I can see clearly even without eyes

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  1. It was an average town, not small, but not extremely large. Within
    it's depths there were the fair share of criminals and cons, but there
    were also good people willing to help anyone that they met. There were
    also, as is in every civilization, people whose story has never been
    told. Today was no exception.

    A girl with bright red natural hair and pale skin stepped out of a
    black car at the dance studio in the town. She was petite, but had
    curves that suited her beautifully. She also had a line of freckles
    over the bridge of her nose. She was wearing dark sunglasses and a
    pair of black leggings with a denim skirt over it. For a top she was
    wearing a regular t-shirt.

    An older man, appearing to be her father, led her inside holding her
    arm. He was the owner of this studio. That didn't mean she got any
    special treatment though. Not at all. He bore grey hair, and steely
    blue eyes. He spoke to her as they moved. "Come on Kieara, easy." He
    seemed to be a big cooperate man. He wore a suit, and he had another
    job, away from the studio with erratic hours.

    A younger man than her father, named Marcus, was inside. He was the
    dance instructor. He smiled seeing them coming. He announced that
    practice was over for the day and they all smiled and thanked him
    before leaving. Leaving the studio empty all but Kieara, her father,
    James, and Marcus. He had jet hair, darkened skin, and brown eyes.

    "You can take your glasses off now Kieara." Marcus spoke with a smile.
    She was released and moved to a changing room. Marcus and her father
    chatted while the 23 year old was changing, then she returned. She'd
    gone and changed into a black leotard, which looked something like a
    bathing suit, to dance in and she was also wearing a pair of white
    tights. She removed her glasses and revealed solid white eyes. The
    girl was blind. However, she knew the studio well enough to manuver
    without a cane. She refused to use one claiming they were degrading.

    Her father spoke. "Well, I have business of other matters. Good luck
    you two." He then took his leave.
  2. Yes this town was small but dancing,
    was something the whole town seemed to love.

