a busy man. And this just is not the right venue for a fight.” He turned his attention to the rest. “And I see we have some others with you. Ah yes Kraw, nephew of the great Krad Dusk. We also have Katsugi here, and the little human boy Cammack. Arisa and Neil you two have joined in to witness my revival too, how nice. You are the ones who have received the Arlon energy and I suppose are the ones that will be hunting me down. Well you do not have to look far.”
“Shini! What are you playing at?” Atoshi asked. “You know that we are too weak to resist any attack now why not kill us now.” Shinigami side stepped back over to Atoshi.
“Well I guess you could say I have my own reasons. The biggest is that you are no use to me dead right now Atoshi. Believe me, you shall know everything when you come to visit me. In about a week I would say all your wounds will have healed up and perfect timing too. You see the only other entrance to what you can call My Realm will be appearing in that time. I’m sure my previous comrade can tell you the exact location, right Ados?” Shinigami asked. He only glared at him. “Always so serious when it comes to me. Then I shall be off and waiting for you.” Shinigami said stepping through a portal he made. It closed right behind him allowing for nobody to chase him.
“Atoshi?” Kraw asked trying to get his attention. “You felt that?”
“Yeah…yeah I did. And he was not even in battle.” Atoshi replied.
“What? What is going on?” Hannah asked.
“Miss Hannah, we will leave this one up to them…it is their fight.” Marx said leading Hannah away. Armand went over by Kington helping him away.
“Atoshi, give that bastard one for me.” He said giving a thumbs up. Ados was now passed by the group giving his two cents.
“We have a week Atoshi. Be sure you are well healed and meet me north of Jackal’s castle in that time.” Atoshi nodded as Ados took off. Their time was out…Shinigami had returned.

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I am in the middle between passive and aggressive. But I prefer to plan things out with my fellow RPers so I don't mess them up. Although I do keep plot twists under wraps. I believe planning things out helps make for better posts so I do it often.
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*Ruins of the Great Monastery*

Everyone had decided to hear towards to Yomi City, as it was the closet area with hospitals. However, before they could even begin walking over there, they heard a strange noise in the distance.

“That sound..It's familiar..” Kraw commented. He then saw a dark beast heading their way. A Zaka Clan beast.

“IT”S THEM! Those bastards ruined everything!!! They're the reason for my pain and suffering! That Monastery collapsed and they must be weak, maybe I can kill them now! Without the Zaka Clan, I have nothing left! I can't capture and sell people as slaves anymore when I'm constantly being hunted like an animal!” The dark beast thought to himself.

Before he could get too close to Kraw and the others, a large Forbidden Alliance marked carriage ran the dark beast over, not completely but it crushed his legs and the lower half of his body. “Ahhhh....AHH!! You bastards..You ruined everything...It shouldn't be this way!!!! Without the Zaka Clan, I can't make a living! I can't survive! IT”S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU PEOPLE! Now we are the ones suffering, we of the Zaka Clan! Without a leader..Without hope of survival..Being hunted down like animals all day and night! Bounties on our heads thanks to Jackal and Mia....And now even people from the surface are making a mockery of us!You are the evil ones! You destroyed our way of life!!!! You've ruined the Underworld!!!” He pointed at Kraw and the others.

Kraw glanced at the dark beast as he walked up to the carriage with the others. “Heh. The Forbidden Alliance is here, looks like we've got a ride, folks! Ignore the dark beast now, he's just being emo. Keep crying, pal, like that'll help your problems.. Maybe if you tried to live an honest life, this wouldn't have happened to ya.” The dark beast only looked angry at Kraw and did not reply back.

The Crimson Ten stepped out of the carriage and greeted Kraw and the others. Zigus waved from inside the carriage as he was driving it. He backed the carriage up so the Zaka Clan dark beast could be captured. Duo and Shine detained the dark beast and put him into a separate part of the carriage and locked him up.

Sho Natu spoke to them all, “I see you've made it out safely. Well, we're ready to bring you back to the surface. We are sorry we could not have arrived earlier but the chaos caused by the moon disaster delayed us. Everything is going fine here. We vanquished some remnants of the Zaka Clan. They tried to attack the outpost near the ruins of the Underworld Guard HQ. No one on our side was killed as we arrived in time. As for the Raven and everyone on board, they are safe as well. They just are doing repairs on the ship right now. The damage is very serious but they all made it out safely and landed.”

He then asked, “But what exactly happened in that Monastery? You all look as if something ghastly has been unearthed, as if something truly disastrous has happened. And we felt something strange in this area as well, that is why we arrived at this time, we got here right after we felt and sensed something strange....”

Atoshi explained to Sho and the Crimson Ten, “We can't go back to the surface yet..Shinigami is back thanks to the gathering of the Sin orbs. He's ready to put his plans into motion, whatever they may be. The only entrance into his realm we can use will appear here in the Underworld.”

Sho Natu and the others of the Crimson Ten looked shocked to hear this. Scarlet suggested, “Well if we cannot bring you back to the surface...We can at least take you to Yomi so you may be treated..Your wounds look serious..So please step inside our carriage, we'll get you their fast. Cruso and Pyrmia can also partially treat you on the way there..”

With that, everyone boarded the carriage. On the way to Yomi City, they began to talk amongst each other, about everything they had been through recently, the battles with the Zaka Clan, Harken and Leo.

Kraw spoke of his battle with Leo, “You see..My speed is what I need to work on I think. Heh, maybe get some light weight armor that can protect me better too. I don't want to get beaten half to death. Or get beaten as badly as I did in that last fight. If hadn't been for Katsugi, I wouldn't be here. That Leo was one hell of a fighter, I respected but I hated him as a person. Heh.”

Taiyo chimed in and said, “I think perhaps some training would help you all out well..If you recover soon enough that is. It's better than nothing, at least that way you can try to overcome your weaknesses and try to master some of those new techniques you've acquired from the Arlon energy and memories...We of the Crimson Ten gladly help you train. It's best if we stay done here anyhow.”

The others and Kraw all seemed to like the idea. But of course they wouldn't be able to train the entire week, just a few days or so after they recovered well enough. A few days worth of training would not increase their power but at least give them some experience.

Katsugi added, “Yeah..I could use some training like that. I'll definitely give it a try!I need to get more experience using this Arlon energy.”

Aside from that conversation, the ride was rather quiet. This was due to the ominous feeling everyone was now experiencing. It was difficult to talk about something fun or cheerful considering the situation. However, Ruby broke the silence.

“Where is Alicia? I didn't hear much anything about her or see her when we were at the outpost...I know she was working with the United Surface Army but...She was still our daughter.” Ruby looked worried. Duo looked troubled as well.

Kraw broke the news to them, “I'm sorry to tell you this... She died fighting Harken. That's all I really know. You guys should go back to the outpost after you drop us off, I know some of her kids died but Junior and Alicia II survived.”

Ruby began to cry. Duo comforted her and said, “It's ok, Ruby. At least she died fighting that evil man..She must have realized what she had done in the past was wrong. She was troubled and even we couldn't help her.”

Duo was upset himself as he shouted, “Damn it! If she just had never changed like that..It could have been avoided! But there's no use in dwelling in the past..All we can do for her now is raise her children..We can't blame ourselves for this, Ruby. It'll only make things worse..”

Trying to cheer the two up, Arisa said to them, “Some of us ran into Alicia in the Underworld..We fought her and won but...She seemed to have regained who she was...She got over her obsession with Neil. She realized she did have people who cared for her, you guys and her children. She also discovered that her children were not tools of war, they had souls and they saved her and nursed her back to health. She must have died free from any evil that infiltrated her soul. Me and Alicia never got along but since she died fighting Harken, she did the right thing in the end, she broke free of that evil power and realized who the true enemy was. She's in a better place now.”

Arisa's words could not take the pain away but it did help for Duo and Ruby to know that Alicia had returned to normal before she died. Once again, the carriage grew silent.

This time Sho Natu spoke up, “Many lives were lost in the war with Harken and the Zaka Clan....Jackal intends to demolish the rubble of Harken's castle and build a memorial tower to the slaves and others who Harken killed. That is what he told us he intends to do. He's also providing aide for the Underworld Guard and helping them to recruit more members. He'll also help them when they begin rebuilding Peklo and building new cities over where Anubis base and Garm coliseum used to be. Avernus city is also going to be torn down and replaced with a better city as the slaves whom were freed cannot live in such poor conditions. Other cities or villages destroyed or damaged will also be rebuilt. The river and the land will also be cleared of debris from the airship battle. The Underworld can at least begin this process of rebuilding, it's progress. It is good news.”

He then finished, “All United Surface Army members have pulled back and left the Underworld..Those on the surface have surrendered and disbanded the group. The former leaders are going to be put on trial as they were the ones at fault for trying to launch such a senseless war. And for those who were killed? We are launching an operation to retrieve them, so they can be put to rest back up on the surface....That is what we are going to do for now...But this threat of Shini is the most urgent thing at the moment..We have to think of a plan. We can't send in an army in there. Well, we shall think of something and plan with you guys once you've recovered enough. You are some the strongest and brightest minds we know of. We know you guys have the best chance of defeating Shini! So recover and rest well. We should be arriving shortly. We're just about to enter the city right now.”

Neil looked out the windows of the carriage, he saw Yomi City was filled with life. People seemed happy at the Zaka Clan's defeat, rejoicing. They had no idea that Shini had been unleashed. Their ignorance was bliss in this sense.

“My Neil...What's wrong?” Arisa questioned. Neil replied, “I'm worried about this in all honesty. Shini..We don't know all that much about him and he's got his plans in motion...I just wish we had more time to get stronger, a few days isn't going to help us..I wish the others could have gotten Arlon energy crystals..We don't know if it'll be enough.”

“I think it will, my Neil! We can win! We've gotten so far. We've fought so many battles, it hasn't been for nothing! With this Arlon energy, we can beat Shini! It's our fate and our mission! It's not going to be the end of everything, we're going to beat him! We won't die yet..We've too much to look forward to. An era of peace for once in both the Underworld and the surface!” Arisa said getting rather worked up. Neil was convinced as he said, “Thanks! I needed that Arisa. You're right. The stakes are higher than they've ever been! It's no time to be gloomy about it!”

“Yeah! Sis and Neil, you two have got it figured out. We have to get prepared for this mentally and physically! We have to be ready, we can't be afraid. Shini is no laughing matter but neither are you guys..You all have really grown strong! We can tell.” Sheena commented.

Kraw commented, “Heh. Good to hear some optimism. I'm not sure how we'll do it..But it can be done! We just gotta heal up super fast, work really hard in training and not let fear overcome us!!! Might be easier said than done but it's what we'll do.”

“That's the spirit, Kraw! Yeah...And we'll make sure this goes smoothly too. We'll talk to the others in the outpost and the Underworld Guard, we'll make sure you guys got all the help you can get!” Shine spoke to Kraw.

Alter Camack spoke to Camack, “Kid. Are you really ready for this? This is it...”

Camack replied “Yeah. I'm ready!We've got no choice but to fight him!”

The carriage then began to slow and stopped. Samy told Zigus, “Good driving, Zigus. We're here. So this is where we'll part ways for now. The hospital is right to your left side. This is as close as we can get...Carriages don't usually drive into Underworld cities so we have to take this precaution.”

“Thank you. Well this is as far as we can take you in the carriage. The roads in the city aren't meant for them so we shall go no further.” Zigus explained.

Sho Natu and the rest of the Crimson Ten escorted Kraw and the others into the hospital as a security precaution. They then went back to the carriage and left, they were going to deliver the prisoner to Jackal and then head back to the outpost and inform the Underworld Guard of the situation.

Great progress had been made, it seemed an era of peace would arrive soon enough. But there were those who had doubts, those whom mistrusted people from the surface, peace between the Underworld and the surface dwellers would not be easily obtained but through the efforts of the Forbidden Alliance and Kraw, Atoshi and the others, people began in the Underworld began to respect those from the surface and understand them a bit more. But peace would easily be disrupted so long as Shini was around...

One week later.

Everyone had healed and some of them had been able to train. Not much had changed in that one week, except the effort to recover the dead from the ruins of the Underworld Guard HQ was finished and funerals were scheduled for members of the Underworld Guard whom had lost their lives, including Lowe, Mary, Marie, Ron, Shimon,Alroy and Nora. The Warriors returned to the surface to protect it, as did Greg and Sylvia. Most of the fighters whom had originally came to the Underworld on the boat were still in the Underworld and still helping anyway they could. Some were even healthy enough to fight again, they wanted to join coming battle against Shini, but their plans had changed. The Zaka Clan was on the run but they were still a menace and a threat.

*Yomi Inn, Lobby*

The inn was a rather fancy hotel. Despite having very few if any tourists from the surface, it was popular amongst travelers in the Underworld. Jackal paid for rooms for members of the Underworld Guard, freed slaves whom were looking for places to live and he also paid for Kraw and the others. The inn was well-maintained and very fancy for an Underworld location.

The Raven was not fully repaired yet, so the Crimson Ten gave Kraw and the others a rental carriage. The Crimson Ten wanted to join them in the Sealed Realm but they are busy dealing with the remnants of the Zaka Clan, some of whom are actually quite strong and dangerous but disorganized due to the fact they had no new leader they all agreed upon. The others such as Dion, Raoul and a few others were also fighting off the Zaka Clan remnants. This was unfortunate as now there weren't many fighters available to go into Shini's realm.

“Well..Looks like today's the day..” Kraw said as he waited in the lobby of the Inn for the others. It was just him and Katsugi there at the moment. Kraw had purchased new and better armor made in the Underworld to replace his armor that was trashed in the fight with Leo.

“What's taking some of them so long?” Katsugi questioned.

Kraw said honestly, “Well. Some of em might be worried, Katsugi. This is serious, this could be their last day to live..We know for sure Shinigami's power are no laughing matter, he's definitely stronger than Harken and those sin orbs most likely powered him up even more..You gotta enjoy life when times are tough, you gotta live everyday to it's fullest.”

“You've got a point there Kraw. I just tried not to think about it like that...Still..We have to get there soon before that freak does anything!” Katsugi replied.

Neil and Arisa entered the lobby. They looked rather calm despite the situation.

“Well well! Glad to see you guys are here! Allright..Just a few more of us..And we'll be ready!” Kraw said sounding psyched up.

“Yeppers! Me and my Neil are ready!” Arisa said sounding rather cheerful once more. “Yeah. We fit in a bit of extra training..Sorry for taking a while.” Neil added.

Kraw smirked and said, “Heh it's allright. We still gotta wait for the others anyhow.”

Soon enough, most of the others had arrived. First it was Atoshi and Hishin, then Camack. Finally, Nina and Kento.

“Looks like just about everyone is here.” Atoshi commented.

Kraw looked around and said, “Yeah..But a few others might be coming too..I don't know, it all depends on if they were able to get finished fighting of the remnants Zaka Clan by now...They've been at it for a week and there's been bounties on Zaka Clan members and slave traders, most of the Zaka Clan thugs in this part of the Underworld have been dealt with so they might be free to join up with us if they've finished up. Let's wait a bit here, Atoshi. The more help we can get, the better.” Atoshi nodded.

For now, they waited for others who would join them. They were going to give them at least ten minutes to get there, then they would get into the carriage, take it to Ados and head into Shini's realm. That was the plan for now at least.


-Yomi City

Seems there were no other reinforcements for the group of nine. Each of them got into the carriage as they took off toward the North. The trip was rather quiet as each of them looked out over what could be the last time they seen the Underworld. Shinigami was nothing like the rest. His powers, even when he was just standing in front of them, was greater than Harken or Leo. He was truly the final stepping stone. The only thing missing from this ride was a heavy rain. Instead of rain the clouds above seemed to clear up. From the east they could see the sun just peaking over the Niflheim mountains. A rare occurrence there indeed as it was usually cloudy overhead. As the bright ball hit each of their faces their confidence was renewed. “Even in a struggle of the most intense circumstances nature still keeps a watchful eye on us.” Kento said looking at the shadows cast on by the low sun.
“Nothing quite like the anticipation of battle.” Nina replied.
“And nothing like the feeling of fighting for the right side.” Kraw added raising his fist.
“Yeah and I am behind you every step of the way.” Katsugi said smiling at him her facial features lit up by the morning sun.
“My Neil and I, we shall fight with pride in ourselves and those we defend.” Arisa said eagerness showing in her eyes.
“That is right, no matter the opponent we just got to remember what we are fighting for. That will be enough to keep us going.” Neil confirmed.
“If all of you are ready, then I am too.” Hishin said smiling. Atoshi looked at everyone else being the only one who had not said anything.
“We will defeat him, for everyone. Even with his immense power, we shall prevail.” The carriage finally stopped at the destined place. It was an odd rock formation that jutted out from the ground. Several stone pillars formed what seemed to be the spikes on a creature’s back. By the formation Ados was standing leaning against one of the many pillars. Everyone got out and approached him.
“So you made it.” Ados said. “We still have a bit of a walk but it is nothing compared to the trials that await you ahead.” Ados said heading towards the north.

