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  1. Kelsey had worked hard to look good for their date tonight. She had curled her thick brown hair,looked up tips on how to enhance her green eyes, and even spent money on a pedicure. Her high heels were killing her, but they matched perfectly with her white dress that draped perfectly over every curve and pushed her normal height of five-foot five to five-foot six. So far the night was amazing and was reminded why she was in love with the man next to her. He was the only one for her.

    They have been together for about two years. He had celebrated every birthday with her and now she was 22. Many things had happened in her relationship with her dad dying, her brother being put in prison, and the near break up because of silly miscommunications. Kelsey was super emotional and cried a lot and she was always amazed at the fact that he could put up with her but now, she would do absolutely anything for him. " I love you. Thank you for everything," she kissed his cheek then leaned her head on his shoulder as they continued walking back to the apartment.

    Suddenly their moment was ruined when a man ran out of the bank. "Someone stop him!" A man screamed from the door just as police cars were whizzing by. The moment seemed to be happening in slow motion. Kelsey had no idea how to react or what to think, but she waited for someone to stop the man.

    ((Sorry if the bank robbing is not original))
  2. Jake smoothed out his jacket as he took his beautiful girlfriend, Kelsey’s, hand gently, intertwining their fingers. He was happy…so happy in fact it should have been criminal. Him and Kelsey had been together a difficult but rewarding, amazing two years. He was with her though it all and after the near break up he realized…this was where he wanted to be. Jake realized he loved this woman more then he ever thought was possible to love anyone. He didn’t mean to sound cheesy but it was true and nothing could change his mind. Tonight…before they went to bed he had hidden in his secret lock box only he knew about, a diamond ring with a gold band and a very expensive, fine bottle of wine. Jake was going to ask her….ask her to marry him. There would be no other woman for him. If she said no then he would just be by himself. Jake listened as she leaned into him, kissing him on the cheek and delighting his senses as she spoke in her sweet, angelic tone.

    “I Love you…” she said.

    He stopped in his tracts and turned his head, a gentle smile crossed his lips, a gentle, loving look in his bright green eyes.

    “I love you too…My angel.”

    He wrapped one arm around her waist, pulling her against him and into a loving and gentle kiss. Jake kissed her until a few moments later a man burst out of the bank they were walking past, calling out for help. He brushed his shaggy, but short casual reddish brown out of his face, pulling away, turning away from Kelsey towards the man.

    “I can help where did he go…?”

    The man directed him in a panic. Quickly he turned to her again, placing a quick peck on the lips, cherishing it for a moment before pulling away.

    “I’ll be back soon, you won’t even miss me. I promise Love.”

    He smiled happily and turned, running off in the direction of the robber making his get away.
  3. Kelsey didn't have time to beg him not to leave. Something didn't feel right but she blamed it on the fact that she was a worry wart and she had never been upfront to a robbery. Slowly she continued to walk down the street so she could at least keep an eye on her man. Any moment he left her side she missed her so that was a silly promise, but cute nonetheless. A gun shot sounded and she froze. All heat left her body and it felt as if her heart stopped. "No," She murmured and ran down the street.

    Jake was down on the ground, blood staining his clothes, his complexion pale. She knelt on the ground and put her hands over her mouth. Her green eyes flooded with tears as she rocked back and forth trying to make herself believe this was a lie, that Jake would get up at any moment, wrap her in his arms, and kiss her like he always had. Kelsey was to the point of begging him to stand up and asking him to tell her everything was okay. "Don't leave me," she whispered in his ear while cradling his head in her lap, tears running down her chin and dripping into his hair. Gingerly she ran her fingers through his hair "I'm glad you didn't cut your hair when I asked you too. You're sexier this way," she teased through the tears, trying to prove to herself that everything was just fine.

