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  1. Hi Everyone

    I saw a couple of out of character discussions in the IC thread and have made you an OOC

    If in future you could discuss all OOC matters in this thread that'd be awesome!

    It makes my life easier and helps your story to flow better!

    Thank you for your time and happy roleplaying!


    @Arsonwolf, @Nathchi , @Kyrion , @Onyxforever , @Clementine_x ,
  2. Thank you Ayla for making this OOC for the rp

    We'll use this opportunity well, when the times comes with planning further, chatting about the characters, etc.

    And I'll use that opportunity right now, actually!

    @Arsonwolf about your plan with your character, I hope you've an idea on how to make us know about your character more, as you've wanted. I've given you an opportunity to do so by letting the brother's talk but if you've throught about something else, you can just go to the group and reunite or do something else for the moment. I'll not answer until you've wrote something and no presure about that. Though if it goes for too long, for example 1, 2 or even 3 weeks, I've to answer the roleplay so it doesn't die.

    And I hope that @Kyrion can wait for the time being, if that is okay with you? Because as I've said before, I don't want it to turn into a 1x1. However, I can understand if it does turn into a 1x1 if people don't have the time. But I've patient to wait for now.
  3. It's perfectly fine to wait. Don't worry. But I agree that this RP should not die.
  4. @Arsonwolf
    Are you planning on keeping Cyril as a main character too, or at least a side character for a longer moment of the story? Maybe we could know a bit more about him.

    If positive, I'll be the only one with a single character XD I'm feeling a bit useless. Maybe I could insert another one, so we three can populate the RP. What do you think, @Nathchi ?
  5. @Arsonwolf I wonder that too, in any case, just type here or if you want something else you can just pm me if another reason, though I don't know if it'll be necessary?

    And @Kyrion you don't have to have another character if you don't want to, but if you want you can probably tell me of what your thought is about your other character or else, suprise us! I'll answer the rp now or else I'll forget.
    I really like this rp thus far, it's fun and to tell the many different stories and gods is also fun, very new I think since I haven't really done a rp like this one before. I've many ideas and new stories will be told of ancients gods and people.
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  6. I'm thinking about a possible second character... to make more interactions. Also, because beside Noah, our group has a serious lack of girls.

    I'm also liking the RP ^_^ the theme is different from what I was used to.

    Hey, I really like the music MAMA XD I've heard it for the first time some months ago, and now it's even on my cell phone. I want to dance it someday... but I admit I prefer the korean lyrics. I lolled imagining the ancient language being chinese XD.
  7. Well, I was thinking if Vesa could be in the group, since we've already met her a little and she probably knows a lot more about the ancient world than any of us, except maybe Joseph since he've met people all over the world in his little pub and he always hear stories and such, so it'd be no wonder.
    Though, I also feel that Vesa is this kind of girl who'd be more like "I've to go back and be with my people, they need me." or something like that, since in my eyes, she seemed to be this more of a leader of her people and want to take care of everyone. So she would probably (I could be wrong) thank no to follow the journey, though I think she'd have the time to tell something to us.

    Yeah, I think so too!

    And I really like MAMA, I've in my cellphone too and I just don't know why, but I just feel that the song fits the roleplay somehow xD Probably because of the church. I prefer the chinese version though since I think when they sing, their language fit the song more. Though this is my opinion. I also like EXO-K but I do want to give support to EXO-M since it doesn't seem they get too much attention, also I like different sort of musical culture and to think this would be something with chinese, is suprising for my part. (Since I for the most only listen to japanese) And huh? Well, it wouldn't be wrong to think that, though I didn't even thought about that really. I just thought it fitted the whole rp somehow, it's from that song I've got most of the ideas from. (Though I've got inspirated by other songs as well, but this influents me more and always have, since the first time I listened to it)

    Anyway, do what you feel is the best with the character choices and if you do have some sort of plan, you can tell us here or pm me. I'm all open for ideas! The same goes for you @Arsonwolf if you have anything in mind, any ideas, etc. You can tell us and we can form it so it'll fit the rp because I'm a person who feels that it'd get quite boring if only I'd made the choices and if people want to have something in the story it's fine, since it's a rp, and you rp together. So I feel the need that everyone shall be a part of the story! ^_^
  8. It's very nice of you to be this open for our interventions while creating this RP ^_^ I'm thankful for that. Today I don't have the time (and energy) to make a decent post for another character, and I'll try to make it tomorrow. You're pretty right about Vesa: she's hard to keep in a story like this. I think I don't want to deal with a "powerful" character like she is, a leader of angels and all that. I'd prefer a smaller character, a mortal, that can be very surprising with her actions, secrets and interesting abilities. She would fit better in the group than a Seraph, and being free from this concept of "good and evil" she will be free to followm her own intentions, desires, convictions, and not just follow the orders of a God.