-Northern Niflheim Mountain Range

The base of the first mountain was steep and had an odd arrangement of stones just like before. Instead of random spikes though it was straight pillars. Ados explained the situation to the rest. “This used to be a place where those who lost great warriors would go to see their loved ones once again. This is the edge between life and death as we know it. Ever since Shinigami took over the realm monsters were created by the ever darkening realm. You seen the results, the Jades. They are but one specie among many, however, those monsters will not be the true problem. Like any other civilization there are rulers, those that rule these packs are the ones with the true power. I am more than confident in saying that you will encounter them all.” Ados said as the sun finally reached overhead. A ray lit up the pillars one by one and at the end a door formed. It looked familiar but was different. It was an older version of the doors that blocked off the Underworld. The doors opened into a darkness nobody could see through. “The door will be open as long as the sun is up. You have about ten hours to deal with everything in there.” Ados began walking back toward Jackal’s Castle. “If you all could excuse me, I have important business with the leader of this place.”
“Ados.” Atoshi said before he walked too far away. “Thank you.”
“You are quite welcome. And remember it is King.” Ados said turning around his hand going up in the air waving to them. The rest turned toward the door. Each went through one by one, first Kento, then Nina, next Kraw and then Katsugi soon to follow. Neil and Arisa joined in right after. Cammack followed as Hishin went over by Atoshi.
“We should get going.” Atoshi now set his eyes on the door.
“Right.” Atoshi walked into the depths of the darkness with Hishin.

-Shinigami’s Realm, Unknown

Once Atoshi was through the door it was not that much different. The darkness was still overwhelming but one thing was lighting up what little path they could see. The moon overhead, it was shining bright enough to make out the path ahead. Looking around they could see they were at the edge of a cliff, a particularly large one. There was a waterfall next to them which quietly drained water into a large pond and into a small creek. “I suppose we must continue forward.” Cammack said.
“Oh ho ho! That is where you are wrong!” A voice called out through the darkness. Strangely enough it was somewhat recognizable.
“Who is there?” Neil asked. A figure formed in front of them. His teeth and shape easily recognized. It was Bogan.
“It is I Bogan!” He yelled out his smile bringing back some nasty memories.
“But you are back up with the Warriors.” Arisa said trying to figure out who this imposter was.
“So that is where my other self has been all this time.” Bogan said. “You see, I am Bogan but not Bogan. I am his darker instincts, the one who wanted to kill everyone. I am the one who should have been leader not Exodus. I am Dark Bogan!” True he was no imposter, Dark Bogan had been thought to be gone though. With the long time that he had down here Dark Bogan probably had no problem to rising as leader amongst the creatures in this domain. Neil and Arisa both stepped forward.
“We will take him on. You guys keep on going.” Neil said. Atoshi nodded as he continued on the rest following him. He had faith in those two.
“Quite a heroic decision, but that will not save them from the others in here.” Dark Bogan said ready to fight.

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Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive
I am in the middle between passive and aggressive. But I prefer to plan things out with my fellow RPers so I don't mess them up. Although I do keep plot twists under wraps. I believe planning things out helps make for better posts so I do it often.
Favorite Genres
Fantasy, sci-fi, post apocalyptic, parody.
Genre You DON'T Like
No SMUT EVER. Not big on modern RPs, not a fan of Mass RPs due to past experiences. I may make exceptions though if an RP is particularly interesting. I will NEVER get involved with anything like yaoi or furry FYI, those I do not make exceptions with. Also not too keen on perverse RPs.
*Shinigami's realm, The Falls*

Dark Bogan charged up his dark energy. “Ahahah. I must thank you for killing Harken, I would have done it myself as I hated him and longed to betray him for oh so long. There was no way out. So...I must greet you. Hello Aunt Arisa....Oh you were always so beautiful. Normal Bogan didn't long for you but I do...You know what they say, the more beautiful and pure something is the more fun it is to corrupt and violate it! AHAHAHAHA!”

Neil was outraged and ran up to Dark Bogan and punched him in the jaw, knocking him back. “QUIT TALKING AND FIGHT US! You won't violate or corrupt anyone, Dark Bogan!” Arisa laughed and cheered Neil on, “Awesome Neil! You showed him! Hehe..I'll teach him a lesson too. He needs self control, he needs to be able to separate fantasy from reality!”

Dark Bogan laughed. “Self control? What fun is that? We're all sickening creatures, we're all evil, we all lust! From beautiful young women to decaying perverted old men, they think of only one thing eventually! Women are swine just with makeup, lipstick and dresses! You, creatures of light just want to spay and neuter ME and make me weak! You can't let me live freely! Why can't all of you just embrace your dark sides, embrace your sins? A WORLD OF SIN WHERE NO ONE JUDGES ANYONE IS PERFECT!!”

He continued, “You are just lying to yourselves. Look at how pitiful society is! It's fine for men to be shirtless but women? Noo, no nooo, somehow it's a double standard! If the world was truly honest, beautiful women could walk around nude while men and the ugly would be forced to wear clothes! That would be..A world of beauty! A world where of honesty, of darkness! Where the creatures of the dark do not need to fear the light! I can't wait to defeat you, then I will find Valoreto and get my revenge on her. She'll regret what she did to me..And then on the surface..I'll find Bogan and make him merge back with me!!! I need Lena..Yes...I Will make her scream-and”

Dark Bogan's rambling got on Neil and Arisa's nerves. So instead of letting him finish, Arisa swung a dark energy yo-yo and bashed Dark Bogan with it. Dark Bogan reacted violently, “ARGHHHHH!That's it, you little bitch! I will rape you and your Neil just for that! You didn't let me FINISH my point! That is more important than the fight itself! I am misunderstood, it is you who are the wicked ones! So now..Pardon this strange language but..There's only one thing left to say..Buenos noches, BITCHES!” Dark Bogan fired off a blast at Neil. Neil was able to dodge it but it created an explosion when it hit the wall. Neil however managed to dodge this as well. “You'll do no such thing, Dark Bogan! You won't lay a hand on Arisa! You can't even hit us with aim like that!” Neil shouted at him.

Arisa and Neil both were going to try to wait to go into their final beast forms. They wanted to see if they could beat him without it, they wanted to save their strength and conserve their energy for the fight with Shini himself. But would it work? Dark Bogan clearly had grown much stronger and he was already a threat before then.

Arisa used some of her energy to created a dark aura around herself. Dark Bogan tried to attack her next as this time he fired off a beam of dark energy from his mouth, it hit the aura and was absorbed by it.

“I am disappoint...That should have tore up your clothing and made you screaaaam! I should be seeing skin among other things! WHAT IS THIS SHIT? What is this? Women who can fight back? See, this world needs...To be changed!” Dark Bogan looked angry.

“You just don't learn, Dark Bogan! My clothing is nearly indestructible, so even if it wouldn't have been stopped by my dark aura, you'd have been disappointed. I'm shocked you didn't realize female fighters tend to take this precaution. Now fight us, please! No ramblings, no perversions!” Arisa explained to Dark Bogan, insulting him. The Dark Aura then faded however as Arisa did not want to waste too much energy maintaining it.

Dark Bogan grinned as he said, “Fwahahaha..If that's the way you went it..Then maaaaaaybe I can oblige. But I don't care, I can take my time, I just need to delay you and keep you here for as long as possible. Or hell, even if I do lose, if Shini vanquishes you all, I WIN! I WILL WIN!”

Arisa created a bow and arrow of dark energy while Neil went to fight Dark Bogan close up.
Neil used his Ice Claws technique and began to shred into Dark Bogan's face, not giving him time to charge up for a big attack. Dark Bogan ran away from Neil to escape his attacks.

However, Arisa had Dark Bogan in her sights. She bombarded Dark Bogan with several arrows of dark energy, most of them hit him.

“Ahahaa..You two aren't THAT great..Not good enough! Dark Acid-rainnnnn!” Dark Bogan shouted as he used up his energy and created a medium sized cloud, from this cloud it began to rain acidic rain drops. Arisa created an umbrella of dark energy and ran towards Neil, she used to to protect both her and Neil from the rain. She had to make her bow and arrows dissipate however as she could not have them around at the same time as the umbrella.

The rain did nothing to Dark Bogan's body. But it annoyed him that his attacks were being blocked or made ineffective. Dark Bogan suddenly sprouted bat wings from his back and took flight.“Fwahhahaha!Now the tables have turned! You've forced me to get serious!”

The sky of the realm began to look slightly different as Bogan used his energy on it. Suddenly, dark javelins began to rain from the sky, all of them aimed at Neil and Arisa. The umbrella of course was no use as the javelins destroyed it and pierced right through it. Instead Neil created a wall of ice above him and Arisa to shield them from most of the javelins. They were successful in defending against Dark Bogan's attack.

Dark Bogan landed angrily. “You......How can you do this??? Do I have to fight you up close? Is that it? HUH? HUH???Why can't you just be good little heroes and DIE FOR ME?? AHHHHHH!”

“You don't get it, do you? We have to get out of this alive, we have to defeat Shinigami!We especially can't afford to die here to the likes of you!You wouldn't understand the idea of fighting for a noble cause!” Neil shouted at Dark Bogan.

“We have to succeed here..If we want to see our loved ones again..Our child Nile!My brother, Mia, my nephews Bogan and Greg!.Lena and Ann.. Junior and Neil's family too! And all of our friends and comrades! That's why we're pulling out all the stops..And that's why you can't win! Yeppers! You don't understand that since you just look at Lena as someone you can just mate with, not as a person, not as a lover! You'll never succeed, you'll never merge back with normal Bogan, he beat you and we will too!” Arisa added.

Dark Bogan laughed, “Oh so preachy. You don't understand MY PAIN! MY ORDEALS. I have survived many battles, I survived all of this. I won't die! NEVER! I am here to stay!!!!And allow me to demonstrate! DARKNESS WILL CONSUME AND RULE this WORLD! No longer can creatures of light such as yourselves oppress beings like ME!”

Dark Bogan prepared to fly away. However, Arisa shot his wings with several arrows and Neil pounced right onto Dark Bogan's back and began shredding into him with his ice claws. Dark Bogan struggled to shake Neil off. Neil then created a saber of ice energy and pierced into Dark Bogan's spine. “AHHHHHHHHH!” Dark Bogan cried out in agony. Neil then jumped off Dark Bogan and glanced at Arisa.

Arisa charged up her energy, “It's over, Dark Bogan! You'll never be take over Bogan again or return to the surface!!!! This world doesn't need to be consumed with darkness, it just needs balance between the light and darkness!” With that, she created several different arrows and prepared to fire them off. Once she fired them off, they were coated with beams, making the arrows move much faster and much more dangerous.
As the arrows hit Dark Bogan, they pierced and impaled him. He began to look rather lifeless as he struggled to try to regenerate.

“Urghh...How..How could this happen to me? Am I...Fading away? My life? Everything? NOOOOOOOO! I don't want to die! I don't want it to end! I just want to see Lena one last time..Before I go..Can I? CAN I?” Dark Bogan collapsed and looked sad. Neil and Arisa made sure not to fall for this and continued to see him as a threat.

To insure he was finished off however, Arisa fired off another special arrow, this time it was a bomb arrow, a sphere of dark energy was attached to it before she launched it off. As soon as it hit Dark Bogan, it exploded upon impact. Once the smoke cleared, nothing was left of Dark Bogan.

“I think we did it, Neil!” Arisa commented. “Yeah...But it doesn't feel right..That as just too simple..Something was off with him..He seemed a bit weak..” Neil replied.

Suddenly a voice echoed through the area, “Have you two forgotten? EVIL NEVER DIES! AHAHA! HOW DID YOU LIKE MY ACTING?” From the next room over, Dark Bogan appeared once again, walking slowly towards Neil and Arisa with a grin on his face.

He explained, “That was a fine warm up..But now it's time to get TRULY serious! You see, I have no body any longer since Bogan refuses to let me merge with him. I used energy to create my physical form. That body? A decoy! My soul wasn't even inside it, so of course it was weaker than the actual me! Destroying it won't do anything, it can be replaced! I have a tremendous amount of energy! Allow me to demonstrate a new ability I also developed!”

Dark Bogan began to look very strange as he screamed and roared. His body separated into two Dark Bogans! Both of them spoke in unison, “I call it..Dual Division! Ahahah..One of these bodies has my soul in it..Try to find it and destroy it, then maaaaaaaaybe you'll see your precious loved ones again! Otherwise, if you can't and if you can't kill me..You'll be cooked, finished, dead, buried, wasted, gone! AHAHAHA! Let's begin this..Two-on-two battle! I warn you..Both of these are of the same power, they aren't decoys!!!! Witness the power of my absolute control and mastery over dark energy! AHAHAHA! TWO BODIES AT ONCE OF EQUAL POWERRRRRR! Dark Bogan divided by two is..INFINITE POWERRRRRRR!”

One of the Dark Bogans faced Neil. The other faced Arisa. The two of them now realized they might be forced to transform now as this time, they were fighting the actual Dark Bogan and they needed to destroy his soul to win.

Neil readied his ice claws technique, but the Dark Bogan facing him used a dark claws technique, the two clashed and Dark Bogan managed to break Neil's ice claws, he managed to cut near Neil's neck. “His energy......It's....So strong..He can destroy my ice claws with his dark claws...But if we transform too soon it'll wear off before we can fight Shini...”

While Arisa dealt with the other Dark Bogan, she created a drill yo-yo of dark energy. Dark Bogan saw this and made his left arm into a drill, he destroyed Arisa's yo-yo as she swung it at him. He then tried to used his drill on Arisa but she dodged just in time. Arisa thought, “His energy..He can destroy our energy attacks and weapons? This is crazy...He's way too strong this time!”

She then glanced over at Neil. Neil looked back but then they both had to focus on dealing with Dark Bogan. They had to find a way to transform but with him constantly attacking them, it was not that simple.

Both of the Dark Bogans spoke, “AHAHAHAHA! What's wrong? If you two don't fight better, your friends are going to die up against Shinigami without you! AHAHAHA! Please tell me you're stronger than this!!! You can't even humor Shini if this is the extent of your power!” Neil and Arisa looked irritated as they tried to think of someway to distract or hit Dark Bogan hard enough to buy them time to transform.

Neil tried creating a wall of ice in front of him. Dark Bogan head butted it and broke his head through it and then used his dark claws to break a hole big enough for his entire body, “HERE”S BOGAN! FWAHAHAH! It's no good, Neil, you've been a wicked boy! You did something nasty with Arisa, didn't you? DIDN”T YOU? Come on, come to big daddy Dark Bogan so you can get a LESSON! Your head is not very fashionable, I'll cut it off and you'll look much better!” Neil looked annoyed as Dark Bogan broke through it so easily and he tried putting up another wall of ice, this time with more energy.

Arisa created egg like spheres of dark energy, she tossed them at Dark Bogan and they released a foul sludge like substance onto his body. Dark Bogan just laughed and regenerated the skin the sludge had melted. “Oh thanks Auntie Arisa, I could use some good skin care! A sludge bath is always nice! You know.. I always liked you..You and Mother Mia..Mmmm no wonder Father Jackal likes her so much..But if went for that..What would that make me? A mother fucker! Get it? GET IT? LAUGH! LAUGH! Hey, come on now,it's funny, she's not technically my mother since I wasn't around until Bogan suffered! Come on now, that was a great joke!”

Arisa looked completely serious, not cheerful at all and told Dark Bogan, “Disgusting, that's not funny in the slightest! Just get the hell away from me!” She then created a smoke ball of dark energy and tossed it at Dark Bogan. As soon as it cleared, he lost sight of Arisa. “AHH GET THIS SHIT OUT OF MY EYES! HEY! DON”T YOU RUN FROM ME!!!! You're breaking the rules of THIS BATTLE! One person vs one of me! I won't hurt your pretty ass too much!”

She appeared near Neil. She put her arm around him and then tossed a smoke ball at the Dark Bogan Neil was fighting, blinding him temporarily. They both disappeared for a few seconds.

“Now, Neil! Just like we did in training!!” Arisa shouted. With that, Neil released a mist from his mouth and then shouted, “Crystal Dust Storm!” He released bits and pieces of crystals from his body that launched off at both Dark Bogans, getting into their eyes and cutting into their bodies painfully. Finally, the mist around Neil and Arisa formed into some sort of barrier, the Dark Bogans tried to go through it but were repelled. Now they had a chance to transform, Neil began to transform. Arisa created her Soul Mirror but waited for Neil to use it for some reason as if she had something different in mind.

*Shinigami's realm, The Caves*

With Neil and Arisa staying behind to deal with Dark Bogan, the others made their way through to the next area. In this next area, they found a series of caves and tried to make their way through them. It wasn't too hard as the moonlight created light in the caves that allowed them to see. Inside these caves were nocturnal creatures like bats. There did not seem to be any Jades around.

After a long trek through the area, they entered a room that was different from the caves. It was large and a wide open space.

Before they could progress any further. A voice called out to them, “You cannot advance that easily.”Atoshi recognized the voice, “Reaper!” Reaper appeared before the eyes of the group.

“Your resolve has to be tested. Prepare yourselves!” Reaper readied to fight. Before anyone could could step forward, Nina and Kento did.

“He's a God himself. Death, hence his name is Reaper. That is all you need to know.” Atoshi explained to Camack, Kraw and Katsugi whom were not too familiar with Reaper. They didn't look too intimidated but they were rather shocked to know a God was on Shinigami's side.

“We'll accept your challenge, Reaper!” Nina said to Reaper. Kento then told the others, “We'll survive, just hurry and reach Shini!” Atoshi and the others nodded as they advanced and left the area. There wasn't much time for idle chatter as they did have the time limit to think of.

