High School Apocalypse

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  1. James Middleton High was a regular high school. Normal kids, normal teachers, normal day. Anya Richards, a Junior was sitting alone at her lunch table bored. She was an only child that was home-schooled by her father, Ken Richards.
    The girl had no idea how to make friends at all, she was shy and barley spoke.

    "Principle Monroy," one of the kids said as they looked up from his group of friends "is something wrong?"
    The principle, without a word walked over to the small television they had in the lunchroom and turned on the television. It was already on Fox news, the station he wanted it on.

    "This Killheart virus has been seen everywhere today. There have been breakouts all over the area and the number of infected still continue to grow!"

    Everyone fell silent as the t.v's volume was turned up.

    "Please evacuate the schools, offices, homes and anywhere else anyone has been today and report to the Wild Tigers football stadium in downtown Orlando! Trucks will come to pick you up and take you across the border where you will be safe until we have this situation resolved! If you notice that a child has purple-green poxes all over his or herself then you should take them to the hospital right away, they have Killheart!"

    The children muttered and the principle shouted "quiet!"
    "The disease kills you...slowly infecting your body...rotting it from the inside out. First you get purple-green poxes all over your body rotting you from the inside out killing your immune system, then you start to have seizures then die. When you die you are reanimated and have a craving for flesh...you become inhumane..." the news reporter said.

    Anya's hands shook, terrified...what was going to happen to her school? Her father?
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  2. Jack walked into the bathroom and was greeted by an awful smell. He opened the door to the stall to find a rotting corpse. Then it got up and came after him. He began running as fast as he could. He got to the cafeteria and shouted "run its the zombie apocalypse" he started sprinting again. The zombie just got to the door of the cafeteria
  3. Everyone started panicking as they ran towards the other end of the building trying to get away from the zombie. People were tripped on and being crushed to death by the crowd of people trying to get away from it. The other doors were forced open by the crowd and everyone ran around panicking. More zombies came and bit at some children thus slowly turning them into zombies. Anya ran up the main flight of stairs. She had to warn everyone that the school was being attacked by the infected.
  4. image.jpg

    Pandora listened to the sound of music. The lyrics and the tone of music extremely loud,moved her body in a fast motion. Smiling like a stupid child, being only 17, didn't believed in ghosts, monsters and such.

    She continued her practice with the baseball bat. The ball machine kept hitting them at high speed, with a fast movement Pandora hit another ball with all her strength.

    However, practicing was a good thing especially with the virus roaming around. Not that she knew about it for now.

    She was on the track field, completely distracted by her surroundings, just focused on her game. Pandora was a sweet girl, still had a small problem. She could switch into a 'uncontrollable' person if the situation permitted.

    Always been good at sports, since first year of high school she was the captain for the soft ball Team.

    After a few minutes, her hands now sweaty took off her headphones and breathe the fresh air. As loud noises and screaming filled the air.

    " what .. The heck is going on with the school?" With that she left the track field, holding onto her bat munching her last cookie. Pandora passed the main garden reaching at the school entrance, with the screaming became more loudly.
  5. (omg Pandora looks so cute XD)

    Pandora saw panick throughout the air as zombies started killing people left and right. She felt something grab her ankle. It was a boy with half his face chewed off. He groaned as he clawed at her, his legs were gone completely, he was just waiting to die. "help...me" was all he could manage to get out before he dropped dead.
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  6. The sky turned grey, storm approaching. Slowly but deadly the world was coming at it's end.

    Pandora looked at the boy covered in blood all over and mumbling some words. She kick hard his hand with her foot, a serious expression stuck for a long time on that pretty face.

    " Tsk.. I don't know what going on, but somehow I feel this energy inside me growing. " saying that she turned to look at the boy, before she jumped over him going inside the school.

    More screaming occurring in the corridors, she held her bat tight and close. If this wasn't her imagination, the world has gone insane. That's how she felt inside. Rage and more anger like never before.

    Some students running towards her screaming and trying to explain what's going on. An evilish smirk took form at her small, pink lips.
    Pandora begun to run in the opposite direction than everyone else was running from. She was determinate to kill anyone or anything at that stage. It didn't matter anymore or how hard might be.

