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  1. || OOC and Sign Ups ||

    Hidden: The Next Stage

    Welcome Players, to Hidden the deadliest Hide and Seek game.
    The online game that came to life.

    The text message you have received automatically secures a part in my game.

    Your names are listed and accepted.
    Your roles are secure.
    Your partners are generated.

    We shall begin.

    -The Maker-


    Players, Level 1 turned out so devastatingly boring.

    I have a gift to our Hidden Players to keep the game much more interesting.

    Hidden, choose your skill.

    -Night Sight

    Use them wisely.

    Level 2

    "Space Ship"
    Iron War Chimera [IWACH-662]





    Locate your partners, Seekers.
    Hidden do not get killed.

    These are your monsters.









    Players, on my ship.
    I have placed booby traps.

    -Laser Guns hidden in the wall
    -Sudden empty floors
    -Air lock opening out to space



    take your weapon and remember,
    within the save point, these weapons and your abilities are USELESS.
    Do not try it inside.
    Outside is fair game.

    *Laser Gun
    *Compressible Katana



    For safety, adorn the Special Suits for this level.




    You have 25 minutes for Level 2.

    -The Maker-

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  2. Wolf appeared in the ship. He sat crossed-legged in the center of a small room. His eyes closed, and his head down. He sat there for a moment, trying to remember something, anything, but he could not. All he knew was that he must hide, and that he was very good at hiding. He opened his eyes and scanned the room, it was empty. nothing but ventilation and pipes, but he did not intend to stay here long. He then stood up, and with disgust looked over the skin tight suit he had been given. It was hideous, and obviously designed to be worn by a woman. He let out a long sigh of disbelief and anger, but was able to console himself with the fact that it was black, and would make it easier to hide in the dark crevices of the ship. Now he needed to find his Seeker, and find a gun. There was killing to be done.
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  3. Anthony was woken up by a strange heat that radiated from the top of his head that ran all the way down to his toes. He was familiar with it, but he hadn't felt that since...

    The last time.
    His eyes registered his surroundings in the dark but his mind was still focused on the sensation. It was fleeting but it was certain although he can't quite recall what it meant. He just knew he was lying in a cold, steel room. It was fairly large and had metal crates stacked by the walls, some were draped with a big, thick cloth-like material.

    A storage room. It must be the space stage.
    He got up, noticing the lightweight space suit, its oxygen helmet was detached. There were weapon holsters at his legs, one for a gun and one for a sword by the looks of it. He took the helmet with him, and something hit him.

    He struggled with the suit, trying to figure out how to remove the hand part. Upon discovering that it fit like a glove and had only one way to check his arm, he mentally cursed-rare for him. When he finally did it, he gasped at his Hidden mark. It was blue again.

    More players? Oh no. No. This can't be.
    If he had been rewritten as a Hidden, he must have a Seeker now somewhere. And he wasn't sure if his ability was still active. He felt his stomach cartwheel in his anxiety. There's one way to find out.

    "Info-bot. Do I have my abilities?" He called out to the dark.

    Sure enough, the female voice of the Maker's bot rang in the room, this was how it replied. "
    Confirmed. Hidden player: Anthony Rushmore. Hidden ability: Healing."

    He sighed, not in relief, not in exasperation. He just felt the need to as he made his way to what seems to be the door. He has a Seeker again, but that didn't seem to be a good thing. It could mean he had again a chance finally leave, perhaps. He decided not to focus on the fact that he was now at more risk.

    And yet he felt as if something was definitely off. Perhaps he should talk to Robert-if he was up for talking, that is. The very volatile Seeker was dead set on nothing but destroying Skye and finding Violette.


    Emile found himself in a very spacious room with several others. He was bewildered and confused but he didn't know why. There was a million questions somewhere in his mind but all he recognized was: which weapon?
    Hovering before him was luminescent glass that displayed some types of weapons. He poked the image of the sword and the screen blinked away. When he saw his own knees, he noticed a pixelated image of what seems to be a hilt and a handle materializing in the holster on his left thigh. He touched it and was surprised that he knew it was real. Why wasn't he questioning all this? Is it or is it not strange? None of it seemed to matter. He took the weapon from the holster, examining it. Why does he know how it worked? Surely he wasn't a space soldier. He was a...

    A what? He forgot. And it oddly felt like it didn't matter.

    With a press of a button, a smooth steel blade slid out of the hilt, it had glowing accents as blue as his own hair which he shook away from his eyes. The feel of the sword wasn't knew to him but he was done being confused.

    The big glass screen displayed a floor map. The ship has three levels and it was huge. Probably as big as two sports domes for the top and middle decks and half for the bottom? Well, his spatial ability wasn't at its best, he was more fascinated at all the controls.

