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  1. Hello! This is a Hunger Games Roleplay, obviously. I'm not even sure if people still do these, but I'm in the mood so I decided to try and start one of these up. I'd love to get as many people as possible. I'm thinking I will start the Roleplay on Friday, October 3rd. We will begin during the 1st day of Training, so that allies and enemy's can be determined before the actual Games.

    Rules (open)

    • There is going to be fighting, obviously. This is The Hunger Games after all. However, don't bully people outside of the roleplay. If I hear of such things you will be kicked out of the roleplay immediately.
    • This isn't so much of a rule as it is a preference: Pictures for looks. It just helps me a lot when it comes to visualizing your character. This is, of course, not required. You can always do a description if you so wish. I just prefer pictures.
    • This is descriptive. Meaning, no script.
    • There can only be one winner. However, if you want to, after your character dies you can request to make a new character to occupy one of the free spots and continue to roleplay.
    • Please use my form. Seriously, it pisses me off when I provide the form and people don't use it. Ugh.
    • Be fair during fighting scenes. If you die, you die. Likewise, you have to give your opponent a chance to fight back. It's a good idea to plan ahead with each other for fighting scenes, in Private Messages or in an OOC thread I will create. Just remember: No one is invincible.
    • You may have up to four characters. BUT: They cannot be from the same district.
    • I think that's it... have fun!

    Spots (open)

    There is a mentor, and two tributes for each District. The Tributes will obviously compete, while their mentors stay in the Capitol gathering money and deciding what resources to send to them, while also enjoying parties and life in the Capitol, of course.
    Black=Normal District)

    District 1: Luxury
    Mentor: Reserved by (Jae)
    Male Tribute: Dice (KAZUAKI)- 18
    Female Tribute: Dorothy (Karuko_TheShifter)-16

    District 2: Missionary
    Mentor: Jenna (Me)-19
    Male Tribute:
    Female Tribute: Crystal/Morgan (Kythii)-18

    District 3: Technology
    Male Tribute: Reserved by D3M0NIX
    Female Tribute: Alexandra (Oniaxis)-14

    District 4: Fishing
    Mentor: John (Oniaxis)
    Male Tribute: Stelios (justic hunt)- 12
    Female Tribute: Maia (Princess of the Teacup)-16

    District 5: Power
    Male Tribute: Andrew/Andy (Kitsune.)- 17
    Female Tribute: Skylar (BloodFang)-16

    District 6: Transportation
    Male Tribute: Daniel (Justice Hunt)-18
    Female Tribute: Reserved by Hikari-chan (光ちゃん)

    District 7: Lumber
    Male Tribute: Kyler (Me)-18
    Female Tribute: Farren (EtherealLights)- 17

    District 8: Textiles
    Male Tribute:
    Female Tribute: Reserved by Julchen

    District 9: Grain
    Male Tribute:
    Female Tribute:

    District 10: Livestock
    Male Tribute: Ronin (Jamie64)-14
    Female Tribute: Breanne (Me)-17

    District 11: Agriculture
    Male Tribute: Eric (AStarvingNigerian)-17
    Female Tribute: Reserved by ( Rnason )

    District 12: Mining
    Male Tribute: Jack (Kazuaki Bara)- 18
    Female Tribute: Vee (VeeTheAbnormalOreo)-17

    Character Skeleton (open)

    Extra (Optional):

    My Characters:

    Breanne ♀ (open)


    "It's just, uh, Brea."
    Breanne (Brea) Grace Herman

    "Old enough to be in the games."

    "District 10. We don't do much."
    10 (Livestock)

    "I don't really like to fight, actually."
    When she was younger, her and her brothers made a game of taking kitchen knives and throwing them at cans. Whoever got the least amount of points had to do the dishes. Because of this, she's good with throwing knives, and her aim is amazing.

    "Well... I can't think of any. Nothing special, anyways."
    She can swim, though swimming is a rare occurrence in her District. It is something the children to do after rain and the big dips have filled with water. Brea can also climb tree's, even the skinniest ones. She's light on her feet, and can walk silently. She's also got a good poker face.

    "There's really not much to know about my life."
    ~ She has two older brothers. (Axel and Theo) ~
    ~ Her father died when she was young. ~
    Her mother works in the slaughterhouse for the livestock. ~
    ~ Brea started working when she was ten. She helps feed all the animals and clean the pens. ~
    She will always stand up for others, but never herself. ~
    ~ She's great with secrets. ~
    ~ Has only had one boyfriend in her life, and he was reaped. He didn't make it back home. ~
    ~ Tends to keep to herself. ~
    ~ Doesn't think she's going to make it back to her District. ~

    Jenna ♀ (open)

    "Call me Jenna."
    Jennifer Marie Hart

    "Age doesn't matter once you're no longer old enough to be reaped.."

    "District 2, babes."
    2 (Missionary)

    "Please, what can I NOT wield?"
    Because District 2 takes the games so seriously, they train the most promising children in the district and decides which 18 year old each year gets to volunteer for the games. It was actually Jenna's ability to use every weapon they could provide that earned her the spot as the Female Tribute last year.

    "This could take a while."
    As stated before, Jenna is very good with weapons. However, that does not do her any good in the Capitol, where she will be spending most of her time these games. So, as of now, her most useful skills is the art of persuasion as well as her ability to get along with most people. Seriously, who wouldn't fund her kiddo's?

