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    Harry James Potter

    (First Year) Eleven | Half Blood | Gryffindor | The Boy Who Lived

    - His parents, Lily and James Potter, were murdered within their home in Godrick's Hollow by Lord Voldemort during the first Wizarding War. He was then entrusted to his aunt and uncle, along with their own son. Harry did not having a loving upbringing, but he was welcomed to Hogwarts and made a friendship with Ronald Weasley while riding the train.

    - Harry was selected to be Gryffindor's Seeker, making him the youngest Seeker in Hogwart's history. He has basically no information about his parents, but knows his father was a Gryffindor Seeker as well. Harry is very proud of his parents and the sacrifice they made to protect him.

    - Harry's friends are Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley, but he friendly to anyone that shows him respect and politeness.

    Ronald Billius Weasley

    (First Year) Eleven | Pure Blood | Gryffindor | Son of Weasley

    - The youngest son and elder brother to one sister, Ronald has always grown up in the shadows cast by his elder siblings. He doesn't expect much of himself, believing that he'll never measure up to the standards set by his siblings. Ronald is terrified of Spiders and this fear was only made worse by the trickery of his twin brothers, Fred and George.

    - Ronald was elated when he became friends with Harry Potter, but isn't as found of Hermione Granger. Actually, he finds her annoying a bit stuck-up with her know-it-all behavior. Ronald is very competitive and doesn't like be underestimated by other people. Unlike his brothers, Ronald is horrible with women.

    - His favorite hobby is Wizard's Chess and Ronald is quite skilled in the game.

    Neville Frank Longbottom

    (First Year) Eleven | Half Blood | Hufflepuff | Always Loosing His Toad: Trevor

    - Neville's parents, Alice and Frank Longbottom, were tortured into madness and eventually murdered by a Death Eater, Bellatrix Lestrange. He has always known about the Muggle world, but grew up under the care of his aunt and uncle, away from that society.

    - Not the most popular student, Neville's only real friends are Hannah Abbott and a Ravenclaw female, Allyson Ravenclaw. He is always misplacing his beloved Toad, Trevor, and often can be found searching the castle of Hogwarts for the slippery creature.

    - Although a talented Wizard, Neville has a forgetful memory and often gets himself into troublesome situations. He considers himself to be extremely unlucky, or even jinxed.

    Hannah Jane Abbott

    (First Year) Eleven | Half Blood | Hufflepuff | The Helpful & Loyal

    - Best friend to Neville Longbottom, Hannah is the perfect embodiment of Hufflepuff's qualities and traits. She is a friend to everyone, always helpful and willing to put her happiness aside for others. Hannah's mother and father both work for the Ministry. She dislikes conflict and tries to stay positive, no matter what negativity arrives in her life.

    - An average student at best, Hannah often spends her time with friends rather than studying. She enjoys reading, playing games or simply chatting among others. Hannah dislikes Qudditch, but supports her house by attending the games.

    - Hannah became friends, quite easily, with Neville when they were both sorted into Hufflepuff. She finds him very interesting and is willing to protect him from bullies. Hannah cares very deeply for Neville, but he doesn't know this.

    Allyson Helena Row Ravenclaw

    (Third Year) Thirteen | Pure Blood | Ravenclaw | The Heir of Ravens

    Family Tree:
    Rowena Ravenclaw

    Helena Ravenclaw - Arthur Ravenclaw x Unknown Wife
    Michael Ravenclaw x Unknown Wife
    Jackson Ravenclaw x Unknown Wife
    David James Ravenclaw x Unknown Wife
    Tyler Ravenclaw x Marcia ('nee Marks)
    Allyson Helena Row Ravenclaw

    - Although she is the first daughter born into the Ravenclaw family since Helena, Allyson actually inherited her mother's physical attributes. She is practically identical to Marcia ('nee Marks) aside from the Ravenclaw traits that are displayed through her personality and intelligence.

    - Allyson's family is famous and her legacy something to be proud of, but she also admires her mother's heritage as well. The Marks clan, also Pure Bloods, are renowned Medical Experts and have contributed a fair share of their accomplishments to the Magical Society.

    - Allyson, as expected, was sorted into Ravenclaw following her enrollment to Hogwarts. She is very much Rowena's great-great-great-great-granddaughter and her academic grades reflect Allyson's inherited intellect and cleverness. However, she also has a love of Qudditch and during her second year became Ravenclaw's Chaser, along with Cho Chang.​
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  2. Hey, erm sorry I havent responded yet. Been veerrrryy busy.

    I completely forgot that Harry would be 11. Now if there is supposed to be romance, how would that happen at eleven.