    "By the looks of it, this isn't a rescue mission for one." He told the group at large, approaching what seemed to be an important control panel. Surprisingly, there were English controls. "Any of you consider teaming up?"


    Skye was shaken awake in the darkness by a strange feeling. Something is quite different in this stage, she thought. She looked around in the dimly lit corridor, its walls had strange wiring, buttons, little light bulbs and knobs. She realized that she was floating and was looking at what seemed to be like the ship's fuse box, except it might be an entire floor. She tapped on her helmet, annoyed. She disliked wearing things on her head.

    She recognized it. Oxygen and gravity was switched off in the lowest deck. Her lips curled into a smile. It was, perhaps a perfect place to hide a baby, wasn't it?
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  4. +

    Robert gasped as his violet eyes flew open and looked around in utter confusion. Last he remembered was a Dragon on side and multiple monsters on the other, and he was about to become Dragon Barbeque!


    That was Level One. This was probably Level Two.

    But he wasn't allowed to contemplate on it as he clutched his side as pain erupted, sending his nerves on fire. He inhaled threw his teeth and closed his eyes.


    He never did like pain. He HATED pain, hated it with passion. But he was no stranger to it. He's had worse. Movement from his left, made him look up and found himself looking at a man with blue colored hair. Robert frowned, as all data entered his mind. He found one he was looking for.

    He heard him speak and raised his eye to look at the other. "This is Hidden." he said and breathed in deeply. "--The Twister works alone, van Dyke." He paused and raised his head completely.

    "And...didn't you die?" he managed to drawl out, recalling something from the previous Reset and hissed as pain flared but he kept his glare on the other man.

    He was distracted by a familiar holographic screen that bobbed in front of him and he snorted majestically, raising his free hand--though he paused as the burn on his shoulder throbbed-- he made his selections.

    "You know what, screw it." he added to the other as he leaned back. He couldn't be bothered right now.

    Noticing for the first time where he was, Robert gave a smile. "The Space Ship Stage." he breathed, and quickly frowned. "I HATE this stage."

    He crossed his leg and leaned his head on his arm as he swung his chair to look at the other occupants. That's nice, he still got the Captain's chair. He enjoyed sitting on it. It was comfy but back to work.

    "Info-bot, objectives." he called out.

    "The Twister's objectives. Locate and Eradicate Glitch, Top Priority. Secondary Objective: Keep Game Running. Survive." was the response.

    Robert rolled his eyes and groaned. "The freaking usual then. Stupid useless Maker." he muttered and stood up. The pain was becoming bearable with the suit on, but he knew that any wounds made would simply be temporarily suspended but will worsen if the suit dies.

    His violet eyes moved around the map. He needed Rushmore. Now.

    He placed his hand on the touch pad beside the door and waited for it to slide open. Once it did he paused to see multiple cyborgs waiting outside who immediately looked his way, their red-eyes staring straight at him. He pulled his hand away quickly and cursed. The door slid shut before the Cyborgs could move.

    There were fucking Hidden on this floor. Robert thumped his head on the wall.

    ". . . I really hate this game." he dead panned. He turned his head to newbies, noting that there were some that were in Level 1 who had disappeared. Were they dead? No, suspended by Maker. He inwardly scoffed. The Maker is such an optimist.

    "I may team up after all." he told the bluenette. He could take all those Cyborgs by himself, but he didn't want to be the only one with all the fun. Right, keep deluding yourself that, Sinclaire. He told himself.

    He sighed and tried for honesty. "I can't take them all on my own with my...wounds" he said honestly and winced. How do people do Humble? It hurts.

    It hurts his pride, being...humble.

    I hate you, Maker. Robert thought darkly, knowing full well his thoughts were wired to the mainframe as well. I really hate you.

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  5. His mind was blank as he laid in the room on the cold floor, he stood to his feet quickly and looked around the room. Noticing the people around him he ignored much of them, he quickly put on his suit and picked up his weapons. He walked around the room carefully pondering through his thoughts who he was... he suddenly remembered a line going through his head "I walked the line, the line I choose, I see the people in front of me, I climbed the wall, the wall of news, I watched them show the tragedy." he placed his hand on his head, still wondering who he was; but he ignored that for the moment. He looked at the weapons and picked up large rifle looking gun from the storage.

