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    In a certain city, two hero squadrons - Squadrons Delta and Omega - have been assigned to it. Recently, this city's crime rate was quite close to zero until it began ascending recently...

    It is the task of the new recruit heroes of these Squadrons to protect the city from the rising crime rate, and the possibility of villains rising from the depths...

    Rules and Notes
    This is pretty sandbox, but keep in mind that we're in a city, not an open plain or another place. We might move out of the city for certain missions though.
    Usual Iwaku Rules.
    We allow variety. Generic superheroes, magic, just gadgets... Well, no too over-the-top powers. You know, like reality warping and time manipulation all that.
    You can only have one character per Squadron, and up to 3 other characters.
    Have Fun

    You are now part of either Squadron Delta or Squadron Omega. You now live in identical, seperate headquarters, each assigned with a Living Room, Kitchen, and five bedrooms, each customizable to fit your living needs. Of course, there are the other rooms for equipment and all that.

    Your tasks will vary from fighting criminals to other tasks, but you will get them by your higher-ups.

    Applications for Heroes (open)
    Hero Alias:
    Appearance: Preferably an anime-themed picture
    Hero Costume: A description, if you may? Or a picture if you can. Maybe you can leave this blank if you have some sort of equivalent to this, like transformations.
    Powers & Abilities:
    Others: If you're leader, say it here!

    Applications for Villains (open)
    Villain Alias:
    Appearance: Preferably an anime-themed picture
    Villain Costume: A description, if you may? Or a picture if you can. Maybe you can leave this blank if you have some sort of equivalent to this, like transformations.
    Powers & Abilities:
    Minion Information: So, how's that mini-army going? What can they do? They're just minions so keep it small.

    Position - Alias - Roleplayer

    Squadron Delta
    Leader - Jumpcat - Crow
    2 - ??? - ???
    3 - ??? - ???
    4 - ??? - ???
    5 - ??? - ???

    Squadron Omega
    Leader - ??? - ???
    2 - Dragon Tamer - Red Velvet Special
    3 - Guardian - MiraiNikki
    4 - Neptune - I.S. Zero
    5 - ??? - ???

    Alias - Minions - Roleplayer

    Fallen Angel - Humans - MiraiNikki
    Pure Havoc - Expendable - Aleczander Travonski
    Kot - Emplyed - AshenAngel
    ??? - ??? - ???
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  2. Extra post for info.
  3. I will be joining^^.
  4. Glad to hear. Which squadron do you want?
  5. Omega number 2. I would play leader but I'm not the best with that, I tend to like to play a character that doesn't have to man responsibilities lol, almost done with char.
  6. Very well. Good to see people finally rolling in.

    I guess I'll put your reserve on the first post.
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  7. Shing Dragomir

    Shing Dragomir

    Hero Alias:
    Dragon Tamer

    Looks 28(Really 300+)

    Dragomir(An ancient race of dragon tamers, that can tame and have some control over dragons and other reptiles, they also have power over fire).



    Hero Costume:

    Fun | Lovable | Strong | Loyal | Soulful | Smart
    Just like any dragomir, Shing is fiery and passionate. He is a hot head but he also has a big heart. Shing is loyal and a team player, he can take the lead, but he would rather not have so much to handle. Shing has been around for a long time, since Dragomir's age very slowly, so he seems like an old soul at times. Shing is also a loud out there type of guy, he can be annoying at times, but you learn to love him like most people.

    Revealed in RP.

    Shing uses, swords and nun chucks. He doesn't need weapons a lot of the time, since he uses fire to attack more then weapons.

    Powers & Abilities:
    Fire Attacks
    Uses fire to attack foes and help allies.

    Number 2 on Omega

    Nothing For Now I Guess.
  8. I think it'll be alright if other sections are filled.

    Do you intend to include anything brief in History or leave it truly mysterious? I think I'll be alright with that if the other sections are filled well.

