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  1. "Talon, can you come out and help some customers?" Abigail called out to one of her newer employees in the stock room.

    The man in question looked up from the box he was sorting through and nodded to his employer. "Yes ma'am. I'll be right there." Talon set his clipboard down and walked out to the main floor of the large bookstore he worked at. He had started the job about a month ago but during his time, he had worked very hard to learn everything he could to help out as many customers as he could. This was the largest bookshop in a town that was known for the college campus so they catered to a good amount of college students that needed books for their classes.

    Dressed in dark jeans and a simple grey v-neck shirt, the man ran a hand through his hair and walked over to meet the student that was in need of finding some textbooks. Smiling, he took the book list and began to lead the student through the aisles of shelves so that they could find the exact books he needed. "Alright. So it looks like we just need one more book from your list and it should be right around this corner." Carrying some of the books for the freshman, he turned down one more aisle and went to look for the book they needed. He saw that they had one more copy on the shelves and reached out to grab it.
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  2. "Yea, Mom, I'll call you back later on. I've gotta concentrate on book shopping," Katrina said into her phone as she pulled her list out and unfolded it, using her free hand to open the front door of the local bookshop.

    "Okay sweetheart, I love you so much and have fun," a female voice said on the other end of the line, followed by a distant male voice assumed to be Kat's father yelling something unintelligible. The mother and daughter said their goodbyes and hung up, leaving Katrina in the quietness of the bookshop, much to her content. Having been a sophomore at the college, Kat knew pretty much where every book she needed was. She walked around silently, grabbing book after book as she went down the list. By the time she reached the last book on her list, her right arm was nearly overflowing with books. "Maybe a basket wouldn't have been such a bad idea..." she whispered to herself as she sighed softly.

    "The History of Music." As Katrina looked around for the final book she needed, she allowed herself to frown for only a moment before her lips turned upward in a smile as she spotted it. And it was the last one. Hurrying over, she set her other books down quickly and reached up on her tiptoes, silently cursing her shortness as she reached for the book. Just as her fingers brushed the book, she felt the skin of someone else and immediately realized she wasn't the only one needing the book. Her natural instincts kicked in and she pulled her hand back with a small sigh. she could barely even reach the book, so she knew she wouldn't be the first to reach it. Shrinking back to her normal height, Kat looked up at the male that was reaching for the book then quickly noticed someone else. Must be a freshman. "Sorry about that," she said simply, completely unaware of the light blush that started to color her cheeks, her entire focus on the man. She couldn't say she recognized him, giving away that he must have been new. Kneeling down and retrieving her books, she decided not to go anywhere by some odd chance that she would be able to get the book.
  3. Talon's eyes widened when he saw the other hand that bumped into his as they both reached for the textbook. He looked to the woman and found himself stunned by her beauty. Her dark hair and piercing blue eyes were just stunning to him. Seeing the blush on the woman's cheek, he smiled and grabbed the book from the shelf. It was obvious that both of them needed this book. Looking at the textbook, he cleared his throat and smiled to the young woman. "It's alright, miss. It would seem that both of you need this textbook. If you'd be willing to wait, I believe we have more of these books in the storage room. I can run and get one for you, if you'd like." He continued to hold the book in his hand, hoping that the woman wouldn't mind waiting. He knew for a fact that they had more books in the back and all he needed to do was grab a copy for either one of them.

    However, he was hopeful that the lovely lady would be willing to wait. If he could give this copy to his customer, he'd be able to talk to the lovely lady a little longer while he went to get her book and assist her with anything else she needed. Giving her a charming smile, he waited to see what her answer would be.
  4. Just as the man looked at her, Kat found herself frozen in her spot at how handsome he truly he was. She thought she could just go swimming in his eyes and his hair...words can't describe how much she immediately found herself wanting to run her fingers through it just to see how soft it truly was. Realizing she was just standing there and staring like an idiot, even though he had asked her a question, Katrina blinked furiously a couple of times and put on a small smile as she laughed nervously. "Um...yeah, that's fine. I don't mind waiting," she told him as she glanced at the book. Her nerves were telling her to just turn and run away to keep from embarrassing herself, but her need for one of the books kept her there. How was she supposed to study if she didn't even have a book to study with. Not to mention it would give her a chance to talk to the stranger.