    He looked at the gun studying it, and in a short while he learned how to use it "Info-Bot... list information." he looked at the rifle as he loaded it in waiting for the bot to reply. "Player="Adam Bar Thompson" Pyrokinesis" he nodded to himself "Alright, let's get started" he said as he loaded the weapon and turned to walk towards the door. He hugged the wall and slid his hand over to open the door, number of cyborgs stood outside now looking at him with their red sinister eyes. He smirked as he looked through the door, crouched he started shooting at them. One by one they fell under the barrage of shots he unleashed from his rifle. Mixing between firing with his ability and his gun he moved through the corridor, smashing with his fists against their metal faces, bashing them against the wall, melting them with his ability and making holes in them with his rifle. But it seemed that they kept coming on and on... he never looked at them, it looked as he had no stamina, he just kept destroying them piece by piece with no rest or end to the carnage.
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  6. Wolf raised to his feet, the clingy suit annoying him. It wasn't that it got in the way, it was the way it stretched and blended on his form. It looked strange on his mass of muscles, and his short shaved hair made him look like the head of a sex dungeon. He finally spoke, "Bot, activate ability, speed. And thank you." He spoke the command through his thick German accent. He felt the thrum of power fill his form. He felt as if he could move faster now, and that his already razor sharp reflexes had been enhanced. He rolled his head, the bones in his neck making an audible cracking sound. It was time to seek his Seeker.
  7. Groaning, the girl lifted her head. It was dark and the metal beneath her was cold. Absently, she touched her arm, only to feel something akin to latex covering her arms. What the hell? She thought, crawling to her feet. Standing up, it felt as though her whole body was vibrating as the engines of the level hummed. A spaceship? Awesome.

    Though it was futile, she tried to remember how she'd gotten in the game, but even a whisper of memory faded the harder she tried. It was annoying, but not the end of the world. No, her death within the game would be the end of the world. She needed to figure out a way to prevent that as quickly as she could. Judging from her suit, it would be best to keep to the darkness, though she knew that it would reflect any nearby light due to the material it was made from.

    Choosing a skill was the next order of business. Healing sounded good, but she doubted she'd be using it on anyone but herself. Night vision sounded to her like the least useful skill. Finally, speed sounded like fun. She'd always been a fast runner, and being able to get through the ship quickly could be a life saver. "Bot, set ability, speed." she growled into the air.

    Quietly, she moved towards her door and took a peek outside. The halls were lit with halogen lights. It was severe and hard to hide from. Not only that, but cyborgs were patrolling back and forth.
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  8. Winter awoke to utter darkness, her mind was fuzzy as she tried to think back to who she was or how she got her. Only thing she recalled was this game, the game of death, Hidden. With a soft groan she sits up from where she was laying on the cold steal ground, where was she? All she saw was steal walls, some type of air vents, and the occasional crate. It looked like the inside of some kind of spaceship...So they went futuristic this time huh? Great....Not only that but it was nearly pitch dark, she HATED the dark. Which was ironic since she loved the night.

    Stretching her cramped muscles she feels her clothes are different, looking down to find a sleek black suit hugging to her figure near perfectly. Well that was interesting, there seemed to be a helmet/mask on her head as well. Must be for oxygen if this was in space, standing up she recalls they would have abilities this time. Hmm healing, speed, or night vision....She would prefer night vision just because of her fear, but healing could come in handy if she came in contact with anyone injured....Wait didnt Tony have healing abilities? Speaking of the boy he didnt seem to be in the same room with her, again.

    The coldness and dark seemed to be closing in around her, she knew it was her imagination but she couldnt help but feel a sudden need for human contact. Even if it were an enemy, making a decision she speaks softly into the darkness. "Healing activate" With that she felt a tingling sensation from the inside of her left hip (front), it fades after a moment. Shrugging she decides to ignore it for now, going to the door she opens it only to find a small group of Cyborgs guarding her. But that wasnt her problem, it was the dam spider Cyborg that lined the floor and walls. She was terrified of spiders, even if these were mechanical they still gave her the creeps.

    Taking a deep breath to calm her now pounding heart she steps out of the room, the monsters once again following after her as she makes her way down the black hallway.
    "Hey is anyone there? I'm a friendly so please dont shoot...Or maim" She calls out hoping someone would respond.


    Thanatos stirred rolling from his side onto his back, his emerald green eyes snap open to find himself staring up at a steal ceiling. Frowning he tries to remember how he got here, but cant remember a thing about himself or what happened before entering this game. The only thought in his mind was to survive and find his Hidden. Lifting up one muscular arm he sees the black suit that covered every inch of him up to his neck, from there a helmet seemed to be lodged on his head. Well that was interesting, at least it was comfy. Putting his hands back against the cold ground behind him he propels himself up in a jumping fashion to land on his feet smoothly. His unruly dirty blonde hair falling slightly into his eyes from the motion.