    But I can still make Vesa talk and interact occasionally, protect a character for a given moment, as a part of her missions, give advices or share an important information. I just don't want to keep her around all the time. Maybe I'll use the female character I was planning for "Have faith in me", and create someone different for this other story. At least she's almost completely done, and fits the main plot.

    Just to finish the EXO subject: in fact, a like both EXO K and M XD Both videoclips for the song "Wolf" are very nice, too. A few years ago I used to hear more japanese music... I'm frequently changing styles.
  9. This is the character from "Have Faith in me", that I was planning on using now, in "My name is...". If she's okay, I'll find an opportunity in my next posts to put her on the story ^_^

    Name: Pandora Meridian (can be called Pan, Dora, Merry... she doesn't mind)

    Gender: Female

    Age: Seems to be around 18, 19, but she will never confirm or deny it

    Appearance: Waist long light brown hair, frequently tied, braided or sporting different hairstyles. Hazel eyes, very expressive. She's 168cm, slim, a bit curvy, with long legs. Wears "gypsy" clothes, like long skirts, boots, blouses, large pants, bracelets, fingerless gloves. Has some freckles on the brige of her nose.

    Personality: fun loving, intense, usually happy and curious, yet she knows how to deal with real danger. She's brave, vivid, active, with a sharp tongue and attentive mind. Is very skilled with her hands and knows a bit of self-defense, but will try to avoid conflict (not always possible). She knows how to live in a city, but would also like to know the countryside someday. Can be sensitive sometimes, but is too proud to admit.

    Backstory: Pandora was raised until the age of 9 with her father, a merchant, who disappeared after a short travel to buy some products. He was never found, and people assume he was attacked by bandits. Her mother was a noble who always pretended she never had a child with a plebeian. She lived with an aunt for sometime, but soon found a place to herself, a small room close to the train station, where she lived since 16. She worked in many shops (and she's good with the clients!), but now stopped, trying to find something that could really touch her heart.

    Among the clients from the bookstore she worked, she knew a vampire who really liked the young girl, and soon she had a tutor to teach her something about the secrets and magic under the surface of things. He gave her something very special, before leaving forever: three small keys she uses all the time in a necklace: a black one, a white one, and a transparent one, like crystal. As magical abilities, she knows how to share feelings and thoughts with others, and also their pain, to give them some relief, and conjure a shield temporarily. To protect herself in this city, she has a very good eye, and can throw little objects, like knives, with great skill.
  10. Yes, but as long you feel that you want to have another character it's fine and you can do that. Should she already know Andarius since earlier? Since they've met before? Or well, will meet in the story 'Have faith in me'?
    And it's okay to put the character in later, I've already posted another long story about the city now (Have been busy with school) and well, about Vesa. I thought so too, though I like how she's somewhat watching over Joseph and Joseph her, as if they know something about each other, or well atleast Joseph seems like he knows something about her. He seems to know about everything but.. who knows? :b He's very mysterious, which I find fun to rp.

    The EXO subject: I think the song Wolf is a bit funny, how they howl and... I don't know, can't just take it seriously. But I love Mama and Overdose. And well, I still listen to Japanese music for the most, but have started to listen to more Korean music now.

    Also, about the ancient language in the rp, I'm thinking that the language is somewhat like Latin but at the same time not. It does sound like it could be Latin, but the words is just gibberish (If it where real). I'm thinking that their system is that they concentrate more on the pronouncing of sound, like, it has to sound good together, yet make sense. Uhm... Like... This video for example;

    Around 1:50 to 2:33 (I don't know if it's actually an language, but most people have commented that it's gibberish and if it is gibberish, it's a very beautiful gibberish)
  11. About Pandora: if I'm using her in "His name is..." I won't use her in "Have faith in me", so, she won't know Andarius or Noah. Unless we create a scene where she would lose her memory due to some kind of "time power". What I can do is make her feel like she already met the two before... some kind of affinity, or even affection. But she won't recognize them.