Reaper told Nina and Kento, “So be it. You've decided to fight. It was certainly very admirable to fight in place of your other comrades but just how strong are you in combat? Do you truly believe in what you fight for? Prove it!”

“Are you ready, Kento?” Nina asked Kento as she readied her weapon. Kento promptly readied his. Kento nodded and the battle began.


-Shinigami’s Realm, Caves

Nina and Kento dodged the first swipe. Reaper had materialized a scythe out of thin air and slashed horizontally in a quick charge. As Kento landed he thought he had to ask one thing. “Reaper, if you are the God of Death what does that make Shinigami?” Reaper slammed the butt of his scythe on the ground.
“He is malevolence incarnate. I am but a god who inspires fear or sadness depending on who you ask. For you, I will be your death if you do not prove yourself.” Reaper finished and threw his scythe at Kento. At the same time he used his other hand to shoot out a vermillion green lightning toward Nina. Kento rolled to his right as the scythe smashed into the side of the cave. Nina jumped to the top the cave and hung onto a stalactite as the lighting shot out the side of the wall. It opened up to the side of the cliff and the moon shined in. Nina jumped off and joined up with Kento as they made a double attack on Reaper. Nina took the right and Kento took the left as Reaper went on the defensive. He used the handle of his scythe to block the attacks from both. Kento’s quick slashes and Nina’s heavy slash attacks were taking their toll on the scythe. Eventually it broke and they were open for a strike on Reaper. Kento slashed horizontally as Nina’s blade separated and she made a vertical slash. Reaper backed off; from the looks of things he had been hurt. His cloak had been cut through but it started to mend itself in a cloud of black smoke. He had fully been regenerated. “It will take more than that.” He said rematerializing his scythe.

-Shinigami’s Realm, The Forest

Atoshi, Kraw, Cammack, and Katsugi had made it to the next part of this darkened realm. The trees looked innocent enough, but what was waiting inside was the real trouble. Anything from Jades to other creatures they have not faced before could be in there. “Well he certainly has a green thumb.” Atoshi commented taking a few steps forward into the thick mass of trees.
“Wait up Atoshi.” Cammack said trailing behind. Kraw and Katsugi were short to follow as they ventured into the darkness. The sounds of the beasts could be heard as they walked through, each of them waiting in the shadows. Yet, none of them seemed to attack, all just waiting and watching.
“I am not sure whether this is a good sign or a bad one.” Kraw said getting an uneasy feeling about the place.
“Yeah, I’m with you on that. Something is not right.” Katsugi agreed grabbing hold of the twin daggers on her waist. Atoshi kept on walking forward hoping that this was just a run of good luck. As they walked further on Atoshi stopped abruptly. Kraw could see something but Cammack and Katsugi could not. For Atoshi he could see the ghostly image of Derfless and for Kraw the image of Exodus.
“Do not let it get to you Atoshi.” Kraw said taking the lead. “We will be there soon.” Atoshi nodded and started to walk ahead again, however, once again he saw an image, this time of Shinigami. This time it was real, he was really there, no doubt about it. Atoshi charged towards him.
“You are going to get it!” Atoshi yelled chasing off into the woods. Kraw, Katsugi, and Cammack were only left to guess what direction Atoshi was headed in now. As his distance furthered they tried to chase after him. An unsettling roar and the shaking of the ground stopped them in their tracks.
“Kraw that better have been your stomach.” Katsugi said looking around.
’You better watch it kid.’ Cammack’s alter ego warned him. He jumped back a few feet heeding his words. Right after reacting to the warning a large skeletal hand burst forth from the ground smashing into the exact spot Cammack was standing. The hand was not like a normal skeleton, instead it was tinted black and glowed with an ominous green aura. As the rest of the creature appeared it towered above the forest. As it formed the most noticeable feature was the many arms it had and each one holding an extremely large weapon.
“Wait I remember this thing, it was Nabrubus.” Kraw said. “But it looks like it is quite a bit stronger than the original version.”
“Foolish!” The creature yelled out, its voice raspy and low. “I am the original Nabrubus, but you can call me Neo Nabrubus. I am a creature that has dwelled here since Shinigami first came. Defeat me and you can fight my master.” It said readying its weapons. The fight was definitely unbalanced, hopefully the rest would get done with their battles quickly.

-Shinigami’s Realm, Harbor

Atoshi had chased the phantom all the way to the harbor. Looking around there it was actually quite beautiful. Two mountains on either side of the mouth of the harbor each covered in forestry. The moon’s light rippled over the water behind several spike shaped rock formations. Between these spikes was a pile of rocks that formed a throne of sorts. On top of that throne was a lone dark figure, Shinigami. Atoshi took a few steps forward on the sand. The transition between the parts of the realm that were taken over by the darkness and those that were still not under its control was glaringly obvious. The darkened sand gave way to a lighter sand that almost seemed more lively than the grains tainted. Atoshi looked up to Shinigami. “Welcome Atoshi, to my domain.”

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*Shinigami's realm, The Falls*

Neil finished transformed as he was encased in the armor. He then manifested his crystal shield.

“Neil...I'm ready! Let's do this!” Arisa used her Soul Mirror technique but..She held off on some of the energy that formed the glass of the mirror. Thus it was incomplete.

Neil then used some of his crystal energy on the incomplete mirror and created the glass for it with crystal energy. Thus it both completed and strengthened Arisa's technique. Arisa smiled and thanked Neil and then looked into the Soul Mirror.

She transformed but entered a different form. It was similar to Neil's, she was encased in armor meant for a female. This armor was lighter weight and not as sturdy as Neil's. It also had holes allowing Arisa to maintain her wings and the armor itself was aerodynamic so Arisa could fly with it on. Her armor was crystal like but it was a black onyx color instead of blue. Her helmet was like a Valkyrie's, including the fake wings on the helmet.

“Valkyrie Beast again. Hehehe, just like in training! Thanks again, my Neil!” After she said that, the mist dissipated and both of the Dark Bogans were right outside it.

“WHAT? Even more clothing and armor to tear apart? THIS IS WRONG! I understand that Neil has to put some on but you? This will not do..Not at all! But it doesn't matter, you STILL can't beat me!” Dark Bogan then laughed.

Neil faced one of the Dark Bogans and put his shield on his back. “Put your money where you mouth is, Dark Bogan!” With that, Neil created crystal claws and sliced off one of Dark Bogan's arms.

Dark Bogan said aloud, “So this is Crystal Energy...The strongest form of energy.. It does not take a particular form or a single element..It is versatile and deadly. But SO AM I!” He grew back his arm with ease. He then charged at Neil.

Neil grabbed his shield and blocked Dark Bogan's clawing. “NEIL! Your problem is simple. You are a pussy! YOU WILL NEVER BE AS GOOD AS KRAW! NEVER! You will die and never see ARISA AGAINNNNN! AHAHAH!”

“You can't be mad that easy with such lies. I don't care if I'm never as strong as Kraw! It's not a competition, he was an idol to me growing up. Of course he's stronger than me! Just as long as I'm strong enough to survive against creeps like you, that's what matters!” Neil began to swipe at Dark Bogan with his crystal claws and was tearing him apart rather easily.

Neil then used some of his energy on his claws. This time he used a technique similar to Magnus's Phantom fists, but instead of launching fists, he fired off claws made of energy, he fired off several at Dark Bogan. Most of them managed to hit him.
“Urghh...But you'll never catch me..And once I beat you..Oh I'll have lots of fun with Arisa..Oh yes..I haven't had a woman in AGES! You can't even understand how lonely I am!” Neil looked rather angry upon hearing this and began to charge up his energy.

Dark Bogan thought to himself, “Yes..GET ANGRY! Waste your energy on one attack and think you've won..Yes..FALL INTO MY TRAP!”

Arisa flew into the air at an alarming speed, and side-swiped Dark Bogan several times with her energy wings, they cut into him easily and cut off his tail. The energy looked just like Neil's crystal energy but it was colored like Arisa's armor.

“What is this power? It's a combination of crystal energy and dark energy....How bothersome! FWHAHAHA! It's still nothing compared to my energy, my power! Stop flying, Auntie Arisa. Come and greet your nephew! I wonder though..Why is your final beast form like that? In reality, you are a scared little girl! You have so many regrets, you wished you could have saved your parents...You wished you had power! You are also childish as you never had a real childhood, did you? Lonely even until you met Neil! You should be even weaker than what you are now! YOU ARE EMPTY INSIDE! But I can make you whole! More than Neil could!”

Arisa did not fall for the taunt. She continued flying above Dark Bogan and shouted at him, “You don't know me and you cannot get inside my head! I may have regrets, I may be childish but I know when to be serious....But empty? That's bull! Neil's a good man! He's not a brute like most dark beasts and he doesn't want to abuse me. I had many suitors down here in the Underworld and they did not genuinely love me like Neil does. They just wanted to be related to Jackal so they could enter the Hale family and receive reap the benefits of being in the royal family! Don't even try to spew all those lies at me! I'm not interested in you,no one is! You're just nasty in a disturbing and gross way! I'll just show you we are serious!”

She began to charge up her energy. Dark Bogan grinned as he said, “AHAAHHA! Yes! YES! Come at me! Ahahah..Waste your energy! FWHAHAHA!”

Arisa thought to herself, “Sheena taught me all about flying and aerial techniques..This should do it!Then I'll have to see if this body contains his soul or not!”

“One of my best techniques...Ether Force!” Arisa called out. Dark Bogan glared at her and laughed, “Oh what are you going to do? You're nothing but just a sad little girl on the inside! You're not strong, don't make me laugh! You're weak and submissive!!!!!That is the real you!”

She fired off two large cyclones of her crystal energy at Dark Bogan. The cyclones were colored like Arisa's armor, they tore Dark Bogan's body apart but he remained and attempted to regenerate. Arisa did not let this happen as she applied energy to her wings, she flew by Dark Bogan several times, cutting into him with her razor sharp wings at an awe-inspiring speed. As Dark Bogan struggled to try to regenerate all his wounds, she lifted Dark Bogan up and flew high into the air.

“Oh how nice of you Ari-s-a-” Before Dark Bogan could finish, she had reached one of the highest points in the realm and dropped him. She then quickly created a bow and arrow of crystal energy and fired a gigantic crystal arrow that impaled Dark Bogan and made Dark Bogan fall to the ground faster due to the weight of the crystal arrow.

Dark Bogan fell to the ground. He died upon impact and created a large crater. His body then turned into a dark vapor of some sort. Arisa quickly landed and noticed there was no trace of Dark Bogan's soul. She shouted at Neil, “That one you're fighting, he's got the soul inside him, my Neil!”

Arisa had not used up too much energy for the attack. She still had plenty left. She did not look tired out yet.

Neil nodded as he then prepared to finish off Dark Bogan. “Right! I'll finish this one off then! You can relax for now, Arisa you've earned it! I can handle this guy!” Arisa smiled and nodded.

“THAT COW DESTROYED MY OTHER BODY? IMPOSSIBLE!” Dark Bogan then tried to attack Neil but he blocked it with his crystal shield. “MY EXSISTENCE MUST BE VALDIATED! I must defeat you both! I must fight for this reason! I AM evolution! I am the future!” Dark Bogan yelled as he charged up his energy.

Neil finished charging up his energy and a gigantic crystal hammer. It wasn't too large as Neil did not want to waste energy nor did he want to destroy the ground. “Crystal..CRUSHER!” With all his might, Neil grabbed a hold of it and jumped into the air, planning to crush Dark Bogan with it. The attack did not use up too much energy at all.

Dark Bogan was terrified as he tried to run but it was no use, it was too large. Neil slammed it down on Dark Bogan and crushed him to death. Neil then made it dissipate as he prepared a technique to destroy Dark Bogan's soul itself. But to his surprise...There was no soul!

“Ahaha, my soul escaped my last body the moment I saw you making that gigantic thing! Oh you two...So much fun..But it all ends here.. As you must have realized, I have no actual body anymore. How do I recover energy? I don't need to..I have infinite energy now! It is linked directly to my soul!!!!! Do you know what this means? YOU NEVER HAD A CHANCE! Darkness reigns yet again!!!”

This time, Dark Bogan decided to manifest only one body. But a super strong one. It was much taller than his regular forms, standing at around 15 feet tall. It was rather tyrannosaurs like, with large claws, even sharper teeth and a very strong jaw.

Dark Bogan yelled, “Tyrant Beast! AHAHAHAHAH! It's over for the both of you..The end is near..SAY IT WITH ME!”

Neil and Arisa both were surprised as they re-grouped and stood together, preparing to defend from whatever attacks he was ready to unleash on them.

“Darkest Volley!” He began tossing several large spheres of dark energy at Neil and Arisa, after a certain amount of time, each sphere exploded before it even made contact with anything.

As all the smoke cleared, Neil and Arisa's armors were badly broken up but their armors automatically began to regenerate. “Damn..The Crystal Wall wasn't enough to block all of those..” Neil commented as he created another crystal wall in front of him and Arisa.

“Neil! Don't worry..We can think of something..But it looks like we will have to use a lot of energy to destroy his soul!!!” Arisa added speaking quickly.
Dark Bogan laughed, “Death!!! Suffering! Destruction!!! Devastation! Doom! Darkness and Despair! All these things..You will see and feel! Oh and why don't I use my Darkest Volley..AGAIN? BRACE yourselves!!! Oh but just to warn you...I've charged up enough energy to use it say, Five times in a row!!! This place is going to light up and you will hear nothing but the roars of explosions as you die! It's a shame! You could have joined me and embraced your sins but because of that, it ends like this! I never lost control of this battle! You may think me dumb, a brute, a savage but you have just seen how I AM A MASTER OF COMBAT AND ENERGY!”

Neil created a few more additional crystal walls to provide more protection as he and Arisa began to take evasive and defensive maneuvers as they also talked amongst themselves to think up some sort of strategy. They had to as they did not want to find out if they could survive Dark Bogan's coming barrage attack.

*Shinigami’s Realm, The Forest*

Neo Nabrubus swung one of his arms that held an axe at Kraw, he then swung a sword at Katsugi and a lance at Camack. They all barley managed to dodge as they scrambled. They realized fighting Neo Nabrubus close up was not a wise idea. If he missed them with one weapon, he could just get them with another. Ranged combat was just the logical way to try to combat Neo Nabrubus.

Kraw tossed off his axe like a tomahawk at the creature. Katsugi bombarded it with a storm of fireballs and Camack turned over control of himself to Alter Camack. He dashed by Neo Nabrubus and tried to stab the creature but it took no damage. None of the attacks truly hurt the creature.

“It's weakness..What the hell is it? Light energy or something since it's undead? But none of us can use anything like that...” Kraw questioned aloud. His axe came back to him soon after.

Katsugi shook her head and said, “I have no idea either!!! But we can't let that thing get close to us!”

“A weakness huh? Maybe it doesn't have one....It's suppose to be the true version of Nabrubus, the original...” Alter Camack theorized.

Neo Nabrubus was closing in on Alter Camack before he could say anymore. He dashed by Neo Nabrubus and tried to slice off one of it's arms. No good. “Damn! It's arms aren't it's weak point!” He shouted.

As Kraw ran, he said to the others, “If we can't destroy his arms..Maybe the weapons can be destroyed at least!” He poured some energy into his axe and made it grow ten times it's normal size. He was just barley able to destroy Neo Nabrubus's lance weapon. However, Nabrubus was able to hit Kraw with it's hammer and send him hurling back.

“Kraw! Don't be so reckless! He seriously can kill you and any of us if we get careless!” Katsugi exclaimed loudly.

Kraw got back up before Nabrubus could hit him with more weapons and picked his axe back up. “I hear ya, Katsugi! I just had to test that out. Don't worry, I won't make the same mistake twice!”

Alter Camack thought to himself, “Breaking it's weapons..Is that all we can do to it? And won't that take forever? It's got so many arms and so many weapons to destroy..”

Nabrbus then decided to use it's own longer-ranged weapons, it tossed off a tomahawk at Katsugi, launched arrows out of a bow-gun at Kraw and tossed off a javelin at Camack.

Katsugi managed to dodge the tomahawk the first time it was thrown at her but when it came back around, it barley managed to graze her left shoulder. Kraw was hit by some of the arrows from the bow-gun but his armor protected him and most of them did not pierce into his flesh. Camack dodged the javelin entirely. The javelin was pulled back into Nabrbus's empty hand as if he used some sort of magnetic force and the tomahawk returned on it's own.

Kraw asked Katsugi, “Are you allright?” She nodded but said, “I'm allright but I'll be much better once we can actually hurt this guy! Destroying his weapons is all we seem to be capable of now..But it's not enough! Maybe we have to just hit him with some of our best shots!”

Katsugi created a large sphere of fire energy and hurled it at Neo Nabrbus, it exploded upon impact. However, it did no visible damage and only served to destroy some of the creature's weapons.

“Well that thing is one hell of a monstrosity.. Well, let's just keep at it until we find something. It seems all we can do now. But we must not be wasteful with our energy, Shinigami is next.” Alter Camack said.

Neo Nabrbus prepared another round of attacks with it's weaponry. This battle seemed to be futile. They had to solve this mystery of the weakness of the creature before they progress, until then, the battle would be in favor of the creature!