    Thane looks around the room concluding that he was in some kind of spaceship, and apparently not alone judging from the others in the room. A holographic screen appears showing him a choice of 3 weapons, seeing a katana he grins automatically picking that one. It manifests itself in a holder strapped to his leg. Well that was at least handy, wondering what his abilities were.
    "Info-bot, my information" His voice was deep and smooth with a light Irish accent. Within seconds a mechanical voice answers him, "Seeker-Thanatos Heggerhorse, ability-Cryokenises". Hmm ice huh? That could be fun, overhearing 2 others talking about teaming up he walks over to them with a small wave. "If your makin a team I'll be happy to join" His tone was friendly.
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  9. Matt Gibson jolted upright, quickly glancing around. He was in what appeared to be a large open room, shaped like a half-moon. Up ahead he could see one large doorway. He had no idea where he was or how he got there, but he somehow knew that he had to find someone. But who?

    "Info Bot," he started, not understanding how he knew to do this. He just knew to ask the Info Bot questions. "My stats and location." A female voice spoke up from all around him. He could tell that it was artificial.

    "Player Matt Gibson. Seeker. Ability: Super Strength. Location: Upper Deck, Save point. Please select your weapon and begin." Matt took the automated voice's advice and selected a pistol from the armory, making sure it was ready to use. Hmmm, he thought. Looks like nine shots. If I can't kill 'em in that many shots, then I deserve to die. He smirked.

    He didn't understand why his thoughts were so morbid. It was a strange feeling. He knew he should remember how he had gotten here, and definitely knew he should remember more about his life before this moment. There wasn't a reason for this feeling, it was just there. And it was freaking him the hell out. But, there was an urgency in the air. He had 25 minutes to find his hidden.

    He walked up to the door, and looked through it. There seemed to be enemies down the hall, and no doubt traps all over the joint. But, he was safe for right now, as long as he was in the save-point. He looked around, seeing the other players. He didn't want to be the first one out; didn't want to get shot in the back. Gibson didn't know these guys or what they were willing to do. Hell, he didn't even know his own damn self. Going with his gut, he decided to wait for a few of the others to go through the door first.

    He watched one guy with a gun go through, firing his weapon and some other type of power at the cyborgs, cutting them down. Alright, Gibson thought to himself. These robots aren't as tough as they look.

    Matt then realized that he was scratching at his stomach, and looked down. He unzipped the front of his skin-tight suit, and noticed a red symbol on his abdomen. Again, he knew without knowing how, that the person he was supposed to find would have this same symbol. How the hell did I get in this mess? Sighing, he stepped through the doorway. He knew that it wasn't likely that his “hidden” would be on the top floor where he started, he thought it would be best if he checked every room anyway.

    Holding his pistol up at the ready, he proceeded down the hallway intending to make a sweep of every room he came across. Stepping past one of the fallen cyborgs, he heard it's motors hum, as it tried to lift its weapon. Matt swiftly stomped on it's head, crushing it like a tin-can. He almost let out a giggle. Was he always this maniacal?

    Coming up to a three-way fork, he decided to turn left; to make a clock-wise sweep of the top level. This hallway was about one-third the width of the main hallway, and he noticed that there was a room to the left about ten feet up ahead. Then it came around the corner.

    It shouldn't have come as a surprise, because he had heard it way before it came into view. But, suddenly seeing a huge tank-like cyborg round the corner and start firing lasers at him made him jump in his shoes nonetheless. He almost dropped his weapon. Luckily he jumped back from the narrow hallway with his back up against the wall. The lasers stopped once he was out of site of the robot, and it sounded like it was waiting for him. What to do now? I know this shitty pistol isn't gonna do much to this thing. Then, he got an idea.

    He holstered the sidearm, and picked up the metal cyborg he had crushed earlier, holding it to his side. It had to weigh at least 500-plus pounds, but he had super strength. Taking a deep breath, he jumped out into the hallway, throwing the disabled cyborg as hard as he could towards the other robot. It fired a few lasers before the impact, narrowly missing Gibson, and then flipped on its backside. Smoke and sparks marked his victory as he made his way to the first room.

    Walking into the room, it looked to be mainly empty, except for a large computer at the far end of the room. After a few seconds, the lights and power turned on by themselves. Matt turned around, closed and locked the door behind him, and tried to use the computer.

    Maybe there was some way he could find his hidden by using this computer. It would be a lot safer, and save him a lot of time too.
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  10. Wolf had slid out of the room, as silent as a wily fox creeping through the woods. it would have been difficult for anything to see him, as he stuck to the shadows, and harder yet for them to hear him. He felt as if this was familiar to him, sneaking, and the threat of his life being taken from him, but he could not remember why, or how he was able to move with such grace, only that he did. The automatons seemed to ignore him, whether it be by his stealth, or by their disinterest in Hidden, he cared not.

