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  1. Michaela Anderson, or known as Peanut have had her head stuck in a book all day. The last book of the Divergent series, Alliegent to be in fact. She couldn't put the book down, at least not until Veronica Roth destroyed Michaela's hopes and dreams. And so, she cried. Tears streaming from her eyes as she wandered the halls of the big castle.

    But finally, she calmed down. She was in the library picking a new book out. So many choices. Plus I basically have read every book here.. She finally grabbed a book she hadn't read, "The Summoning" and left the library. She started to make way for the home theatre. She loved to listen to movies as she read. If anything, it made her read slower. Which she was very glad for.

    When she arrived, she plopped down on one of the beanbags and began reading. The movie that hsd been playing was 'Frozen'. They were at the part where Elsa sung, "Let it go". Soon, Michaela became lost in her book. Not paying attention to nothing.
  2. Amara was watching Once Upon a Time, she was at the point where Rumple killed himself and his father to save his family and his friends. Amara screamed in agonizing emotional pain, and started bawling. She couldn't stop, she could identify with Rumple, in that she was an outcast, especially among her family. She ran out of her room, and just started jogging around the castle, tears still streaming down her face. Sobbing occasionally, Amara finally stopped when she heard the song "Let it Go" from Frozen, she entered the room, and slid down the wall, leaning against it and rocking back and forth, hugging her knees, mumbling Rumple over and over again.
  3. putting the key in the lock of the door to his room Steve unlocks the room then goes in the door is like a metal door from minecraft. Steve riged it up to have the sound of a door of minecraft opening when his door opens and the closing sound when he closed it, his room was a master piece of 2 years of hard work he took on to create the most realistic copy of a minecraft bedroom he build in minecraft, Steve takes the disk form its cover with the writing on it saying "Sub woofer lullaby" and puts it in the minecraft record player in his room and lies on his bed listening to the record playing, the sound of his record was loud enough to be heard from the other side of the door
  4. Liz was walking around the halls, still trying to figure out just where she was in the large castle. She had never quite learned her way around the place and was constantly asking for help from others just to find where she needed to go next. She had heard that Frozen was playing in the movie room so she thought it would be easy to find her way to it and watch the movie, right? Well she was wrong. Elizabeth Dohrn was completely lost. She sighed as she ran a hand through her long brown hair. She blinked, her contacts irritating her eyes a little bit as she continued to wander the halls, trying to find somewhere or someone that would tell her how to get to the room with one of her favorite movies playing.
  5. Jacob was in his room, being anti-social. He missed his friends, and wished some of them were here. Sighing, he slipped on a mask, and decided to find someone to talk to. *You can't stay in here alone.* So he walked out of his room, and tripped over a small pile of books. He dusted himself off, and stood, face to face with Liz. "Oh, um, sorry." Jacob's face was concealed by a mask, so no one knew his expression. The mask was mainly white, with flushed cheeks, and pointed ears on the top. The eyes were black slots, as was the mouth. The teeth were long and pointed, and intersecting. They made a small wall around the center, and left the sides of the mouth completely empty.

  6. Liz did a double take as she took a step back. "Holy-um... Hi... it's... it's fine." She said, surprised by the mask. She hesitated before clearing her throat and asked, "Um, do you know where the movie room is? I heard they were playing Frozen." She shifted a bit, not feeling comfortable with the sudden masked child. It made her think of Majora's Mask and she knew she didn't want to deal with something like that.
  7. hearing the click of the record as it rotated round Steve realised it had finished, Steve heard crying out side and got up from his bed and picked up his pickaxe and headed out side down the corridor in search of the crying.
  8. Meaghan popped up behind Jason. "Movie room's thataway." She pointed down the hall. She slung her other hand over Jason's shoulder. "This is Jason. Don't worry, he won't hurt you." She smiled. "If you don't mind, I'll walk with you. I've seen frozen a thousand times, but I just love singing." She grinned and pulled them both down the hallway. "You can come too, Jason! You haven't seen it yet, have you?"
  9. "I'm afraid not. Many apologies." Jacob nodded to Liz, and walked toward another cluster of people. "Perhaps they know."
  10. "Oh well then." Meaghan's face fell, before she turned to Liz. "Well, what are we waiting for! Allons-y!" She giggled and pulled the other girl down the corridor to the movie room, humming Let it Go excitedly under her breath.
  11. "did i hear the word movie!" Steve called out and ran down the corridor at full pelt hoping it was one of those game films or somthing like the minecraft documetntary.
  12. Liz was just flustered by it all, having some strange girl suddenly start pulling her toward the movie room. "U-um okay! By the way, who are you?" She asked the strange girl, not quite sure if this was really what it was like around the castle every day. She hadn't met too many people but all of them were so obsessed with their fandoms that she couldn't really talk with them. Then again, it wasn't like she was that great at talking with people either.
  13. "Wow. There's a lot of us, eh?" Jacob noticed Steve, and slowed his pace to catch up to the boy. "Hi. I'm Jacob, and you?"
  14. "Im steve as in steve from minecraft or you can call me strad thats my nickname" steve replies
  15. "Heh, alright then 'strad'. I think the movie is frozen." Jacob smiled though the mask.
  16. "nice to meet you jake" Steve replied
  17. "My name is Meaghan!" She smiled brightly. "My friends call me Meg, but the people who don't know me call me the Fandom expert." Her brown eyes flashed gold underneath her glasses. "I know everything about all the fandoms. If you ever have a question about anything, I'm the person you want to talk to." She turned to the left as they continued walking to the movie room. "I love to think of how world mechanics work, which means I'm a great resource if you want to do crossover fics, and I'm an expert on demonology." She stopped in front of the door labeled 'Movies' and stuck out her hand. "So, nice to meet you!"
  18. Steve smiled " cool nice to meet you, cool i more specialise in minecraft fandom than any other fandom"
  19. Liz felt a bit intimidated about how much this girl knew. "Wow... that's a lot of things to know about! I'm Elizabeth, but please just call me Liz. Elizabeth is way too pretentious. I just write things. That's all I can really say." She shrugged before taking Meg's hand hesitantly. "Nice to meet you." She gave her a small smile, unsure what else she should do.
  20. Amara looked up as she saw a group entering. Wiping her cheeks, Amara walked over to the group, smiling. "Hi! I'm Amara! How are you all today?" She said cheerfully, though her eyes were still red and puffy.
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