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  1. So I have some money and I been thinking about making a semi-modern (not really modern because I play in unrestricted tournament). I like control, but I have also been thinking of trying Weenie Aggro. In particular Merfolk, because it was the first deck type I ever played. I did a bit of research. Note I'm also bit on a budget. What kind of cards should I get?
  2. Control is for noobs.

    Go my way, red/white, Boros Legion!

    ...and more soldiers and more soldiers and more soldiers...
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  3. I can't say specific cards, but colour wise Blue is your go to for pure control.

    Red helps if part of that control is killing something fast.
    White helps is part of that control is life drain, token swarming or tap the opponents cards.
    Black helps if you can some more long-lasting debuffs.

    And then there's Green...
    That doesn't help with Control well at all.
    The only Green/Blue I've ever seen is Blue acting as extra card draws for Green's ramp effect.

    *Personally my main style is flat out Green.
    But I started as a Black/Red/Green Devour deck.
  4. [BCOLOR=#000000]Azorius[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Senate[/BCOLOR] sRub
    PRAISE Isperia the Supreme Judge of all ~~
    I currently run a Black White Mill. But every time I play I feel like a jerk (how odd ;3). I need thinking of splashing white because it opens almost of options. Green Blue seems interesting, Aether Vile and Merrow Reejerey go good, with each other from what I saw. It's real expensive though. Lord of Atlantis and their clone ,which I forgot the name of, and hantasmal image can rack up some major damage from the buff stacks. What do you think?
  5. I stopped following specific cards/sets for a few years (if there was ever a time where I started).

    I'm more of a casual player, I make new decks occasionaly.
    Have 200-300$ tops invested into the game, and just combine whatever cards I like.

    Not paying any attention to if it's currently 'legal' or not to have in a game.
    Would be broken, if not for the fact I hardly ever update any more so my options are even more limited than the normal player, and using far less refined tactics/strategy.
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  6. Uh....A cheaper modern deck I have been running, for fun. That is all control... (Unless prices went up, idk.) Is called 'Taken Turns'.

    Mono Blue. Play 4 Time Warps, 4 Temporal Mastery, (More Extra Turn cards), Counter Spells (Spell Snare, Mana Leak, Cryptic Command, Remand.) Played Dictate of Kruphix for extra draw. One Thassa, for beating them down whenever you get the devotion and take all those extra turns, and lets you scry to try and Miracle Temporal Mastery. One Jace Beleren, another win con for all these extra turns. You just mill them down, and you run Elixir of Immortality to recycle your graveyard back into your deck. Just a big control, extra turn deck.

    This is my 'Lol I wanna piss people off' deck.

    But...since I don't normally play on a budget...I have R/G Tron, U/G Infect, Merfolk, and Blue Moon (Another control deck.)
  7. This is the way to go
  8. I'm more of a casual player myself, I tend to follow the new cards coming out then you.
    Aether vial is so expensive but so good in the desk thing I'm thinking of, it's like 40 dollars though.
  9. Yeah, I'd never throw 40 dollars down on a single card. :/

    I think the most valuable card I got would be 15/15 wurm that turns into 3 5/5 when killed.
    I think I got that from a booster pack.
  10. I get you, my most value card is probably some jace I forgot the name. It's really hard to combat bigger stronger decks in these unrestricted (casual tournaments) I go to. I found this card here: Spreading Seas (Zendikar) - Gatherer - Magic: The Gathering. It seems to target the weakness most of the decks I have seen. The mill desk I mentioned before, I could change that to a control/agrro Merfolk. Maybe trade off the mill cards I got for the needed cards.
  11. [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  12. YOUR JUST THE ENFORCER SCUB! Nothing but a naturalize 3
  13. [​IMG]

  14. I'm going to use this to kill your tokens and your Assemble the Legion. Naturalize might work for that too.
  15. Nature's claim would work better than Naturalize >.>

    (Unless you care if they gain life :P)
  16. Oh hey, that's my fleshlight!
  17. There's a nice deck builder app that can help find card prices. If you don't already have it of course. ^.^; I think its called Decked Builder? My friends use it a lot.
  18. Personally, I use tappedout, their desk tester is nice. I found out this neat trick that you can play a game of magic if you had to of the play tests up with different desks, you can play with your friends without cards ^^
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  19. @Neko_Green I saw this thread and had to comment on it. I used to play magic on a semi-professional level, and I am a control player through and through! If you'd like I can craft up some U/W control that is modern legal. Do you have a price point you're trying to stay under?
  20. I was thinking between 30-40$, but that's nothing for a Modern deck.
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