    She didn't know how long it was, but out of no where she was being pulled away from her love. Everything was a blur, her fighting the police officer, the flash of the ambulance. Kelsey didn't even hear the sirens. The next moment she was sitting in the ambulance staring down at Jake, his cool hand cradled between hers. Blood stained the purity of her white dress. Her mascara ran down her cheeks. "I love you Jake," She closed her eyes and pressed her lips against his hand. Maybe when she opened them again she would find herself cuddled next to him in bed or leaned against him after falling asleep during a movie, because surely all this had to be a dream.
  4. Jake ran down the street as the criminal rounded the corner. Before he could say or do anything, all he heard was two loud bangs as he was looking down the barrel of cold steel. Then there was a pressure on his chest and stoumuch. An extreme pressure that knocked him back onto his back. He gasped loudly and placed a hand on his chest, trying to take away the pain. Jake groaned as he felt hot liquid forming, pooling around him. His eyes widened as he saw it was blood. Slowly, his skin started to get paler and paler. The man could feel blood draining from his body, his heart rate slowing, it was getting harder for him to breathe. Jake heard her drop to her knees, his angel scooted closer to him, resting his head on her lap. He looked up at her, his eyes wide, a few tears escaped as he saw her distress. Both of them knew it...he had been shot, and was bleeding out...Dying. Even still she leaned forward, her sweet voice caressing his ear. It calmed him a bit as he heard:

    "Don't leave me..."

    It broke his heart...absolutly broke his heart. He could feel tear, her tears dripping onto his face and hair. Broken, heavy sobs escaped his lips but they were barely audible as it hurt very much to cry this hard. His body shook in fear and pain. She ran her fingers through this hair, saying something he couldn't make out. Everything was starting to become blurry and a haze. Just then someone moved his head and pulled Kelsey away from him, much to his distress. As they jostled him about he could feel his body becoming weak and cold...very cold. Next thing he could feel was the people in the ambulence working furiously on him to keep him from bleeding to death. He barely managed to turn his head and look at Kelsey. Mascara was smeared down her fair cheeks and one of his hands in hers but he could barely feel it. With the last of his strength he squeezed her hand, shaking as he did. She brought his hand up to her lips, pressing her soft, warm lips against his pale, cold hand covered in his blood.

    "I love you..."

    He barely heard her say. His once bright, clear green eyes were clouding and black started to come into his vision. Jake could feel his heart rate slowing, panic in the voices and actions of the paramedic's as he felt himself slip away.


    Before he could finish his body went limp, his hand slipped from Kelsey's and a thud as it hit the cold table he was laying on. The heart moniter flat lined as Jake felt his heart thud to a stop in his chest. It was over. He closed his eyes...so tierd...he fell asleep, drifting away from his body.
  5. There it was, the squeeze, that must be Jake telling her its time to wake up, she knew it was a dream. With hope in her soul she opened her eyes only to have his words fade and his hand slip from hers. The monitor screamed as his heart beat disappeared. That was it... the end. He was gone. Kelsey couldn't cry. No emotion showed on her face as she stared down at the one she loved, the one who meant everything to her. She could see the paramedics moving around, but all sound had faded, images began to blur together. "I can't o this," Kelsey breathed out, closing her eyes again just as tears fell.

    Time had passed. How much? She didn't know. Kelsey found herself on Jake's side of the bed adorned in his clothes. Her eyes were so sore and nothing seemed as bright. With a groan she forced herself off the bed only to find that her once organized room was trashed. Did she really do this and not remember? It wouldn't surprise her if she did, she didn't feel alive so days must have just fused together. Out of desperation she called his phone just to hear his voicemail and warm tears flowed down her cheeks again.

    A knock sounded on the front door, and Kelsey contemplated ignoring it until a key slid in and the door opened. Yesterday she would have thought it was Jake, she would have prayed it was Jake. "Kelsey?" her sister's soft voice called "Mom gave me the spare key." There was no answer, she couldn't answer, but it wasn't long before Shae poked her head into the room. "Oh Kelsey," Shae tried to sound optimistic, but her hear broke for her sister. "I can't do this..." was the only response Kelsey gave.
    Shayne hadn't slept for a few days. The images of that precious woman knelt over him was heartbreaking, what was worse was the fact he saw the man's ghost. Out of selfishness he ran from the scene, he didn't feel like being bothered with anyone's life, he didn't want to be around mourning or heartbreak. His near death experience which cursed him with this "gift" was enough for him. With a heavy sigh he reached out a little a cigarette "these will be the death of me," he murmured as he lit it "only if it was fast." Shayne shoved off the couch and ran his fingers quickly through his shaggy dirty blonde hair.