    If I confuse you in any way, I'm just tired and tend to be weird and confusing at these hours (Its 2 am)
  3. Okayyyy, I understand now. Thannk you. Time to get working on it then, thanks for understanding.
  4. Happy New Year!!
  5. Josie Ross


    (First Year) Eleven | Muggle-Born | Gryffindor | Cheerful and Always Happy

    ~ Cheerful all the time, she keeps a smile on her face to make people happy. She makes silly jokes and enjoys telling people nice things. She does this even when she is sad.

    ~ She is Muggle-Born, When her letter came in to go to Hogwarts, her parents thought of her as a demon. So, once she got the chance, she ran to the train station.

    ~ She is friends with the Weaslys, Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, Allyson Ravenclaw (She seems a bit mysterious to Josie), and she trys to make friends with Neville.

    ~ Josie defends herself and others when needed, most of her defense goes to Harry, Hermoine, Ron, and herself.

    ~ She is an advid reader, and gets along quite well with Hermoine. You will normaly see them studying together in the Library, or sitting together in class.

    George Weasley


    (Third Year) Thirteen | Pureblood | Gryffindor | The Gentle Prankster

    ~Though he does love pranks, George does not go to the levels his twin does. He loves joking around with people, and teasing his older brother, Percy, and his younger brother, Ron.

    ~ He had became quick friends with Harry, Hermoine, and Josie, but he had noticed a girl in Ravenclaw that seemed to be very pretty.

    ~ His pranks targeted at other people were usually, good-natured and harmless. Unlike his brothers, which are harmful.

    Draco Malfoy


    (First-Year) Eleven | Pure-Blood | Slytherin | Slytherin Prince

    ~ Draco believes that 'Mud-Bloods' should be sent away to Askaban because they are not.. normal. They should not mix with the Pure-Bloods that attend Hogwarts.

    ~ He has only two friends, which whom he rarely remembers the names of. He normaly spends his time, trying to terroize Hermoine or Josie for being Muggle-Born.

    ~ Draco came from a rich family, that are loyal to the Dark Lord, Voldemort. In which he does not know yet. He learned all his ways from his father, who taught him to hate the Muggle-Born and praise the Pure-Bloods.

    ~He is jealous of Harry Potter, due to the fact that Harry gets all the attention and that he gets none. Just becase Harry Potter survived the Killing Curse.

    ~He is on the Slytherin Quidditch team.

    Hermoine Granger


    (First-year) Eleven | Muggle-Born | Gryffindor | The Smart One

    ~Hermoine study's most of her time, and when she can she trys to study with her best friend, Josie Ross.

    ~Hermoine is Muggle-Born and usually hated for it, as Josie is. Draco Malfoy enjoys picking on her because of her parents.

    ~She made quick friends with Harry, Ron, and Josie. She is also friends with Neville whom is in Hufflepuff.

    ~She is stubborn and brave, as all Gryffindor's are. She is determined and does not give up on what she does.

    (I'll make Proffesser Dumbledore later on.)​
  6. Absolutely lovely! I adore them! Shall I begin?
  7. Alright, where do we begin? Just asking,
  8. I was thinking of beginning either on the train to Hogwarts, go through the sorting ceremonies and then time skip a week forwards or just begin a week into Hogwarts?
  9. Entirely up to you.
  10. Hmm, okay.
    I'll have something up in a few minutes.
    Thanks for rping with me. :)
  11. "Fred taught me a spell to turn him yellow," a ginger-haired boy announced as he motioned to the rat in his lap, munching greedily at the spilled jelly beans his master had dropped. "Do you want to see?"

    The dark-haired boy, also wearing glasses, seated across his newly discovered friend gave a nod. Emerald eyes watched in amazement, widening is awe as his companion raised a wooden wand and began his magic with a rather amusing rhyme. Suddenly a young girl appeared at the open doorway, a mass of curly hair atop her head, apparently seeking to locate another student's missing toad.

    Happening to walk by in the hallway, a trio of elder students passed by just as the boy's spell failed terribly. The words he'd been given by his source having failed. The younger students continued chattering among themselves, failing to notice the chuckling pair of red-heads and their accompanying female friend.

    "Was that even a real spell?" The girl asked, curiously arching her brow as she questioned the identical brothers. Having an extensive knowledge of magical history available through her historical background, she almost felt foolish for seeking the pair's information. This girl's name is Allyson, although she's more commonly known to be the Heir of Ravenclaw. A descend of the famous Rowena Ravenclaw, one of the original four founders of Hogwarts.

