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  1. So I was thinking about something this weekend, having a thread that had the Horoscope Characters in it, with all the common horoscope traits, as well as possibly adding in some physical characteristics like Ram horns for Aries and such, but we don't have to do that if we don't want to. I wanted to do the most well known of horoscopes (Cancer, Virgo, Gemini etc) and anyone can join until all the spots are filled up! ^^

    As for the plot, I was thinking that it would either be in a high school setting, or maybe a field trip or camping trip somewhere, just to add in some extra detail. Romance is also welcomed, but anything with the pants off MUST go to either PMs or Mature Thread!

    Here is a link for info on the Horoscope Traits: http://www.psychicguild.com/horoscopes_explained.php


    Her Little Angel

    Character Sheet

    Horoscope Persona:
    Element Power:

    Please fill out this Character Sheet! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

    Name: Sera Fitzgerald
    She is usually quiet, caring, eccentric and over-emotional. She tends to get an idea in her head and it won't leave until she either fails or she succeeds. She is a huge hopeless romantic as well, but she keeps that to herself for the most part. When she gets mad or upset she hides herself away from the rest of the world, seeking a place where she can feel safe and her defense is pinching others with her sharp and hard nails.
    Horoscope Persona:
    She has small gills on her neck as well as really sharp nails. [Cancer]
    Element Power:
    She can breathe both in and out of water.
    Appearance: harmony.jpg
    Fishing, Swimming, Relaxing and Drawing
    Hurtful people, Eating seafood, and Bugs
    Gets along well with other sea/water animals
  2. Name; Maxwell Frenzel
    age; 18
    Gender; female
    personality; very random individual with a passion for the arts, and nature. Is better with animals than people. Has a tendency to seem very distant when talking to her.
    horoscope persona; has a small pair of horns tucked beneath pigtails, and also can control earth to some degree (the signs element.)
    Elemental power; can speak with animals, and can make a plant grow faster than it should! And sometimes she can melt into trees depending on the day
    Apperance; brown hair, green eyes. Hair is cut short, and skin is coated in freckles. Mathilda_II_by_JusDeFraise.jpg
    likes; nature, music, art
    dislikes; when people get close to her than hurt her, rude people
    other; has a knack for fixing mechanical things
  3. There have been some minor changes to the Character Sheet, please add them in thank you! ^^
  4. Name: Jake Hayes
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He has the biggest heart anyone has ever seen. Jake is loyal, kind, and caring. He'd stick by his friends and family even if his life was in danger. He is also optimistic, believes everything happens for a reason and that anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it. For Jake, it's hard to tell a lie. He'll be honest with someone, but usually tries to make sure he won't hurt their feelings, so he'll always think about what he'd say before saying it. Jake can not stay in one place for too long or else he'd go insane. He needs to get out and do something, explore new places, cultures, etc. But the main thing he is after is love. Jake is a big hopeless romantic, and doesn't really hide it that much.
    Horoscope Persona: He is as fast as a race horse when he wants to be, and has a very strong kick. Jake has a birth mark of a bow and arrow in the center of his chest that is pure white, which sticks out from his lightly tanned skin. [Sagittarius]
    Element Power: Sunlight doesn't hurt his eyes, and he cannot get burned.
    Likes: Cats, Pasta Dishes, Archery, and Playing Piano
    Dislikes: Dogs, Animal Abusers, Onions, and Celery
    Other: It's not that he dislikes dogs, he's just afraid of them since he was attacked by dogs while he was younger.
  5. Name: Kehleen Alywn
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Kehleen is a patient girl, able to do as she is told and able to wait for a good length of time. She is practical in what she does and careful as well, but also very ambitious in her goals. Kehleen tends to be reserved though, but is good-humored as well. She can also tend to be a pessimist and can have a very negative outlook and holds grudges easily.
    Horoscope Persona: Kehleen has goat horns sticking of her head and her nails are very tough and hard.
    Element Power: Kehleen is able to climb well no matter the terrian that she is on. She is also a strong fighter.
    Appearance: [​IMG] (only her horns go straight back and not curve)
    Likes: Jokes, climbing, reading, having fun, challenges, sunny days
    Dislikes: Rainy days, being pressured, failing, mean people
  6. Name: Kalydri Marie Friet
    Age: 17
    Personality: Jack of all trades, Overly Curious, flirty, tease, talkative when conversing something interesting, Always multitasking, Child like, easily distracted, adventurous, easily over thinks situations, adventurous, affectionate, friendly, often hyper, and bubbly. Angered moments include violence, quietness, plotting, cruel, moody, and such. Gemini's have two sides which makes her seems contradicting and also shallow when it comes to letting people in. She can for the most part control the 'dark' side and keep it away.
    Horoscope Persona: Gemini
    Element Power: She can charm anyone.
    Likes: Art, music, flirting, literature, sign language, video games
    Dislikes: People talking about her, her normal headaches, anything constant and never changing,
    Other: She is often mistaken and misunderstood.
  7. If no one else comes to join, should we just make a second character?
  8. Yeah that will be a good idea, I would have put up the IC Thread this weekend, but I had my brothers grad and everything was really busy! I should have the post up by either today or tomorrow. ^^
  9. Name: Tammi Watson
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She enjoys two things, Physical love and Power. She'll crush anyone who tries to go ahead of her. She always wants to lead, but she is seen as a great leader. Shes extremly sensual, but she isnt concerened with sex as much as control. When she makes friends, even close friends she tends to lie to keep her secrets hidden. Shes loyal and protective to the friends, even if she shes holding back from them. Smart, Lustful, Deep, Emotional.
    Horoscope Persona: Scorpio, she has a poisonious tail and a large scorpion tattoo on her back that glows when she uses her powers.
    Element Power: Can manipulate large masses of water and some bodily fluids.
    Likes: the color red, fighting, clothes, money, reading, helping people with personal problems
    Dislikes: Expensive things, strong people, Difficult situations
    Other: She often hides her tail into her clothes. She hardy uses her tail or her blood manipulation because she can often just seduce whoever it is. She has a bit of an attitude.
  10. i want pisces
  11. Name: Mason Evans
    Age: 18
    Personality: He's extremly talented, mysterious, kind and always tending to make people laugh, over thoughful, romantic
    Horoscope Prosona: Pisces, eyes change color from a geenish to light gray depending on the situation
    Element Power: In water has increadible speed and can can stay underwater for hours
    Appearance:[​IMG]( short hair)

