High School Romance! (ShitsujiCarty and Sanuye)

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  1. So! This is my first roleplay and this has been something I've wanted to RP for so long it isn't funny anymore!

    So the basic premise is one of a high school romance- with the typical social structures of the popular, the sport obsessed, the smart cookies, the rebels and then everyone else. It's a very simple way to look at high school- but from my experience, that's exactly how high school functions.

    The plot starts with Character A (me) being a 17 year old girl, with a not so good past and zero social value at school. She's very much a loner, since she can be shy and often avoids others. She lives by herself, after having left the foster care system at 16.

    And we have character B (you), who is a boy of 17 with a hypocritical nature. He's a rebel- on the outside at least. He's a nice guy under it all, just with an overcoat of rebellion. He became a rebel to, well, rebel against his family- the Perfect Brady Bunchâ„¢.

    The aim of the story?

    ROMANCE AND LOVE AND FLUFFINESS- with a side of angst, drama and reunited love.

    Character A is a bit of a smart cookie and Character B... acts like he's the opposite. They get paired together on a project for a few weeks- who knows what will happen?

    And so concludes my plot, complete with teeth-achingly fluffy cliches!

    Please contact me via PM!


    I don't really care about the age of my partner, though I do prefer some with a mature tone of writing, both in and out of the RP.

    I prefer posts at least one paragraph long, with decent grammar and vocabulary.

    If you tire of the roleplay or have anything you want to add, let me know!
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  2. MC
    Name: Carter Wilson
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
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    Personality: Carter tends to be a rather friendly person, some say he even enjoys talking with people a little too much. though others see him as a rude, and childish because of the way he acts, living with a family of stiffs has brought out something he isnt rather proud of but still continues to do to achieve his goals. he has a passion for music and games

    Bio: born into a wealthy family Carter had almost whatever he wanted right at his fingertips. he played the good student and son for most of his life until a certain incident caused him to snap. changing his way of thinking he began to rebel against his family, even though he still receives their money, he tries to spend most of his time away from them and purposefully trying to dodge outings with them no matter how lavish they might be. Carter only started his rebellion as he entered highschool, picking fights, sleeping in classes, never doing homework, sometimes he will even skip the entire day. He has one younger brother he sticks up for, but the brother is much younger than him, the rest of his family he does not care for. Carter says the only reason he still goes to school is to see his friends.

    Name: Seth Shepard
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
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    Personality: he is a Musician through and through, anything else matters little to him and that is one reason why he appears listless to everyone. unless he is playing some sort of instrument he is usually looking for some way lean or lie down, though he tends to get into trouble when he hangs around with Carter. but the real thing that gets him into trouble is the fact that he speaks without a filter, always saying whats on his mind.

    Bio: Seth grew up in a home of Musicians and knows how to play just about any instrument a person could give him, though his favorite would have to be the piano. it was one of the reasons he met Carter in the first place, he was playing one afternoon during middle school by himself fooling around playing a theme to a game he enjoyed. suddenly Carter came barging through the door and questioned where he had heard that before, when Seth told him from the game they quickly started into a conversation about it. after almost an hour long discussion the two had formed a strange bond neither of them knew they wanted. the two became the best of friends and would hang out together most days after school to play games or study, and continue to do the same to the date 6 years later. Seth doesnt always approve of Carter's actions but has always been somewhat of a voice of reason to keep things from getting out of control.

    Seth has one older sister who goes to college and only visits on the holidays, his parents are usually busy so in return they let him have friends over even though he is by himself. it is also one of his favorite reasons for becoming friends with Carter, Carter's cooking. Seth takes delight whenever the he makes a meal for the both of them, he was told that it was part of the training Carter had to undergo as a privileged child. Seth really did not care either way, and was just happy to eat. Despite his awful personality his red hair and stylish looks tend to give him some unwanted popularity.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Pippin Laroc
    Nickname: Pip or Pippa
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female

    Personality: A studious and quiet girl, whose personality only truly comes out when she's alone. She's an arty person, relishing any activity involving creativity, including art and music. She's polite to a fault, often letting herself be treated like a doormat in order to avoid offending anyone. She enjoys games that give the player something to think about, often playing indie style games or games with a deep plot or meaning behind the story.