    "Allyson?" The prestigious daughter averted her eyes from the brothers, finding her fellow housemate and friend, Cho Chang, standing in the hallway just in front of her. "What are you doing with the Weasley twins?" The question wasn't absurd, after all, Allyson usually prefers the company of other Ravenclaw students or her Hufflepuff friend, Hannah Abbott.

    "I was merely walking along with them," Allyson replied casually, shrugging her shoulders and stepped forward to Cho's side. "Shall we go?" Without a word of departing to the twins, Allyson and Cho carried off to their compartment.

    Meanwhile, a toad was missing aboard the train and his owner was bent down on both knees, searching the floor for his beloved pet. He was joined by his friend, Hannah, and she wasn't having much luck with finding the boy's toad. "You really should be more careful with Trevor, y'know?" She mumbled, crawling along the floor of the train. "Did you find him, Neville?"

    The panicked boy, known to be Neville Longbottom, stumbled backwards and fell against the ground. He'd gotten shoved by two rather large students, apparently under orders of the blond-haired boy walking in front of the pair. Rushing to his side, Hannah helped Neville off the floor and turned a curt glare at the trio of rude boys. She'd been tempted to demand an apology, but decided not to after seeing the blond's face. The son of Malfoy.
  12. A dark brown haired girl skipped along the tight passageway, seeming to be whistling a tune to a song. The girls name is Josie Ross. She passed a boy with very light blonde, almost white hair. He seemed to be letting his friends try to beat someone to death. While doing so, she heard the words 'Mud-Blood' but paid no attention to it, even though the word came from the blond boy. With luggage still in hand, she saw a fairly empty room with three kids her age in it. She then entered it.

    The brunette haired girl, more commonly known as Hermione turned her attention to Josie, "Now who are you?" She paused to look at Harry, "Do you know her? Whatever. " she looked around the space for the toad but didn't seem to find it, she was paying attention just enough to hear the girl say 'Josie Ross'.

    The right Weasley, normally known as George, chuckled while the left held a quite rather large grin. They were identical, due to being twins. They were walking with a girl their age, Fred grinned at the Ravenclaw, while George just watched her. Only his twin knew that he had a small crush on the Ravenclaw. But she was gone with Cho Chang before he knew it.

    The blonde haired boy ordered his friends to pick the boy up. A grin set upon his little rat face, and a evil look in his eyes. "So, Longbottem. Where's dear old mom and dad at? Oh thats right, there dead." This boy was known as Malfoy, Draco Malfoy.
  13. "I don't understand why you'd walk in the company of the Weasley twins?" Cho's persistence with the repeated line of questioning was beginning to weaken Allyson's last nerve. Although tolerant to a remarkable degree, even someone as patient and level-headed as Allyson could be forced into anger when adequately provoked.

    Finally the heir of Ravenclaw just surrendered to her friend's inquiries and confessed the truth of her actions with no resistance. "I happen to enjoy the twins."

    "You can't be serious, Ally!" Cho gasped, halting her steps and grabbed onto Allyson's arm. The two females now stood still in the hallway, luckily without causing a scene. "You're the heir of Ravenclaw!"

    Allyson's lips fell downwards, a frown appearing with half lidded eyes in tow. "Yes? I'm aware of this."

    "The Weasley twins are trouble, they cause mayhem at every possible chance! You can't get involved with them."

    Cho's intentions were noble, coming from the heart and genuine concern for her friend's reputation. However, none of this was any factor in Allyson's decision to part ways. Already stressed with the rules and regulations of her own family, the last thing Allyson needed was another person trying to control her life. Offering Cho a brief hug, the disgruntled heir began retracing her steps and once again appeared in the presence of the twins.

    "Do you mind if I tag along?" Allyson asked, a gentle smile gracefully sliding along her lips.

    * * *

    Hermione's rudeness was not shared among the boys. When Josie came along, they greeted her with matching smiles and Harry even extended his hand in welcoming. As for Ronald, he scooted across the bench and allowed Josie a seat beside him.

    "I'm Harry Potter," the boy announced, shaking Josie's delicate hand with a gentle hold.

    The red-head chimed in, nervously shuffling his feet along the floor. "Ronald Weasley, just call me Ron, though."

    * * *

    Neville's eyes dampened, the memories of his parents having been forced to the surface by Draco. Thankfully, Hannah came to his aid and stood at his side.

    "Leave him alone, Malfoy." Oh yes, she knows of him. Well, about the Malfoy family and their reputations, anyway.

    "Hannah," Neville stressed, reaching out to pull her back. "Don't get involved."
  14. At the sight of Allyson arriving once more in front of them, George's heart began to flutter but he ignored it. It took him a while to realize that he had been quiet, it took Fred punching him in the shoulder to knock.him out of his stupor. "Yes, yeah. I would enjoy your company, and I'm sure Fred would too." George said with a small nervous smile. He bumped his shoulder harshly into Fred's which followed with "What was that for?" His brother asked.