    He was making his way to the screeching of a woman he had heard from the hallway, it sounded as if it came from the room next to his. She seemed like she had no clue that she was supposed to remain hidden, and not call out her position to potential threats. He would teach her the errors of her ways. We watched from a dark recess in the hall as she poked her head out of the door. He waited until she turned her head to look the other way and he darted for the doorway. His unnatural speed no doubt helping. He slipped in past her, hopefully with out her noticing and stood behind her, towering over her, creating a wall of flesh behind her.

    "You may not want to call out so loudly. You are meant to hide, if you would remember. It is in the name, no?" He chuckled in his deep accent through the helmet. He felt as if hand-to-hand combat may not work quite properly as a lethal instrument, so he decided to try and make an ally instead.
  11. The lights immediately switched on as Anthony came out. To his surprise, he found a big man and Winter.

    He approached them, dodging past the robots. He pushed away the cyber-spider on the wall, not surprised by how big it was- the size of a human baby. He had momentarily forgotten how to speak. The suit looked weird on the man and on Winter it was well flattering. He was glad to see that she was alive. Probably a little too glad.

    Anthony found his voice. "Winter. And um, sir." He said as a makeshift greeting. "You don't have to wear that, oxygen is on. It's off in the lowest deck, from what I recall." Again he tried not to sound suspicious but that came out of him quicker than he could help it. "Have you seen anyone else? Is Ashley still here?"
    Anthony knew of Maker's whims. Sometimes players get suspended from the game all of a sudden. "Are you a Seeker, sir? I'm Anthony, by the way. I'm guessing the Seekers are upstairs or something."

    He looked around cautiously. The shock from the First Stage was coming back to him. "The boss here is tricky. Hopefully we don't come across Skye. And hopefully she's not anywhere near the boss this time."


    Emile looked at the brunette who called him by his surname. "Have we met? It's kind of not likely but... Well, as far as I know, I'm kind of alive right now."

    Seeing the other guys call into the room and have a cool and calm female voice reply fascinated him. "Bot, what's my ability?"

    But nothing happened.

    "Oh. Let's see...Info-bot. What's my ability? And can I use this computer?"

    Confirmed. Seeker player: Emile van Dyke. Seeker ability: Dendrokinesis. Permission to use computer: granted."

    "Dendrokinesis! So useful." He growled. He turned to the computer again. "Well at least this baby's probably got some goods."

    He pressed a few buttons, entered a few basic commands. "Oh shit, it's bogus. It's as good as a map."

    The guy who spoke to him seemed to hesitate about help, but another guy seemed willing. "Well, cool." Emile smiled. "My name's Emile, you can call me Em." He swung the katana in hand readily, considering how to fight. "And, are you hurt? I can tell there's something up." He said to the one called Twister.


    Skye hopped about, exploring the deck. These weren't main controls, but she figured she could try tampering with some. She examined the controls. They were all in English but she can't be bothered to do it. It was suddenly so boring. And she couldn't find the baby.

    "Going up..." She chimed cheerfully, jumping her way to the elevating hatch.
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  12. ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦

    Robert pulled back and straightened his back. Seeing van Dyke swing around his Katana, he pulled out his Pistol, he had a better aim. His strength sucked, it was next to non-existent. But he didn't need to worry. If they were on a Space ship, it means it ran on fuel. Fuel meant liquid. He could simply use what gifts he had.

    Rolling his eyes, Robert smirked at Emile. "It's Hidden, there's always something up." he told the other. He turned to the other one who wanted to come with them and smiled brightly. "You're a newbie!" he cried in joy.

    He liked Newbie Seekers. They fun to watch as they...messed up. He giggled and turned to the door. The others went out ahead of them, but he couldn't careless about them. They weren't mortally wounded like he was. With a heavy sigh, he moved to open the door.

    A loud BEEP-BEEP-BEEP made itself known to the entire ship, from top to bottom and Robert cursed.
    Time Deduction.

    You have 21 minutes left.

    He glanced back at the other two. "Heggerhorse, move your butt over here. Van Dyke, come along." he said. Time was lessening in each stage and he wanted to find his Violette. He wanted his baby.

    Narrowing his eyes as he opened the door, he raised his pistol and shot. A large spider thing fell on the ground. He made a face and shivered in disgust. "Ew..." he moaned out. Spiders. Geesh. Disgusting things.

    Turning to the other two, he motioned for them to follow. He shot another as he walked out the door. If memory serves him right, his Vi was in the Middle Deck. He gave a small smile.

    That was where Tony was too. Damn that was good. He could get himself healed.

    "Hey Bluenette, Horse-kid, hurry up!" he called back out as he shot another. Damn, that was three. He took another deep breath. The pain was starting to flare back up.

    But that wouldn't do. He need to get rid of Skye the Glitch and find his baby.

    Find her before anyone else did.

    "We need to hurry." he muttered to himself. They all needed to hurry. Something didn't feel quite right.

