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  1. "You're beautiful." *alex said as his thrusts became slow but deep and hard
  2. "But I love Pashear's place. It's always different and it's always pretty. And it never gets dark." Evelyn looked confused as to why they're not going back to heaven.
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  3. Alexander wrapped his arms around her waist as he kept her close with each thrust
  4. welcome to the site.
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  5. Welcome to Iwaku broski!! Beware of the Cbox when you get enough posts, it is well the Cbox. You've been warned!!
  6. Welcome to the party...

    *Blows on a party horn.*
  7. Untitled AU--

    -Dom and Jud are partnered up as NYCPD.. Jud learns his new partner has a dirty secrete-- He's a killer.

    - Dom's kills all are connected to the wolf pack mentality.

    - Dominic has very serious trust issues. Often keeps his feelings to himself and is a bit of a control freak.

    - Jud gets close to Dominic and basically covers for him.

    - Dominic has a mate waiting for him back in Texas. When the pack alpha dies, Dom leaves NY to return and takes his place as the new pack alpha.

    - Two years later, Dominic and his son moves in across the street from Judas and Daniel in NYC.
  8. Welcome to the site~ Watch out for Murr Zombies. ~_^
  9. *Rides past on a Rhino dressed in a Leprecon outfit*



    Would you like to be a plushie?!

  11. Welcome to the Iwaku, as I said before feel free to call me Piro to save four letters on the keyboard. Should be fun around here with all these new guys coming in. You might even get a chance to cameo in The Last Tower: Iwaku in the Art and Writing section. So stick around, have fun, and enjoy the community.

    Writing in the Moonlight,

  12. *Snuggles*

  13. if u tell me wat c4 stands for
  14. explosives....
  15. u dont want to do that ytust me i make things go boom
  16. Oh, don't worry- making shit go boom just means you'll fit in even better. Trust me, you'll understand if/when Ryker shows up.
  17. good to see I'm not the only new one around here.....just the only one who hasn't started their own thread

    oh...and welcome!
  18. or when i call exterminatus on the C-Box. welcome to Iwaku
  19. I'm surprised Ryker HASN'T shown up yet...He must be planning something pretty big.