    The news of the murder was everywhere. Shayne couldn't get away from it and he cursed as he turned off the radio. Being inside was driving him crazy, he had to get out. Hiding from life never works, he had tried it several times before, and hiding from ghosts is near impossible, it is like he has a smell and they are just attracted to him. Finally, he was outside and walking but to his dismay he passed the woman from the other night, that precious broken woman. "I won't be able to hide for long," he groaned knowing that soon her love would be the next thing he saw.
  6. It seemed like a long while later that Jake took a long deep breathe, letting it escape his lips. He sat up, opening his eyes. Where he was it was dark and cold, he looked around and recognized it was a hospital morgue. He was confused…the last thing he remembered was laying in an ambulance…dying. But now, he was sitting up, seeing the world clearly and though his own eyes. Jake took a breathe and to his enormous relief there was no pain in his stomach or chest. He was dressed in the clothes from the night in the ambulence but they were no longer blood stained which was strange… The man got up, shaking his head. Had he imagined the whole thing…? There were other people laying on cold metal tables as well but they weren’t so lucky. It had to have been a mix up. He was about to reach out for the door handle but it swung open as someone came it. It almost hit him as a man walked past him.

    Jake walked out of the hospital and into the streets. Everyone walked past him not noticing. Once he even tried to stop someone but they just walked right though him. The man must be imagining this all…he had to be. There was no other option. All of a sudden he saw her…his angel. Jake smiled happily and ran up to her reaching out to touch her but…his hand went right through her. It wasn’t a dream…and the evidance was clear on Kelsey’s face and though the events of today. Jacob “Jake” Aldridge was dead…he had been killed by those gunshots…

    As Jake turned he was a guy…with shaggy dirty blonde hair looking at him. He looked at him, blinking.

    “Y-You….you can see me…?”

    Jake came closer to him as his angel disappeared amongst the crowd.

    “B-But…I’m dead….this can’t be possible…Not a chance…unless your dead too…”

    He sighed and shook his head, running his fingers though his shaggy hair, catching his breathe.
  7. Suddenly Kelsey chilled. It was a weird sensation more like a brush of air than anything, but she shrugged it off. Someone must have just breathed or the wind must have picked up. "Are you getting sick?" Shae asked softly. With a slight shake of her head Kelsey gave her answer. Maybe if I get sick I'll die and I won't have to go through this. I can't do this... At that point her mind was made up. After Shae took her back home she was going to bring out all the alcohol and grab as many pills from the bathroom as possible. Life will be over at that point, the pain will be gone. "Don't fear the reaper," she murmured. "What was that?" her sister glanced down at her, only to have Kelsey shake her head again.
    Shayne shook his head trying to ignore Jake, but soon enough guilt took over. "Yes I see you, no I'm not dead." He curtly nodded towards the TV "That's you and your girlfriend fiance wife, whatever she is, is back there."He grumbled and kept walking. This was no day to be playing with the dead and tomorrow won't be the day either. It isn't right to meddle, and as far as Shayne was concerned, he was going to stay far away from whatever was going on. As much as the man wished Jake would leave, he knew this was only the beginning. Jake now knew that a human could see him, could talk to him, and Shayne anticipated that he would do everything in his power to connect with the one he loves.

    "She is miserable," he murmured again. It wasn't hard to read the emotion on her face, and in all honesty, Shayne was surprised she was still alive. That was a suicide case if he ever saw one, and he has seen many. It isn't hard to peg the mentally unstable now-a-days. Hell, could anyone be considered stable? People fall in love and get hurt or run after criminals and get shot. Shayne looked over at the ghost. This is only the beginning. His expression was grim, but finally he welcomed Jake knowing it would be easier to accept him than to run from him.
  8. ‘I know she is…’ he thought to himself. The man didn’t seem to want to have him around but he didn’t care. He wasn’t going to leave him be. This was the only person who could see him and talk to him.