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  13. Blair's consciousness returned to him in a dark room, his mind foggy of information aside from his name a text that he really should have deleted and his primary objective of the fabled game. Hidden, the game of death and deception. Shaking off his thoughts, effectively causing the dim lights to turn on due to their motion sensors, Blair examined himself. His suit clung to his lithe build like a second skin and allowed for easy movement, smiling at the thought he simply stretched a bit before moving toward the door and cracking it open. The sight he was met with left him in awe, 'Spider robots. Really.' He thought as he closed the door.

    "Info bot, Activate Night Sight." He stated as he cracked his neck and back. The young man knew how useless the power was at this stage but, he also knew that if he could find his seeker or simply survive until the time ran out, it would come in handy sooner or later.

    Confirmed. Hidden Player: Blair Dylan. Hidden Ability: Night Sight, granted." The electronic, yet feminine voice of the bot rang out just before Blair felt a tingling sensation on his clavicle which then moved to his eyes. Blinking a few times, his eyes slowly became accustomed to the dim lighting, allowing him to view the room as if it were brightly light.

    Deciding that it was best to move out of the area if he wanted to find his seeker, the heterochromian male opened the door and slowly made his way through the cooridors, trying to ignore the metalic clank of the Robotic spiders legs hitting the floor,. Knowing, somehow, that these creatures would not harm him, but instead protect him from seekers, the auburn haired man didn't bother trying to run away from them, instead choosing to accept their company and protection. As he roamed the halls he heard the firing of guns, the sound of flesh hitting metal and the sound of laboured breathing.

    The spiders began to react to this as well, swarming him in a protective circle, a few actually lifting him up and trying to lead him back to the room. Wanting to see what was happening, but at the same time wanting to survive, Blair found a decently sized airvent on the floor, it was open in order to optimize the flow of oxygen, so he quietly climbed in before the spiders followed suit. There was not much room to move, but he was just able to see a another man going through the hall, blasting the more humanoid looking machines, shooting at them with his gun and just simply trying to bash their neurotransmitters in. Using his newly aquired night vision, the heterochromian was able to clearly see the man and easily identify what he was.
    'Seeker!' he thought as he tried to remain as still as possible, the spiders seeming to his in attention of the seeker but they were more preoccupied with ensuring his safety at the moment.
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  14. Very carefully, Tayla crept from her room and moved along the shadows, keeping as far as she could from the automatons. Though she quickly discovered that they were no threat to her, she knew that they would attack as soon as a seeker came along. Further down the hall, she heard the sound of voices and carefully approached, nervous about being so near three strangers in a game of life or death.

    She smiled at the three, but chose not to introduce herself. The less they knew of her, the better. Not that she knew anything herself. She also hoped to conceal her speed from them, until the time became appropriate. Don't tell potential enemies everything until you've got an idea of whether or not they're a threat. Finally, she spoke, soft voice barely audible over the sound of engines roaring below them. "Hi. Can I join you?" she asked. Smiling tentatevely, she waited for a reply.
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  15. The spider mixed in with the dark were really starting to freak her out, Winter knew she should keep calm and just keep on going and not think about it. But her mind and body had a different plan, her heart was pounding as the creepy little things moved around her, it was all she could do not to try and squish one under her foot, with her luck it would bite back. She had a feeling she wasnt alone but couldnt tell who or where the other was, looking around she couldnt spot anyone. That was until a gruff and booming voice echoed from behind her, with her adrenaline already bumping the mixture of surprise and fear made her jump nearly 3 ft into the air with a very girly squeak. Quickly turning around to find a large man behind her, her heart felt like it was going a million miles per hour now, her breath coming in short fast gasps.

    Her sapphire eyes glare at the burly man, folding her arms across her chest in a huff. "That was not nice! Why would you go and scare someone like that when they are already obviously panicking? Big bully" With those accusing and somewhat childish words she sticks her tongue out at him childishly. Completely ignoring his comment to her suppose to stay quiet. When she heard her name being called from down the hall she frowns tilting her head slightly as she looks to where its coming from, within moments she recognizes Tony rushing toward her. A big smile spreading across her lips as relief courses through her, finally someone she knew! At least for the most part..."Tony! I'm glad your here, its nice to not be alone in this creepy place."

    At the information that she could take off her helmet a faint blush comes to her cheeks from embarrassment before she pulls it off her head causing her long thick blonde hair to fall down her back to her waist in waves. With a relieved sigh she smiles, "Ah thats better, thanks for the info Tony it would of been a pain to wear that this whole time. As for Ashley, no I dont know if she made it with us or not I havent seen her or anyone else yet. Ya I'd rather not run into Skye again....I can do without her craziness adding to this already crazy game." At Tony's question to the man that had intentional scared her Winter looks to him curiously, wondering if he as a Hidden or Seeker as well, she secretly hoped Hidden just for the fact that he was a tad bit intimidating.

