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How well do you see color?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Jerelin, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. I wish I could do these one at a time so that the other spectrums aren't in my peripheral vision while I'm trying to concentrate! x.x
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  2. 4

    This makes me happy since I need to see color ranges for my day job ^_^
  3. 4!

    That's way better than I expected.
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  4. I also got 4!
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  5. 29
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  6. Your score: 3

    Nabs... Considering I'm doing this on a dirty laptop monitor, and didn't bother to wipe my glasses beforehand.

    Interestingly enough, my vision messed up between blue and green, right where my favorite color is located.
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  7. 4.

    Seems to be the average.

  8. Either that or we are on a forum with artistically talented people? ;)
  9. I got a
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    ...but, I
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  10. I AM BLIND
  11. I got a 26. The screen kept wobbling on me... Though I don't know if I should be blaming that or not...
  12. First time I did it I got a 3. Yesterday I got 8, so I'm going to roll with a 5.

    All those art classes did actually pay off. Still, I never want to see a colour wheel again. Fuck colour wheels.
  13. *burns his art degree*
  14. Artistically talented? *chokes on her tea* I can barely draw stick figures, so I guess that correlation doesn't really exist :D
  15. The ability to differentiate hue and colour is probably not a big indicator of artistic talent. It can just be helpful for those who like detail in colour, and can draw.
  16. I got 44 O-O
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