    “She is my Girlfriend…but I was going to propose to her…How long has it been and have they found the punk who did this to me? It just feels like I’ve been asleep, I’ve lost track of time…”

    He waited until the man responded and sighed.

    “I figured…And I know she is misrible…We’ve been together for a long time, I can read her like an open book…”

    Jake saw the grim look on Shayne’s face. Saw how dark it was and followed after him.

    “Hey…what is that look about? Is something wrong with her? You know something I don’t?” he asked anxiously. “What do you mean this is only the beginning?”

    Jake was afraid now…afraid that something bad was going to happen…to either him or Kelsey. He was more reassured that her sister was with her but what about when she had to leave? He could follow her back to their apartment but he couldn’t do a thing to stop her if she did something irrational and stupid. Plus he would loose contact with the only person whom he could get in contact with, so he stayed and followed the man, determined to find some awnsers to this puzzle…
  9. Shayne had to think for a moment. "Almost a week now and yes he has been caught, that was probably the brightest day for Kelsey so far." For a moment the psychic became annoyed with Jake's questioned, but the annoyance subsided when he realized the questions were stemming from pure concern. "Suicide," he murmured "she doesn't want to live anymore. " If she did kill herself Shayne doubted anyone would blame her, she did just lose someone who meant the world to her and now she is forced to go it alone. It is only the beginning with you. I doubt you're going to leave me alone."

    After walking the block he took the ghost back to his place. "welcome to my home," he nodded curtly "now I don't have to look crazy when we are talking." Shayne smirked slightly at that comment picturing how he must of looked to people who walked by. The ghost couldn't be two places at once, Shayne knew this and he also knew the thought of that precious woman killing herself not only broke his heart, but probably Jake's too. There wasn't anything he could do to stop the her, he was a stranger and probably wouldn't take to kindly to a man knocking on her door ordering her to stay alive.

    "Maybe she will meet someone," he shrugged, trying to be helpful. "She can't stay stuck on your forever, you know?" Well, she could, but what kind of life would that be? There are plenty of fish in the sea, and any man would probably consider himself luck to have her, especially seeing how Jake love's her.
    Shae dropped Kelsey back at her apartment. It was finally clean. When she had actually left the bedroom and walked through, she was surprised she did so much damage to things. She tossed her purse on a chair and went back into the bedroom to change into Jake's clothes. Kelsey knew at some point she had to pack it up, but now it wasn't ready. She pulled one of his button up shirt from the closet and put it on after slipping of her shirt and pants. In the corner of her eye she caught glimpse of the lock box, and her mind was distracted from what she originally planned.

    Pushing all the clothes back so she had room, she sank to her knees and stared at the keypad. Tapping her lips softly with her finger, she began trying to figure out a combination. His birthday, no. Her birthday, no. His little brother's birthday, no. The day they met, no. Kelsey gave out a frustrated scream and left the room, she would deal with it another day. After plugging in her Ipod she allowed herself to be taken away by the music. Soon happiness began entering her heart. She danced around a bit and sang. Jake always told her she had a good voice. Kelsey's face lit up. That was it! She would become a singer! How proud Jake would be of her... Jake. She lost her high and sat on the couch, burying her face in a pillow.
  10. Jake smiled a bit as he heard the man had been caught. He was happy…but it didn’t and wouldn’t bring him back to life…give him his body back. When he said suicide his breathe caught in his throat, his eyes widened a bit. The smile faded instantly. Kelsey wouldn’t….would she? Before he could think it, words escaped his mouth.

    “She wouldn’t…”

    He shook his head not wanting to believe that Kelsey would even think about doing that to herself. Jake entered the apartment and immediately picked up on the smell of cigarette smoke. A small frown came across his lips.

    “No I’m not. You can’t just let her do that to herself.”

    There was a demanding look on his face as he followed the man.

    “Do something about it! I certainly can’t and the last thing I want is for her to Kill herself…”

    Then the man said something about her finding another man and his fists clenched. He knew that at some point she would have to move on but…He didn’t want that quite yet. If she moved on, why would she care if he tried to make contact with her…? Even more so…She would probably take offense and not believe the man. Jake sighed and looked over, spotting a pack of cigarettes on the coffee table.