-Shinigami’s Realm, Caves

A blast of vermillion light could be seen from outside the mouth of the cave. Kento had been thrown up against the wall by the lightning attack. “Foolish, attacking me head on like that.” Reaper said charging in with his scythe. Nina grabbed hold of the scythe with her whip and tried to hold Reaper back as Kento recovered.
“If you impede my attack then you shall suffer one next.” Reaper said turning his offensive on Nina. With the slack in the whip the scythe managed to slip free of the grip. Nina quickly retracted her blade and blocked the attack. The tip of the blade had come a couple inches from her face. Reaper then started another attack. He pulled the weapon away and started to twirl it around. As it was spinning sparks started to shoot from it. Finally he dug it into the ground as a crack formed all the way underneath Nina. A large array of lightning shocked her as she screamed. The attack ended and she huddled over on the ground.
“You bastard!” Kento yelled enraged as he mounted his assault. He was ferocious in his attacks. Each one did not seem to lose power as the scythe started to crack. “You will never get away with hurting her like that.” The final slash came down and shattered the scythe once again. Landing on one foot and making a spring board out of it he went it for a slash on his chest. Surprisingly Kento found himself passing through Reaper like his body was made of smoke. He then pivoted on his other foot and launched himself back at Reaper. He slashed through him again. After doing this three more times he came to a rest. Looking back Reaper was now just a bunch of black smoke where his slash marks were made. Nina now got up and stood by Kento again.
“Do you think we hit him?” She asked holding onto her blade.
“I might of hurt him…but that does not mean he will not come back for more.” Kento said tightening the grip on his blades. It took awhile but the smoke finally receded to form Reaper’s body again.
“Quite the onslaught. Now show me some teamwork and I might be impressed.”

-Shinigami’s Realm, Forest

Hishin wondered through the forest, stranded from the others. She heard distance sounds from a battle but she could not tell in which direction they were coming from. The trees around her reverberated the sound far too much. To combat it she decided to climb a tree to get her bearings. Making it to the top she saw the moon but everything else was covered in darkness. She could not even see the harbor where Atoshi was. “Closed in around absolute darkness huh? Time to leave this up to chance.” She said flipping a coin she dug out from her pocket. She went to her left and started to run forward. Lucky for her the sounds of the battle were getting louder.

-Shinigami’s Realm, Harbor

“Shinigami, I am going to defeat you today. You will no longer reign as a threat. You will no longer-“
“Spare me the long thought out speech Atoshi.” Shinigami said putting a hand up. He started to wag his index finger back and forth. “The only reason you are here is because I wanted you to be. I could have killed you at various times during your life but I needed you that is the fact.”
“What do you mean?” Atoshi asked not knowing what Shini was on about.
“Simply put Atoshi, almost everything that has happened in the past millennia has all been my doing.”
“No, it is the people of Shintaion and the Underworld who make the world what it is. No single person could control things for that long without anyone knowing.” Atoshi said believing what he said was right.
“Looks like I will need to enlighten you; after all what fun is a master plan if you do not unveil it to someone?” Shinigami laughed and started to talk again. “I will start at the beginning of this whole event. Like any other story that involves me it happened a long time ago. I had been fighting the gods for what seemed like the fifth century. I was on my toes and ready to dispatch them, however, they mounted a successful attack on me. Three of my four generals were taken out and I was left to hide. So I took Shintaion and I tried to make something of my own base of operations. Unfortunately the people did not quite agree and some fighters rose up to challenge me. The most notable was Arlon and his group. Our final battle was an intense one, powers were flying in every direction. Not only was it because I had been fighting Arlon for quite awhile but I had just got finished with making a portal to Vel. I was on the edge of my powers and I had to make my escape. Like a egotistical maniac would, I made creatures from my power that resembled the opponents I was fighting. I believe you call them the God Beasts. Sadly for me, they turned on me almost as soon as created wanting their own power and their own territory. My body was obliterated but Arlon was later on killed by these beasts. Who knew he managed to have enough strength to seal away his energy? I have not lost you yet have I?” Shinigami asked.
“This story is only proving to me your ignorance.” Atoshi said.
“Very well then I shall continue. Fast forward several years, the demons, humans, elves, and forbidden beasts all have made their own kingdoms after my defeat. A time of peace and joy, a time I hated to watch. I was weak; I had to do something about it so I managed to find a host for my spirit which had not been destroyed. Sartos was my target as he was the most capable in helping me with my endeavors. I ran countless tests and made theories. Finally I came to the realization I could manifest a physical body, one without a soul and one that could contain my power. Yet, I had to make sure the thing worked. I ended up finding a small child beast named Alastor. He was a sullen lad, one that did not have too many friends. I eventually ended up killing the boy and capturing his soul. From there I ran the experiment. For him it created the elemental orbs.”
“That is not right. The orbs were created as a way to seal Alastor away.” Atoshi said knowing this is what Alastor told him.
“Actually, the orbs were part of the original design. His body was reformed just the way it used to be and he had no memory of the experiments I ran on him. It would make sense that he believed he was sealed away. And those fools who destroyed him had no idea. I was actually surprised to see you defeat him and the orbs nearly destroyed. They just merely became an enchanted object after that. Instead of going on from there I shall get onto the good part.”
“Your favorite part, this will be interesting.” Atoshi said sarcastically.
“Believe me Atoshi, this one is about you. After my test with Alastor I started to work on the orbs I needed to complete my own body. Half way through the process I was interrupted by that stupid war between the demons and the tri-clan alliance. I had missed them branding the beasts forbidden and Coltier becoming a military powerhouse. I did not want to miss all that carnage and entertainment. But alas, I was blind to it and I paid the price. Moving to a different host that was bound to live was my only option. After listening to the conversations Sartos had with his brother I could only make one choice, you Atoshi. Nina was taken away to live with a weaker family but you were the one sent to the remaining behemoths to train. I would make the right choice but before that would happen, that accursed Sartos would do something I absolutely hated. Using his own knowledge right before I jumped bodies he landed a blow on my spirit separating it into three figures. Derfless, my heart, Exodus, my mind, and myself, as my spirit all were tossed in different directions. I was lucky enough to still end up in you. To get back at him I had hoped to call the Hymns on the village. Turns out it was successful and I ended up killing all the demons and most the vampires. Your fate was interesting enough and gave me all the entertainment needed afterward. I was still not sure you were the one I wanted back then so I just had you fight anyone stronger than you.” Shinigami laughed a bit.
“Toying with my body is not what I would call funny. Besides I expelled you.” Atoshi said.
“True and that is the main reason why I took interest in you. Nobody has been able to expel me with such force like that. I knew I had the right person so I had to devise some plan. It would take ten years to finally make everything right. During the time I was gone you managed to make some friends who were just as powerful as you and take out Dusk and his airship. You thought yourself pretty comfy until you met me later north of Coltier, and that is when I first gave you my name.”
“I remember it quite well. The look in your eyes was of determination.”
“Call it what you will but it was scheming. You took the bait and that was all that mattered. You knew what I looked like and wanted to defeat me. Now it was just up to me to get you stronger and up to my level. The tournament was the first thing that came to mind. Derfless was there competing and I knew he would wreck the stadium before you got to fight me. His actions were of his own will though; I merely wanted him to harm the behemoths not kill them. Their deaths did make you max out your power for the time being and you killed Derfless. His death allowed him to rejoin with my spirit. I could not kill him myself for each of us were of equal strength. Not long after that Exodus died as well making my spirit whole once again. With the sin orbs floating about it was only a matter of time before I had my body back. However, you still needed to be stronger and the only thing on edge at that time was the tension between the Underworld and Shintaion. To start it I had to make it look like a dark beast destroyed Arcadia. All of that was my doing, not bad for someone still not fully powered up right?”
“You are disgusting and have no morals.”
“Of course not Atoshi. Why would I need such trivial things when I got my rationale to be proud of. Harken let his powers get to his head. I had no control over what he did and I was rather amused by what he chose to do. So many deaths brings a smile to my face. His faith in others was a bit lacking though. I had to make sure that he would not faultier so I sent Leo in. He may have not been needed but he definitely had the warriors death he wanted ever so badly. I knew him for a long time. He was one of my allies when I had risen up to take control of Asmadi. He was the last general left after the war and one dedicated warrior. You and your friends defeated Harken just like I had hoped for. You even got a nice little perk out of it, the Arlon energy that rests within you. That final bit has brought you up the last meager sum to match my level. I am sure I do not need to tell you this but I have been waiting ever since my body was constructed for you to fight me. The only way back to Asmadi is through someone of my own strength.” Shinigami said unveiling his entire plan.
“And what if I do not fight you?”
“Then I continue with my original plans and make Shintaion into my base of operations. Eventually someone somewhere will have near my strength and will do the whole thing for me. So would you honestly try sacrificing the lives of everyone just to delay my return?”
“So you had it planned out to the very end. I have no choice but to fight you and you guided me the whole way.” Atoshi said closing his eyes.
“Yes Atoshi, you were merely part of my plan nothing more. Just someone slightly better than the rest I had encountered.”
“That will not matter.” Atoshi said his eyes still closed. “Because I am going to defeat you still. I have enough power to destroy you and I will do it.”
“Denial, you are in denial. I know how much power you have. There is no way you can disrupt this plan. After I return to Asmadi I will be further amplified. The regenerative systems there will make my body complete. You stand no chance against me.”
“But what if I do? Come on Shinigami you have to be curious.”
“Hmm, I admit I am curious to see what motivation you have. I will play along. There is no altering the fate I had constructed. Even if you do end up defeating me I would just come back.”
“I highly doubt it.” Atoshi replied.
“What is with the smug attitude? We are friends are we not? We shared the same body for a time you enjoyed those kills.”
“I am not the same as I used to be. I will destroy you!” Atoshi said opening his eyes and grabbing hold of his weapons. He charged at Shinigami hoping to make the first strike.

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*Shinigami's realm, The Falls*

Dark Bogan unleashed many of dark volley attacks throughout the area aimed at Neil and Arisa. Once it was all said and done, the ground was in ruin but still there. Just most of it was leveled and there were several craters. He looked rather shocked as he did not see Neil and Arisa immediately. The crystal walls had apparently failed to totally protect the two.

“Where are you two? Did I kill you two?” Dark Bogan began to stomp around, looking for them in the craters. He then saw Arisa, whom looked unconscious but still armored. However she appeared hurt by the explosions.

“Ahahaha! I know what this means..I'm the victor..And to the victor, go the spoils..And the type of spoils I want is..Arisa HERSELF!” Before he could move however, Neil rammed into Dark Bogan and knocked him down. Neil was much more hurt by the explosions, as the heat produced by them as not good for him at all.

Neil looked nearly out of breathe as Dark Bogan got up. “Heh, oh that's it huh? The heat just got you, huh? You still have armor though. Well Neil, don't worry, I'll be taking good care of Arisa, she's family you know! AHAHAHA!”

He growled at Dark Bogan and yelled, “I'm not done!And neither is Arisa! Radion BUSTER!” Neil fired a medium sized wave out of the palm of his right hand at Dark Bogan. It was not as strong as Radion, it lacked the endless propulsion aspect and was not as strong as Neil used less energy.

However, the attack left Dark Bogan with a large hole in his stomach. He merely regenerated and laughed it off. “Hey, that was good, Neil! But my soul can move in my body so..I just moved around and dodged it! Heh. Well you're no threat to me, why kill you now? I'm just going to have some fun with Arisa! This is delicious!”

Arisa began to move a bit and seemed to be getting up. Dark Bogan looked irritated as he tried to dash for her but Neil created a saber of crystal energy and smashed it right into Dark Bogans' face.

“You.....You made me lose my chance!!!!AHHHHHHH!!No matter, I'll kill you both now. I can always fuck a goddess instead! I'll waste my brother once I'm done with you!” Dark Bogan raved. Dark Bogan created a saber of dark energy. Neil created a saber of crystal energy and the two began to fight. Both sabers were quickly destroyed when they were swung at each other, they both broke.

“Oh interesting..Your energy is equal to mine..BUT NOT GREATER!” Dark Bogan created two sabers but before he could strike, Neil used up some of his energy and created a large hand of crystal energy, it went towards Dark Bogan and grabbed him, holding him still so he could not move.

“This won't work forever, I cannot be held like a rag doll!!!! I AM A BEASSSSST of the highest caliberrrrrrrr!” Dark Bogan struggled to break free from the hand.

Neil ran towards Arisa's side to check on her. She was now standing and she smiled at Neil. He then used his crystal energy and created a soothing mist of energy that healed Arisa's wounds. “ Awww. Thank you so much Neil! but look at yourself..You need to be healed as well! I told you not to be too selfless now!”

Arisa used her energy and healed Neil's wounds with another mist of energy just like Neil's. Neil thanked Arisa and the two prepared to finally attack Dark Bogan as he struggled to break free.

“Urgh..YOU BITCH!Little bitch!This crystal hand thing you made..It's strong but..I”M STRONGER!” Dark Bogan used his might and broke free from the crystal hand. He then dissipated his dark sabers.

Neil used his Radion Buster once again on Dark Bogan. Dark Bogan countered with a powerful dark energy wave of his own, once the two waves hit, they were both canceled out. Arisa flew behind Dark Bogan and unleashed several razor sharp discs of crystal energy that she tossed off at him. Dark Bogan's regeneration kicked in and undid the damage as he turned around to face Arisa. However, because of this Neil was able to attack Dark Bogan.

“Crystal Drill Claws!” Neil created a pair of crystal claws but this time, they were drill like and allowed him to easily pierce through Dark Bogan's body. Despite how Neil had virtually managed to drill a hole through Dark Bogan, there was no blood, no organs to be found. Neil exclaimed, “This is weird...So he can't die through normal means..His body has to be totally destroyed to force him to make a new one!”

Arisa flew circles around Dark Bogan keeping him at bay. She then focused her energy and created two small boomerangs of crystal energy and tossed them at Dark Bogan. They released small cyclones that ripped through Dark Bogan's body. Dark Bogan tried to destroy them but they floated back to Arisa.

“Hey, Dark Bogan, get a load of this! You can't handle the power of the Valkyrie Beast, Arisa!Crystal Cutter!!!!!” She fused the two boomerangs into one larger and sharper boomerang she tossed off at Dark Bogan. It slit his throat and cut into his neck. Despite this, he continued to move. He eventually grabbed a hold of the cutter and destroyed it.

Arisa was rather puzzled as to why it did so little damage to him. She then followed up with another attack, she fired off hundreds of small but very sharp crystal shards at Dark Bogan, mostly aiming for his eyes to try to blind him. “Wretched Shards!”

“URGH!” Dark Bogan cried out. Arisa then charged up her energy and created a sphere that was a fire like. “Crystal Flare!” Arisa fired off a flare of her energy that did not explode upon impact but it burnt away most of Dark Bogan's flesh. Arisa could not have it explode when Neil was near by after all.

Dark Bogan grinned with delight as he began to regenerate. “I cannot die!! This body, it's for show! It has no organs, no need for oxygen, no need for blood, nerves, hell, I don't even need a head to survive in this body! It's all useless! Destroying my eyes..Does nothing! AHAHAHA!” Dark Bogan regenerated his body fully and ripped the shards out of his eyes.

Arisa laughed. She then shouted so Neil could hear her, “Oh noes! How can we ever defeat you? Well, you just inadvertently gave your weakness away anyhow! Neil! His soul is what we have to gun for! But trying to search for it is no good since he can just change it's location!” She flew towards Neil.

Before she could escape, Dark Bogan tried to bite her but he missed as she dodged it. He then turned his attention onto Neil again. Neil was backing away however.

“Oh you! Neily boy, kneel before me if you want to survive! I couldn't feel you back there, but I can sense you! Well allow me to destroy you before you can reunite with Arisa! Behold....Darkest Wave!” He created a wave of dark energy and fired it towards Neil. Neil countered with his Radion Buster and destroyed the wave as he scrambled to find his crystal shield.

“A stalemate. Our attacks are of equal power. But what if I pour more energy into mine, Neil? How far are you willing to go to survive? LET”SSSSS find out!!” Dark Bogan pondered as he charged up and unleashed another dark wave attack, this time it was much larger.

Neil countered with a large Radion buster, the two attacks once again can celled each other out. However, Neil managed to find his crystal shield and picked it up and readied it. He then saw Arisa.

“My Neil!!! Get ready!!!!” She began to charge up her energy and she winked at Neil. Neil recognized this signal from their training and he readied his shield.

“Here goes...Radion Lite!” She unleashed a large wave of her crystal energy. It looked rather weak and slow. It just barley missed Dark Bogan and instead, went for Neil. Neil's Crystal Shield then absorbed the attack, as the shield was capable of absorbing crystal energy.

"WHAT? AHAHAHAH! What a failure, what a joke! Radion light, some kind of diet attack? AHAHAAHH! Oh Arisa, you such a ditzy WHORE!" Dark Bogan yelled. Arisa ignored him.

Neil grinned as he said, “Amplified successfully! Radion MAXIMUM!” Neil fired an enhanced Radion light from the crystal shield, it moved much faster and was much larger, but still lacked endless propulsion. The cost was Neil's shield, which began to fall apart as the energy it was made of enhanced the attack.

Dark Bogan's body was consumed by the wave entirely. Nothing was left of him. Arisa landed right next to Neil. “My Neil!!! We can't be sure he's finished! Let's get ready to finish him off just in case before he forms his body again!!” Neil nodded as both of them began to charge their energy.

