How Much Personal Space Do You Observe?

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  1. I'm honestly just bored and curious, so I'm asking Iwaku to share this detail with me. How much distance do you like? Does it vary based on how well you know someone? I want to know.

    Personally, I actually don't have much personal space. So long as there isn't any sexual contact, people can be as close to me as they like. I'm even fine with kisses(though my girlfriend isn't so I've avoided that lately). I actually end up keeping away from people, not because I feel awkward, but because I don't want to make them feel awkward. Just the idea that I could be violating someone's space without recognizing it makes me put some distance. Not sure if this is just a me thing.
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  2. I always prefer that some space be between me and another person. I get extremely uncomfortable and awkward when people want to sit close to me, hug me, or even shake hands with me. I just really don't like being touched. Especially without warning or permission. That includes my family members, unfortunately.

    That doesn't apply to my son or boyfriend, however. The three of us are tight like spandex.
  3. My typical rule on hugs is that I am nervous to initiate, but if you show that you like them, then I don't hesitate even a little bit. I also really like sitting next to someone I'm fond of and just laying against them or in their lap. The actual number of people I can get away with this is sadly not very large. My nerd friends are too self-aware.
  4. Generally I don't get annoyed by the "Standing kind of close it's weird" thing like others do, though I imagine that's just part of my Autism.
    Therapy taught me to respect others personal space, but hard wiring me to have the same uncomfortableness is a bit more tricky (and honestly, pointless to try to train into someone).

    But physical contact like hugging?
    I'm 'usually' fine with greeting hugs, but that's it.
    And more so with family member's than with friends.
    And younger cousins (as in significantly younger, all my cousins are in fact younger than me by some extent) get a lot more leeway when it comes to hugs, normally to the point I'm the one initiating the good-bye and hello hugs.

    Anything closer or more intimate in nature I tend to shy away from.
    Exception being if I like/am attracted to said person.
  5. For me, it's all a matter of context and contact. If you're someone I know or you know someone that I know or you just look like an all around friendly person, feel free to bring it on for a hug, handshake, whatever. If you're someone I don't know or you look kinda shady, you can bring it in for a handshake, a fist bump or even some dap. I tend to be a pretty physically affectionate person, so when I'm with those or around those who are of the same frame of mind, personal space is all just a matter of preference and boundaries.
  6. i dont like people being close to me

    conversely, i like to penetrate others' personal space. because when someone isn't 100% comfortable, they're easier to screw with. OR because they're around you, they feel a little safer. either way, emotion got shifted the direction i need it to be.
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  7. I love my personal space. Just standing next to someone tends to make me feel uncomfortable even if said person is a friend or part of my family. I don't like people being close to me. I don't like people touching me. I don't like being in the same damn room with people I don't know.

    The first time one of my best friends hugged me, I was hella confused at first and all like What's happening!? What are you doing to me!? Stahp it! but then I awkwardly hugged her back. Few of my friends really seem to like hugging and I don't know how to tell them it makes me really uncomfortable so I just take those hugs of doom like a man. What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger, right?
  8. I hate people, so I prefer as much space as possible. I like sitting close to friends, but only close enough for us to hear each other talk. There was a friend in college who liked giving hugs. I liked her, and...well, let's just say she had two big motivators for accepting the hug. Even still, I never got fully comfortable doing it. I like hugs, but prefer them to be from a family member or someone I'm dating.

    I'm comfortable with at most three or four other people in my personal life, so my personal space is less a bubble and more an entire neighborhood. What few friends I have live nowhere near me, and I'm often alone at home.

    I've been getting lonesome a lot. :(

  9. Hug attack!
  10. Don't be too sad for me. It's a holiday coming up, so I'll be spending all day with the family Sunday.
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  11. Don't touch me. >:[

    Don't stand close to me. >:[

    In fact, the farther people are from me physically the happier I am. O___O

    There's maybe three people on the planet that can touch or hug on me and I don't get all stiff and teeth grindy.

    And I can tolerate a slightly larger amount of people in the room with me when they're ones I'm familiar with.

    I dun like strangers at all, and OH GOD I HATE HANDSHAKES WITH STRANGERS. THAT IS THE WORST. ;___;
  12. I actually feel really uneasy when I'm alone. Even in those times where my senses are in burnout and I'm actively seeking isolation so I can reboot, I feel a sort of ... I don't know, chilly? I've always been pretty hands-on by default, and it's something I've had to cope with over the years, not having a lot of friends who accept unwarranted physical proximity.
  13. I know the feeling. I call it being an "extravert".

    I might be even a step further, as I actually enjoy being tired in the presense of others. Wearing myself out after a day of being at top energy and having tons of fun just sounds ideal to me.
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  14. I have a pretty big bubble, actually. I'm not a hugger unless I really know/like that person. There are a few people I'm very affectionate with, but for the most part, hugs make me nervous and end up being awkward, a handshake is alright, though I don't like touching people's hands (never know what else they've touched).
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  15. I want people to not touch or even come near me unless I am talking to them. My bubble is a bit much but eh.
  16. Stay a foot away from me when talking and we're good. No face touching or hugging unless I initiate it, otherwise it looks needy. If you're okay with looking needy then go ahead. Back patting/shoulder touching is fine.
  17. All of the personal space. I'm one of those people who don't like being touched, especially unexpectedly by someone I don't know. I don't even hug my family because ugh human contact. I've completely cut off contact with people who were otherwise decent because they were huggers. If I know someone is gonna fucking try to hug me every time we meet and then again upon departure, I just don't want anything to do with that nonsense.

    I am, however, totally capable of sucking it up and shaking someone's hand and such when necessary, so it's not a crippling aversion to being touched or anything like that.
  18. Online? I climb on people like they're jungle gyms.

    Real life? Don't hug me. ):< No touchy.
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  19. Know what you mean, dude.
  20. Don't touch me without my explicit permission, even if we're friends. Just don't. I'll react poorly. Handshaking is fine, but that's it.

    And no, I don't have experience with abuse or anything like that. I'm just a very private person at the end of the day and I don't appreciate it when people feel entitled to touch me just because.
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