High School DXD Based Roleplay Ideas (2 Ideas)

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Which group?

  1. The Church of God

  2. The Re-emergence of a long dead Devil House

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hello everyone while as of recent I've been thinking about no making more roleplays due to some of my own being quite overwhelming at times due to the sheer amount of characters for each I have to juggle however I believe either of these ideas could be a lot of fun if handled properly and while I don't have a full plot out for each of them I'm more than willing to be opened to suggestions. Both of them revolve around one faction and I don't intend on allowing demons into the church for example if that's the route we pick. However I'm going to be boring some ideas from some other anime to help in improving the church's structure and boost them up a bit since from where I left off in season 2 of the show I thought they seemed a bit underwhelming due to the focus on devils.

    Though I'm sure you're all tired of me talking about myself and other boring stuff so here's the ideas at hand:

    1. A Church Roleplay - A group of exorcists, priests, nuns, and lower ranking Paladins (a custom group I will be adding into this roleplay if made. Essentially a group of soldiers who use either guns, swords, maces, or lances too proactively hunt down rogue demons instead of passively responding to them. More on them as asked) have been called together in a town (yet to be decided though I may go with a American, or Japanese depending on what people prefer and we could just throw it into the canon city without worrying about the canon cast) due to an alarming increase of fallen angel and devil activity. There have also be rumors of a power play between two of the three devil houses in the area causing concern that innocents may be harmed in the cross fire between the two clans. The Vatican has given the simple objective to these holy chosen few who have been sent to the city: Eliminate the cause of the chaos. Simple and direct though there are underlying standing orders to exorcise and purge those who worship/summon devils, and prevent further destruction. In response to this it seems that the Royal Houses have laying low though it is unknown if the cause of this is directly due to the church itself or due to other outlaying reasons.

    2. Long ago during the war between angels, fallen angels, and devils many of the stronger houses were eliminated in the onslaughter brought about by the combined wrath of the angels, and fallen angles essentially warring it out in devil lands. Through the chaos three major houses remained though many suspected some may have secret branches someplace else. It is here where we find our group under the service of a long thought dead family line. Their goal is simple: Climb their way back to the top and regain their glory. Many do not know that these devil's still exist and even if they did they would suspect that they were liars in an attempt of a power grab though the nature of the situation is far from false. This devil clan consists of highly talented devils from various backgrounds all under the banner of the missing house. Some do it out of loyalty, some due it in an attempt to raise themselves to a higher position unable to join Phoenix or Gremory, and some do it simply out of curiosity. Be it the case or not the battle wil be a hard one as this lone group attempts to raise from ashes long thought buried in a war long past. Though the young lord of this new house is young he truly believes that he can become a true demon worthy of legends.


    With the ideas out of the way I'd like to throw more of the boring stuff out there but it is required stuff meaning I won't let you join the roleplay if you don't fit the below criteria.

    People need to be able to write a fairly well fleshed out character and post at least a paragraph and a half if the materials allow such a post too be made (meaning no half assed characters or posts. I do understand that some people have issues with coutinuely making posts large as I do at times as well however I do expect a certain standard.)

    Characters won't be allowed to come from a royal blood line of devils, nor can they have some of the more special powers such as the power of the white or red dragon. This is to prevent power playing.

    You must inform me if you leave the roleplay failing to do such will result in me not allowing you into other roleplays I make.
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  2. @AceSorcerer, RedArmyShogun

    Are you guys still interested? I just want to make sure because some people vote before they read the whole of the Interest check.
  3. Alright then good to know. Just so I'm clear on the matter I will give this a couple more days failing that if three people show interest in one of the ideas I will make the roleplay. So far there's two for the devil clan and one for the church. So one more and I'll make that one however I'd prefer to have more as if we start with three we'll need to make sure some pretty high ranking chess pieces are filled (At least one knight, and a rook). I'd personally favor the church but I'm more than happy to do the devil clan one as well.
  4. This sounds rather interesting. I have watched season one and two of High School D×D.
  5. That's good enough I've seen one and a good chunk of two. I assume you're up for both?
  6. No one has any questions? No one else going to join? I'm still waiting on a reply from RedArmy
  7. I have a good idea... though i do not mind which side im on.

    Can i join please XD
  8. Sure I need to catch up on some of my other roleplays so I'll make the OOC tomorrow but just to be clear we're all going to be a part of the one faction. It looks like there's more interest for devils so I'll go with them unless some people show up and twist it in favor of the church by tomorrow.
  9. Also as an add onto the previous post unless someone has an objection I'll be using the queen spot for an NPC who will be important to my main character who will be playing the role as the king of our group. I may use a rook piece for another character though I could possibly put him as a knight or pawn. Though Pawn would seem a bit lowly for him.
  10. Does the rook or knight have to have particular power type like the show...

    if not then i wanna be a rook, if so then i wanna be a knight XD
  11. Yes they do as Rooks and Knight both are known for their tremendous strength and skill respectively. Knight probably specialize in some sort of weapon while rooks I believe have more raw power on their side. Though Rooks have less 'special' powers than knights and as such don't need too go into anything really fancy unless they want too. People who rely on some sort of normal skill or talent would probably be regulated to Pawn status though pawns aren't as bad as people think if you go by Rias's standard but then again she can't talk with who her pawn is.
  12. After researching a bit more I think I can clarify my above statement a bit more. Rooks and Knights do have powers but more often than not knights have the more flashy powers like flame swords or making more swords like Kiba though kiba may be a special case. Rooks gain more endurance and strength though I'm not sure if they gain any real special flashy powers.
  13. My character would have a flashy power though she uses it in correlation with her weapons (Being a short katana, and a giant Ninja star on a string)
  14. @VanceXentan
    I would like to join I've seen all the seasons can the characters be special like Rias Queen is half fallen half devil and Kiba can make multiple swords as he was a former experiment... I know you said no red dragon emporer or white dragon but are dragons excluded completely
  15. Well you'd probably fit better in the knight or pawn category but is your character strong enough to be a knight? Knight's are all about that power. They're the first in the front lines and such.

    I would prefer to stay away from really special things but if your character has the ancestry of a fallen angel, a priest, a devil, etc. In them that's fine but I think two halves would be too much.

    High and Low Dragons are allowed as the five kings and evil dragons seem to be a bit much in my opinion. My character himself will be a devil with strong but diluted blood which has held him back from reaching his true potential but has kept him out of the eyes of the devil community for a good chunk of his life.
  16. well ok can I invent a low level dragon I have an idea for what I call the shrieking dragon giving the user vibration shockwave punches idk what catergory they would fall under
  17. What do you mean by power...
    and if i can be a pawn while keeping my powers... then i would not mind at all XD
  18. By power I mean the strength to take on another knight on equal standings. In other words they got to bring the pain train and they need to be able to handle aggro without folding like tin foil.

    As for you Iroh I would say rook would be suitable for a power fist fighter type character though pawn is also optional.
  19. I'm cool with rook just cuz in the anime the main character is a pawn doesn't mean I have to be
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