Dark Bogan formed a new body once more. It was just like the previous form. He began to charge up his energy himself. He yelled, “You two have been very bad.. VERY BAD! I always wanted to fuck a princess and a goddess at the same time! That's my desire, that's why I fight! To spread my seed, you know! Have an army of Dark Boganites one day to terrorize the world! But now..It the fun ends and I will just kill you now since you won't let me have my dream! And by dream, I mean orgy. And by kill I mean rape your souls and make you cry!MAKE YOU CRY! Here goes..Are you two ready for me, End of the Millennium attack? Shinigami wouldn't want me to damage this place! I must obey him, he is the only leader I've ever had who I cannot get away with betraying! So I'll just drag you two outside the realm for a bit and then use it! Sound fun?”

“Nope, not going to happen! We still have so much to live for!!! If we can beat Shinigami, we're going on a tour of my brother's castle! And we'll visit my nephews and nieces! You're just in the way, Dark Bogan!” Arisa exclaimed before Dark Bogan could move.

Arisa and Neil decided they could not wait to charge any longer. They spoke to each other quickly and clasped their hands together, “I trust you..Neil.” “Same here, Arisa! Let's do this, two souls...! ”UNITED!“

“Crystal Phoenix!” They both said in unison. The two unleashed their attack, Neil unleashed a bit of crystal energy and Arisa unleashed a bit of hers, the energy fused together and created a large phoenix. It was colored blue and black and made of energy. It screeched and faced Dark Bogan.

Dark Bogan looked terrified. “Some creature made out of energy? Well a hell of a lot of good it'll do ya!!! I'm not letting that thing near me! Check it OUT! I'll destroy it with this and resume charging! Dark Bomb!” Dark Bogan boasted. He created a bomb of dark energy he hurled at the Phoenix before it could crash into him. It managed to cause it to dissipate, breaking down the energy it was made out of, destroying most of it. However, small pieces of the energy began to gather behind Dark Bogan. He paid no attention to it.

“Oh hell..That's it? THAT”S IT? Your ultimate move, an embarrassing failure! There's not even any ashes of this phoenix left for it to come back to life! AHAHAA! What sort of ultimate attack can be prevented that easily?” Dark Bogan mocked them.

Neil and Arisa stood back, both of them looking rather confident. Dark Bogan heard a violent screech as the Phoenix reappeared behind him.“The Crystal Phoenix will regenerate once if destroyed. The energy wasn't fused into such a creature for show!” Neil commented. The Phoenix then devoured Dark Bogan, his body and his soul, destroying Dark Bogan permanently. The Phoenix itself dissipated right after.

Dark Bogan uttered a few last words that mysteriously echoed throughout the falls long after he was gone, “Who cares if you beat me? Things like me will continue to exist! Pain, sorrow, suffering, anger, hate, these things are necessary in all worlds. There must be chaos so people can enjoy peace, I am nothing but a necessary evil, you cannot deny that! I will never see Lena's ass again but I enjoyed my life, no matter how short!”

The echoed words continued, “Ahahaha, blowing shit up, peeping on women, killing people, crushing dreams, hearing screams!Well give Shinigami one hell of a show, you might just be entertainment to him but give him one hell of a show before you croak! FWHAAHAH! My time? It's up, ahahahahaha, don't worry, I WILL LIVE ON WITHIN THE HEARTS OF EVERY SINGLE LIVING CREATURE! All it takes is one tragedy, one mental break-down, one lost soul, one loss, one lust, one mistake for a new Dark Bogan to be born within someone else! A new dark side! A new creature of the night! A new being to spread agony and despair to the people! The legend of Dark Bogan..LIVES ON.”

“Well that's creepy. That was tough too. But we did it Neil! We beat him! And with energy to spare and we didn't take any fatal wounds! Combining our energy like that made it so we each just gave up a little bit but it added up! Now we better get going here. I think we can maintain our current forms long enough to bring them into the battle with Shini! But we better hurry!” Neil nodded and agreed as the two of them made haste and began to make their way into the caves of Shini's realm.

*Shinigami's realm, The Forest*

Despite the passage of time in the battle, Neo Nabrbus still maintained the upper hand.

“Shit! I miss simple battles when you could just kick some thing's ass with raw power! This guy just won't take any damage. What the hell could his weakness be?” Kraw questioned out loud.

Alter Camack shook his head, “We can't run away from this creature, either. All we can do is hope the others pass through here and join us...”

“Not again! Guys, it's firing it's ranged weapons again!” Katsugi shouted as she ducked and avoided a rain of arrows fired from Neo Nabrbus's Bow-gun. He then used a second Bow-gun at the same time and fired at Camack and Kraw.

Camack smoothly dodged the arrows launched at him but one stray arrow managed to hit Kraw's chest, the armor just barley protected it from piercing through his heart. Kraw pulled it out and said loudly, “You know what? Even if it's futile..Those ranged weapons of his..I'm going to try and take some of them out! We can't dodge forever...We're going to get tired and he'll hit us eventually. So this is the best way! Nothing in life is easy so we can't expect to beat him with ranged attacks!”

“Kraw!!!! Don't do anything crazy!” Katsugi said as she channeled fire energy into her knives and released a flame-thrower like attack by swinging them. This flame thrower melted one of Nabrbus's bow guns entirely but the other remained safe as the creature moved the arm out of the way.

Kraw felt guilty but he told Katsugi, “Listen, I know you're worried but we have to take some extreme risks if we want to win this! He's just going to whittle us down at this rate!! I can take a beating, my armor is still good! I've got a better chance at surviving close up to him than you guys! Hate to say it, but we can't play it safe and expect to survive!”

Before Kraw could run all the way towards Nabrbus, they saw Hishin enter the area. “Nabrbus is alive? This is..Serious!” She readied her blades and joined the fight.

The creature did not seemed shocked at all by Hishin's prescience. It did not react at all, it did not utter a word or make a gesture. Neo Nabrbus spoke only when necessary.

“Hishin!!! It's good to see you, you must have gotten lost or something...Now tell us anything you know about Nabrbus. I never fought it myself but I heard a bit about it..” Katsugi said, sounding rather worried. Kraw decided to continue heading toward the creature, perhaps to keep it at bay.

Hishin answered, “Well, Atoshi defeated the original by destroying it's core...That was the only way to kill it. This one doesn't seem to have a core though...”

Kraw poured some energy into his axe and jumped into the air, he used Grand Meteo Impact and slammed his axe down and created a large explosion, once it cleared Neo Nabrbus was nowhere to be found although Kraw noticed a large hole in the ground.

“What the hell? He can't be dead...I don't like this...” Kraw looked around and said aloud.

Suddenly, Neo Nabrbus burst out from underneath the ground near Katusgi. Katusgi sped away from the creature and escaped unharmed but it did shock her.

Alter Camack commented, “Just like when it first appeared..It can go underground.” Alter Camack and Camack were forming up some sort of strategy, they wanted to save their energy for when they had an idea as to how to damage the creature.

Kraw noticed some of it's weapons had been destroyed by his attack. “Heh. Well, I took out about five of his weapons at least! It wasn't a total waste!”

Neo Nabrbus went on the offense before any of the others could act. It slammed it's hammer down on the ground and caused a large quake. This was just a diversion as it then tossed off an array of throwing knives from one of it's arms. Another arm threw off several kunai like weapons and finally, it used a blow-dart like weapon to launch several darts.

In the midst of the chaos, Katsugi created a large fireball and hurled it at the projectiles that were coming her way. The others tried to make their way to Katsugi as she had the best defense against such attacks. Her fireball melted the incoming projectiles with ease.

Camack dodged several darts and was first to make it to Katsugi. Hishin avoided the storm of kunai weapons and Kraw barley dodged the throwing knives but they made it.

“Heh, in times like these..It's best to stick together! Well, unless he has a projectile weapon that can withstand fire.. Well guys, let's at least try to destroy some of his weapons until we can get some more allies! Just be careful, don't get too close to him and don't use up too much energy.” Kraw said to the others. They nodded as they prepared to at least try to lessen the creature's arsenal of weaponry, it was all they could really do for now.


-Shinigami’s Realm, Caves

With Reaper once again fully regenerated Kento got in front of Nina. He felt a warm hand on his shoulder. “It is alright Kento, I can fight yet.” Nina said getting into her own offensive stance.
“So just like in training?” Kento asked.
“Yes precisely.” Nina said as Kento got into the same stance as her. They both charged at Reaper at the exact same time. He had very little time to rematerialize his scythe and start to block. With all the blades hitting the scythe it was not long before it snapped. Both of them landed and spun on the ground, Kento gouging into Reaper with his daggers and Nina with her sword. After one spin they both did a vertical, horizontal, and a diagonal cut in unison. Reaper tried to counter their barrage by blasting a large amount of Vermillion lightning out at them. Both of them somersaulted in the air to avoid the hit. They landed by each other back to back almost like a mirror.
“Step it up a notch?” Kento asked.
“Sure why not?” Nina replied. Once again they charged at Reaper. This time Nina separated her sword and whipped it around Reaper holding him in place. Kento got up on his shoulders and starting driving his daggers straight into the back. After ten quick successive hits he hooked the blades into Reaper’s back and used his body as a spring board to get away. Nina tightened her grip slicing through reaper separating the body and leaving smoke flow through the air. Finally Kento’s real plan was revealed. Each jab he made put a small energy bomb inside Reaper. Each went off with the intensity of a large fire cracker. Kento then leaped back over to Nina as they watched Reaper struggle to reassemble himself.
“Yes that is it, that is the power I want to see. Now can you-“ Reaper was cut off by a large crash. “I did not think he would awaken.” Reaper said to himself. He dashed out of the cave leaving the battle.
“Hey wait!” Kento yelled. “We are not done yet!”
“It is best this way Kento, we still have enough energy to fight on.” Nina said.
“Hey guys!” Arisa yelled from the cave.
“Arisa, Neil, I am so glad you two are safe.” Nina said running to them.
“There was not much here, just another opponent and we just got finished.” Kento said sliding the daggers back in their sheathes.
“We should get moving ahead and find the rest.” Neil said. “We might still be of some help.” Nina nodded and took the lead.

-Shinigami’s Realm, Harbor

The initial clash was immensely powerful. The shockwave of the hit rippled the water and blew the front line of trees back. “Atoshi, I would like to see this power.” Shinigami said as their grips tightened.
“I will be glad to show you.” Atoshi said backing away from the stalemate. He took Shini’s forward force to his advantage. He tried to strike him in the back with the chakrams. Shinigami nimbly dodged in the air and floated above several feet behind Atoshi.
“It will take more than that.” Shinigami said as he went in for a strike of his own. Atoshi just barely dodged the sword. Shinigami just kept on going even after passing Atoshi. He hit the sandy beach and the light was consumed into the darkness. Shinigami stood in the middle of this circular disruption. He lifted his hand as if to grab Atoshi from the sky. From the darkened rift came black balls of energy. They fired like a machine gun at Atoshi. He started to fly around the circle which was getting smaller and smaller as it fired more energy. Atoshi managed to dodge them all but Shini still was not deterred. Atoshi was now caught at a stop in mid air as the energy shot formed around him. Each and every ball made a spherical pattern which he could not escape from. Shini held up both of his hands and thrust them together taking hold of each palm like he was catching a fly. The energy balls acted like his hands and went in to strike Atoshi. There was no hope of dodging. He had to endure the hit. As the energy exploded on contact Atoshi screamed out over the pain. “Heh heh heh you like it Atoshi? I call them torment orbs as they target the muscles and your aura inside of you. It disrupts that aura and in turn tries to shred your own muscles apart. It is gruesomely painful.” Shinigami explained as the smoke cleared. Atoshi was still standing and the only thing visible was just a few bruises on his arms. “I knew I was right in picking you, usually people lose limbs to that.”
“Let me show you one of my techniques Shini.” Atoshi said taking hold of the chakrams. He tossed them at Shinigami as the dark blackness took over the area. “Veil of Night.” Shinigami tried to sense Atoshi’s presence but it was all over. The Veil of Night hid him even his energy signature. Appearing behind Shini Atoshi tried to make several slashes. The first two connected but Shinigami was able to put up a defense. The rest hit the sword with spark lighting up the area. The attack disappeared as Atoshi was now standing on the beach seven feet away from Shinigami.
“Clever, but I have seen it before.” He said. “Enough with techniques for now, how about some good old fashion fighting.” Shinigami said sheathing his sword. Atoshi returned the chakrams to his waste and put his fists up. “That is better, I do hope you are trained in this.” Shinigami ran in for the first punch. Atoshi crossed his arms and blocked as he was pushed back several feet. Atoshi now went in for his strike. A right jab to the face was his plan. As he went in for the hit Shini just swiped it away and delivered a powerful kick to Atoshi’s chest. He was sent flying to the other end of the beach. He got up coughing up blood. Shini was once again charging at him. He barely had time to recuperate before blocking the next strike. It was a series of punches, weaker, but still intense. Atoshi had no problem blocking these. As Shini went in for the finisher Atoshi side stepped and kicked Shinigami in the side. His powerful blow got Shini to do some hang time but his recuperation was a lot more gracious. First his hands hit the ground and he used them as a spring to flip up and land on his feet sliding back a bit.
“I should have known.” Atoshi said getting ready for this fight to drag on.
“Come now Atoshi show me some more physical prowess.”

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I am in the middle between passive and aggressive. But I prefer to plan things out with my fellow RPers so I don't mess them up. Although I do keep plot twists under wraps. I believe planning things out helps make for better posts so I do it often.
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Fantasy, sci-fi, post apocalyptic, parody.
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*Shinigami's realm, The Forest*

The fight remaining grueling and seemed never-ending.

Hishin attacked the creature with her blades trying to find a weak point, “No core...At least not on the outside!” She said to the others as she swiftly and barley managed to dodge several of the creature's weapons.

Kraw was keeping the creature at bay and used his Titanium body technique. The creature swung several weapons at Kraw but they broke upon impact with his body. Kraw quickly moved away from the creature before it wore off.

Katsugi was on stand by waiting for when the creature used any projectiles. Alter Camack not attacking the creature currently, he was formulating his next move.

Nabrubus began it's own counter attack as it began to spin. It moved rather quickly towards Kraw. Before it could hit him however, an energy blast hit the creature and knocked it back. Nina whipped the creature with her sword with immense force, almost knocking it down.

Arisa had fired it! Kento, Nina, Arisa and Neil had arrived! “Thanks for the save! Looks like you guys are ok! Can you still fight though?” Kraw questioned. They all answered yes, their battles did not consume too much of their energy.

Alter Camack finally used some of his new abilities. He used some energy and created an armor of rock around himself. This would protect him and allow him to get in close if need be to attack Neo Nabrubus.

Alter Camack decided out loud, “We've got numbers now.. Then I think it's time for a change in strategy! All of you...Get away from Nabrubus!” All of the fighters near Nabrubus backed off for now as Camack appeared to have some sort of idea.

Alter Camack used something similar to Earth energy, it allowed him to manipulate and lift up part of the ground near by him with ease. He lifted and hurled a huge piece of the ground at Neo Nabrubus, the pierce of ground slammed into the creature and broke apart into thousands of tiny spikes. The creature then seemed to be in some pain as some of the spikes apparently hit it's weak point. Some of Neo Nabrubus's arms also began to fall off from the impact.

“Sheer force is the way to shatter his bones it seems..And it also seems I hit the weak point! I can't pinpoint the exact area.” Alter Camack then noticed Neo Nabrubus focused all it's ranged weapons on him. It had a pre-loaded musket cannon like weapon that launched huge cannonballs at Alter Camack. His armor slowed him down a bit but he managed to dodge both of them.

Before anymore could arrive, Neil intervened, “Crystal Wall!” He created a wall of crystal that managed to blocked most of the projectiles. Arisa then looked over at Neil signaling him with two winks.

Neil recognized Arisa's signal and created several crystal anchors that binded Neo Nabrubus for the time being. Alter Camack realized their plan,“They want to try to help us pin-point a weakness by halting the creature's movement? A good idea but...All it's arms can't be stopped...It's still got so many of them!”

Arisa created a large crystal yo-yo that was more akin to a wrecking ball, “Crystal Killer Yo-Yo!” She slammed it into Nabrubus and shattered some of the creature's arms to dust but it's weak point had not been hit that time. The crystal anchors were not destroyed by Arisa's attack and continued to hold Nabrubus in place for the time being. But the creature looked to be getting close to breaking free and it succeeded as the attack had damaged the anchors.

“Damn! Neil, let's not bother with the anchors again! It's only good for one attack anyhow..I don't remember this thing too well...But it's just like when the zombies attacked....” Arisa said to Neil.

Alter Camack shared his analysis of the creature, “I hate to say it, but we've got better chances of randomly hitting it's weak point than trying to find it. Fire isn't good against, energy can work but it requires a lot of energy to hit the entire creature's body. It's weak point has to be inside of the creature itself..That is why we cannot see it.”

“Gaia Burst!” Alter Camack quickly caused several spikes of the earth to burst from under the ground and pierce through the creature. The spikes were able to destroy a fair amount of the creature's weapons but impaling the creature was rather useless as it was undead. This attack was able to temporarily halt the creature's movement due to spikes that impaled it, but it could still attack with it's ranged weapons. The rest of the arms of the creature began trying to break the earth spikes.

Kento asked Camack, “So what do you suggest we do then?” “A combination attack! I think me and Kraw can pull one off that can kill it! That way you all will have plenty of energy left, I still have a good amount left and Kraw does as well!”