    Hearing a feminine voice from behind her, Winter turns looking at the newcomer in surprise, my they were getting quite a group together now wernt they? Oh well the more the merrier in her opinion, plus it would be nice to not be the ONLY girl in a group of guys. Giving the girl a friendly smile she nods
    "Sure I dont see why not, I take it your a Hidden? My name is Winter, I'm a Hidden. Its nice to meet you all" Her voice is friendly and welcoming.


    Thane's eye twitched slightly from the man's use of his name, god how he hated his last name, even in a dam death game it was used against him. With a aggravated sigh he quickly follows after "The twister" as the game told him, inside his head...Ya this wasnt weird at all....Shaking his head slightly to clear his thoughts looks after Robert, seeing him going through the spiderlike robots with relative ease. Not one to be left out he slides his katana hilt out of the slot on his leg, clicking the release to let the long sharp blade extend out he grins.

    "Its Thane thank you very much, Ice-brain!"
    His voice held a teasing tone to it as he quickly and expertly sliced through the robotic bugs lining the floors and walls. He didnt know how or why he knew how to wield a sword so well, but it seemed almost like second nature to him. Going past the twister he spots a flash of red right before a humanoid cyborg starts shooting at him. Quickly ducking down and dodging with surprising agility he summons his Cryokinesis, a large ice spike forming in his hand before he shoots it straight at the cyborg. It pierces right through its skull causing a few sparks to fly before it crashes to the ground. Man this was getting fun, he was excited for a time, but it was short lived.

    The thought of having to find is Hidden, protect them, and get them both back safely to the save point, was enough to make him start getting serious. Once he was finished with the bugs he kicked open the first door he came across (room 8) looking inside as the lights flickered on from the motion sensors.
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  16. What little of a playful tone was in Wolf's voice was gone now. "As I said, be quite." He felt that his words were emphasized by the sudden appearance of another man. He assumed Hidden as he knew that the Seekers would have spawned far from here. He laughed when the man, he now knew was named Tony, commented on his helmet. Of course he had noticed it before, but he had just accepted it. "You suggest that just because the air is on now, that it won't be at any second? No, I think not. That, and it would be a burden to carry it." He watched as even then another woman appeared around the corner. Truly, the one named Winter's screaming had drawn all of their attention. He was wary of traveling with her. It seemed likely she would give his position away, but it seemed he had little other choice. They seemed friendly, which was a good sign, because he wasn't planning on returning the gesture. He turned to the final woman, "Can you keep quieter than the screams of this one?" He gestured towards Winter.
  17. Anthony 's brows furrowed at the boulder of a man as he laughed. Ah, there's this kind of player again. He thought worriedly. His mind briefly played out a bitter scene of a death in a past game and he pushed the thought away as he told the man, "You must be a Hidden, then. Look, I've seen some bad things happen to people because they wore their helmet when there's oxygen. Aside from the supply running out, that is."

    His attention was abruptly stolen as Winter removed her helmet and her blond hair tumbled down smoothly. Anthony gulped, hating himself for the weird face he must be showing Winter by now. He cleared his throat but it sounded more like he choked. When another person made herself known and Winter introduced herself, Tony looked up. "Glad to find another person still okay. I'm Tony. This is...uh. Sir." He said, talking about the burly man who instructed him to keep Winter quiet.

    "You two must be new to the game, I didn't see you in the past stage." He nearly hit himself for that stupid statement and instead mentally scolded himself. Well, obviously. Doofus. "Look, we always respawn on the same floor as the boss. It's going to be somewhere over...there." He pointed to the hall over Big Man's shoulder. As long as we steer clear from there, We'll be fine. We could head up to the Seekers, they're in the control room or something upstairs."

    "Aside from the boss, we should avoid a player called Skye at all costs. She's a glitch, Maker didn't tell about that because he can't control her." Anthony said, looking around cautiously. "So...uh. Okay. Sorry for sounding bossy. What I mean is. Well, I'm suggesting. That. Uh. I'm looking for Robert. Something's off about the game."


    Emile was surprised of what attacked. It happened so soon. "Hey, I'm a newbie too!" Emile said, but charged off anyway. He surprised himself with his practiced swipes, his quick footwork and his agile dodges. When did he learn fencing? Wait, this is a fucking Japanese sword! Even weirder!

    Thought he, with his bright blue hair.

    He smirked at "bluenette".

    "I have no idea what I did, but that was cool." Yes, narrowly avoiding death is really pretty awesome specially when you're wielding a cool sword in a weird suit. "Hey, uh, Robert, right? And Horse-something? Oh, Thane. Sorry."