    About the ancient language and this clip: I understand what you mean, a language we can't understand but express a lot of beauty, and a feeling of "sacred words". The band "Era" has musics with this feeling, but no so intense... While "Immediate Music" is more to the epic side. Also, I recall some works of Susumu Hirasawa, specially Paranesian Circle:

    The part I'm talking about starts around 7:05. It's more "martial"...
    This clip you posted is really, really nice. Not only the song is very rich, but also the visual effects are very pleasant to the eyes. It's indeed a beautiful gibberish ^_^ It sounds like they could tell an old legend about Time itself...
  12. Oh, okay. Well, if she recognise them maybe she've just seen them around the city before? Since Andarius and Noah have been in the city for some time now. Or around the forest that's surrounding the city and the pub. (As you know the pub is outside the city) Maybe she was in the Pub when they arrived as well? Hmm...

    And a really nice song, it really gives this... sacred words and also feeling as you where talking about. Makes me think of this rp actually and especially a place (If we get that far) that I've thought that the group could visit, it's a place in the desert where people are not so found about the Time Lord as the city they are in now. But I thought that they would go there much later, perhaps someone there knows about someone, Arthur for example or maybe even the time powers. But that will come up later (if we get that far, which I hope we do)
    And I like that song too, very beautiful. A little steampunk-ish by the style, yet fantasy. That reminds me, this song is also giving this sacred feeling, which I like. And also reminds me little about time. ^^

    Edit: Also the guy in the beginning that sounds like... god?
    I've his version here but sadly you must have an account to listen to it, but it's awesome as well xD

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  13. Now I'll be using colors to distinguish Pandora's words, Darius', and narration.
    @Arsonwolf I was discussing here about bringing up another character, and now there is Pandora! The group is just inside the church listening the the more honest version of the story they heard outside.

    After this meeting, I believe we should bring the girl they were searching for... right? To integrate the action again. I don't know how she's involved with the main plot XD
  14. Hmm... about the woman Cyril was looking for, I wonder what will be out of her, since @Arsonwolf isn't online that often, will she just be forgotten? Was she only just some sort of thing to keep the rp going? If so, I'm wondering if something else can happen, to make everything disappear for a bit.
    Though I don't know if it's a good idea or not... . 3.
  15. I'll post today at the IC ^^' sorry, it was a busy weekend.

    I think that female character is what still ties Mikail to the story, because he's searching for her... I don't know what were the plans for her considering the main plot.

    When you say "make something happen to make everything disappear for a bit", what do you mean?
  16. We'll have to wait and see.

    And by the last part I meant that I make something happen, something stressful for the characters so they have to concentrate on themselves and completely forget most of the things including the girl if she'll not show up until later and then it can be like. "But what about the girl?" "We can look for her later, for now, we've to move on/go to safety"
    Do you understand at what I'm trying to get at?
  17. Of course it was just an idea if nothing more will happen, I can make something happen at the moment so as I've said, they forget everything at the moment and have to get away. And with that, they can meet the girl later, if she've also ran away from the city. And I think I've a good plan on what might happen if that's the case. Maybe some sort of fire, would be an good idea to get everyone to evacuate.
  18. I understand what you say; but this would not cause a destruction that could be a problem for the main plot? Well, you're the one who knows how much of the city we will explore XD

    Feel free to add this, if you'd like. Vesa would certainly also help to transport people to a safer place (you know, being an angel and all). I'll post today, but I'm short of time now. It won't take much
  19. I'll not destroy everything in the city, most of it will still be on the ground, all fine. Just an idea. But I think it's soon time to get moving inside the rp. Just have to wait for Arson of course. ^^

    And we'll do, she'll probably come in good hand when it's happening or if... And take your time, I'm just here to remind you guys and also ask questions and give ideas to the rp x3
  20. About the latest post, I was thinking if you Darius could just explain how you and Pandora fought the other two soldiers and I was thinking of one of them could hold the man + his sword down in the end. You'll understand when you read my post. @Kyrion