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    Adrian is just a fifeen-year-old boy who was thrust into the world of the supernatural, long before he was properly trained. His mother was killed by a vampire, while his father was possessed by a demon, and said demon is still roaming the world.

    His mother left him a book filled with information on supernatural creatures, and how to kill them, as well as how to exorcise demons. It's a dangerous job, he knows that, and he knows that he could easily be killed. However, he carries on, for his mother's sake.

    However, this job scares the absolute shit out of him, which is why he plans to meet some other hunters who can help him along the way.
    Adrian sat in a bar, surrounded by adults who had no clue what was in the small, leather-bound book he was poring over. He'd heard about some strange happenings in this town--almost-naked people roaming the streets at night, seen approaching crucifixes and knocking them over, or seemingly leaving them be, only to realize there are claw marks on them the next morning, and coyote tracks leading away from them--and he'd decided to come check it out. "A Skinwalker?! Are you kidding me?!" Adrian whisper-shrieked, nearly slamming his hands onto the table. "Ugh, I don't have any silver on me, either, this case is gonna be impossible..." he groaned.
  2. Rafaela sat at the bar while she read a newspaper, she was looking for a new case, and it seemed that this city had right what she wanted. A skinwalker, huh? She thought. Discreetly, she picked up her bag and searched for something in it, only to find nothing. Uuuugh... Not enough silveeeer... What happened to all of... Oh, right. Werewolves. She sighed frustrated, and then she noticed that guy. She quietly stood up and walked towards him, she stayed behind him for a while, before leaning in and whispering in his ear.

    "You might wanna be more quiet, you know? I could be a vampire and kill you right in this spot." She said with a smirk.
  3. He let out a shriek of terror, nearly tumbling out of his seat. "I have dead man's blood!" he whispered warningly, pulling out the bottle from his jacket pocket and waving it in her face. "It's a shame that this stuff only works on vampires, though..." He sighed, returning to the book.

    "C'mon, Mom, there has to have been another way to kill these things..." he grumbled, stuffing the bottle back into his jacket. "Ya couldn't've left me a silver switchblade or silver bullets something, nooo, all you left was this stupid book..."
  4. Rafaela sat beside the guy, her eyes stared at the book with wonder.

    "Wow, awesome. So, you're a hunter as well?" She whispered, her hands traveled around her dark brown hair.
  5. "Mm-hm. I've only been one for a few months, though," Adrian said, nodding, glancing up at her.

    "Hey, d'you got a silver dagger, lady? I'm pretty skilled with those, and there's a Skinwalker on the loose. But you probably know that already, huh?"
  6. "I see. I've been one for a year already. That makes me your... How do the Japanese say?...Sempai!" Rafaela laughed. Then she turned serious again.

    "Yeah, that's why I came here. And about the silver dagger... Well... I was hoping that you had one..." She glanced towards the boy with a light blush on her face, she scratched her head and laughed lightly. "...oops?"
  7. Adrian groaned, letting his head fall onto the table. "All the silver I have is my mom's cross necklace. And possibly my switchblade, but for all I know, it's just iron, or steel." He sighed. "Well, it's no big deal, I've got some money on me...I can prob'ly buy a silver dagger, or at least, some silver bullets..." He stood, straightening out his jacket and picking up his book.

    "Wanna come help me look for stuff? If there's one Skinwalker around here, there oughta be a pack of 'em, Mom says."
  8. Rafaela let a smile take over her face, she stood up as well, picking up her bag and putting it on her shoulder.

    "Sure! I'm kind of tired of being alone, ya know. It can get pretty lonely. Also, I have some money as well." Raph tied her dark hair up in a ponytail. "By the way, the name's Rafaela." The girl extended a hand to Adrian, and an accent could be heard from the way she pronounced her name. A Portuguese accent. Portuguese Brazilian to be exact.
  9. Adrian shook her hand, smiling. "Yeah, I hear the job's lonely, unless you've got a partner. It's scary as hell, too...Anyhow, I'm Adrian. Nice to meet you, Rafaela." He swung his own bag over his shoulder, before strolling out of the bar, book in hand. He flipped through it, stopping on a specific page.

    "These are the places Mom would buy her stuff. There's one or two in this town, let's check 'em out," he stated, gently tucking the book into an inside pocket of his jacket. No matter how much he said he hated the damn thing, it was the most important thing to him, both for survival, and just in sentimental value.
  10. Once out of the bar, it was easier to get a better look of Rafaela. Her skin was naturally tanned, her eyes a beautiful color of Hazel. Her eyes were once again staring at the book.

    "Damn, the things a hunter would do to get their hands on this book." She turned her eyes towards Adrian, that was tucking the book into an inside pocket of his jacket. "Well, Adrian, let's keep going, shall we?"
  11. He nodded. "Mm-hm, this thing is filled with all the info I'll ever need. I'm glad Mom was so talented, but I wish she'd trained me..."

    "Y'know, Mom was actually pretty well known in the hunter community, or so I've been told. Have you ever heard of Maya Irana?" he asked, shoving his hands in his pockets, setting off for the address in the book. "A couple of her friends that I've met told me she was the bravest gal they ever met."
  12. Rafaela made a thinking stance, putting her finger on her chin while following Adrian.

    "I... Don't think so. You see, I'm not actually from here, when I was shoved into this world I was still at my country. I'm still not familiarized with the hunter community from here."
  13. "Ohhh, I see," he said, nodding. "I'm actually not too familiar with it, either, but there's one name I know, and that's Winchester. Those guys've been through a lot, I hear, and they're apparently the best hunters out there." He smiled. "I wanna meet them, actually, maybe I could get some tips..."
  14. "Oh, Winchester. This name I know. They're known even in Brazil." Rafaela's smile was now more of a smirk. "Also, they say that they're hot as hell. I wanna meet'em.
  15. "Yeah, I've heard. I've seen pictures, and all I have to say is damn," he laughed, running a hand through his hair. "Especially the taller one, Sam. I dunno what it is, maybe it's the hair."
  16. "I dunno, he looks like a moose to me." She laughed. Rafaela turned her gaze to Adrian, without stopping her walk. "Hey, are we close?"
  17. "If he's a moose, then I'm the queen of England," Adrian laughed. "Oh, yeah, only about another block," he added, glancing around, checking for the landmarks that had been described.
  18. Rafaela laughed with him.

    "Awesome, I can't wait to slain some monsters!" She gave excited little jumps, quickening her steps.
  19. Adrian abruptly turned, strolling into an old shop that looked like it sold antiques. There were old mirrors, guns from the late 1800's, hundreds upon hundreds of small crucifixes that looked to be at least a hundred years old, etc. "Oi, shopkeep," he called. "I'm lookin' for a Bible, and so's my friend."
  20. Rafaela's eyes shone as she watched the shop, everything was so amazing! There was so much things! She looked to the shopkeeper, smiling and waving when she was mentioned.

    "Oh, also, sou you have a necklace cross? I lost mine last week."
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