“Double Meteo Impact won't be worth using against it...So I guess your attack is the best way to go about it. Just hurry up!” Katsugi shouted as she saw the creature had broken down all but one of the spikes it was impaled on. Nabrubus had fired some projectiles out as well that Katsugi destroyed with a flame thrower like attack from her knives. Neil set up another Crystal Wall to stop the rest of the projectiles. Both Kraw and Camack began to charge their energy up.

Nina said quickly, “We'll hold it off! You two get your attack ready!” She began to fiercely and continuously attack the creature with her sword, whipping it over and over. Kento sped past the creature several times, slashing his dagger at it. Arisa and Neil joined in on the assault and helped slow the creature down, Neil swing with his crystal claws while Arisa flew above the creature and tried to slice off it's arms with her energy wings. Katsugi continued to deal with the projectiles the creature was launching off at Camack and Kraw with her fire energy.

“I'm ready!!!!!!!Let's go, everyone's putting their lives on the lines!” Kraw said to Alter Camack. “Ok! Everyone, CLEAR THE WAY! Stay FAR AWAY from that creature!” Alter Camack yelled.

“Meteo Storm Impact!!!!!” Kraw and Alter Camack both said loudly. First Camack used his energy and created a huge rock of earth energy and tossed it into the air. Kraw jumped into the air, enlarged his axe and broke it apart. It broke into several small meteors that crashed into Nabrubus and exploded upon impact, shattering several of it's bones due to the force of each meteor. Finally, Kraw jumped into the air once more and turned his axe into a huge meteor. Alter Camack tossed a sphere of earth energy at the meteor Kraw had created, it fused with it, making it grow to a tremendous size.This gigantic meteor crashed down onto Neo Nabrubus violently and created a huge crater and a large explosion. Once it cleared, everyone had the sense to have moved away from it. Some of the forest had been wrecked and Neo Nabrubus was nowhere to be found.

Kraw and Alter Camack both looked rather exhausted afterwards. “Did we get him? I don't like this one bit!” Kraw said.

Nina shouted, “LOOK OUT! It's back!” Neo Nabrubus burst out from underneath the ground. It had lost a great deal of it's arms and some of it's weapons were totally demolished but it still was able to move and fight. But it moved slower this time, as if it had taken another hit to it's weak point.

“Shit! Can this thing even die?” Kraw questioned out loud.

“This thing's endurance is incredible...But it has to be possible to defeat!!! We almost did it!!! That would have killed a living creature easily with some exceptions! But something like him....It just wasn't enough apparently. Cursed Undead abomination!” Alter Camack said rather frustrated.

Katsugi then decided, “The power of just you two guys isn't enough to take it down! We all have to do something! We all have to get it at once!!!!I hate that everything we've done has been ineffective. This thing has been wasting our time for too long! It can't possibly hit all of us!”

“Heh. Not a bad idea, Katsugi! Anyone disagree with that?” Kraw questioned. No one disagreed. “Then let's hit it!!!! Let's give it our best shot here before it's ready to pay us back! Let's smash his entire body and fast!!!!Brute force like Camack said!!!”

With that, most of them began to focus their energy into their weapons. Neil created a large crystal saber, Arisa made a large mace of her crystal energy. Auras began to form around everyone's weapons, even Neil and Arisa's energy weapons. Katusgi and Camack on the other hand readied their most destructive techniques instead.

They all attacked at once, Katsugi unleashed flames in the form of twin dragons! Camack created a gigantic boulder with his energy and tossed it with all his might at the creature! Neil tossed his crystal saber and propelled it with a small propulsion wave that increased it's destructive power ten fold! Arisa spun her mace around and hurled it at Nabrubus. Kraw jumped into the air and hurled his axe at the creature. Hishin tossed off her daggers, they were filled with energy and gave off an intense aura! Kento launched his dagger at the creature with so much force and speed it made a sonic boom like noise. Nina used her sword like a whip and struck the creature several times, each hit reduced the creature's bones to dust! All these attacks had the effect of a crushing blast that demolished the body of the creature!

From this ultimate attack, Neo Nabrubus was utterly, each attack had smashed his bones to dust, his head, his legs, his body, his arms, even his weapons were in shambles! Nothing remained of him! However, they heard the creature's voice one last time, “You may....Advance......”

Everyone gathered up their weapons, took a small breather and proceeded. They almost began to fell they were close to Shinigami. A sense of dread filled the air as they moved through the forest. Would it be the end for them in this coming battle, this final battle?


-Shinigami’s Realm, Harbor

Atoshi and Shinigami were now hurling extremely fast punches at each other in the air. One of their arms threw the punches while the other blocked. As this pummeling came to a stop they backed away from each other. It was not long before Atoshi launched an assault of his own. He was coming in fast with his right fist. Shinigami blocked the attack with his left arm. He tried his left but was followed with a block from the right. Shinigami kneed Atoshi in the stomach causing his arms to go limp for a second. He took this chance to grab hold of Atoshi and chuck him into the ground. Atoshi hit face first but the sand softened the blow slightly. He proceeded to get up and shake off the impact. Looking back up he saw Shinigami now leading a charge with a downward kick from his right foot. He only had time to dodge as the power of the kick shot sand up in the air. Atoshi took his chance and sprung back. A punch connected with Shini’s torso which sent him flying out over the water. Instead of landing in the water Shinigami merely made a portal just above the surface of the water to fall into. He came rocketing out another rift directly behind Atoshi. He wrapped his arm around him as he prepared to elbow Atoshi. The attack was quick but Atoshi was able to jump up in time avoiding the strong hit. “How do you like it Atoshi? With this ability I can throw a punch from over here.” Shini said floating in air. He opened another rift next to him and one right in front of Atoshi’s face. The fist came through quick but Atoshi was still able to dodge it.
“Just another lame excuse for an advantage.” Atoshi said with an extreme amount of confidence. Shini smiled at his smugness and went along with using the rifts. Atoshi had no idea where he would strike from now. Shinigami took off at high speeds through a rift and aimed himself directly at Atoshi. After missing again he continued on through another rift and aimed the exit right at Atoshi again. He never slowed down and continued to build up speed and power.
’To the left, the right, the upper right behind me, left again.’ Atoshi thought as he tried to keep track of the rifts. Finally Shinigami landed a hit, a small hit but a hit. Atoshi twirled around in mid air and before he could get his bearings Shinigami powered up. Behind him was a streak of black aura as it went through the multiple rifts. Instead of Shinigami actually hitting Atoshi he just passed through him. On each pass there was the same pain of conflicting aura currents. The passes became quicker and the pain doubled each time.
“mmmmmmAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Atoshi screamed out as the pain became to take its toll. Cuts were forming on his torso. After his front was drenched in blood Shinigami finally came to a stop returning to normal.
“If you are still alive after something like that then I think we can stop playing games.” Shinigami said standing tall on the beach looking up at Atoshi clutching his chest. As the pain subsided Atoshi was able to open his eyes and unclench his teeth.
“I will destroy you.”
“Not without use you are not.” Came Hishin’s voice from behind Shinigami. “We made it and we are ready to get just as serious as you are.” Everyone pulled out their weapons and readied themselves.
“Good, good, now while Atoshi recovers I can fight you all.” Shinigami said turning his attention to the large group. “It should be a good warm up.”

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Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive
I am in the middle between passive and aggressive. But I prefer to plan things out with my fellow RPers so I don't mess them up. Although I do keep plot twists under wraps. I believe planning things out helps make for better posts so I do it often.
Favorite Genres
Fantasy, sci-fi, post apocalyptic, parody.
Genre You DON'T Like
No SMUT EVER. Not big on modern RPs, not a fan of Mass RPs due to past experiences. I may make exceptions though if an RP is particularly interesting. I will NEVER get involved with anything like yaoi or furry FYI, those I do not make exceptions with. Also not too keen on perverse RPs.
*Shinigami’s Realm, Harbor*

Shinigami wasted no time in getting started with the fight. He used some of his aura and created several orbs of torment, however they were much smaller and much more numerous, they rained down like hail on all the fighters except Atoshi.

Neil created a crystal wall to try and managed to block some before the orbs exploded into the wall and destroyed it. Arisa was able to out maneuver the orbs rather easily as they were not too fast moving. Everyone else was able to dodge them as well.

“Heh, that's all you got, Shini? That might have been dangerous had they moved at a more reasonable pace!” Kraw poured some energy into his axe and tossed it off like a tomahawk at Shinigami.

Shini dodged the attack, even as the axe came back around and went to Kraw. Kento also went on the offensive was he swept past Shini at a break-neck speed and slashed at him with his dagger. Shini appeared to have been grazed by the blade but he did not flinch or show any serious pain.

Hishin was able to sneak behind Shini and managed to take a swing at him with both her daggers. However Shini dodged the brunt of the attack and was only grazed once more. “Such anger, you are serious! All of you, not just Hishin. But you could be so much more...” Shinigami said aloud.

“We don't care about what your plans are! We will stop you!” Neil said as he fired off a radion buster at Shini. Shini dodged it with ease despite how rather fast it was. “A good try but such a technique wouldn't be much use if it hit me.” Neil looked shocked. He created his crystal shield again using his energy.

He looked up and signaled Arisa. Arisa fired a radion lite at Neil's shield, the shield absorbed it and Neil released a Radion Maximum on Shini. Once more however, Shini had dodged it exactly ten seconds before it could hit him and Neil's crystal shield dissipated.

“Creative. But now that I've seen it, I will never be caught off guard by it.” Shini said as he readied his own attack. Before he could try however, Nina flew up and used her sword to whip Shini relentlessly, hitting him a few times but most of the swings missed him entirely. “You might be strong, Shini but can you handle all of us at once?” Shini then noticed Arisa was had created a mace of her energy, Katsugi was charging hers and Kraw was about to swing his axe. Alter Camack was also preparing something. They were all going to attack him one after the other!

Shini could see this quite clearly and he implemented a strategy to prevent himself from being hit by multiple attacks. He used his energy and created a strange aura effect that forced everyone onto the ground, sending Arisa and Nina out of the sky.

Then to follow it up, Shini poured some of his aura into the ground and several spikes randomly began to shoot out from it! Neil used his energy and destroyed some of the spikes that were aimed at Arisa while Kento smashed some spikes aimed at Nina with his dagger. The others managed to dodge them as they did not shoot out too fast.

Alter Camack thought, “His energy....He truly is a master of it...He can force us out of the air and nearly pin us to the ground for a few seconds with it.”

“Thanks for the save Neil!” Arisa said quickly as she pondered her next move. Neil nodded.

Nina thanked Kento as well, “Thanks Kento! I did not see such an attack coming. It won't happen again!” Kento replied, “Yes. Just be more on guard this time..We all have to be on guard, he's hiding something, he's toying with us, moving onto more destructive and dangerous attacks as the battle marches on...” Flying again was not a good idea as Shini could force them down and recovering from the impact would make them unable to properly dodge the spikes, no matter how slow they might have been.

Alter Camack used some of his energy and lifted up huge piece of the ground. He hurled it at Shini and caused it to break before it hit him, releasing many tiny spikes. Shini countered this with a barrage of torment orbs aimed in Camack's direction. Not only did they destroy the spikes before they could hit Shini, some of the torment orbs hit into Alter Camack and destroyed half of his earthly armor, blowing it apart with rather small but dangerous explosions.

After the attack, Alter Camack caught his breathe and focused his energy, restoring the damaged parts of the armor as it regenerated now. “That attack..It was like the one before except all of the orbs were focused on me.... This armor saved me. I have to keep it up. But how can I hit Shini? Just what is his weakness, what is his flaw?”

Katsugi unleashed her twin dragons of fire on Shinigami. Shini dodged both of the dragons and watched as they instead hit one of the mountains in the distance, the mountain remained after the attack hit it. “Dammit! You couldn't have seen that coming! It's not possible!” She shouted.

“It is possible, dear Katsugi. Similar attacks have been used before, you are not the first to have invented it. I could sense the energy of two dragon shaped like objects forming, it was only then a matter of reacting to it quick enough.” Shini explained to Katsugi. Katsugi looked extremely angry and frustrated.

Kraw ran at Shini and swung his axe at him. Shini reacted quickly blocked Kraw's axe with his sword. “You cheap bastard! Trying to single out Camack like that, we saw that!”

Shini smirked as he questioned, “You rather die all at once instead of individually? I'll keep that in mind.” He then managed to overpower Kraw and managed to knock him away with the force of his sword swings.

Kraw got back up, “Heh. You got lucky with that one, pal! You have to let go of your over-confidence and realize, we're going to screw whatever plans you have! So what if we haven't struck a fatal blow? So what if we haven't knocked your twisted ass out? We're just getting started here!” Kraw poured some energy into his axe and made it grow twenty times it's normal size. He charged at Shini once more.

Shini heard Kraw coming. He turned around and released a sphere of energy from his palm, it hit Kraw and knocked him back, causing him to drop his axe. His axe then returned to normal size.

“You are too late to stop my plans. Perhaps you cannot even comprehend them.” Shini said to Kraw. Kraw got back up once more.“Heh. I don't think so! Knock me down and I'll come at you again and again, until this is over! I'm sure I've got something to make you lose your cool and make your plans come crumbling down!” Kraw said, looking very determined.

“I don't think so, Kraw! It's not that simple, this is bigger than you and all of your friends combined!” Shinigami replied as he prepared his next attack. However, the others launched an attack on Shini from behind and his sides!

Alter Camack caused earth to encase the tips of his knives as he swung them at Shini. Katsugi used her knives and surrounded them with fire as she swung them at Shini. Shini dodged both attacks.

Neil moved in with his crystal claws and swiped rapidly at Shini but only grazed him. Arisa managed to hit Shini with her mace but he shrugged the hit off. Nina whipped Shini's right shoulder and Kento swung at Shini's left side. He barley dodged the attacks. Hishin then grazed Shini with her daggers. Finally, Kraw tossed his axe like a tomahawk at Shini, he applied energy into it that made it grow thirty times it's normal size. He aimed right for Shini's neck, hoping to behead him.

However, Shini had enough room, he ducked under the axe as it passed both times and successfully dodged it. Shini commented on the attack, “That was a nice try, I admit. A very admirable effort.” Kraw looked clearly frustrated.

He looked around him and saw he was surrounded by everyone. But before they could strike him again, he used his aura. He generated a strange effect with it, similar to the attack he had used on Kraw earlier except it repelled and hurled everyone around him away from him, knocking them back but doing little damage. “Good, the rowdy crowd has diapered.” Shini commented.

Everyone looked rather tired out already. But eventually, they all began to get back up. However, Shini was ready for his next attack by then. He created several rifts near everyone. He readied his sword as he stabbed it through a rift near by him and it appeared in a rift near by Hishin. She slided out of the way of the blade and dodged it just in time. Everyone got the hint and realized to just stay away from the rifts. Before everyone could just move away from the rifts, however, Shini began to rapidly stab his sword through the rift in front of him. speeding up the attack a bit more. It seemed as if the sword was now coming out of multiple rifts at the same time! Everyone dodged the attacks but it was rather puzzling as to how Shini pulled it off. The rifts soon dissipated as Shini was done.

Nina tried to separate her sword and use it to restrain Shini but of course, Shini found a way to dodge it as he jumped out of the way of the attack. Kento tried to use his aura with his daggers as he tossed them off at Shini but Shini hit them away with his katana. Hishin swung her daggers and grazed Shini's shoulder. It seemed no one could get a clean hit on Shini, he either blocked it or dodged the attack entirely or just took a small cut.

Hishin looked over at Atoshi, whom was further away from the battlefield now. She thought, “Atoshi. I hope you'll be well enough to fight..Maybe you can beat him. This just isn't going the way it should..”

Neil thought to himself, “If we can't beat him..Then..At least I can try this!!!!” He looked over at Atoshi and began to run towards him.

Shinigami hit Neil with a small gust of wind that broke apart some of his crystal armor and blew him away from Atoshi. “I cannot permit such a thing! You're not healing him. I know all about what all of you can do! You were planning to heal him, it couldn't be anymore obvious.”

Arisa helped Neil up his armor began to regenerate. “You..Don't you hurt my Neil!” She created a large yo-yo crusher of her energy and hurled it at Shini. Shini cut it apart with his sword as he grinned.

Shinigami said simply to Arisa, “You can't expect toys like that to hurt me. Whether you are angry I hurt your believed or not, it won't matter one bit!” Arisa growled but she backed away with Neil. The two of them intended to try some sort of strategy. But he was not like Nabrubus, he was not slow and he would not give them idle time to talk amongst themselves.

Everyone was lost on how they could defeat Shini and what sort of techniques could actually catch him off guard and what could fatally wound him. Their techniques acquired from the Arlon energy were useful but Shini most likely was familiar with them, having existed for so long and having witnessed so much history of both worlds. It truly seemed to be a hopeless and endless battle, at least with Nabrubus they could destroy his limbs or weapons, fighting Shinigami just seemed to be futile. It was as if all was going according to his plan and there was nothing the others could do about it. He was toying with them, not using his greatest and most devastating attacks yet.At the least, the time they were spending fighting Shini was buying Atoshi time...But could he recover from the brutal wounds Shini gave him?