    “How can you see me anyways…and why in the world did you pick up such a disgusting habit…It’s only going to be the death of you. Trust me…this “Other side” thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…”
  11. Shayne wanted to tell Jake to chill out, but he wasn't the dead one who left people behind. With a shrug he lit a cigarette in spite of the ghost, plus it isn't like the smoke will effect Jake anyway. Do something... "I don't know what to do. I'm a stranger. How would you feel if a random woman came up to you and said 'excuse me sir you're recently mowed down significant other is talking to me'?" He raised an eyebrow and looked at the ghost. Shayne noticed he didn't much like the idea of Kelsey moving onto another man. It was bound to happen at some point, but he doubted it would happen anytime soon.

    How can you see me.... That was a long story to get into. Shayne really didn't want to open up how he managed to get this supposed gift, but it would come out one way or another. He tapped the ash from his cigarette before starting. "I almost died in a car accident two years ago. Lost my fiance, my unborn child, and my little sister. We were taking my sister back home, she had spent the night with me." There short and sweet. Didn't go into all the gory details and got the main story out. His heart saddened at the thought, they had picked out a name and everything Blake Micheal. With a shake of the head he forced his memory out, he had been doing pretty good at not reliving the past until now. "Precisely why I picked it up. Cassia told me never to kill myself if she died, I'm not dead yet so I obviously didn't kill myself, but in several years I might be." He shrugged. It wasn't a good reason, but it was the one he would stick with.

    "I'm no stranger to what you two are going through." He mumbled then got comfortable on the couch. Its been two years and he still hasn't moved on from Cassia and his child. Sure, there had been some one night stands caused by a drunk stupor, but that was the only relief he ever got. Now he walks around seeing dead people, who until now, never realized he could see them much less talk to them. Sometimes Shayne wishes he could not care and move on, be happy again with someone else, but Cassia was his. A frown deepened on his face as he got lost in thought.
  12. Jake came over, his eye twitching a bit in irritation. He stood at the side of the couch looking down at Shayne. True the cigarette could not effect him now but the smoke still smelled bad.

    “You don’t know hat to do so your going to sit here and waste your life away puffing those cancer on a sticks…? It’s no way to live a life. You help me now or so help me I will go out there and tell every ghost from this city that you can see them and talk to them….”

    Then he listened as the man explained to him what happened to his fiancée and unborn child and he sighed sadly.

    “It sucks…I know. But you know what…If she told you not to kill yourself then your not doing a very good job listening to her. Your smoking, so you might as well have swallowed a bottle of pills and put the bottle to your lips…or put a gun to your head. It’s not any better so think of what she would want for you…If it’s been two years then man…it’s that time…Your going to waste your whole life away dwelling on something that you can’t change no matter how much you want it to. I don’t want to be dead but I am so I deal with it….And Kelsey…She’s got time…but you got to keep her from hurting herself and I want to get in contact with her so get up and follow me or I will keep you up all night if you fall asleep. You stay awake it won’t be any better for you. I don’t care if she believes you or not just do it…please…”

    A look of determination crossed his expression. Jake wasn’t going to give on the matter…Kelsey needed some reassurance.
  13. The ghost had a point. He was still killing himself, but he was doing it slowly, Cassia would be so disappointed. "Fine," Shayne grumbled and snubbed out his cigarette. "I will help you. Just don't tell anyone else." This felt like a wild goose chase. Kelsey wouldn't believe a stranger even if it had to do with Jake, but anything is worth a try. It took him a moment to get up, but finally he did. He cursed under his breath as he headed back to the door. Shayne knew approximately where she lived, but the guidance of Jake would still be needed. "Can I be honest?" he asked before walking out of the door "I'm scared of developing feeling for your girl." Shayne murmured then walked out.