    Bio: Born to a troubled family, Pippin was the youngest child of seven. Brought up in a shaky family, with no solid foundation in her parents or her financial situation. Her parents were reported when she was 11, when her school nurse had noticed the physical state of the children at the school and notified the proper authorities, those being child welfare and the police. She was placed into the foster care system, which turned out to be not quite the brightest idea yet. Placed into a foster home under the care of a woman who merely wanted the money given to foster carers, she quickly learned that the world was not going to help her in life. She moved out at 15, having reached an agreement with the foster care system managers.​
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  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Nalaino OHiera
    Nickname: Nala
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Despite being abrasive and brash, she's a very kind individual with a big heart. A self declared loner, she refuses to fit into the social system of the high school and just does whatever seems good at the time. She's independent and headstrong and highly protective of anything she deems hers. She's a bit of a rebel, just against her family most of the time.
    Bio: The oldest of 3, Nalaino was born in Ireland and moved to the area when she was 11 after her father got a job offer in the city, something he'd been waiting a long time for. Though she hated to leave her friends behind, she did it and soon began to meet others in the new school she started attending. And when she was 13, she met Pip and it was the start of something awesome. Knowing but not saying anything to Pip, Nala knew that her newest best friend wasn't having the greatest home life and that she never had had what Nala took for granted- a home and a family. So Nala and her family semi-adopted Pip, helping her get on her feet and save up some money in order to move out. The apartment Pippin lives in used to be owned by the Ohiera's but in order to give her a fresh start, they gave Pippin a way out of the system.
    Nala gets along well with her family, who tolerate her sometime stranger behaviour and are proud of her hobbies in sport, mostly karate and kick boxing.​
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  5. The day was cold and crisp, winter at its height and sending the days colder, each one after the next. She was just glad that Nalaino and her mother had given her a space heater for her apartment, cutting down greatly on her monthly bills.

    Pippin yawned as she dismounted her bike, locking up in the bike stands beside the school parking lot and making sure it was secure before she headed further into the school. The school was one she'd been attending since she was 12, the school where she tended to purposefully fade into the background of the social scene as much as possible.

    The bell for classes rang and she hurried into the main building, straight for her home room. As always, it turned to a social fest as soon as the teacher had taken attendance and Pip merely chatted to Nala about the upcoming science partner project, both of them hoping to be matched together. Sure, they fought like cat and dog sometimes but they were a good team once they put their minds to it.
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  6. Carter
    The cold winter morning had caused everyone to bundle up in warming clothes, him being no exception. He was wearing a blue scarf as he and Seth chatted on their way to school. The two walked together to school almost every day unless one of them had morning duty, their houses being relatively close to each others.

    "So what do you want to do for that science project?" Seth asked while they walked
    "Can't we just pick whatever? Why not make it something easy right?" Carter said
    "I Can't tell if your being rebellious or just lazy." Seth bluntly said
    "I think we both know the answer to that." Carter laughed as they both walked through the school gates past Pip, who had been chaining her bike.

    Walking into the main building they heard the bell ring as most students quickly started scrambling to their classrooms. Seth being one of them, he didn't like getting in trouble as much as Carter. When the teacher began attendance eveyone seemed to be present except for Carter, he had stopped by a vending machine for a snack. Some days he's thankful his last name is towards the end of the alphabet, today being one of them as he walked into the classroom right as the teacher called his name. With a wave from the teacher he took his seat, only to begin eating the granola bar he had gotten as a snack.
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  7. "You should have seen his face when I told mum! I thought he was going to faint from embarrassment!" Pip had to hold in her peals of laughter at Nala's story, relating the tale of her younger brother's first girlfriend.
    "I can't believe your mum let him keep going out with her. He's only.. What, 12?"
    Nala shook her head, mock serious. "I can't believe it either!"
    They both glanced at each other and laughed quietly when they could maintain their poker faces no longer.

    Pip watched as the last student trickled in just as his name was called, Carter Wilson if she remembered correctly. He was in several of her classes and known throughout the school as a bit of a hooligan.

    She grabbed her bag as the bell rang, making her way through the packed hallways towards the science labs. She'd been looking forward to this particular project for a long time, despite the time it would take to complete it. It was all about studying diseases and called for partners to do a lot of work in order to complete the assignment.
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  8. Seth's seat was closer to the girls than Carter's. He lazily sat in his chair with one headphone hidden in his ear, waiting for the teacher to start the lecture. Carter on the other hand had just finished his snack and now put his feet up on the desk.

    Carter had looked around the classroom he noticed Pippin and Nala as they started to laugh, but didnt really think much of it. One was an obnoxious sports girl, the other was...was? What was she like, had she ever spoken before? He couldn't even remember what she was like or if he had talked to her.
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  9. With a soft smile, Pip waited eagerly for Mrs Vanten, the resident science teacher, to start the class and finally read out the pairs she'd placed the class into. She really wanted to be with Nala, simply for the fact that she either didn't get along with anyone else and the others, she had no idea what to expect. So many people in her year had baffling personalities, making them frustrating and difficult to deal with sometimes. Most of the time, she tended to avoid those she had trouble with as much as possible and if she was forced into contact with them, she rarely spoke. It was the best solution she'd found so far.