    Likes: The color red, swimming, basketball, clothes, sleeping, reading
    Dislikes: Being lectured, rude people, over sensitve people, liars
    Other: He lives for the thrill and his eyes only change when near water or when he's mad, he's often cocky
  12. Do you think we may need to have double characters?
    I mean, I can volunteer to make a male character. Since there are less of men than female.
    I love the idea and wouldn't want it to go to waste.
    Also if that's the case, I wouldn't mind taking whatever horoscope.
  13. Yes, I think that some of us will have to make a double character ^^' I really like this idea as well, so I don't want it to go to waste, I will be putting up the IC Thread tonight (PROMISE.) If I break this promise I am a bad, horrible Mitten! ;_; sorry it has been taking so long guys, super busy lately!
  14. I'll make another character then. :) I just have to figure out which horoscope now. And if it doesn't happen then relax. :) things happen in life. Don't beat yourself up. ^^ just post when you can.
  15. Could I have Leo, perhaps??​
  16. Name: Leo Peridot
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Leo is ruled by his emotions, and always reacts with his base instinct. He never wastes time planning things or using his quick mind to think, rather he likes to just go with the flow an take things as they come. Leo is a very warm person, and is very loyal to those he cares about - he will put everything on the line to protect them - and he will usually win too. When it comes to his friends, he becomes very fierce and will stop at nothing for them. His soul evolution is mainly King of the Jungle; he is very proud and his ego is always too big to risk inflating, but he has his moments of Sphinx too, when he is wise beyond his tiny years.
    Horoscope Persona: His eyes are big and catlike, with slitted pupils, he has a long lion's tail and big triangular cat ears, and his nails and teeth are slightly longer and sharper than a human's. (He can also talk to cats.)
    Element Power: He is very resistant to heat and flame and his body is always very hot, making him the perfect heater. In addition, he can summon and cast firebolts at will.
    Appearance: He has golden skin and fur, while his hair is a darker shade of golden-brown and hangs around his face and neck like a lion's mane. His eyes are light brown, and he always wears a t-shirt and tight-fitting jeans. He usually abstains from shoes, but if he must, he always wears comfortable sneakers.
    Likes: Cats, climbing, walking alone (in patrol of his 'territory') and eating.
    Dislikes: Dogs (he'll usually attack them), swimming, vegetables and large birds.
    He refuses to be in any kind of romantic relationship because of what happened last time; he won't ever forgive her and he often pretends she's not there whenever he has to be in the same room as him. He won't hide any of his animal characteristics, because he's overtly proud of who he is and refuses to be anybody else.

    Oh. Sorry, Sil. You can have Leo if you want. XP
  17. Name: Hazel White
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Hazel is very timid, often preferring to be alone than with other people for fear of making a fool of herself; however, she is also a very kind and gentle soul, and will gladly help out a friend in need- or anyone in need, for that matter. She's an enormous push-over, finding herself unable to say 'no', which can be exhausting at times ...but Hazel is the kind of girl who would rather die than make her friends unhappy. On the other hand, she can seem a bit cold to those who she doesn't know well as a result of her reclusive nature.
    Horoscope persona: Virgo! Is quite the beauty; has long, flowing hair, and large, white feathered wings.
    Element power: Hazel has a silver tongue, and usually has no trouble in persuading. She is also gifted with nature, being an earth sign, and can make plants grow and communicate with animals.
    Appearance: Hazel is tall and slender, with long legs and a voluptuous figure. Her skin is lightly tanned, with lots of freckles; she also has a thick head of auburn hair. Her eyes are a gentle golden color.
    Likes: Nature, peace, birds, sunny weather
    Dislikes: Loud noises, stormy weather, rudeness
    Other: Is very talented and has a fairly good singing voice, although she's very self conscious and is afraid of coming off as arrogant.
  18. Soooo this rp needs more male characters. So I've decided to go ahead and make a character. Sorry of I seem a bit rude with this, I just see only about 3 maybe 4 male characters as the rest are female.

    Name: Aiden Sven Bleon
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Open minded, tolerant, Eccentric, mostly unpredictable, often absent-minded, doesn't really show emotion much, generous, bad with money, idealistic, slightly rebellious, friendly, independent, intelligent
    Horoscope Persona: Aquarius
    Element Power: Not much of power but people easily like him. He also give more to charity than the average person. He will also do anything to make people happy.
    Likes: Trying new things, technology, open relationships, reading
    Dislikes: boredom, fighting, same things, commitment/marriage
    Other: Cousin of Kalydri Friet
  19. Sil and Ninjakittee, if you guys could decide which of you will be Leo, that would be great, remember there are still Aries and Libra open as well! ^^