    It wasn't long until they reached Kelsey's apartment. Soft country music could be heard playing from within. Shayne gave Jake a weird look. He hadn't heard country for awhile and it definitely wasn't his choice in music, but to each their own. With a bit of hesitation he reached to knock on the door but stopped. "I don't know what to say," he whispered and glanced at Jake. "I don't make it a habit to talk to girls, especially strange girls." That didn't sound right, but he didn't realize that until it was already said. With a heavy sigh, he finally knocked.

    Kelsey was busy writing song lyrics, she finally had suicide out of her head and was being lulled away by her favorite country singer, Jason Aldean. A knock interrupted her. She wasn't expecting anyone and she wasn't dressed to see anyone. Her hair was in a messy bun, which she added to by shoving her pencil into it. All she had on was Jake's button down shirt. "Hold on!" Kelsey called. Quickly she glanced around the room but couldn't find shorts or pants, but whatever, she didn't care. The door opened and there was Shayne. She gave him a questioning look and leaned her head gently against the door "yes?"

    There she was, that precious broken woman. Shayne couldn't help but give a quick glance over her bare legs, he knew he would probably hear about it from Jake later. "H-h-i," he stammered lightly. "My name is Shayne." His voice faded as he gave way to nerves. Trying to regain confidence he looked at Jake, which was emptiness in Kelsey's eyes. "I have been.. well you see... can I come in?" Soon enough he was sitting on the couch, a notebook spread open on the coffee table, an almost empty wineglass next to it, and a little yorkie puppy curled up in the couch cushions. Everything was a bit messy, but Shayne understood. "I can see Jake.. and talk to him.." he blurted out as Kelsey picked up her puppy and sat in a seat across from him.

    I can see Jake.... That was all she heard. Her face went blank as she idly petted little Zoey who was now curled up in her lap. Kelsey fought with herself. She had finally stopped crying that day and almost faced the fact he wouldn't come back. Biting her lower lip, she dropped her head, hiding the fact her brilliant green eyes were flooding with tears. "How cruel can you be?" she muttered, her voice cracking as a sob shook her light frame. "Do you take pleasure in this? He just died. The man I am madly in love with just died and you have the balls to waltz up to my apartment and tell me you see him!?" The fact she raised her voice even surprised her. Kelsey didn't know that among all the sadness there was anger. "Prove it." She had to think of something only Jake would know, something intimate "The first night we had slept together, the night I gave up my virginity.. what did he say to me?" Finally, she looked over at Shayne, tears still clouding her eyes, her bottom lip trembling slightly as she tried to fight the tears.
  14. Jake clenched his jaw as Kelsey opened the door. There she was…his angel dressed on one of his button up shirts that was way too big on her. She looked just as beautiful as he remembered. Then Jake recalled Shayne’s comment on him being afraid of falling for her. When he looked back over the ghost realized Shayne had looked his girl over and he frowned as the man talked briefly with her. She let him and looked around. Things were a mess…it must have been really rough on her…more so then he realized. Jake went and stood near her, wishing to touch her again…so much. Occasionally he would glance over at Shayne then back to Kelsey who had picked up her little dog that he had got for her, for her birthday not too long ago.

    As the man told her he could see and talk with him, Kelsey’s eyes filled with tears and she quickly became upset. Her voice raised and it surprised him. Kelsey rarely raised her voice this much, even he took a step back, flashing an apologetic nod at Shayne. Then she demanded to know, demanded that he give proof that he could see and hear him. Kelsey wanted to know what he, himself had said the night they first slept together. The night his lover had given up her virginity for him. Jake smiled a bit, remembering that night as clear as day.

    “Say this word for word Shayne…” he said going over and sitting on the arm of the seat Kelsey was sitting in. “You gave up something precious for me…I will never forget it. I love you more then words can describe Kelsey Renae. I promise to take care of you as long as you will have me…”

    As he said that, he reached out for her, touching her on the forearm though he knew that she would not feel it…it felt good just to be near her. Just then he stood up.

    "Tell her, I'm standing right next to her...and that I think she is as beautiful as ever wearing that shirt. That shirt is the one I wore on our first date and the first time she met my brother. Also the black suit I bought and wore to her dad's funeral is still in our closet. That I know her brother is in jail, also that We almost broke up after being togeather for eight months because of some miscommunications, my ex-girlfriend instigated it saying that we were back togeather when we clearly wern't ever going to be back togeather....All that should be proof enough..."