    George only glared at him. "You know what it was for." But he couldn't stay mad for long and grinned. He glanced at Allyson, "What would you prefer to do? " he asked her.
    Hermione left the room and went to go find Neville who lost the toad. When she did, she only found that a white haired boy, to other larger boys, a girl and Neville. "Hey!" The brunnete yelled. She wished there was a teacher on the train but a thought hit her, The Candy lady. then she took off to go find her.

    Josie smiled at the boys while shaking Harry Potter's hand. "I'm Josie Ross. Thank you, Ron." She said and sat next to the ginger-haired boy. Her brown eyes were still bright no matter what she heard earlier..

    "Harry Potter?" She paused. She had read about him in a newspaper that had moving pictures, she had never seen moving pictures until she came here. It was still all new to her. "Oh, I'm do terribly sorry for your lost. It must be hard living without your mum and dad.."A she said..
    Draco crossed his arms when he saw the mud-blood come into the area they were in they leave. He smirked and looked at Hannah, "Oh sigh. You think I must be really afraid of you two. But his parents-" he pointed a finger at Neville, "Deserved to die."

    Draco Malfoy pursed his lips, "Yeah Hannah, Dont get invovled. It might be worse for your own good."
  15. "Well," Allyson quickly surveyed the area and discovered a free compartment. "How about we go there?" With a raised finger, she pointed to the vacant seats. She guided the twins over, opening the door and allowing them to be seated first. Allyson followed, sitting alone on the opposite bench.

    Unable to figure out which twin was which left Allyson with a puzzling predicament. Due to them being completely identical in their physical appearances, prolonged staring of the twins would not serve any purpose. Not only that, but Allyson didn't want to send them mixed signals as well.

    "So, you're Gryffindor students, yeah?" She already knew, but no harm in validation. Tucking a lock of loose hair back behind her right ear, Allyson smiled and exchanged a curious glance between the brothers. "I've heard a lot about your family, the Weasley clan."

    * * *

    Apparently Josie knew about the fame surrounding Harry. He should have been more prepared when her question came, followed by an expression of sympathy for his situation. Ronald kept silent, entertained by his family rat, Scabbers.

    "It's alright," Harry answered Josie. Yes, growing up without the love and familiarity of his family was difficult, but Harry didn't want to tell her everything about it. Harry smiled, resting back in the seat and cast a curious glance out the window.

    "Are you...um," he struggled for the word. He'd only heard Hagrid say it once before. "A Muggle?"

    "You mean Muggleborn, Harry."

    "Oh?" Harry turned his attention to Ronald.

    "Yes," the ginger haired male shrugged, "There's a lot of different types of Blood Purity. Don't you know that?"

    Harry hadn't, but now was rather intrigued. "What are they?"

    "Muggleborns have no magical ancestry. Well, I mean, they did at some point, but it's generations in the past and no longer prominent. Half Bloods are a mixture of magic and Muggle, while Pure Bloods have no Muggles present in the entire family bloodline. Then there's Squids, Pure Bloods that didn't inherit any magic and are often married off into Muggle families and that's how Muggleborns are born. I'm a Pure Blood, myself. The entire Weasley clan is."

    * * *

    Hannah wasn't so easily intimidated. She returned Draco's glare and stepped forward, showing no fear in her actions. "Just go away, Malfoy." She demanded, stepping back and taking Neville's hand.
  16. George sat down next to Fred, but saw Allyson's puzzled expression. "I'm George and he is Fred. Yes, I know its quite confusing. " George nodded to his brother, who just sat there. They waited a bit before she asked her next questions. "Yes, we're in Gryffindor." Fred said then looked at George, "The Bold and the Brave." George finished and looked out the window. Upon hearing her next statement George looked at her with a puzzled expression. "What have you heard about our-" He was interrupted by his brother, just to have his sentence finished. "Family?" Fred finished with the same exact expression.

    George rolled hit eyes and scooted a bit farther from his brother. He absolutely hated it when Fres finished his sentences.
    Josie crossed her arms and slightly nodded. "Yes, Though I dont think I should be thinking of my parents any time soon, they absolutely hate me because of what I am." She said then dropped the subject. She wasn't aloud to bring anything from home so she had to buy everything at the shops. Someone with a big furry beard had picked her up and took her before she left for the train, he said it was because her parents were not going to let her but she wasn't so sure.