    Remembering the other student there, she put two and two together and assumed he was getting the books for the freshman. "You can have it," she said a bit too quickly, ignoring the strange look she was given. At that point, she didn't care. She just wanted to give up precious study time and get to know the mystery man instead.
  5. Talon grinned when he heard that the girl was willing to wait while he went to grab the other book for her. Nodding to her, he looked to the freshman that he had been helping and offered the book to him. "Here you go. That should be everything on your list. Is there anything else I can help you find?" He asked the boy as he handed the book and his list to the student. The guy shook his head and thanked the man before heading towards the counter to check out.

    Turning back to the woman, he saw the stack of books in her arms and knew that she was a student as well. He admired her beautiful hair and the way it framed her face. Her eyes were so entrancing, almost like staring at a full moon on a clear night. Talon quickly realized that he was staring and shook his head to get him out of his trance. He cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck. "S-sorry about that... Um, please follow me and I can get you a copy of the book you need." He motioned for her to walk with him as they moved through the shelves to get to the door to the stock room. As they walked, he turned to look at her and realized that he hadn't introduced himself.

    "My name is Talon. If you need any help finding anything else, then I'd be happy to help."
  6. Katrina silently watched as the other student took the book and left without a word. Normally she would have said hey or something, but she was a bit too focused on the beautiful man in front of her. When she looked back over to him, the blush grazing her cheeks grew immensely as she realized that he was staring at her, and his reaction when he realized it caused her to let out a soft giggle. "Umm...don't worry about it. It's perfectly fine," she said softly as she looked up at him and quickly followed alongside him.

    She looked around as she followed him into the stockroom, amazed at the amount of books in it. She barely heard him introduce himself, though she was glad she did. Now she could put a name to a face. "I'm Katrina, but Kat or KC are fine as well," she said, introducing herself as well with a wide grin before continuing. "And I will try not to be too difficult," she said before giggling once more, something she always did when she was nervous.

    "I know where most everything in the shop is from spending so much time in here last year, but if I do need help then I'll make sure to come to you," she added as she smiled, but it faltered as she felt her books slipping out of her grip. Even as she tried to regain her hold on them, it was no use as they found their way to the floor in a scattered mess. "Oh God, I am so sorry..." She said quickly, dropping to her knees and beginning to pick up the books carefully so she didn't mess any of them up. She was glad her hair was hiding her face due to the fact that her entire face had to be fire truck red from the embarrassment she was experiencing.
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  7. Talon smiled and lead the girl through the shelves of the stock room. Finding the textbook section, he turned around just in time to see Katrina stumble and drop her books onto the floor. He rushed forward to try and help her catch some of the books. He was able to grab one out of the air but the rest fell to hit the ground between them. "Whoa. Are you alright? Don't worry about this." He knelt down to help her grab some of her books. He looked up at her and could see a blush on her cheeks. Smiling, he stood up and held five of her books in his hands. "Besides, I've dropped more than this before. When I started working here, I got over-ambitious and tried to carry two boxes of books at once. I was walking and tripped causing those books to scatter all around me."

    He chuckled and gave her a cheesy grin, hoping that his silly story would end up making her smile. Looking to the bookshelf, he grabbed the book that she needed. He added it to the stack that he was holding and reached out to take more of the books that she was holding until he had all of her books.

    "Let me carry these for you, Katrina. Are there any other books you need? I'll be happy to grab you any more books that you need." Talon held the books and smiled to the woman before him. He hoped that she would need a little more help because he would like to spend more time with her and learn more about her.
  8. Katrina quickly picked up the rest of the books, silently glad that he had helped her. She couldn't help but laugh softly at his silly story as she stood up and pushed her hair out of her face. When he offered to carry the books, Kat hesitated before cautiously handed him the books. "Um...thank you," she said softly as she looked up at him happily. "Actually I think that's all the books I need, but I could always act like I need more as a coverup to spend more time here," she said with a joking tone even though she was completely serious.

    "So, Talon, do you just work here or are you some mysterious student I've never seen before?" she asked with a smile as she made her way back out of the stockroom and into the open bookshop. She turned to look at him as she pulled a black beanie out of her back pocket and slipped it over her hair to keep it out of her face, a small laugh escaping her lips.
  9. Talon looked at the young woman and chuckled as she joked about pretending to need more just to spend more time in the bookshop. He hoped that he was part of why she wanted to stick around. "Well, if you want to kill time, I suggest the mystery or adventure section. Those are the areas where I lose track of time," he said as he gave her a charming grin and winked.