    Jake reached forward, caressing her cheek with a hand. He wished so badly that he could feel her soft skin again...
  15. The room went quiet except for the soft growling of Zoey as she looked at Jake. Then there it was, that chill she felt in the street that one day. Normally she would blame it on the apartment being drafty, but now that wasn't the case. He was there next to her. The words Shayne were saying sunk in and she looked towards the direction of the chill. Everything in her wanted to see him, wanted to feel him, but she couldn't. All she felt was coolness on her cheek and that would have to suffice.

    She couldn't talk any longer because of the lump in her throat. Gently, she put the puppy down and stood up, grabbing the wine glass from the table and heading to the kitchen. Shayne couldn't help but watch her walk away, her movements so graceful, so fluid. He looked at Jake apologetically for looking at his love. "Do you want anything?" Kelsey asked softly and looked over her shoulder at the stranger in her living room. It felt nice to have someone there, even if he was a stranger, but this stranger brought Jake with him. Shayne simply shook his head.

    He could see why Jake was head-over-heels for this girl. It was almost as if he could feel Jake's every emotion and see the precious woman through his eyes. "So you love him, huh?" Shayne said awkwardly. Kelsey scoffed "That's an understatement." She murmured as she returned to her original seat with a full cup of wine. "I don't just love him. It goes beyond that. He is my world, my everything, you could even say my reason for breathing. Jake kept me going, kept me alive, and inspired my dream. He supported my every whim. He is.. was... my forever." Her sigh was heavy with pain as she took a sip of wine.

    Her soft lips touched the glass and immediately Shayne wished he was that glass, wished he was Jake before he died. Quickly he pushed the thoughts from his mind, cursing Jake under his breath for making him come here, for making him talk to Kelsey. Once again the room went silent and the atmosphere felt awkward. Shayne then noticed the notebook spread out over the table. Words were scratched out and added in, the pages looked like a mess but a few lines stuck out "and there her world was, slipping away, slipping away. Laying vulnerable in the chill of the night fading away, fading away." He didn't know if he should of read them out loud, but Kelsey didn't protest.

    "I wrote that," she said a bit bashfully. "Jake always encouraged me to sing, he said I could make it. So that's a product of a few songs. I don't think they are that good" Then her face lit up and she got up, moving next to Shayne. One leg curled under her as she sat on the couch and faced him. "I learned that I have artistic talent too." Picking up the notebook she flipped to a page that was sketched out. Two people were together, laying on a blanket, a heart drawn in the sand next to them. The girl was laying half on the guy looking down at him caught in mid laugh. "It isn't perfect," Kelsey said, but her face showed pride in her work. "and of course everything is about Jake." She laughed and for a moment her eyes lit up.

    It was all too much for Shayne. "I got to go." Quickly he got up and looked back at the confused girl. "I'm sorry." He whispered before opening the door and leaving. He would owe Jake an apology later, at the apartment, probably along with an explanation that he was fully willing to give, but right now he needed some air, he needed to get away. Once he left Kelsey slowly began doubting if what she went through was a dream, maybe she had too much wine and hallucinated it, maybe this whole thing was still a dream, and in a few hours she would wake up with Jake.
  16. Jake was a little heart broken as she said nothing to him…and got up, getting another glass of wine. But what did he expect…? Honestly…there wasn’t much to expect. His heart became a bit lighter as she described how much he was to her, just how much she loved him. But is also hurt him…he wished so badly that he could just hold her again and that things would go back to normal…he hated this. All of a sudden he felt Shayne’s eyes glance longingly at her lips and he frowned, looking at him.

