How Twilight Works

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  1. She kiss him back deeply.
  2. Anyways, I will get to work on a post.
  3. Decided to go in between. Large, but not crazy large. Mmm...although I suppose that depends whom is asking.
  4. (I kinda just need someone to talk to. We weren't even supposed to go down to the pond/lake by our school and he was fishing with a friend of ours. He was trying to get a canoe and got stuck in the algae in the pond\lake and drowned.)


    I nodded and touched his cheek again, "Well there has to be something we could do?" She whispered
  5. (I’m so so sorry. I’m here to talk and be of comfort in anyway that I can)


    He shrugged and attempted to reach for her hand but noticed that the dog needed attention still “We could attempt to do something. I don’t want him to uh...try anything murderous again.”
  6. (Its not easy to stop thinking about it but maybe doing this could help but I'm not sure.)

    Clare :

    I look up at him and nod "Yeah I know, well Do you wanna go to the guest room so we can talk" I ask softly and gently place my hand on his arm
  7. (Yeah that's probably best.)


    I smiled softly at him and plopped down next to him, my hair was a mixture of pink, yellow and blue. "I know but I really think that he deserves to be punished in some way. I don't know much about him buhe won't even try to find a job to support her. If I was in his shoes and I was a guy I'd be busting my ass try into help her."
  8. (It’s not a problem. Sleep tight.)


    He blinked in surprise as he wrapped an arm around her and patted her head “Of course. You are basically family to me. And I wouldn’t worry too much about Mari. She won’t be hurting long, not if I have anything to say about it.”
  9. “You don’t know Melody’s feeding times do you?” Kunari scoff.
  10. (How are you this morning)


    I looked at him with a smile and reached up to play with his hair. Her hair went an even darker pink then it was. "You do?" She asked softly "I think that it will all work itself out. "
  11. Clare:

    "You really feel that way Bram?" I said softly and gently played with his hair. "I love being around you too."
  12. Bram

    He nodded “That sounds good. You know what, I can probably cook up some stuff real quick. I think we have some good ingredients lying around the house. Why don’t you go wake up Mari?” He suggested with a smile
  13. “If she fights and learn well, I don’t see why not.” Kunari smile at Ashley, “You’ll make mommy proud won’t you?”
  14. "I forgot that she wasn't."
  15. “She's not.”
  16. Clare:

    I giggled softly, " Bram's making breakfast and then we were planning on taking the dogs for a walk."
  17. "You all want his attention."
  18. Clare:

    I can feel myself grimace and I look over at Bram. I look at Jack again, I just thought maybe we could help." I say and look at the plate that was in front of me "Thanks Sweetie it looks Delicious"
  19. Bram

    He grinned "Glad to hear it." He watched both as Mari and Jack ate, a smile present on his sister's lips

    "See?" She claimed with a grin, pointing her fork at him "This is why you can't just vanish for three years. You are the only good cook in the family tree, I swear it."