    Your character is accepted.
  9. Oh yeah I was going to reveal in rp, I'm bad with wording out histories, I like to write out as the character talks about it. Since most of the time in the rp I'm thinking where not always going to be fighting and everything. The down time he could talk about his life and dragomirs etc....

    And thank you.
  10. I'm a little curious about this, but what's this about a villain spot being open? Is it possible to play a villain here? Cause I've had an itch for the dastardly I want to scratch.
  11. I'm accepting multiple villains, not one, not two, but multiple. Each villain will have their own minions, like a true villain. In the Libertine version, you can play individual minions and potentially betray your leader.
  12. B- b- b- b- bump!
  13. I would like to join! id like to make a villain and a hero
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  14. Name: Her real name is Evermore but she has people call her Ever.
    Hero Alias: Guardian
    Age: Appears to be in her 20's, but where she comes from there is no need for age since everyone ages slowly.
    Species: She is from another world called Avalon, her species is called Angels and they possess different powers. Evermore's power is both the ability to heal and the ability to manipulate lightning.
    Gender: Female.
    Hero Costume:
    Personality: Ever is a very curious person. She is new to the planet and always wants to learn new things about it. She is also a very kind and cheerful person, and she never wants to see a friend or teammate upset. She could never hurt a fly in her everyday life, but when she is fighting she can be fierce and very loyal to her teammates.
    History: (Most will be revealed in the RP) Very little is known about her past. When they first found her she had fallen out of the sky and landed in a lake. She was found bleeding and bruised in what would be considered royals clothing on her planet and a broken tiara on her head. She remembers very little about her life, but remembers some of her planets ways and customs.
    Skills: She is very flexible and very good at agility. She is usually fast on her feet as well as in the air, being able to fly at great speeds, but cant dodge things easily when flying fast due to how she forgot most her flying training. She has surprisingly great strength, but since she can't control it she usually doesn't use it.
    Weaponry: She usually uses one of two swords, both shown in the picture. The one on top is the one she fell to earth with, which has better speed and accuracy, and the one below was one she made herself which is better when used for power strikes and has a farther reach.
    Powers & Abilities: She has the ability to heal others but its much like a reverse voodoo doll effect. If she heals someone's injuries, the injuries on the person would go away, but appear on her instead. Aside from that, she has the ability to manipulate or manifest and control lightning very well.
    Squadron: Omega.
    Others: New to earth, so most likely not that highly ranked yet.

    Name: Her real name is Sempiternal but she has people call her Ivy
    Villain Alias: Fallen Angel
    Age: Appears in her 20's but where she comes from there is no need for age since everyone ages slowly.
    Species: She is from another world called Avalon, her species is called Angels and they possess different powers. Hers is where she can be both a human voodoo doll and can manipulate black fire.
    Gender: Female
    Villain Costume:
    Personality: Ivy is rude and manipulative. She possesses no concern for the human beings on this planet and sees them more as distractions from her true goal. She is cold hearted and shows little to no emotion unless its anger, disgust, hatred, or annoyance. She is almost a complete opposite form her sister, Evermore. except what is the same is that when in battle she is a fierce fighter.

