Here, there be Dragons!

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    That's the first step towards a world filled with dragons!

    To the point, then, yes? I'm here to tell you about a role play that's been struggling to get off the ground for quite a while now (mostly due to lack of players as well as inactivity) that really needs some fresh minds to liven it up! Below is the story overview, which can also be found in the Sign-Ups thread:

    The threat of war storms over Kabola once more, threatening to completely wipe out the dragon population. A mysterious enemy has risen high atop Mount Tarja, gaining the allegiance of the Tarjan Army, the greatest army of varonians to have ever stepped foot on the Mainland. But the gods have a trick up their sleeve. Ten special varonians have been chosen to make a bond with ten different breeds of dragon – known simply as the Pact – allowing them to speak to the dragons and use unique and special abilities. With their soulmates backing them and their comrades at their sides, will these dragon riders be able to conquer the brewing evil, or will it finally prove to be too much for the gods and their beloved dragons to handle?

    Is your interest piqued yet?

    Basically, what you'll be doing in this role play is playing, essentially, two characters - a dragon and a rider. There's a good amount of lore already placed for your reading leisure, but you also are not obligated to delve so deeply if you don't desire to. It is a world of my creation, and you'll play one of the dragon breeds I've created. The nice thing about that, though, is that you are not limited to what is already on the site. I have plenty of dragon breeds that do not have a purpose yet, so if you have specific desires, you can always tell them to me, and I'll make you a breed that is, hopefully, to your liking! You have a great deal of freedom, but you'll also get a very immersive story. WITH DRAGONS! XDXD

    So, without further adieu, I shall provide you with the LINK! Please, do read up! And if you're interested, PM me you ideas! I can't wait to hear from you!
    With love,

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.