-Shinigami’s Realm, Harbor

With the energy field cutting off the air Shinigami had the advantage. He was dodging strikes left and right and it seemed impossible to hit him. Nobody had time to think as he was ruthlessly attacking the group despite him being only one person against eight. “Come on there has to be some truth to your words? Something that set you apart from the rest as you survived the task of the Underworld.” Shinigami stopped his attack from the portals momentarily. “Alright maybe you require a bit of motivation.” He said now standing in an offensive stance with his sword. He started to attack the air as if he was practicing his sword play. The blade of the sword, as it was swung, was consumed by a rift each time he slashed. The blade popped up right by someone in the group at random. It was hard to judge who the blade would go after and made it much harder to dodge. It was not long before Katsugi was claimed by a strike. The blade passed through her just like how Shinigami did when attacking Atoshi. The blade was made entirely out of a counter aura and created an even more brutal effect than a normal sword. Katsugi gripped her side as she kneeled to the ground. Kraw was over by her side in a hear beat.
“Attacking her was your last mistake Shinigami.” Kraw said his eyes flaring with anger.
“Mistake? No, if I did not stop attacking she would be dead right now. If I had to be at all serious around you guys all of you would be dead right now.” Shinigami said.
“Bragging about your power and actually using it are two different things.” Alter Cammack said. “So stop messing with us and show us that power.”
“Not until you prove to be worth my time. And besides, Atoshi has not yet recovered.” He said pointing to Atoshi who was struggling to get up yet. “So you see we have a lot more time to mess around with each other.”
“The current…target the correct current.” Atoshi said to the group. “If you can see it you will be victorious.”
“What does he mean by that?” Neil asked. Arisa was right there to answer him.
“Of course it is just like riding an aura stream for speed.” Arisa said opening to the idea. She was the first to demonstrate and launched a normal buzz saw yo yo as to not waste power in case she was wrong. The yo yo was tossed to the right of her rather than at Shinigami. The end of the yo yo was caught in by something and it sped along extremely fast all the way to Shinigami. He managed to dodge it just in time while the attack left a small crater where he stood.
“So you figured out my one flaw using this strategy. We will just see if you can hit me.” Shinigami said as he continued his sword slashing assault. This time it was a lot easier to dodge as Shini was now focusing on dodging attacks as well. Kraw was the next one to attack throwing his axe like a tomahawk and letting it get caught on another aura stream. The axe flew at him at a tremendous speed. He was not able to dodge the whole thing as the axe grew bigger and cut Shinigami in the arm. Taking advantage of this situation everyone else launched their attack. A rock, two kodachi, twin dragons, the end of Nina’s whip, crystal energy, crystal yo yos, and a dagger were all shot at Shini. He was not able to dodge even the first attack. All of the attacks hit him in quick succession leaving him a shambled mess.
“Yeah take that Shini!” Kento said happy they actually hit him.
“I do not think he is down yet.” Hishin replied watching the smoke clear. Before it entirely cleared several bolts of the aura energy came out of the smoke hitting Kento, Hishin, Neil, Arisa, and Nina. Kento, Hishin, and Nina were all tossed back several feet each sliding along the beach unconscious. Neil and Arisa, because of their battles before, had their armor shattered With no power left to continue this fight they went to guard those who had been knocked out.
“We had enough trouble dealing with him when it was all of us. Now it is just us three.” Katsugi said.
“And I think he has gotten a little bit stronger.” Kraw said looking at Shinigami who was standing tall at the other end of the beach. “This will not be easy.” The barrier above them vanished as Shinigami concentrated his power.
“I must admit I did not think those attacks would sting so bad, but, you have what you want. I will no longer toy with you. Let’s see just how well the three of you fight.”
“Make that four.” Atoshi said jumping over by the rest of the group. His injuries still had not fully recovered but he was fit to fight.
“So be it. Whether you want to die with friends or alone it will still work out in the end.” Shinigami then started to generate attacks a bit different than the ones before. The attacks were being formed outside of his body a few feet in front of him. He used the same lightning attack, this time everyone was able to dodge. “Internal aura disruption is so limited. Over the years I lived I done what nobody else had done. I mastered external aura disruption, and with that the most devastating attacks are possible to achieve.”

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I am in the middle between passive and aggressive. But I prefer to plan things out with my fellow RPers so I don't mess them up. Although I do keep plot twists under wraps. I believe planning things out helps make for better posts so I do it often.
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Fantasy, sci-fi, post apocalyptic, parody.
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No SMUT EVER. Not big on modern RPs, not a fan of Mass RPs due to past experiences. I may make exceptions though if an RP is particularly interesting. I will NEVER get involved with anything like yaoi or furry FYI, those I do not make exceptions with. Also not too keen on perverse RPs.
*Shinigami’s Realm, Harbor*

“It's up to them now...” Neil said as he and Arisa moved the others whom were unconscious further away from the immediate area of the battle. “They can do it Neil..you and me can't right now...But they can.” Arisa said weakly but confidently. Both her and Neil weren't in any shape to fight and they were not having an easy time carrying their comrades to safety but they did it as it was necessary.

Kraw still intended to make Shinigami pay for how he had targeted Katsugi and of course, the others as well. He tried his best to keep his anger from clouding his judgment. He decided to use a strategic attack, an energy draining sphere he began to form of his energy! Kraw held the sphere in his hands and hurled it towards Shini.

To Kraw and everyone else's surprise, the sphere of energy dissipated right before it could hit Shini. Shini then countered and began to form a much larger sphere of energy. Kraw began to charge up his energy once more. He hurled it at Kraw and the others near by him. The others were able to dodge the sphere and the explosion it caused. As for Kraw, he barley dodged it. He used a technique that temporarily boosted his speed by amplifying the power of his leg muscles!

“Shit! Heh, this son of a bitch always has new tricks! Can't fight straight up like a man should!” Kraw commented.

Katsugi commented out loud, “So energy is no good against him again? What is he doing now? The same thing with the current?”

Atoshi responded to Katsugi, “I don't know quite what it is yet..It has to involve the currents again but...It seems whatever he's doing now..It renders energy useless. Physical attacks are our only possible chance at hitting him now.” Before anyone could prepare to strike, Shini used another technique of his. His aura moved into the air. It created a sort of rain of Shini's energy, a deadly rain that was not acidic, it rained down near the four and nowhere else. It rained down too fast for Kraw and the others to dodge. The rain had a cutting like effect as it hit the four.

As they struggled to recover from the attacks, Shini prepared another attack and unleashed it! He fired off a few lightning bolts made from his aura! Alter Camack decided to shield himself and the others, quickly using his energy to create a dome of earth above them that shielded them from the bolts. However, it collapsed afterwards.

“Such power! Lightning shouldn't be able to destroy such sturdy ground.” Alter Camack thought to himself. He and the others then quickly began to charge their weapons up with their energy as it was now the only means of hurting Shini.

Katsugi ran towards Shini and spun repetitively, cutting Shini with her knives. However, Shini reacted and was able to cut Katsugi's shoulder before she was able to move away. Kraw looked really concerned as he ran towards Shini. “Katsugi! Are you okay?” Kraw asked her. She nodded and said to him, “Yes I'm fine! Just focus on him! We can't take our eyes off him for one second!”

“Upset that I hurt her once more, are you? Then let's see it! Hit me with everything you've got!” Shini said to Kraw. This time Kraw wasn't going to fall for it. He had something different in mind.

Kraw charged up some energy within himself and put some into his axe as he ran towards Shini. Shini just stared at him and waited for him to rush him. Shini readied his katana to stab Kraw. Kraw used his speed boosting technique as he charged with his axe. At the last second, he caused the energy inside his axe to take effect making it grow ten times it's normal size, cutting into Shini's left shoulder!

“Heh!You didn't see that one coming!” Kraw added. “Oh..But it was worth it in the end. Look at your shoulder.” Shini pulled his katana out of Kraw's right shoulder, piercing through the armor around it easily. Blood began to drip from Kraw's wound but he smirked as he replied, “So what you got me? It was worth it to get you just once! I'm sick of your over-confident attitude! It's time for you to get back to reality! We ain't losing!”

Kraw tried to ignore the pain. He used some more of his energy to enlarge his axe even further but Shini anticipated this and jumped past Kraw and his axe. He wanted to focus on Atoshi again.

Alter Camack charged up some energy into his knives. It altered them and made them earthly, the point of each knife became far more jagged and sharp. Alter Camack dashed by Shini and stabbed Shini near the chest before he could reach Atoshi.

Shini used his katana and was able to break through most of Alter Camack's armor and managed to destroy it entirely with a few swift swings. He then released a large spark of his aura and hurled it at Alter Camack, knocking him to the ground with the force of the attack.

“Urgh!” Alter Camack said out loud. He was now on his knees as he tried to get up. Shini looked to be ready to finish him off as he readied his katana to deal a fatal blow. Atoshi intervened however.

“You're not going to kill him, Shini!” Atoshi said to Shini as he tossed off his charkrams at Shini. Shini was no longer in the mood to toy with anyone however as he created a gust of his aura and blew Atoshi away from him, causing him to crash into the closet wall. Atoshi managed to recover somewhat quickly from the blow but it would take time for him to make it back to Shini. Giving Shini ample time to deliver a fatal blow to Camack with his katana.

Alter Camack however, had the time to reform his armor. “Energy based attacks are no good..But this should do it!” He thought to himself. Alter Camack focused a great deal of his energy into his knives. As he swung the knives at Shini, he caused their edges to grow and stab into Shini! Shini decided to created a swarm of torment orbs as he moved further away from Alter Camack. He then launched them at Alter Camack. They all seemingly hit him as they collided and combined to create a large explosion.

“That's one kill. Three more left to die.” Shini said aloud. Everyone who was conscious except Shini was shocked by the turn of events. It truly looked like Camack had not survived that attack.

“DAMMIT! Did he really get Camack like that? What can we do now? Double Meteo Impact with Katsugi might be able to kill this son of a bitch! But..If he can dissipate the energy we use to propel ourselves..It could render it useless..Maybe there's no other choice but to use my best technique here and now...” Kraw thought to himself.

As the smoke cleared near where Alter Camack was...He stood up, Alter Camack was alive! He stood up, with no rock armor remaining. Apparently he had managed to dodge most of the torment orbs. But he still looked to be rather weak. “Do not call me dead someone dead until you see them breathe their last breath!”

“No matter. You will be the first to go.” Shini created several rifts near Alter Camack, one above him, one to his left, one to his right, one in front of him and one behind him. Only a single rift stood in front of Shini. Kraw and the others saw this going on but they seemed to lack a real way to get over to Alter Camack in time.

However, Kraw decided to try to move Camack out of the way. He focused energy into his legs and enhanced his speed as he ran over to where Alter Camack was and he shoved him out of the way. However, by the time this happened, the attack commenced. Kraw quickly used his titanium body technique but he felt the stabbing of five katana digging into his flesh before it took effect! Shini had swung his sword through the rift and caused it to appear through all the other rifts at the same time, he repeated this process trying to damage Kraw. He then used his aura to create five bolts of lightning that he fired off at Kraw. He then unleashed a large amount of torment orbs and sent them hurling at Kraw, exploding upon impact in another tremendous explosion.

“KRAWW!” Katsugi shouted. She was filled with anger. Once more everyone was caught off guard but they did not assume Kraw was dead just yet. As the smoke cleared, Kraw remained. He was bleeding all over from the five stabs earlier but he was undamaged otherwise as the titanium body had lasted longer than usual since he used far more energy.

Shinigami seemed amused at the turn of events. “What a foolish idea that was. You would have been killed several times over had you not used that or had the technique worn off.” “Heh. I doubt it. Sure I'm in a hell of a lot of pain but it was worth it to help Camack out! Don't even think of trying to get Katsugi again or I'll do that again! I know you can't dissipate or destroy energy that's put inside something! You can't stop techniques like mine! I don't want to make the mistake I made earlier..I don't want to allow you to hurt Katsugi or my comrades! I'll show you my full power right here and now! I don't give a damn about the specifics of your plan, since you want to kill me and my friends, it has to end here and now!” Kraw replied. With that Kraw began to focus energy in his body.

There was no visible transformation that took place on the outside but Kraw's power and speed were greatly amplified by the energy he applied to his body. This effect would last only for ten minutes. He had used up a great amount of his energy for this and now he had about only less than half left. Shini looked amused to see this.

Shini created a blast of fire with his aura and aimed it right at Kraw. Katsugi intercepted the attack. She resisted it, as it was still fire based. Atoshi tossed off his chakrams from behind Shini and managed to cut into him, it didn't do much damage but it certainly helped. Alter Camack sped by Shini and swiped at him with his knives, cutting him a little as well. Katsugi tossed her knives at Shini, grazing him.

Shini focused his aura and was ready to use an attack to devastate the four, as they all were very close to him. It gave him a chance to attempt to finish them all off in one attack! Before he could however, Kraw was now fast enough that he was able to hit Shini with an uppercut and smash his axe up against Shini's head.

“A very interesting technique you used. Yet it won't last long enough and once it's done, it will take it's toll. You are delaying the inevitable. You all intend to resist your fate until the end.” Shini commented. He looked more damaged than ever before but he did not have any fatal wounds.

“We're not dying here! It doesn't end like this! Me and Kraw..The others...We all have to return back from this!We've got reasons to live and fight! You should say your prayers here and now, Shinigami!” Katsugi said loudly.

“Heh. Feisty, that's why I love ya Katsugi! Now, Shini! You want to see our power? Let's show him!” Kraw said sounding confident.

“Indeed. Now..We have a chance! Even if energy is nearly useless, our weapons are enough!” Atoshi commented.

Alter Camack added, “You cannot plan everything out, Shinigami. Your chance of victory is not certain, it's time you realize that! We have yet to show you..Everything we're capable of.”

Shinigami readied his aura. “Is that so? I don't think your resolve makes a difference. You've all made a huge tactical error in gathering in such close proximity to each other!” Everyone tried to spread out but it seemed to be a bit late.

Shini unleashed lightning bolts from around his body, they all homed in on everyone. He then unleashed several torment orbs and sent them flying at the four.

Kraw poured some of his remaining energy into his axe and tossed it off like a tomahawk at a good deal of the torment orbs. Atoshi destroyed the rest before they hit anyone with his chakrams.

As for the bolts of lightning, Alter Camack created a wall of earth and tried to use it as a shield, however Shini caused the wall of earth to dissipate as he destroyed it. Alter Camack shouted,”It's no good! All we can do is try to dodge! He can destroy even things created from energy.”

“Is he still toying with us? Why didn't he use that on the dome I created earlier? Because he figured his attacks would destroy it anyhow?” Alter Camack pondered as he dodged several lightning bolts.

The remaining lighting bolts managed to hit Kraw, Katsugi, Atoshi and most of Alter Camack's rock armor was destroyed. However, these bolts were not of maximum power and none of the four fighters were knocked out.

Kraw caught him, he looked to be in terrible shape now but he pressed on and got up, the others followed and got up as well. Kraw said a bit weakly, “Shit...That really did it..Another one like that..And I don't know if we'll make it..“

Shinigami commented, amused once more, “You're all still alive. Very good! I knew that wouldn't quite do it. But if you take another round of lighting.That will be a different matter entirely.”


-Shinigami’s Realm, Harbor

The group was starved for an answer to Shini’s new brand of attacks. Not only did it work offensively but as a great defense as well. Any aura based attack or defense was instantly shattered by the crossing aura streams. “Do not act so smug!” Katsugi yelled out hoping to shut Shinigami up. His constant boasting of how everything he did was perfect started to get on her nerves. Right now though it did not look like he was bluffing. Instead of accepting the grim fate, Katsugi opted to experiment with her aura forced into her weapons. Her twin daggers started to glow white hot as she charged. She jumped up into the air and started to come down both blades in front of her and igniting the air on fire. She was stopped in the air as she met an opposing aura stream. “What?” She questioned not realizing that she was cutting into a disruption.
“If you do not look where you are going…” Shini used the aura disruption to rocket Katsugi back to the group. “…you could get hurt.” She slid to a stop by Kraw who caught her.
“I had enough of this Shinigami, time for you to pay.” Kraw said readying his axe. The others followed forcing their powers into their weapons as well. Katsugi managed to recuperate to join the assault. Right before they reached Shinigami they encountered another disruption that they sunk their weapons into.
“Try as you might, unless you can see where my power and yours collide, I will be at the advantage.” Shinigami explained. “And even if you do manage to find a way to see it, I am well practiced in aura disruption.” Shinigami smiled as the four continued to fight against the stream. As the sparks flew of orange and a darkened purple the stream was visible for but a second. It almost looked like a river, a flat surface of passing energy. One side was the dark purple while the other was a blaze orange.
“That must be it.” Alter Cammack said trying to hold his weapon in place. “I do not know about the rest of you but I am going to try to ride this thing straight to him.” Cammack let go of the stream and jumped up on top of the aura stream.
“What is he thinking? That is too dangerous.” Katsugi said worried about Cammack’s safety. As he rode the stream he went up along a bend over the water and was headed straight back for Shinigami.
“Foolish.” He said as he adjusted the aura stream to have him land on the beach. This allowed the others to break free of their battle with the stream itself. Cammack landed on the beach on both feet unimpeded by the change in the stream’s direction. Now the four started to attack Shinigami. He dodged the first few hits but now things were getting serious. He defended against Kraw’s axe with his sword as he did with all the other weapons. First the vertical attack from Kraw’s axe, then the horizontal from Cammack. He jumped up into the air and blocked both chakrams. Finally he batted away Katsugi’s strike with her twin daggers. They came to a rest about ten meters apart. “So there is one flaw in adjusting a large stream, but, I think it is time I stop messing around with your lot. I must not be deterred by a simple group effort.” Shinigami turned his attention to Atoshi. “You will fight me as soon as I get rid of your friends.” He now used the aura disruption again to fire out both lightning and orbs at a fast pace. It lasted for about twenty second, all the while the group tried to dodge everything. Several hits were made on everyone but not enough to knock them out of the fight.
“He seems a little ticked off.” Alter Cammack said.
“I wonder if this is his true power. He seems to go up in strength every time he says he is going to get serious.” Kraw said noticing the trend. “Stop your lies. I want to see your true power.”
“True power? No, I cannot show you true power, until I return to Asmadi. For now I can only show a sample of what the true power of aura disruption is.” Shinigami said revealing more of his plan. “Yes, I admit I am still incomplete, but have enough power to thrash you.” Shinigami now used his technique to generate a whirlwind. Several tornadoes were made out of pure disruption energy.