    History: (Most will be revealed in the RP) The people of earth know very little about her, except that she looks like she came from the same place as Evermore. What her group knows of her though is that she did in come from the same planet as Evermore. Not only that but she is in fact the heroes twin. But she explained nothing more from her past except for the fact that she wants to destroy her sister. When she came to this planet, it was on purpose unlike her twin. She was wearing royals clothes and looked pissed. She had arrived shortly after her sister did, and went on a search for her but learned she had taken sanction in a group that was labeled as heroes. So Sempiternal had found there enemies and joined them, figuring she would meet her sister in battle so she could destroy her.
    Skills: Sempiternal is much like her sister. She is fast on her feet as well and a great flyer, she can fly at great speeds and easily dodge objects in her way. She is also very flexible and possesses surprisingly great strength and can control it well.
    Weaponry: Sempiternal has a variety of bladed weapons. She has a thin sword she uses for speedy attacks, as well as throwing knives attached to her armor and a dagger. When she wants to use a weapon for power attacks, she carries a large black axe attached to her back.
    Powers & Abilities: Where Evermore has a healing effect, Sempiternal has the opposite. She can be a voodoo doll, where she can cut herself, but her own arm will be clean and her opponents arm will be injured. But this can only be done when she has her opponents DNA, such as a lock of there hair or there blood, the injury must be done by her own hand, and cannot be done as easily in battle as it can in the privacy of her own home. She also has the ability to manipulate black fire. The flames colors don't make it burn any hotter than normal fire, its just that on her planet there fire is black and blue, not red and blue. And since her memory is in tact, she happens to be able to remember an ability all of her people have when at a strangers planet, she can change her appearance to blend in with the planets inhabitants which is why her normal appearance doesn't have wings like her sisters.
    Minion Information: After watching humans, she learned they will easily follow and due someone's bidding by telling them she was a goddess and by providing them with what they want. They all sorts of tasks for her, ranging from stealing things she wants, to spying on the heroes.
    Others: Even though she works with the villians, her main objective is to destroy her sister and go home.
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  15. I'm interested in being a villain as well.
  16. Mind if I just copy and past my charcters onto the other Sign Ups as well?
  17. Name: Adrian E. Richard
    Villain Alias: Pure Havoc
    Age: Appears 23 but ages slower due to extreme regenerative abilities.
    Species: Metahuman
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: mikamiterurenderbydarkl.png
    Villain Costume: Black suit and tie with this mask:
    Personality: As Adrian he is calm sophisticated and a successful business man yet when he puts on the mask he becomes a little more eccentric. He remains sophisticated and calm but hides behind the veil of insanity, he is extremely manipulative and has no care for human life. He finds metahumans and other nonhumans superior and wishes to separate himself from his day to day life. He'll use his emotions to the extreme often going from yelling to laughing back to serious.
    History: (I'd like to keep this one a big surprise but I'll give you some basic) Richard was born in the early 1900s having fought in both World Wars. Born in Berlin, Germany he fought on the side of the Central Powers and would then move to fight for the Axis in WW2. He would move to America and change his name from Gabriel to Adrian to better fit in. As the world modernized he found that his manipulative behavior was good in business careers which led to him becoming a famous business man known for being ruthless and competitive.
    Skills: Due to extensive military training he is a master of multiple firearms. His business career has taught him to manage deal of money.
    Weaponry: He prefers knives but can use most basic firearms. He always carries six knives, two small handguns hiding under his suit jacket.
    Powers & Abilities: Other then his extreme regeneration which requires a extremely high metabolism he has the ability to communicate telepathically and often uses this power to send images to his opponents or to terrorize random strangers on the street.
    Minion Information: He has a small group of minions who he uses add if they were toy army men. They are completely expendable and he'll use them as suicide squads based around causing as much havoc as possible before being captured.
    Others: he only works with the other villains so he can spread chaos and hurt as many humans as possible.
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  18. I'm going ahead and signing up for this one too.

    Seion Umi
    or in Japanese naming practice:
    Umi Seion
    Hero Alias:
    Incarnate Deity
    (yet to uncover identity as)
    Appearence/Hero Costume (open)

    Personality (open)

    Calm and laid back, Seion prefers to go with the flow, just as the ocean does, but when provoked, he has quite the nasty temper, and can break into quite the fit of rage. He likes to keep to himself much of the time, usually listening to music or just being near the water.

