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He followed her a but and stopped a couple feet away from her as she opens the door. Then he heard a familair but strange voice. It was like he had heard it before but he had not. Kelsey remained in the door as the two of them seemed to be having a converstation...he was telling her what he was feeling but it seemed as if she was hesitant. For a few seconds jelousy welled up inside of him....she was his...or atleast that was what it felt like. After a few moments Jake heard her sigh and the door opened more. He came over and opened it more as he looked out at the man who was confessing to Kelsey. Again...a familiar face but new at the same time. She apologized and shook her head. For some unknown reason that he didn't know Jake stepped forwards, right by her side, feeling like something needed to be said.

"Shayne...thank you."

He smiled a bit and reached over, looking down gentleness in his eyes, and took her hand. Jake laced his fingers with hers.

"It is noble of you to say something but...I think there is a different girl you should meet..."


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The feel of his hand in her made her smile which was something she couldn't hide from Shayne.

Sadness was written all over his face, and he turned his eyes away. How could he have been so stupid to think that someone like Kelsey would have wanted to be with him? After all, Jake was already there, and he had made that happen. Quietly, he nodded his head then turned away, walking slowly down the stairs. He knew he needed to find a different girl, but he almost didn't want to.

Kelsey closed the door, a guilty look on her face. There was no reason for her to feel guilty or bad in any way; she hadn't led him on or anything. Pushing the thoughts away, she looked up at Aiden; her face brightening as she met his gaze.

"I was waiting for that to be Ava. I thought she would come back and get because who would want to give you up?"

She reached up placing a hand softly on his cheek before walking into the kitchen. A glass of wine was in order. It had been days since she had her last glass. The cool glass touched her lips, and the liquid slid down her throat. Ohh, how nice it felt to have her wine again. Kelsey jumped up on the counter as always and continued to sip her drink.