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  1. The bell rung at Lakeview High School, signalling the start of classes. Most of the students didn't want to be in the classroom, as it was a wonderful day outside and the weather was extremely nice considering how their weather normally was.

    The teacher cleared her throat, calling attention to the class. "Students! Students! I would like to welcome you all back to a new school year and would like to introduce you to a new student." She gestured for the new girl to come forth. "Her name is Kaitlyn Monroe. I expect you all to be nice to her and welcome her to the school."

    The girl, Kaitlyn, had long brown hair that reached the center of her back. She was pale and had an unearthly air about her. Her pale blue eyes stared at the back of the wall, almost as if she could not see.

    "Take a seat wherever you'd like, Kaitlyn." The teacher said with a smile.

    Kaitlyn nodded and slowly walked forward. She kept a hand on the desks before coming to one right next to a girl named Kate. She turned to Kate and asked, "Is it alright if I sit next to you?"
  2. "Uhh..Sure." Kate gave a slight smile. She closed her notebook and tucked it in her desk. "So, umm, where did you come from?"
  3. "Um... Canada." Kaitlyn answered, feeling the desk for the chair before sitting in it and staring forward.
  4. She nodded. "Is summer warm there?" She now had turned to face Kaitlyn, watching her as if she could learn everything by how she looked.
  5. Kaitlyn shook her head. "No, not really." She didn't seem to blink, as if she didn't need to.
  6. "Okay. What do your parents do, if that's not to personal." This question was hesitant, but Kate asked anyway. The bell was just a little from ringing, so this was her last question.
  7. "I... don't have parents." Kaitlyn said. She gathered her notebooks, ready to leave when the bell rung.
  8. Kate nodded. "I'm adopted, so I sort of know how you feel." She placed everything on her desk and glanced at the clock. "So, do you know what class you have next?"
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  9. "Um, literature." Kaitlyn said. It was the same class that Kate had next.
  10. Kate blinked a few times in surprise. "Oh...umm, that's the same class I have!" As she finished, the bell rung and she stood. "Do you need help finding it, or did you get a tour of your classes already?" She didn't know why, but she felt a little more comfortable around the new girl Kaitlyn, so her posture was a little more relaxed.
  11. "Um, they tried to show me, but they wouldn't let me feel where the doors were so could you help me?" Kaitlyn asked. She messed with her uniform, nervous.
  12. "Sure.." She hesitated a little in saying this, but not asking. "Is there any specific way you want to follow me?" she asked, taking Kaitlyn by the arm and pulling her away from the rushing crowd of students.
  13. "I-if I could hold your hand would you be okay with that?" Kaitlyn asked.
  14. "I don't mind." She reached out, taking Kaitlyn's hand. "Ready?" She asked.
  15. Kaitlyn nodded. She let Kate lead her through the masses of students.
  16. Once they reached the door, she let go, standing behind Kaitlyn. "There you go."
  17. "Thank you..." Kaitlyn felt her way to her seat and sat down. Again, it was next to Kate's seat.
  18. Kate paused, slightly confused, before taking her seat and took out her notebook, quickly flipping to the back as the teacher walked in.
  19. Kaitlyn ignored the teacher in favor of watching Kate. "Now... Kate!" The teacher called on her.
  20. "Yes?" She looked up from her book and at the teacher. She had her pencil in hand and a blank page on her desk.
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