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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~When to people who cant stand each other are forced to pair up for a project, they begin having mixed up feelings for one another... will it eventually lead to true love?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Jessi was running late... He was helping his dad out last night with the form and over slept. Nobody but his closest friend Jake, knows that he lives in one of the few farms in this town. The bell rang as Jessi made it through the entrance door of the school. "Shit!" he said. Once he finally made it to the class he was meant to go in (which was English), he swung the door open and everyone was staring at him. The teacher looked at him disapprovingly. He sighed, "Sorry Mrs. Adams." he said keeping his southern accent hidden as he made his way to the back where his seat was. Nobody even knew that he had a southern accent (well beside his best friend) he always kept it hidden! He sat down in his seat and out of the corner of his eye he saw Her....
  2. Lucy turned to see who had walked into the classroom late. It was that boy Jessi, she didn't know much about him really. She turned away looking out at the window, staring off into the distance. The wind was blowing a tree near the classroom. She watched one of the squirrels rush up the tree. Lucy made a quiet sigh.
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    Jessi looked away and sighed, he never particularly liked Lucy. She has always been kind of snotty to him. He looked at the teacher who was still looking at him disapprovingly. Eventually she gave up on the glaring and went back to what she was about to explain, "Today, I will be assigning you to a project and a partner. I will give you all a book written by William Shakesphear and you must act out the scenes i front of the class!"
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    Lucy turned to face the teacher, in front of the class. That was Lucy's most hated words. She couldn't go up there and do anything, not even with a partner. Why did teachers always wanted presentations. She was taping her pencil on her notebook, worrying about who she was going to be partnered with.
  5. All the students groaned, including Jessi. Jessi whispered something to Jake then Mrs. Adams glared at him, "JESSI!" she yelled. Jessi whipped his head at her and smiled innocently, "Yes ma'am?" "I will be partnering you up with...." she darted her eyes around the classroom then her eye landed on Lucy. She smirked and looked back at Jessi, "Lucy!" Jessi's eyes widened. "Wait... What?!" Everyone knew those two hated each other. They always argued.
  6. Jessi, he was going to be her partner. Could she even work with him, he hated her. She began to hit the pencil harder onto the notebook. "Um, Mrs. Adams...are you sure." She said quietly. Why did she have to be picked because of his fault. She then looked aver to him.
  7. Jessi stood up, glanced at Lucy then back at Ms. Adams, "Yeah, ok I normally dont agree with her but couldnt you partner me up with someone else?" Ms. Adams looks at both of them, "No. I know the history between you two. You two are going to learn to get along." Jessi scowled.
  8. Lucy lost her pencil, it fell onto the floor. She was hitting it too hard, apparently. Get along, How was she supposed to do that. She bent over to pick up the pencil, then set it back on the desk. "I can try." Was all she said after that, not wanting to draw anymore attention to her. She couldn't take the eyes all on her, it made her clumsy.
  9. Jessi sat back down and sighed, "I guess I can too..." he looked back at Lucy and Ms. Adams smiled approvingly, "Now that is what I want to hear!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By the time class ended Jessi walked up to Lucy.
  10. Lucy was sitting at her desk, putting her books away into her bag. She noticed Jessi, looking up at him. "Yes." She said, her voice kind of quiet. She finished putting her books away.
  11. He gave her a small, forced smile and then said, "Ok. So we are going to need to practice. Should we do it at my house or your?" ((You should say his XD. It would be funnier because their are more people living there :P))
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    "Yours." She said simply. She got up out of her seat, and put her bag on. He was very tall compared to her, she felt a little intimidated. Because of that she couldn't look at him directly. Of course he would probably take it in a bad way.
  13. "Ok well.." he grabbed a pen and paper out of his bag and wrote his address. He ripped out the piece of papaer and gave it to her, "Here." he smiled slightly.
  14. She took the paper, not looking at it she put it into a pocket in her bag. "I have somethings I have to take care of right after school, so it will have to be later in the evening." She said to him.
  15. He shrugged, "Alright. That will work. I will see you then!" he jogged out of the room. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Finally when school was over Jess jogged to his blue truck and drove home.
  16. Lucy was walking home from school. At least it was a nice day, it was hard on her when it was raining. She had to walk quickly to get home to change for her job. She couldn't afford any car, cell phone, anything like that. Her job only gave her enough money for bills and food.
  17. Jessi glanced out his window as he passed Lucy, his face expressionless. He looked back at the road and drove all the way home.
  18. Once Lucy got home, she dressed for work in her maid outfit then ran out the door. She caught the bus and made her way to the house she worked at. During the time she was there many of the young inhabitants liked to purposely make messes for her to clean. It also seemed more like she was their servant than just a maid, they made her do anything they wanted. When her shift was over, she changed quickly and made her way to Jessi's house. She pulled out the paper he had given her. When she realized she had gotten to the house she was quite surprised that it was a farm. She went up to the front door and knocked.
  19. There was a shatter noise behind the door, suddenly there was a young boy yeliing, "MOM!!! Door!" the little boy had a thick southern accent. "I am a little busy right now Sammy!" a woman yelled back.\ Suddenly there is a familiar groan, "I got it!" he yelled joggin down the stairs. He had a light accent but it was noticable. Jessi opened the door, his shirt off, all his muscles showing. He looked at Lucy surprised, "Oh, hey Lucy." he said hiding his accent again even though now it was a little to late. He gave her a small smile, "Didnt expect you to actually come here."
  20. Lucy blushed, her face red. Why was he shirtless, "Umm...Well we have to practice right." She heard the accent when he yelled to his family. "I didn't know you lived on a farm." She said softly, not really looking at him.
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