    “Don’t you even think about it for a second this is my woman…” then he caught himself. “Was my woman…”

    As he finished saying that Shayne read words to one of the songs that Kelsey wrote…he recognized it. It was one of his favorites. If he couldn’t live again…Jake certainly wanted to hear her voice again. It was absolutely beautiful, He missed it so much already. He became a bit annoyed as she moved over closer to him. This wasn’t how it was supposed to work! He just wanted to speak to her…

    Then she showed him…showed him their drawing. The drawing based off their visit to the beach just this last summer. It was that picture…drawing of them laying together. He had always thought it was something that was special between them and he almost hated Shayne for looking at it. Quickly, without warning, he got up and bid her farewell before leaving. Jake had no choice but to follow and he followed Shayne as he walked. Obviously he looked uncomfortable but something was wrong.

    “What in the world is your problem?! You can’t just walk out on a lady like that!”

    He kept in pace with him, looking half annoyed, half questiongly.
  17. Shayne ignored the ghost until they got back to the apartment. He looked at his pack of cigarette's but refused to take one. "She is wonderful," he said quickly "she is absolutely in love with you. Its depressing. The fact that you're dead and you basically still have her. Cassia crossed over immediately. She didn't stay. I never saw her." Growling slightly, he plopped down on the couch. Life wasn't suppose to be like this, a precious woman shouldn't be head over heels for a ghost. Someone like Kelsey shouldn't be hurting in the first place, Jake shouldn't be hurting, and he shouldn't be dead. There has to be something Shayne could do.

    "Sorry for looking at her like I did," Shayne mumbled and ran his hands through his hair. Then it hit him, the best idea ever. Find Jake a new body. He had read about things like this happening, and he was sure Jake would jump at the chance. "Do you want to live again?" Shayne leaned towards the ghost, his eyes shining a bit. "I know how you can. It might not happen today, or tomorrow, or this week. I don't know when it will happened. But if you had the chance would you live again?"

    In a swift movement, Shayne was off the couch and by the phone. A number was already dialed as he waited for Jake's answer. He had a friend that could help the ghost live again, she could direct them on what to do to get Jake with Kelsey again. It was a far stretch, but it could work, it had to work. "we will even go back to Kelsey's after I make the call. I can talk for you the whole time. Damn I will even sleep on the couch and you can stay there with her or talk to her all night. I'm feeling very generous my friend." This was a chance he never got with Cassia. If finding Jake a new body didn't work, at least he would have had this time with Kelsey.
  18. Jake was still frowning as the man apologized for looking at Kelsey like he did. He sighed running his fingers though his hair as Shayne did. All of sudden he looked away and when he looked back there was a sudden light in the eyes of the man. Jake blinked, suprised. Live again...? The idea was very appealing and he wanted more then anything but...

    "Sure...Sure..." he said with a scowl. "Of course I would! But go ahead, yank on the heart strings of the ghost. That's pitiful..."

    He didn't believe that he could do that. Once something or someone was dead...it had to stay that way. Shayne early got up and strarted calling someone. Though he did like the idea of going back to see Kelsey...and talk to her. He waited for Shayne so he could get on with something that was auctully possible.
  19. Shayne hung up then looked over at Jake. He could tell he doubted the fact he could live again, but he was wrong. "Here is what has to happen. When someone dies, their soul leaves their body. As their soul is leaving there is a small opening that another soul,you, could slip in. Soon the body heals and adapts to the new soul. At first, memories are only those of the previous person, but soon enough your memories will take over." Shayne took a deep breath and nodded "just believe me and take a chance. What can happen? You stay a ghost?"

    He headed back to the door determined to go back to Kelsey's to make Jake happy. "Come on! We are going to back to your apartment." Without another word, Shayne walked out and made his way to the apartment. This time he was confident when he knocked and smiled when she opened the door.

    Kelsey had a semi-annoyed look on her face. He came here earlier then left without a reason. "What?" She said a bit rougher than normal. "I'm sorry for my actions earlier, but your boyfriend over here wants to stay here." Shayne motioned towards Jake. Kelsey just nodded and let them back in, taking the couch this time. "So that chill I get. Is that him?" Kelsey asked softly. He just nodded. A small smiled played on her lips as she looked down the idea that her ghost boyfriend was still trying to be affectionate flattered her. "Did he like our date that night?" her eyes were bright when she looked over at the man. The idea of talking to Jake directly without seeing him was weird, so she figured a conversation like this would be just as good.