    " Alright! Whoever is it that plays this stupid Game.. Come out! Because I'm the Coach for this Damn Game!!" Shouted loudly on the chaos going in the corridors, jumping some stairs as her way was up to the roof top.
  7. Anya saw a crazy girl heading up the rooftops "where is she going the military has to come and get us" she said, out loud more to herself than anyone else. From door to door she ran around to each classroom warning them of the plague that has been brought upon the school. The principle warned all of the faculty and students to wait by the main entrance of the school but the zombies were coming from there. So everyone decided to wait in the library. Anya kept running until she saw the pre-k program building. She had to make sure that no kids were left behind. She ran for it, knowing that zombies were lurking around the area.
    The building was quiet as Anya opened the door, she should have heard the sound of screaming children but there was no sound. "Hello?" she called out "is anyone there?"
    Just then she heard the sound of a crying girl. "Where are you?" she called out walking now at a fast pace. The crying was getting louder and Anya prayed she got there in time.
    All the rooms were dark except one, the lights flickered a little catching the high schoolers attention. She ran in the room and saw a girl alone in the corner crying.
    "Come with me..." Anya said and held her hand out but the girl shook her head scared.
    "Please...I won't hurt you" Anya said and the girls eyes widened.
    "What is it?" the teen said and the girl pointed behind Anya. There was a zombie coming for them. Anya looked around trying not to panick. She saw a nearby chair and picked it up. "Stay away!" she warned but the zombie came closer. With a huge cracking sound Anya hit the zombie with her chair as hard as she could knocking it down. The little girl clung onto Anya and she picked up the girl to check if she had any bite marks. There was none, thank goodness. Anya ran for the library.
  8. image.jpg

    Pandora moved quickly on the stairs, breathing heavy carrying it as if nothing was wrong. Reaching the rooftop, opened the door with her head and clinched her bat strongly.

    " I hate this part right here..shit! Here goes nothing .." Said opening the roof spot only to feel the warm breeze of spring time. That caused her sporty hat to flow away with the wind. She walked towards the big fence, her eyes looking down at the panicked students.

    It was a nightmare. It became a reality and only thought this crap happened in the movies. From the distance she heard continuosly screaming; as her sight stopped at the noise from behind her.

    A sound like from a horror movie. Loud groans, body full of blood and an arm half hanging down.

    " The hell happened.. Are you alright? You.. Don't seem okay.. Oi! Answer me!" Shouting at the girl, which was once a girl now an Undead lapped at Pandora groaning and trying to grab her.

    She moved faster to an aside, kicking hard the Undead girl causing it to hit the ground. Then in a second Pandora screamed lunching at the Undead with her bat.

    With fast moves, Pandora continued to hit the head of the Zombie girl, again and again with all her power until it didn't moved anymore. Blood covered her hands, some stains on her white shirt and face.

    Pandora leaned down the ground, with a blank expression when tears finally fall down her cheeks. She killed someone. It was terrible, yet felt good in the same time.
  9. Anya made it to the library with the little girl. She looked up to the ceiling silently thanking the lord. Many students were there waiting for help. Some were crying, others rocking back and forth. The principle had a radio, trying to contact the military force. Anya walked up to the man "what's wrong?" she asked.
    The principle sighed "there's no signal in the library...somebody needs to go to the highest building and try to get a signal.
    Fear struck her heart, walking out there again ment death...but she had to do this. The little girl she saved clung onto her and Anya leaned down to her. "You know...it's funny, I never got your name..." she said. The girl spoke softly "Sally" she said, "my name is Sally."
    Anya smiled at Sally and hugged her "I promise I will be back" she said and within a flash she grabbed the radio from the principle and ran out the door.
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  10. Yeah like that.. Breathe. Now, one and two and three.. Get a hold of yourself Pandora. Swallow deeply and inhale the air. That's it. Now open your eyes..

    Her eyelashes slowly reveal the surroundings where she was, still on the ground a sigh escape her lips before trying to get up.

    Then, she turn to look at the already dead girl and the blood on her bat. Everything seemed surreal. Like a nightmare and you can't wake up no matter what you do. It was crazy.
    Feelings swirls inside of her, head becoming dizzier and in a second she hold her stomach before vomiting all over by the fence.

    " Crap.. I feel sick now. Ugh.. Idiot me, being all pathetic like this. I have to go to my house. Somehow.." Saying that, Pandora begun to walk to the main door deciding to go home, at least try. Holding her bat tightly to her side, took a deep breath and gazed upon the distant city once more.
  11. Suddenly she felt someone grab her ankle again. Anya finally made it up to the roof. She saw that she was holding someone's foot and used it to pull herself up, knocking Pandora on her butt. "Sorry" Anya said quickly and turned on the radio. "C'mon..please have a signal" she said. It was quite rude not to help Pandora up after she pulled her to the ground but she had more important things to do. "Mayday mayday this is Anya, a student from James Middleton High! We are in need of assistance right away! The undead is attacking the school!" Pandora watched as she repeated what she was saying three times before she got a response. She sighed in relief standing there.
  12. Out if nowhere this girl just knocked her down, feeling still sick from earlier didn't had the power. Pandora quickly stood up, patting her skirt and gripping her bat.

    " Watch where you're going.. I'm not in good mood right now. As for the stupid radio.. Don't you get it ? Nobody is coming! We are here on our own!" She said angrily to the girl, rising an eyebrow and tried to breathe normally again.

    " The city must be full already with these.. Undead people. We have to stick together.." Said that again and leaned towards the girl, pulling her arm to look at her.