    He took the front line with Thane, matching the other boy's attacks with complementary swings until the three of them finally cleared a path just enough for them to pass through.


    Skye stood in the elevator, waiting for the system to activate the gravity and oxygen. The little blue circles on her suit blinked thrice, indicating that it had successfully synced with the system. She took her helmet off, tucking it under her arm and shaking her curly brown hair into place. The elevator opened and she smiled at the emptiness of the Middle Deck as lights flickered on from where she stood to the end of the hall where there was two turns.

    "Wakey...wakey...Octo-bot." She hummed, catwalking off.
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  18. Kyth blinked as consciousness returned to him, "Hnnnnnngh," was his first 'intelligent' response to this realization. He could feel a cold, metal floor beneath his back and rolled onto his side, propping himself on one elbow. This motion caused the lights in the room to flicker on, which in turn caused him to close his eyes again for a moment as a quietly muttered curse passed through his lips. He tried to stir up memories, but there was only fog beyond the knowledge of this so called game, Hidden. The matter of memories was shrugged off as he opened his emerald hued eyes once again and pushed himself into a sitting position.

    His right hand rose to absently rake his fingers through his shoulder length, unruly ebony hair, hand pausing at the back of his neck to scratch at it. A frown tugged at the corners of his mouth as he brought his right hand back in front of his face, studying the skintight, black glove that covered it then looking over himself a moment later to take note of the suit that covered his wiry, 5'6" tall form. For the most part he thought the suit was snazzy and he was okay with it. Minus the boots, those looked silly, but who was he to argue.

    Another moment passed before he pushed himself to his feet, stretching a bit and letting out a quiet little yawn before gazing about the room he was in. It seemed to be some sort of dry storage area. Rolling his shoulders a bit he finally spoke to the bot, "Info-bot, give me... uhmmmm..," words trailing off as his skill options danced through his mind, "... speed," healing had seemed useful but he liked the notion of being a speedy little bastard for some odd reason. Night sight never once crossed his mind. When the feminine voice confirmed his choice he allowed himself a grin.

    A tingling sensation in the center of his forehead caused him to lift his right hand to absently touch the spot, where his Hidden mark was. A hint of annoyance played across his slightly angular features as he remembered his role in this game. He had no offensive capabilities at his disposal. This was sort of annoying, but over all it didn't bother him. Survival was the game and he could only hope whoever he was tied to was a capable person. If he died because of that person, well, he'd find a way to haunt them in the after life damn it!

    Popping his neck once to each side, Kyth exhaled a quiet sigh, "Well then, here goes nothing," muttering under his breath before seeking out the door to the room he had been placed in. As the door slid open he cautiously poked his head out glancing up and down the hall, directly across from his door there appeared to be another door. The eastern end of the hall appeared to be a dead end while to the west there appeared to be a turn. Spotting a few cyborgs and spider-like robots that seemed to be guarding his door he tucked his head back inside. Well, they could make things awkward, he had a feeling they wouldn't simply let him walk on out of the room like he owned the place.
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  19. Wolf looked at the other man, and removed his helmet. He seemed to know what was going on, and that he had played on this level before, so he took his advice. "Alright then, I will believe you." Helmet now tucked under his left arm, he extended his right hand towards each of the other players in turn, shaking all of their hands if they accepted his. "My name is Wolf. Wolf Wolters." Now that the others could see his face, they saw his piercing blue eyes, and short buzzed blonde hair, and his short beard. His face was open and inviting, and a relaxed smile adorn his face, but a look in his eyes very well got across that he didn't trust these people. "There are no bossy people in the world, only those who are leaders." Through his accent, the a tone of optimism came barreling out. He was beginning to feel that his original plan of violence may not be the most applicable. He still wanted to eliminate some of these Hidden, because he knew that would also destroy their Seekers, making it easier for him to identify his own, and making it easier for him to survive getting to whomever he or she was. He took in all of Tony's advice. He felt a natural compulsion to listen to his advice. He delivered them fairly confidently, and Wolf knew he knew a lot more about this game than he did.
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  20. Continuing his never ending slaughter of the cyborgs he finally finished them off, metal bodies and parts, heads and limbs were scattered through the whole place, substances covered the walls as the lights flickered, he stood over the destroyed cyborg bodies breathing heavily; holding his weapon in his hand smoke came out of it... he looked at his hand and cracked his fingers. He heard someone calling him from up above him, he turned to the ducts to see a man in it... he pulled over his weapon to him immediately "Hands where I can see them, who are you and what do you want? Are you a hidden or a seeker? What the hell are you doing in the ducts?" he continued to aim his weapon at him as he waited for his response, he glared at him curiously.
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