    "You ask too many questions."
    ~ She won the games last year. ~
    ~ Very popular in the Capitol, because she knows how to put on a good show. ~
    Is very proud of her district. ~
    ~ Is not afraid to be a little promiscuous to get what she needs. ~
    She is very popular back in her district. ~
    ~ Even though she comes from District two, she gets along with mentors from other districts. ~
    ~ Has a dog back home, named Pooch. ~

    Kyler ♂ (open)



    Kyler Maxon Stokes

    "Eighteen, babe."

    "The district of Lumber."
    7 (Lumber)

    "Anyone here can use an ax."
    Kyler has been chopping trees since a very young age, and so he is very comfortable with an Ax. He and his friends used to play games where they could see who could throw them the furthest and still hit a target, so his aim has become amazing.

    "I don't have many, honestly."
    Kyler is very quick on his feet, and good with coming up with a plan on the spot. He's also very strong, from carrying around wood all his life, and so heavy lifting is nothing to him. With the combination of his reflexes and muscles, Kyler is very good at hand-to-hand combat. Not to mention, he's great at climbing trees.

    "I think we've covered everything."
    ~ Kyler plans to join the Careers, even though his district is not a Career district. ~
    ~ He can be very cocky sometimes. ~
    He's sometimes a flirt, but while he's in the games he's going to try to control himself. ~
    ~ He volunteered this year, because otherwise a twelve year old would be competing. ~
    He gets upset when people below 15 years old get reaped, because he thinks they stand no chance. ~
    ~ Hates the games with all his heart, and will openly speak out against the Capitol. ~
    ~ Despises all Capitol related events. ~
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  2. Appearance:
    Picture was too big :3

    "Alexandra Ruth Birmingham."


    "Um...District 5"
    District 3(Technology.)

    Practiced swinging a wrench for fun growing up, might wield a mace
    "I don't expect to live that long...."
    She knows how to disable mines, or work with any electric mechanism to an extent

    I like what you did with her giving the answers as if she was being asked, and I hope you don't mind that I copied it :3
  3. ((WIP))

    Crystal R. Morgan.

    "Does it really matter? I'm here."

    "The one with the big two on the seal.
    District 2: Masonry.

    "Brain. You can kill someone with practically anything you can get your hands on if you know how to use it."
    Morgan's good with Bows, Daggers, and Makeshift Weapons.

    "... Witty come backs."
    Along with her weapon skills, she's very inventive and can make a weapon or trap out of almost anything.
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  4. Don't mind at all, I'll add your character to the list. Hopefully more people join.
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  5. Do you plan on finishing?
  6. [​IMG]
    Jack Caster

    Prefers spear
    Hand to Hand , skill with a spear from hunting, knows how to survive in wilderness , athlete build ( keeps fit)
    Extra (Optional)
    Jack started to train for the hunger games since his older sister was killed by one of district one volunteers in the last hunger games . This year he volunteered as tribute hoping to see the same kid who killed his sister, He likes to play the guitar when he is alone since it reminds him of his sister.

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  7. Finished, I believe.
    As long as you're alright with it~ ^^
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  8. Wow, This sure got more interesting :), can't wait for it to start up! Speaking of which, how many people do you want?
  9. we need more guys XD i dont want to be the only guy
  10. May I reserve District 11 female and District 2 male tributes?
  11. ( May I join as District 12 female ? If so I'll post my character tomorrow.)
  12. S.jpg
    Name: Stelios Margaritis
    District: 4
    Weapon: Special hand crafted knife his father made him
    Skills: He is great at throwing and using knives, he is really flexible so he can go under and over objects easier and faster, He can climb but gets into trouble easily
    -He lost his mom in the hunger games and his dad was jailed for stealing food, He lives on the streets-
    -He is really reliable-
    -Hates being alone
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  13. I'd like as many people as possible. We'll probably start tomorrow (if not, definitely Saturday) with whoever has joined.
  14. You may! Nice to see you join, by the way! Your reservations have been made.
  15. Your reservation has been made, I look forward to seeing your character. (Also: I love your gif for your signature.)
  16. Terribly sorry, but the Spot for the District 2 male has already been claimed. Perhaps you can choose another District? If you are interested in being a Career the District 4 and 1 males are still open. Again, sorry.
  17. ill be district 4
  18. Thanks! I'm glad. ^_^

  19. Thank you so much! I love Sword Art Online.
  20. Name: Desiree Isold Jordan
    : [​IMG]
    Age: 17
    District: 11
    Weapon: Sickles. Also is skilled with knives, axes, and spears. Can hold her own with spears, but isn't great with them.
    Skills?: Climbing is definitely her best attribute. She also possesses higher than average stamina and stealth. She doesn't require much food, water, or sleep due to having adjusted to living with very slight amounts of those things. She also can hold her breath for extended periods, and knows nature very well, giving her an advantage in finding food and water and places to hide.


    Appearance: [​IMG]
    : Larkin 'Ash' Ambrose
    Age: 17
    District: 2
    Weapon: Blades of any form, preferably katanas. However, when these aren't an option, he will use just about anything he can get his hands on.
    Skills?: Whittling is something he grew up doing, and he has become exceptional at it. Along with this, he grew up training with a vast variety of weapons. He also has high pain tolerance, flexibility, patience, and knows how to communicate in both sign language and morse code.
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