    When she asked him about being a student, he shook his head. "No, I'm no mysterious student. I moved here at the beginning of the summer with some friends and started working here maybe six weeks ago. I don't attend the local college but I take some online classes when my schedule allows. What do you study, Miss Katrina? Looking at the assortment of topics, it's a little tough to tell," he said as he glanced at the stack of books he carried for her. The topics were very different so he honestly had no clue what the lovely lady's major was. As he held the books, he tried to make sure that he was discretely showing off his toned arms.
  10. [BCOLOR=#000000]"I love both so lead the way, Mr. Talon,"[/BCOLOR] Kat said with a small giggle as she moved aside so he could show her the way. When he asked about her major, she glanced over at the books with a small laugh. "It can be a bit confusing at times. I'm majoring in Music Education, but I'm also Minoring in The medical field," she said with a small smile, taking note of the strange arrangement of books. "Two very different careers but I love them both, music just a bit more though," Kat said with a smile as she began playing with her hair.

    As they began to walk, she glanced up at Talon, taking in his features carefully. His strong jaw was sharp and quite noticeable, and his hair. No words could describe it. And his blue eyes. It seemed there was almost something supernatural about him. "So, tell me a bit about yourself, stranger," Katrina said happily as she glanced around the bookshop, noticing it emptying out a bit. "Maybe I should go. By the looks of it, this place is pretty empty...Better yet, nevermind. Where are you from?" she asked as she looked over at him. She was about to just walk away from the hottest guy she's ever seen. What the hell was wrong with her?
  11. Hearing her request to be taken to the mystery and adventure section, he grinned and happily started to walk towards his favorite section of the bookstore. He looked at her as she told him about her major and minor. It was quite an interesting combo but he smiled when he watched her playing with her hair. "A very interesting combo but I like it. You can heal with medical knowledge and music."

    He looked at her with a raised eyebrow when she began to ask about him. He turned the corner and walked up to the shelves that had some of his favorite books. "Me? Well, there's not much to be told..." He heard her mentioned leaving but let out a small sigh of relief when she agreed to stay. "I'm from a lot of places. My family moved around a lot when I was young. I lived mostly in the country cause my parents didn't really like the city crowd. A few years ago, I went out on my own and found some friends that liked to travel as much as I did. What about you? Are you a local?"
  12. "Well, I was actually born in Argentina after my dad married an American woman. Needless to say I look like my mom. I moved the States when I was 4 and pretty much grew up here. That's why I don't have much of an accent but if you were to ask me to say something in Spanish, I could. So it really depends on what you mean by local," Kat said as she smiled a bit and began looking through the books and stuff. Her eyes lingered on one before she grabbed it and held onto it.

    "The Retribution of Mara Dyer. I've read the first two books of the trilogy but have yet to read the last one. I could never find it until now," she explained as she motioned to the book. "I hear it's good."
  13. Listening as she told him about her heritage, he was impressed and could tell that part of her appearance indeed came from her Argentine background. They stopped by the shelves and he let his eyes scan the shelves for some of his favorite books. He also made sure that everything was stocked as well. When she grabbed the book in her hand, he grinned and nodded. "That book is fantastic. I've read the whole series so far and it's amazing. What other kind of books do you like to read?"

    Talon leaned carefully against the shelf and tucked one of his hands in the front pocket of his jeans. He admired the woman that was talking to him, hoping that they would have plenty in common to possibly garner more chances for them to get to know each other more. He had to spend more time with this woman. Something about her was like a drug to him. He needed to know more.
  14. Katrina smiled widely as he told her that he had read the books, a small laugh escaping her lips. "Anything with a mainly mysterious plot with a touch of romance is my cup of root beer," she said with a small laugh as she held the book close to her and leaned back against the wall. I love The Mortal Instruments series and The Archived series," she added happily as she looked up at him, her phone beginning to buzz in her pocket. Answering it, she sighed softly. "Yea...mhm...fine...I'll be there in a few minutes," she said before hanging up and looking over at Talon.