    History (open)

    Born on the Isle of Okinawa as the son of a fisherman, Seion has always loved the water, ever since he was little. He has never really understand why, but the water just seems comforting to him and makes him feel free. Around the age of 7, people began to notice his natural talent for anything to do with water, whether it was fishing, swimming, sailing, or any other aquatic activity or watersport. His parents encouraged him to pursue these endeavors competitively, which led him to win many local, regional and sometimes even national youth competitions in aquatic sports. When he turned 12, his parents sent him to a prestigious private school on the mainland that was famous for it's swimming program. There he would continue to perform astoundingly well, proceeding to win numerous more competitions on every level. His life went on like that until around his 16th birthday, just as he was getting ready to enter high school, things started to change. He began to notice strange occurrences with water. Whenever he wanted water to be a different temperature, he didn't even have to change the faucet for the water to become his preferred temperature. It took a while for him to notice, but he didn't give it too much note even once he did. Then, while he was taking a shower one day, he didn't like how low the water pressure was in the shower, when the water pressure increased a substantial amount right as he first wished for the pressure to be stronger. Finding this occurrence suspicious, he decided to test the water out of fun, and told the water to change pressure rapidly, which to his surprise, worked. Throughout the next two years he lived his high school life winning all sorts of tournaments in water sports, and would even be scouted by the Japanese Olympic swimming team, all the while during his free time, he would train and test this power's limits, figuring out that how he could have near complete control of the water. While in high school, one of his best friends was the son of a man who owned a horse ranch, where they would sometimes work whenever they needed some extra money. They noticed that Seion had a strange gift with horses, as the horses were naturally attracted and took kindly to him. They would sometimes ride and race some of the horses, which Seion also had a natural talent with, and enjoyed immensely. Once he got out of high school, he became a member of the Japanese national swimming team, winning international competitions. In his spare time, he was also a fisherman working for his father, and when he was alone, he would train his unique power, as well as learn the art of Jeet-Kune-Do. His life would have continued like this, rather insignificantly, had he not been spotted training his power by others, including his friends and family, from whom the Hero Alliance would catch news of Seion's abilities. After learning of and confirming Seion's abilities, he was taken in by them in order to master his powers and use them for the good of the world. While in training, he earned the nickname/alias of Neptune, since his powers made others thing of the Great Greco-Roman god of the sea.
    (It is not yet known that he is actually the reincarnation of Neptune)

    Skills (open)

    Seion, being the reincarnation of the Greco-Roman god of the sea, is an excellent sailor and fisherman, as well as being able to swim faster than most Olympic-class swimmers. He also has the ability to tame and ride dolphins, as well as having amazing natural talent for nearly every other aquatic sport or activity.
    Also, he makes for an incredible horseman as well, given his experience and him being the reincarnation of a god that was given credit for the creation of horses.
    He also has a knack for wielding lances, spears, and javelins.
    Practices Jeet-Kune-Do

    Weaponry (open)

    A simple iron trident passed down through the Umi bloodline that, if thrown or lost, he can make the trident dissipate into water and recreate it within his hand from any water.

    Powers/Abilities (open)

    Neptune, having been king of the Sea, can control any amount or body of water within an 80 kilometer radius, although if he manipulates more then 10 mega-liters at a time, it saps massive amounts of strength and requires substantial recovery time after a fight. He can also conjure up to 5 mega-liters of water should a source of water not large enough to be used in his attacks be nearby. Unlike his original incarnation, he lacks the ability to start earthquakes.
    When driven to the absolute edge in a fight or truly provoked, he can enter a special state referred to as Divine Tempest Form. In this state, Neptune's physical prowess increases tenfold, as well as several other effects. He can control water much quicker and more precisely than in his normal state. His body also effectively turns into water, allowing any physical attack that Neptune directly notices before landing can simply be allowed to phase through him. Although, If this from is activated, it cannot be activated for two weeks. If reactivated before full recovery is allowed, Neptune will need to be hospitalized after exiting this form because he exerts too much divine energy, causing harm to his own body.

    Has no knowledge that he is the reincarnation of a god; He believes himself to be simply a superhuman​
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  19. We're all good. Accepted, all.
  20. I am interested in Omega Leader I will get the Character up later to night I have work in a few but get off at midnight I should have a character after work