    Luke had been a dancer since he was a young child, it was his passion, sure he got made fun of for it when he was in highschool, but now he was 25 and the petty ways of highschool no longer bothered him. He ussually left on time but today he stayed behind because he wanted to get extra practice he thought the studio would be empty and he had been dancing here long enough to be trusted to dance alone. He heard people talking on the floor and stepped out dressed in a full body leatard, sure it made his thighs look large and it should off his biceps and the weird shape of his butt, but it was the easiest to manuver in. grabbing his towelet and a bottle of water he stepped out to the floor, stopping when he saw a girl he had enevr seen before and Marcus standing before her.
    "Um, am I not allowed to dance today? like is this a private lesson or?"
    Luke was confused he couldnt see the woman's face for he stood behind her and Marcus smiled, like he knew that Luke would be here after class today. Luke had never danced with someone else before, he had when he was a child but that was to a kid version of the nutcracker. Luke looked back and forth from Marcus and the woman's behind. she was obviously a dancer, the petiteness of her body and her curves were normal dancers shape. Luke was thin yes had the body of a dancer, his hair was middle neck length and dark brown, his face was a round square shape. Eye's blue, like the sky on a summer day. he lived by himself, well with his cat, in a messy apartment above the studio and drove a volkswagon, and not a newer model. He normally did solo performances and when he didnt he was always a back dancer never the star, he liked it that way, it was easier for him.
  3. Kieara turned hearing the voice. She had never been permitted to dance in competitions but the routines she knew were solos and she was absolutely stunning at what she did. She danced beautifully. Her white eyes seemed to stare past him. "Hello? Where are you?" She asked. "Luke this id Kieara the owners daughter."
  4. *is not id. autocorrect got me. and the editor isn't working lol
  5. Luke saw her turn and looked into her eye's stammering backwards. "oh my. uh, your blind..." Luke stepped forward again and in front of Kieara. "Im in front of you, not close but I am in front of you..im gonan reach my hand out for you to shake if thats alright." Luke felt weird telling her what he was doing it was strange for him normally people saw what he was doing and that was that a nice hello nice to met you, looking into one anothere's eyes and seeing eachothers faces, but he was the only able one to see her, he felt out of place like he had something and she wanted it but he was holding just high enough that she could never reach it. "My name is Luke and It's very nice to met you." Luke looked at Marcus..um did you know I was going to be dancing today or should I go?"
  6. Kieara smiled. She'd been blind all her life, and she'd grown to accept it. With all the teasing, the mean remarks, the pranks. She'd embraced all of it. And believe you me those dance girls were not very generous when it came to it. She had surprising perception and her hand went right to his. She shook it lightly. "Nice to meet you. My name's Kieara." she sait to him and then gently touched his upper arm and ran her fingers to the top of his shoulder with her free hand. She then removed her hand and adjusted her head tilt accordingly so it mimicked her lookingn at him. She'd noticed it seemed to help people become more comfortable when you gave the illusion of looking them in the eye. "wow, you're tall." she giggled. Marcus smiled at the girl's actions then spoke. "Yes Luke I knew you were dancing. And it's fine, don't be so nervous. You'd be amazed at how independant she really is."
  7. Luke didnt move when she felt her arm move up his shoulder. "You can touch my face if you want too i dont mind." Luke really didnt, her hands were soft so its not like it would be gross and he knewthat the blind saw with touch and smell and taste....He had a blind dog once and he was always poking everything with his nose. Luke looked to Marcus and smiled. "Okay, well then i will start dancing myself, I apologize if I run into you, I am used to an empty studio as are you i pressume." Luke smiled and walked away over to a bar and began strecthing.
  8. "I might take you up on that later." she spoke to him and smiled as he offered to let her touch his face. She smiled. "It's ok, If I run into you I apologize too." she said. Marcus spoke. "Oh there might be a bit more of that than you think." He said with a smirk as he sat down in a chair he used in the corner by the boom box and sipped on a cup of coffee he'd forgotten. "you two are going to be partners."
  9. Luke stopped in the middle of one of his stretches. "what!? No Marcus, No offecnce to you Kieara I bet your a great dancer. I dont dance with partners, espcially ones that cant even see their own two feet-" Luke stopped talking and looked to Kieara. "No, I didnt mean that, I'm sorry..." luke felt out of place he really didnt mean that he was just shocked that marcus was even going to try to make him have a partner. "Okay listen Marcus because your so kind to me and you let me use this studio i will give it a shot, but if I dont like it, Im done no more partners..got it!" Luke said as he pointed his finger steernly at Marcus.
  10. Kieara was shocked as well. She'd never danced with a partner before. She was excited, but was also nervous. She smiled at the news. She frowned quickly though at his words and seemed to shrink. They stung, but she said nothing. Years of it had made it so she expected it. Marcus glared a little at Luke then spoke to him. "Number one you need to learn to work with others if you really want a job in this business. It's either partner work, you're in the spotlight as the head act, a group, or you don't make it Luke, Number two, I was doing this mainly for Kieara. Her only friend outside of her father is me, I think it would be nice for her to meet someone new, Number three, you need to stop being a shut in and I think some estrogen would do you some good." He said and stood. "and finally, she's never had a partner before I thought that someone like you would be the perfect person to ease her into it. She's mastered solos. As have you."
  11. Marcus sighed and turned to Kieara. "alright okay, I will give it a try, but.." Luke stopped and looked up at Kieara smiling even though she coudlnt tell. "She is thin and she wont look bad dancing with me..I really am sorry about what I said i didnt mean that Kieara." Luke said as he slowly appraoched Kieara, standing inches from her he looked at her, her eyes were actually rather beautiful and they matched her in a weird way. "So what kind of dance will we be going?" Luke said as a smile spread acroos his face
  12. Kieara smiled a bit forgiving him. "It's ok. I'm used to it." she said softly. She could hear him come closer and could feel his body heat near. People for some reason didn't enjoy being close to her so she blushed at it. She listened as Marcus smiled and spoke. "Lyrical. It's very technical, something you're very good at. Both of you, but I figured we'd start out slow, and since partner dances that are lyrical involve a lot of contact there wouldn't be much worry about Kieara getting off spacing or anything. We'll move on to something harder like a jazz routine or something when you're more ready."
  13. Luke looked at Kieara. "well you shouldnt be used to it people shouldnt say stuff like that too you, you deserve better." Luke said as he lsitned to marcus. "lyrical, well jezz thats easy, I hope she wount slpa me when I touch her though." Luke said with a chuckle and waited for instructions.
  14. Marcus laughed and smirked. "Well, lyrical is a lot different with a partner, there's entirely new moves, and since you're the man, there are a lot of lifts that you have to do. Since she's a small lady that shouldn't be a problem." He said to him and then instructed them throught the first few beats. She blushed as he did not used to a partner.
  15. Luke blushed when he said lifting. the thought of dropping her on accident crossed his mind. Luke listned to the first few steps following them as best as he could he was nervous at first, he had never danced with partner before never had to be tis close in contact when dancing with some one and lyrical was very a very intimate dance but Luke tried his best.
  16. Marcus instructed them for a long while then spoke. "The dancing will come easier the better you get to know a person. Today you both looked a little rigid and stiff. So homework, get to know one another, spend some time together. After some time passes it will get better." He said to them.
  17. Luke backed away from her after dancing and looked at her. "so how am I supossed to get to know her better?"
  18. Kieara folded her hands in front of her gently and waited. Marcus rolled his eyes. "Have you never been on a date before?"
  19. Luke stammered back and chuckled. "not since I was in highschool. and i already knew everything about her, and i was into her that way, I mean" Luke's eyes went wide. "I mean not that Im not into you that way, I mean I'm not, but i could be, i mean- Im gonna go get chaged, i hope you like food." Luke said as his head hung low and walked into the dressing rooms and changed into a pair of ripped jeans and a t-shirt. he walked out with his bag and sat on the ground as he laced up his shoes. waiting for his dance partner and new found date to come out. Reaching into his wallet he counted how much money he had, the only thing he had money for was a hot dog stand. 'I cant take her out, she cant read, how would she order?' Luke felt lost and threw his money in the air, only for it to land in his lap. "ugh." luke chuckled and shoved the money back in his wallet and into his pocket.
  20. Marcus knew the boy's frustration. He also let Luke dance there for free. He'd taken a liking to the boy. But dance tuition wasn't cheap so he had money to spare. He smiled and came over. "You'll figure out, she's a lot more versitile than you think." He said handing the boy a $100 bill. "Take her somewhere nice, enjoy yourselves." He said to him. "an outing could do you good." He told the boy. "I'll take care of her father." He said.