How Often Do You Get Laid?

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How Often Do You Get Laid?

  1. I'm a non-stop sex-bot!

  2. Cople times a day

  3. Once a day

  4. Cople times a week

  5. Once a week

  6. Cople times a month

  7. Once a month

  8. A few times a year

  9. I'm a asexual alien maskuerading in human form!

  10. Currently waiting....

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  1. Simple poll, simple kuestion... how often do you get some action? :)))

    And... a-ah. Masturbation dont count hehe!


    Had a hard time choosing betwen Once or Cople times per day, but I chose Once, since thats a bit more common for me then Cople times. Unfortunatly... :(
  2. 21 (Almost 22) year old virgin over here. :P
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  3. Awww... we'd have to do something to change that sweety... *predatory smirk* :)
  4. *Looks at a beehive*
    *Picks it up and walks off*

    I'm good.
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  5. I am an asexual alien masquerading in human form.

    What is a libido?
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  6. Well then...

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  7. The feeling of.... powaaaa.... UN-LIMITED POWAAAA... betwen your legs. *manic cackle as lightning shoots out*
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  8. In a relationship my numbers would be higher, but I was in a distance relationship from Jan-Jun and haven't really wanted to date again yet. Had a few casual encounters but the average for the year is pretty low

    Rather a few good times in a year than a steady rate of dissatisfaction pressure and stress though

    I also have a pretty low sex drive (a psych test on the subject placed me at 4 on a scale of 1-14) and consider myself demisexual. I need to like someone as a person and feel a connection with them to want to have sex with them
  9. Hey, take it from me, the best sex often comes from casual enconters/one night stands. More... spontaneus, less... formulaic.
  10. Another virgin alie*Cough*Asexual here. Gosh, *clears throat* am I getting a cold? hehe. *nervously twists*

    I'm not particularly fond of even kissing another person, actually the exchange of saliva disgusts me, so open mouth kissing is pretty ugh. Not fond of the idea of stuff going up down there either. Tried a few times with fingers, but in the end I just never saw or felt the appeal and never did it again. If my fingers don't have access to my insides, then neither will a penis. (Too much information? GUUD)

    Skin against skin touching in general just isn't my thing. While I'm not disgusted by the thought of someone touching my arm, I do feel uncomfortable with it. I have one friend who can touch, hug and cling onto me freely without it feeling weird at all, but I have no desire to get into bed with her... Well... Technically we have slept in the same bed multiple times but... I wouldn't have sex with her D: I can cuddle with her. Cuddling while watching a movie is nice. Especially a horror movie. That's my alien version of sex :D
  11. what. the. actual. fuck.
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  12. Damn so many aliens on this forum! O_o call the XCOM extermination squad!
  13. Earlier this year was twice a day (More or less), switched to couple times a week a few months ago so I'll go with that. Yay for hypersexuality n therapy n shit yo.
  14. actually none of my encounters this year were one night stands. Also everyone is different; some like to settle into a routine, others crave spontaneity. I fall somewhere in between.
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  15. Le GASP! I would NEVER take part in such activities. Has the human race have no SHAME anymore???????? I miss the good old days where there were respect. Just sitting on my front lawn, looking at my massive piece of land and my s... hired farmers.

    But in actuality, no. I probably could have a few times, BUUUUUUUTTTTT I decided not to because I'm a pure boy :D :D :D :D
  16. Verrrry convincing.... :P
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  17. You know, I didn't even think about being convincing or not DX Believe what you wanna believe though, it's the truth XD (Except the first part, that was just me having fun)
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  18. You realy need a good hard squeeze... *krc* XOXO
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  19. -Calls headquarter-
    Sir, they're onto us, I think it's time to drop the bomb. Take the big one!
  20. *pins the alien-chick to the wall and injects her vith a huge hormone injection*

    Too late for you now, time to FEEL THE POWAAA!
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