    The girl shrugged and smiled again, "Any who, Is this your first year too?" She asked the boys in front of her. She looked at Ron, "Oh, Pure-Bloods? Isn't that a bit of a prejudicest term? Naming everyone off by their heritage?"
    Eventually Hermione came back with the cart lady, "Make them stop fighting. They are beating up Neville." She said firmly as the lady approached them.
    Draco was about to spit in Hannah's face but didn't because an adult was there. "My father will hear of this, Half-Blood." He seemed to know everyones heritage. If they were other than a Pure-Blood.
  17. "Well, I know the entire Weasley clan is Pure Blood and same with the Prewett clan, your mother's original family before marriage to her husband. A genetic trait of the Weasley bloodline is the inherited red hair, although it varies in shade with each new child." Except for the twins, being identical.

    Allyson smiled, resting back in her seat. "Also, the Weasley family is rather large. There's Arthur and Molly, your parents. William, Charlie, Percy, you two of course, Ronald and Ginny." Considering her connections to the Magical society, all of this information had been easy to obtain.

    "Gryffindor has a long legacy in your family as well, just as Ravenclaw has housed every single member of my father's family. I'm similar to your sister, Ginny, in the regard that I'm the first female of Ravenclaw to be born since Helena."

    * * *

    "Yes, this is our first year as well." Harry announced happily, "I'm really excited!"

    When Josie asked about the terms of blood purity, Ronald shrugged and tried to supply her with an answer. "The only terms that are considered to be rude are Mudblood and Blood Traitors." Just saying those names made his tongue burn, such horrible and foul labels for anyone.

    "Don't worry, though." Ron gently leaned forward and offered Josie a smile, his rat curled snugly in his lap. "Harry and I won't let anyone hurt you." Friendships are made rather quickly, at least for this lot.

    * * *

    Neville and Hannah held each other tightly, neither of them free of injuries. As for Draco, his goons as well, carried on along the hallway and finally left the pair in peace. "Hannah!"

    The girl smiled, not bothered by the bruises along her arms and merely hid them beneath her robes. "It's alright, Neville."

    When Hermione arrived at the scene, she luckily missed the run in with Draco. Hannah and Neville carried on to their own compartment and sat in silence.
  18. George quirked up an eyebrow and ran his hand through his red hair. He glanced at Fred then back at Allyson. Fred didn't really seem to be paying attention, letting his brother talk to Allyson without interruption. "It seems to me that you have been actually looking the Weasleys up. You seem to know everything about us," he paused and grinned. "Ah Ginny, such a young one, she barely knows how to hold her own wand. I think she still plays with dolls.." he paused, his grin becoming goofier. "I cant blame her though, dolls are actually quite fun to take if it infuriates your little sister. " he added.

    Hermione left the area and went back to the compartment with Harry and Ron. She thought maybe she should apologize about earlier. When she arrived she walked in and took a seat next to Harry. "Hello everyone." She simply stated and took a piece of her hair and twisted it in her fingers.
    Josie smiled at Ron then at Harry, "Thank you. I really appreciate it." She glanced up at Hermione and smiled. "Hello!" She looked down and brushed lint off of her robe, then looked back up at the others. "What do you suspect the castle looks like?" She asked them.
    Draco went back to his cart and sighed, "Bloody idiots. Let them wait until my father gets to them. I hate Hufflepuffs."

    His 'friends' nodded in agreement.
  19. Allyson smirked, watching as a rather ridiculous grin spread along George's lips. His brother, on the other hand, didn't seem interested in anything at all. Rather than continue talking, Allyson suddenly slumped back in the seat and sat with crossed arms below her chest. She wanted to make the twins her friends, but wasn't sure if they would allow her that opportunity.

    * * *

    Harry and Ronald were not bothered by Hermione's company, they welcomed her in the same fashion. The group continued their chattering and conversing until the train suddenly stopped. When the students began exiting the train, Hagrid was there to welcome the first years.

    Harry, Ron, Draco, Hermione, Hannah and Neville were all guided to the castle. However, the upper class students, such as the twins and Allyson, were allowed to enter the castle without having to endure the sorting ceremony again.

    After Dumbledore's address to the entire school, the gates opened and McGonagall guided the first years to the front of the Great Hall. The sorting ceremony began with Hannah Abbott and she nervously stepped forward, leaving Neville's side.

    "Hufflepuff!" The hat shouted to the entire room. Hannah cast an elated smile and quickly ran off to join her house. Harry and Ronald were sorted into Gryffindor, same with Hermione. Soon it was Josie's turn to sit beneath the hat.

    * * *

    Meanwhile, Allyson and Cho were seated at the Ravenclaw table. However, Allyson kept her eyes on the Weasley twins, struggling to find which one was George.
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