    She listened intently as the middle aged woman at the front of the class started reading the names out, feeling her shoulders slump as Nala was paired with one of the other girls in the room, part of her swim team Pip thought. She herself was promptly called up to the desk, the woman giving her a gentle smile. "I'm sorry I couldn't pair you with your friend today, even though you had asked me to do so. You're one of the best students in my class- and that's why I think you're up to helping young Mr. Wilson over there."
    Pip sent a glance towards the blonde young man, then back at the teacher with a slightly sceptical expression on her face- but she nodded anyway. It would be tough getting along with the rebellious student but she'd manage. She watched as Mrs Vanten gestured for Carter, motioning him to come up towards the desk.
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  10. Waiting and waiting the old woman finally got to it, she would now announce the pairs she had chosen. Going down the list he had heard Seth was paired up with another someone else. He let out a long sigh as he didn't even listen to the rest he just stared out the window. He had no idea who would be his partner now, either way he would probably make them try to do the whole thing if he could.

    Noticing Pip get called up to the desk he had wondered why he didnt hear his name called, a few moments later she turned around and smiled at him before the teacher motioned him to go up there. Oh crap, what is this teacher thinking, this will almost be like taking candy from a baby. He thought as he stood up and walked up to the desk, once he was up there he quickly spoke his mind.

    "So this is the one you suckered into being my partner? I bet this one doesn't even last the week." he chuckled trying to intimidate her, then looking back at the teacher he smiled "i can't wait to get started."
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  11. Almost immediately upon hearing her science partner speak, she grimaced and effectively shut down her curiousity about this new person. As much as wanted to know people, how they worked and what they loved, she had a strong feeling that this project would be a lot of being walked over. Well, she'd prevent it as well as she could but she really didn't care anymore. She'd lost most of her excitement about the project and she knew it was quite keenly visible.
    And she was intimidated. She didn't deal well with others, especially those with forceful personalities, such as Carter who stood in front of her. But she needed to make her grades rise. She needed to keep her position of first, no matter what it took. Otherwise, she would be forced to break her deal with the foster care system and return to full time housing care, which was the last thing she wanted. So she summoned her grit and smiled at her new partner.

    "Then we'd better get cracking, if we only have a week." With that, she quickly wrote her address and number on a piece of paper in her notebook and ripped it out, handing it to Carter. "You'll need this. 3pm would be best, text me if the time doesn't suit. Sooner we get this done, the more free time." She turned away and quickly sat in her seat, waiting for her new science partner to sit in the seat Nala had just vacated to sit next to her new partner for the project.
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  12. Carter watched as Pip went through a handful of emotions in front of him with as few words as possible. She was easily scared but his intimidation, or was it something else? Either way she didn't seem like she would put up much of a fight, plus she was the top student so a good grade was all but asured if she did it all. He smiled thinking this could be the first good grade he had gotten in a while.

    Suddenly she spoke up, with a much different tone this time. Handing him a piece of paper with her contact information telling him when they will be meeting up. Taking out his cellphone he quickly put in the number, and texted it. Hello this is Carter. Was all it would say before he took his new seat next to her.

    Putting his elbow on the table he propped his head in the palm of his hand as he looked at her. "What's your name? Partner?" he asked
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  13. When her phone buzzed, Pip extracted it from her pocket and quickly added the number as a contact- bringing her contact list to 7, she was so popular she joked to herself.

    She realized that the young man next to her was talking to her and turned in his direction, expression curious. "My name's Pippin. You know, Lord of the Rings and all that. Most people who bother to remember my name call me Pip." Her brief spurt of bravery had worn off and she could feel her voice going quiet and soft.
    "S-so your name's Carter? Do you have a nickname or... Should I just call you Carter?"
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  14. Carter he was surprised as she bravely made a joke and introduced herself, he laughed and answered her question "i don't really have any nicknames so Carter is just fine." he said as he kept watching her "so what are we supposed to be doing for this project?" he asked never really paying attention when it mattered. At this point he was trying to show his uninterest in working on something.

    "Pippin huh? How did you end up with a name like that?" he asked as he started to think aloud "and you invited me to your place after school, pretty brave, how do you know i won't try anything bad against you?" he smirked as he thought about naughty thought between the two of them.
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  15. Pip just sighed, trusts her luck to get her stuck with another person who didn't listen very well. "We're doing a project on dangerous disease, how they affect people and the chance of death for each one, then we have to find statistics and write a paper on it. There's a list in my notebook from the last time we had class." She open her notebook to the page in question, pushing it across the desk so that the other could see. Listed were 21 diseases, including a few ones she already knew a bit about and quite a few that she had never heard of before.