    "I have to go help my roommate do her makeup for her date tonight, but I would love to hang out with you tonight," she said a bit nervously as she looked down and began rocking onto the balls of her feet. "I mean we don't have to if you don't want to...It was just a...suggestion..."
  15. Talon chuckled at her phrase and smiled when she listed off books that he enjoyed too. That was one thing he thoroughly enjoyed about working in the bookshop was the chance to talk to people that loved the same things as him. His packmates were amazing and he felt a great kinship to them but it was tough sometimes because many of them didn't like reading. They didn't understand the joys of reading like he did.

    He was pulled from his thoughts when he heard her phone buzzing. No... that meant someone needed her and she would have to leave. He let her answer, hoping that she wouldn't have to leave just yet. Darn the luck, she had to go to help a friend. He smiled gently and nodded. Then she mentioned hanging out tonight. Talon's eyes widened and he grinned in delight. "Oh really? Well, that sounds like better plans than I had. I know this great pub on the edge of downtown with gelato, pretzels, and delicious beer. Or if you'd prefer something else, we could pick any of the local cafes to go to."
  16. "I love gelato. Not too keen on beer but I'll have to try it if you say it's that good," Katrina said with a wide grin as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Say....8?" She asked as she looked up at him heading over to the checkout counter and placing her book down before taking a few books at a time from him.

    "That'll give me enough time to do my friend's makeup and then for me to get ready," she said happily as she smiled and took the books back, turning to face him.
  17. Hearing that she liked gelato, he grinned and knew that she would love the European pub he wanted to take her to. As they walked to the counter to check out, he started to plan what he would need to do after work before meeting with Katrina. He handed her the books while his co-worker behind the counter scanned them. "8 sounds good to me. Would you like to meet at the pub? If not, we could meet here and then walk downtown. It's not too far." He ignored the look from his co-worker, knowing that the girl had been teasing him about getting a girlfriend.

    When her purchase was done, he walked towards the front door with her and held the door open for her. "So, I'll see you at 8?" He ran a hand through his hair and gave her a charming grin.
  18. Smiling softly, Katrina pointed to where she was standing, blushing lightly as he held the door open for her. "Right here. I don't mind walking," she said happily as she looked up at him. Seeing him running his hand through his hair, she couldn't help but stare as she smiled a bit more. "8," she said simply before running her hand through her own hair and looked down, heading off towards her apartment that she shared with her roommate, Phoenix.

    When she walked in, she was immediately ushered into the bathroom which was set out with different makeups. "Okay, okay..." she said as she sat her books down followed by her friend. While Kat did Phoenix's makeup, she told her about Talon and exactly what she thought of him, earning several teasing comments from her friend.
  19. Talon nodded when she told him to meet her right back here in front of the shop. He gave her a playful salute. "Yes ma'am. I will see you at 8." After she left, he went back to work and finished up his project of restocking. The rest of the day went by quickly and once he clocked out, he hurried back to the house he shared on the edge of town with a few of his packmates. Walking inside, he waved to his friends as they lounged on the couch. They welcomed him to join in for some pizza and beer but he shook his head. "No thanks, man. I'm heading out for gelato in a bit. Just had to change clothes!" Before they could start to tease him, he raced upstairs to his room and changed from his grey t-shirt into a nice button-up and a vest. Talon checked his hair and made sure he looked nice before jogging back downstairs and out the door before his friends could stop him to inquire.

    He zipped back to the bookshop and sat down on one of the benches outside to wait for Katrina. He was excited to see her again and find out why he was so entranced by this beautiful woman. Leaning his head back, he looked up at the moon and felt his blood racing inside him. His eyes flashed as his wolf side pulsed inside him. If he weren't waiting for Katrina, he would have shifted and gone for a nice, long run tonight under the bright silver moon.
  20. After her friend left, Katrina changed into a pair of her favorite shorts, showing off her tattoo on her leg, and her black crop top. Taking her time, she carefully curled her hair and pinned it back before washing her face and doing her makeup. When she finished, she slipped in her naval ring, as well as her earrings and her cuff earring. As she looked over herself, she added a black bracelet and slipped on her bright red pumps, taking in her full appearance. "Not bad if I do say so myself," she whispered softly as she nodded to herself.

    Changing her phone case, she slipped it into her back pocket and grabbed her clutch, walking downstairs and heading out, making her way back to the bookstore. Just as she walked up, she noticed something going on with his eyes, but decided she was seeing things as she placed a smile on her face. "Glad to see you didn't stand me up," she said with a small blush as she raised an eyebrow at him.

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