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I am in the middle between passive and aggressive. But I prefer to plan things out with my fellow RPers so I don't mess them up. Although I do keep plot twists under wraps. I believe planning things out helps make for better posts so I do it often.
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Fantasy, sci-fi, post apocalyptic, parody.
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No SMUT EVER. Not big on modern RPs, not a fan of Mass RPs due to past experiences. I may make exceptions though if an RP is particularly interesting. I will NEVER get involved with anything like yaoi or furry FYI, those I do not make exceptions with. Also not too keen on perverse RPs.
*Shinigami’s Realm, Harbor*

The four scrambled to try to dodge the tornadoes. Kraw decided to test something out as he poured energy into his axe and tossed it off like a tomahawk at one of the tornadoes. As it went into the tornado, it was able to stop the tornado. The tornado still remained in the area but it was no longer moving.

“Dumb luck, heh! I'll take it though! Everybody!!!! Focus your energy into your weapons and toss em into the tornadoes!” Kraw said out loud. Everyone heeded Kraw's words as they focused their energy quickly and stopped the remaining tornadoes with their weapons.

“Your luck will run out soon enough. Battles are determined by a mix of power and skill. You do not have the power to win or continue. You're just delaying the inevitable.” Shini said, not shocked at all by his attack being stopped.

Katsugi thought to herself, “We can't win like this.. Each weapon attack, it's just not enough to kill him! I guess it's my time to go all out!” She began to focus her energy in preparation for a technique she had learned.

Similar to Kraw, she had no physical change that was visible. However, this technique of hers increased her speed greatly and her power to a lesser extent. It also gave her some cat-like instincts, making her sight and hearing more perceptive and sensitive.

Shini was charging up his aura readying an attack. Katsugi sensed this easily right as he started, “Guys! He's trying to finish us off in one attack! We have to kill him now!”

Shini seemed amused at the thought. He waited what they would do next. At first everyone at once tried to attack Shini with their weapons and they managed to hit him, but it did not do enough damage. It did not have the raw destructive power they needed to kill Shinigami.

Alter Camack commented, “Weapons cannot do it...We have to use our energy!” “But he'll just destroy energy attacks or counter em!” Kraw replied.

“If he can't disrupt it..Just like if it's contained in a weapon. But there has to be other ways...” Atoshi commented.

Shini seemed to be intentionally slowing the charge of his last attack. Perhaps to make it more devastating or because he was waiting to see what the others were planning. Of course they would not reveal their plans aloud but it entertained him to see them struggle to find a way to truly wound him.

“Other ways to make energy beyond his disruption, eh? That's not something we have time to figure out though!” Kraw said quickly as he saw Shini created several rifts in the area once more but this time he did not do anything with his sword quite yet.

Atoshi tossed his charkrams off at Shini and held him off before he could commence any sort of attack, “You will not finish us off!” Shini then moved up close towards Atoshi and began to swing at him with his sword.

As Atoshi had bought them time, Katsugi charged up all her energy at once! A fiery aura surrounded her. Alter Camack soon followed and as did Kraw.

Atoshi was barley managing to hold Shini off it seemed. So the Kraw decided to go first as he ran at Shini at a high speed. He tackled Shini violently, knocking him back into a near by wall. Atoshi took this opportunity to move out of the way, as the others signaled him.

Kraw grinned as he poured half of his remaining energy into his axe and the other half remained in his body. He began to bombard Shini with a flurry of punches that were powered by the energy that remained in his body, each blow had the weight of titanium hitting into Shini's face. He finished off the assault by head-butting Shini. He then grabbed his axe, which grew seventy times it's normal size due to the energy he had put into it! Kraw jumped into the air, using Meteo Impact with the axe! He tossed the axe down on Shini and landed, creating an explosion with his energy. An explosion Shini could not prevent! It left a crater in the area.

“Heh! How do you like all of that? I call that..The Final Meteo Impact!” Kraw said, looking out of breathe. Kraw looked exhausted as he grabbed his axe and searched for Shini. But he was nowhere to be found. However, Shini appeared behind Kraw and hurled him away with an aura blast.

“That was quite deadly I admit. I am also impressed you figured out how to hit me with energy. Yet it's too late to change your fates!” Shini said as he charged up his aura. He did not appear to be fatally wounded even after such an attack! Although he had taken quite a bit of damage, it was not enough to be fatal.

Katusig was extremely upset, she ran over to Kraw and helped him up. Before she did anything else however, she unleashed her own attack on Shini. She created a stream of fire that reached all the way to Shini, she then created four dragons of fire and an launched an incredible seemingly never ending barrage of fireballs at Shini that kept hitting into him.

The attack was too much and too powerful for Shini to manipulate, thus he could not cause it to dissipate. He was not able to dodge it all, either. Finally, the attack concluded as Katsugi put her energy into her knives and slashed at Shini fourteen times, each slash was X-shaped, she was moving so fast Shini could not possibly avoid the attack. Katsugi jumped away from Shini as she finished her assault. Shini was left with a great deal of cuts from the attack.

“That's what you get for hurting Kraw, you scumbag!” Katsugi added. Kraw grinned as he said, “Heh...Still got that fire in her soul, you can't fill us with fear, Shini! You can't stop our greatest attacks!” Katsugi looked very tired out however as she also used up all her energy.

"Fear. Of course you don't know it yet, I haven't reached my full power. Once I do, you'll be consumed by it!" Shini added.

Before Shini could launch his counter-attack, Alter Camack used up all his energy in one desperate attack! The ground near Shini began to rumble. Hands made of earth grabbed ahold of Shini's legs and held him in place.

Alter Camack lifted a huge piece of the ground into the air and tossed it. He jumped up and cut it apart with his knives. Meteors began to rain down on Shini. Alter Camack then lifted up another piece of the ground and tossed it off at Shini himself, it broke into several tiny spikes that all were able to hit Shini and dig into him.

Finally, Alter Camak slammed the ground, putting some of his energy into it and caused several spikes to rise up near Shini. However, they were unable to impale him as Shini had broken free!

“WHAT? How?” Alter Camack was caught off guard and shocked to see Shini had broken free with his strength alone.

"Damn! Shinigami is cheating death once again! Cheap bastard, toying with us again! We're not done yet!!!Even without energy, we can't surrender!" Kraw yelled as he readied his axe. He struggled to lift it however, as he felt weak but he was able to.

Shini laughed as he added, “Very good, I could not disrupt the attacks any of you used. But I used my own strength to break free of those earthly arms. You got the closet to killing me out of all of them, your attacks are certainly the most brutal. Although they were all very well executed and strong. They were simply not enough. It's over for you all!”

Atoshi had been readying his energy for an attack as well but he decided to save it, seeing as Shini was about to attack any second now. Shini released his aura into the air near Camack, Katsugi and Kraw.

"It's his aura in the air now!!!!!Guys, we have to MOVE! He's got something deadly coming!" Katsugi told Alter Camack and Kraw. They began to move as quickly as they could to dodge any sort of attack but it was for naught as it Shini's aura was in the air, they could not see it and Shini could move his aura to follow them. A few seconds after,a large explosion occurred near the three of them.

Shinigami laughed as the smoke cleared, the three had not been killed but they were unconscious and totally out of energy as well. "Fools, they should have ran away as soon as that last attack failed to kill me. They insisted on trying to continue the battle."

Neil and Arisa quickly ran to aide Kraw, Camack and Katsugi. They grabbed ahold of the three and took them over to where the others were gathered. They were not dead but they were certainly not in good condition at all. Even if they could be awakened, they would be in no shape to fight.

"I can't believe this...He took them out too! Healing won't be enough to make them able to fight again. They really gave it their all.." Neil commented.

"My Neil..It looks bleak, I know..But...He's still there..Atoshi can do it....Those attacks hurt Shini more than anything prior to them, he's not invincible!!!!" Arisa added to Neil.

"You're right..But why didn't he try and hit Atoshi with that explosion? What's going on?" Neil questioned.

"I don't know...But maybe Atoshi had something to do with his plans...Or maybe Shinigami just wants to make us suffer by giving us false hope that he can be defeated by dragging this battle out." Arisa said in a serious tone.

Shinigami spoke as he glanced over at Atoshi, "And then there was one. Only one left who can oppose me now."

"That may be but their last attacks were not in vain! Shinigami, it's time we end this here and now!" Atoshi said, he was totally resolute and determined to put an end to Shinigami. He did not seem to show any fear at the moment as after all, he was the only chance at victory now. Neil and Arisa would be useless in their current states and everyone else was unconscious.


-Shinigami’s Realm, Harbor

“Yes we shall end it now, for there is not further reason for me to delay.” Shinigami seemed to be serious now as he took an offensive stance. “But I must know how it feels. How does it feel to know that you were part of my plan since the beginning? How does it feel to know that even if you try to avenge your friends that you will simply be playing into my hand?”
“Enough!” Atoshi yelled now getting angry. His aura was coming out in full now, waves of it emanating from his body. As it grew an orange glow also came from the fighters knocked out. Kraw, Katsugi, and Cammack all seemed to be filtering out the orange aura giving it to Atoshi. “With this power, I shall destroy you. I may not be able to hold onto it for long, but this will not last long either.” Atoshi was the first to strike at Shinigami, his speed nearly tripled. Shinigami was quick to react jumping to the left to get out of the way. Atoshi, in a single moment, moved ten meters and caused a large crater to form on the beach.
“Impressive, it reminds me of fighting with Arlon.” Shinigami said now using his aura disruption again. Several swirling tornadoes were made and all of them were headed toward Atoshi. In a quick dash toward Shini, Atoshi breezed through the attack. The aura disruption technique was shattered. Before he could react, Shinigami found himself flying straight down into the water. Bubbles formed at the surface and eventually stopped. Suddenly the gleaming moonlight against the water turned into a darkened pit of black liquid abyss. From the water there came hundreds of torment orbs and disruption bolts. Atoshi dodged them left and right with the occasional orb trying to disrupt the Arlon energy. As an orb would come close to Atoshi Shinigami’s energy would break apart into smaller doses of the art of disruption. It was not long before Shinigami dashed out of the water his sword unsheathed. Atoshi managed to block it this time with amazing ease. “Even with my power limited, I shall destroy you with the ultimate disruption.” Shinigami said as he held his ground on his attack. The aura contained in both weapons started to lash out in the form of rays. The first one missed both Atoshi and Shini and headed straight into the water a good distance out to sea. The water shot up like a huge explosion went off. Realizing the situation could get dangerous below on the beach Atoshi backed off. “You only have a limited time left. Will you not attack me and let their sacrifice be in vain?” Shinigami taunted.
“No, just thinking of their safety.” Atoshi said tossing a chakram at Shinigami. He slid to the side avoiding the chakram completely, however, the attack was not done yet. Just like Shinigami, Atoshi used the aura streams to guide his weapon. Shini now was on the defensive as the chakram road his current back to him each time. After dodging it three more times he finally caught it with his sword. Sparks flew as the opposing auras hit. Atoshi took advantage of the situation.
“Now you die!” He tossed his second chakram at Shinigami as it went in for a direct hit. The chakram landed smack dab in the middle of Shini’s back. Holding out a hand Atoshi quickly opened his palm releasing the energy inside the weapon against Shinigami. It looked like Shinigami was suffering from an electric shock. His body convulsed as Arlon’s energy carried out its purpose. Finally as the attack stopped both chakrams road a current back to Atoshi. He was still glowing orange with the Arlon energy even after such a brutal attack. Shini floated in the air smoking from the attack. It almost looked like he was dead but the low laughter coming from him proved otherwise.
“Heh heh heh heh, ha ha HA HA, AH HA HA HA HA HA! Oh I have not felt anything like that in nearly a millennium. That old bastard really did leave something behind for me. Purely amazing how it felt coming from you Atoshi. Nearly doubled since I last felt his buzz claw.” Shinigami seemed amused by the attack rather than dumbfounded. His enthusiasm did not affect Atoshi in any way. “Now I know that this battle will be the final one of this prison.” Shinigami charged at Atoshi again Atoshi defended swatting the blade away. Things were looking for defensive for Atoshi as he could not get an attack in edge wise. There were twenty strikes all of which missed but seemed to emit power. Now Atoshi was open to an offensive and he took it. He forced Shinigami back in mid air over toward his throne in the middle of the sea. Each strike he tried upon Shini ended the same way, with the weapon swiped away. They continued this back and forth while rising in the air above the throne. The sparks were getting brighter and brighter. Finally they were above the clouds and the silhouettes of the two could be seen in front of the moon. They both dove down with immense speed both diving away from each other. As they reached just above the water they charged at each other again meeting above the throne one more time. This time there was no backing down, this would be the final strike for someone. As they each held their sides the effects of the aura crossing in the weapons caused some major damage. One ray shot out slicing half of the spires in the water. It landed somewhere out in the water making another explosion. The next ray shot out straight into the forest causing the place to light up in a massive fire ball. Luckily it did not hit the beach. The next ray hit right below Shinigami and Atoshi causing them to be consumed in the fire as well as taking out the rest of the rock formations in the water. As the smoke cleared and the water came down Neil had defended those unconscious with a weak shield.
“They keep this up and he will not have anyone to avenge.” Neil commented to himself. The suddenly there was a light coming from the two locked in battle. It was a blue light that started to turn green. Both Shinigami and Atoshi were still alive even after a large blast like that and they were still in the exact same spot. The rays produced now were green in color. The first one shot out into the sky but stopped a good distance away. A rift was created and it opened up above a city. “Wait a minute, isn’t that Azull?” Neil questioned looking at the snow covered city. The next ray shot out and opened a rift above Coltier, then Salair, Lynor, Goto, Vel, Peklo, Aken, Yomi, and even Jackal’s Castle. Everyone from everywhere looked up into the sky to see a large rift form above them and watch the battle unfold in the sky. After everyone realized what it was they started to cheer on for the group, even though half of them were unconscious. The lives each of them had affected in some way all screamed out. Atoshi looked at Shinigami his eyes filled with new determination.
“Hell, even if I try not to be a hero, they make you one anyway. It is for them I will defeat you.” Atoshi said.
“Then I shall crush their dreams for you Atoshi. They will know tyranny unlike that which has ever tried to control their land.” The clashing aura was becoming unsafe as Neil tried his best to keep up his barrier. The auras could now be seen as they came closer and closer together. The dense area around the two bent and started to look misshapen. The wind kicked up to hurricane speeds and the water started to wash away what remained of the throne as well as the spires around it. Several shock waves were pulsing from the bubble forming around them and this caused Neil to strengthen his shielding.
“Please Atoshi, end it now.” Neil whispered to himself. After saying that the bubble around the two started to shrink. The rate was quickly exponential as the whole thing disappeared with both Atoshi and Shinigami inside. The final shockwave was the most harsh tearing apart Neil’s barrier and sending everyone flying.

The blast was powerful but did not kill anyone. Arisa and Neil were the first to get up. Their eye lids fluttered open to a lightened realm. The sun, it was rising over the sea replacing the moon that was there. Looking around she could see the beach, the mountains, the forest, and even hear the sound of water running through it all. “Are we in the same place?” She questioned herself.
“No doubt, this is how it looked before.” A voice came from behind the group. Everyone seemed to be waking up now as Reaper had stepped onto the beach. “Before Shinigami came to this realm this is what was waiting for those who died, a pleasant oasis to enjoy life before your soul passes onto a new host. Once Shinigami came, the souls had to hide in fear rather than enjoy the landscape. Thanks to you all the system is now restored.” Reaper bowed before them.
“So are you saying this is heaven?” Hishin asked.
“In a sense, yes. I am but the ruler of this single resting area, there are others.” Reaper slammed his scythe into the sand on the beach letting it fade away in the dark smoke. “I am no longer a pet of Shinigami and I will aid you on your way out.”
“Wait where is Atoshi?” Nina asked looking around. Indeed he was still missing.
“That I am not sure of. His soul is not free, but he disappeared. I never knew what Shinigami was planning, so who is to say whether or not he accomplished what he set out to do?” Reaper replied. With everyone realizing that Atoshi was as good as dead in this case they became saddened. “I understand that he was important to all of you and he changed the world for many. Believe me he was a great person whether he liked to believe so or not. If he does come around, meet at the gate in the Underworld. I am sure his strength will allow him to breach that barrier.” Reaper said trying to give a bit of hope to them. What became of Atoshi was a complete mystery.