    "I never got the opportunity to ask her but I think my mum must've been a Lord of the Rings fanatic or something like that." Pip grew pale at the insinuation and shuffled nervously in her chair, eyes aimed down. The entire subject made her feel extremely uncomfortable but there wasn't much she could do about it. Looking at the other, she shook her head. "You wouldn't. Besides, no one wants that with me."
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  16. Carter
    As she started to explain the project carter quickly looked bored. He then watched as she took out a notebook and started to show him some examples " diseases huh? Sounds lame, if you already have an idea why not just write it yourself?" he asked as he looked into the notebook. "You've done this much already, why even bother asking for me to help?" he wondered even more, she was a smart girl maybe she needed him for another reason.

    As he was thinking she started to talk about her mum, but used the past tense, and grew pale. "You say you never got the opportunity, why is that?" he asked. He suspected the worse meaning her mother was dead, but hopes for a less grim situation espically if he had to venture over to her house. A single father could be a deadly protective, this Carter knew from experience. He smirked a little at her final comment as he saw a chance to tease her more "all the more reason to make you mine, i would never have to worry." he laughed
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  17. Pip sighed and tapped the page nervously." Sure I've got ideas, but not enough man power to actually get all of it done. I-I might be smart but I'm not a machine... Besides, some of this stuff is even beyond me. I'm willing to write the final paper, if you'll help with the research. That way, y-you get a good mark..."

    She saw Carter's face go pale and wondered what was going through his mind as she talked about her mum. "I live alone. I was in the foster care system, until early last year, since I was 11." Her tone sharpened into something more solid and it was as if she'd slammed a door on that particular topic. "..." Was her only reply to his teasing comments. She knew it was true after all.
  18. Carter
    Hearing her talking about him helping caused him to release an elongated sigh. Once she finished he quickly snapped back and came up with a counter offer "how about a contest then Pip?" he smirked as he looked at the clock "you have exactly two minutes, starting.....now" he said watching the hand on the clock "to guess what rank i am in the class, if you win, I'll do whatever research you want me to do. But if i win i can come over to your house and have you cook me a meal for the entire week of this project." he smirked as he already wasted 30 seconds finishing his explanation. He was in the top ten whether she had noticed or not, he smart by most means but didn't care to apply it so he often got lower grades than he should.

    As time passed Carter waited for the moment when she would become flustered, he wanted to see what kind of face she would make at him. When there was thrity seconds left he turned his head to look at her as he silently counted down. At the same time he used one of his fingers to trace the number eight on the desk, whether she would notice this he had yet to find out.
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  19. Pip thought long and hard during those few moments, not particularly stressed about the outcome of this small challenge. She would've cooked him food anyway, it would've been impolite to not provide food for someone visiting after all. He seemed to be waiting for her answer, hands drawing idle patterns on the wooden desk, in a spiral pattern which she dismissed at first. Sure, he looked like a bit of a time waster and a slacker- but he had the glint of intelligence in his eye, a small hint into the depths of his mind. And, she reminded herself, just because he didn't apply himself- didn't mean he was not intelligent.

    She kept her face passive, only her eyes following his movements as he drew a figure eight on the desk. She went to say her answer but froze mid word, a doubt forming in her mind. What if he was bluffing? What if he wanted to distract her from her thoughts and give her an easy answer-but the wrong answer! It could be anything! Or he could be double bluffing, making her doubt the number 8 as the answer and force her to say something different, when the real answer was 8. The tension was starting to show on her face, her mouth scrunched up a little as she thought.

    There wasn't anything really to lose, so she smiled softly. " You know, I would've cooked you food anyway. I would say you're in the higher ranks of the class, perhaps the top ten. I know you're not first or fifth, since those are the positions held by myself and Nala, respectively. I would guess either sixth or eighth, with a good deal of my choice falling to eighth. You're intelligent after all."
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  20. Carter
    She didn't do to much as thought, maybe she already knew the answer ans was just fooling him. Either way it was her win, and after a few quiet claps he spoke "congratulations, i should have excepted no less from the number one student. But to tell me you would've done it anyway, you should've just played along." he said speaking about the meals.

    "Im flattered by your compliment Pip." he said moving closer to her, his eyes gazing into hers for but a moment before he quickly averted them. After a moment he looked back at her to see if she had any sort of reaction. "Now I'm almost looking forward to going to your place." he chuckled as the teacher glared at their table thanks to Carter.
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