    " We need to get some weapons and ASAP..! I don't plan to stay around with these corpses moving around.. I like to smash things but still.." She stopped clenching her teeth hard while the wind blow softly.
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  13. "Umm...it's a school...there are no weapons" she said then suddenly there was a static voice on the radio, she held the radio high and started turning the knob around until a clear signal came in she repeated the phrase earlier and both girls could hear a faint sound. "We are on our way, repeat we are on our way"
  14. Pandora grinned at the girl on front of her, her bat resting now on her shoulder. She inhaled the cool air with her eyes gazing upon the clear sky.

    " The school has more baseball bats.. And then there is the science Lab to. I am sure we could find something's useful.."
    Saying that, once more look at her bloody uniform, still couldn't believe what was going on. A pure Nightmare.

    However, Pandora begun to walk away from the rooftop, going inside the school again. Not that she had a plan or anything, but staying still wouldn't help her anyways.

    " Suit yourself here waiting like an idiot.. You have no weapon to defend yourself and also believe that someone will rescue us? Stupid.." Were her last words before disappearing in the school's corridors by herself. For anything or anyone who she'd encounter, had to make her way out of that Damned School. It was suicide to stay there.

  15. Anya couldn't deny that she was right, no matter how negative the girl was being. They did get a signal but she couldn't stay up her, it was suacide. "Wait up, um coming with you" she said following after her.
  16. Pandora heard the girl behind her coming as she ran. A sigh filled the air close to her, squeezing her bat she waited until the girl catch up.

    She didn't knew if they were survivors still in the school. Maybe everyone else was already dead.
    One thing was for sure. They needed to get out of the school.

    " I say we go to the gym to get some soft ball bats. You'll need one. If you don't want to die here.. You better learn to use one." She said simply with a serious expression, walking down the corridor. A few metres ahead they were three of the Undead. Rage filled her heart, at a fast peace Pandora lunched forward.

    She hit the Homeroom Teacher with all her strength, smashing the head on the wall. Blood spluttered all over her.
    " Come on! Move already..run!" And with that Pandora's bat hit another Z in the chest first, with rage in her eyes before kicking it to the ground and smashed his head plenty times.

    Running after that, the last undead boy grabbed her hand trying to bite her, bring caught of guard, she hit the zombie's head with her own a few times harder than ever. They reach a window, used her bat to push over the zombie kicking it down the window. Damn, it felt good.

    " Move already!! Don't stay there.." Grabbing the girl's hand and ran down the stairs.
  17. While he was walking down the halls, Okasaki Montora heard the announcement and was shocked.
    He was scared enough already but now its getting near the school! He started to run as fast as he can to an exit and found it was shut and won't open.
    He turned around and was attacked by a victim of the killheart disease! The victim was none other than Naku Kyoniku from room 318. Okasaki pushed her back and she fell to the ground. Okasaki then ran to the janitor's closet and took out a wood mop and broke the head of it off. He ran back to the exit and found that Naku got back up. He pushed her back down and started to crush her skull with the sharp part of the broken mop. He kept doing over and over until you could see the decaying brain and then he stopped. He went to the boys bathroom to wash up and puked in the sink. Th-this can't be happening it just cant. He washed out his mouthed and left this time he went to the emergency exit. It was open! He opened the door and smelled fresh air. He was happy to escape. But he couldn't leave his friends he must go back he told himself. He then went back into the school of horrors.
    After awhile Okasaki started to go insane. He kept killing the undead and even killed someone who was still alive! He couldn't stop his blood lust. He was a mad man.
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  18. Okasaki started walking through out the halls killing every thing he saw.
    He heard someone crying and followed the sound echoing through out the hall and found a girl sitting on her knees. *Licks lips* don't cry you'll be dead soon anyway. He then put up his weapon and pierced her head and killed her.
  19. Anya ran with her new partner but then saw Okasaki. "Hey, are you okay?" she asked then he swung at her but she ducked. "What the-what's wrong with you?" she cried out. The man swung again and she grabbed the stick and moved it aside. "Knock it off!" she said and punched his throat causing him to gag, her father was a former military soldier and taught her everything she knew. She then grabbed the stick and smashed his head knocking him out. She dragged him on a bed and layed him on there. She looked around and found straps, she strapped him to the bed and wheeled it to the center of the room so he wasn't near anything sharp that could get him out. She looked around the area with her partner and found an empty backpack. She put it around her and filled it with nessisary items including the radio. Her friend did the same thing and they each carried a weapon. "Lets go" she says and they ran off.
  20. Waking up with a bruise on his head strapped down he was pretty calm. He didn't know that that person was stupid not to know he had very long and sharp nails. He cut through the straps and started to recover. I'm going to kill you girl he yelled while starting to run to the gym. I need a weapon hmm how about a bat hehe.
    1 hour later. Uh what happened to me? I must have been in my different personality. I hope I didn't do anything bad. I should get a weapon. He runs to the gym gets a bat and ran to the cafeteria.
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