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  1. Character Sheet

    • Name:
      DoB (Date of Birth):
      Profession (we're going to be first years so consider this your future occupation or just leave it "Undecided" if you really don't know):
      Race (Half Veela/werewolf/maybe you've got a little bit of giant in you ;p):
      Wand type:

    • (You can choose either providing a picture or doing a written description of your character unless you want to do both ;p Or if you have a picture with a blue eyed person but you want to have brown eyes just type that you have brown eyes in the description)

      [Picture Here (real life, cartoon, drawing, or anime)]

      Body type:
      Description (2 sentences is all thats needed for this one but a paragraph would be wonderful :) ):

    • Weapons: (basically means are they good at handling sword, rapier, or anything else not magical. Ex: maybe you go hunting with your dad and you know how to handle a gun something like that)
      Skills: (this is more for non-magical skills and more for physical attributes. OPTIONAL)
      Talents: (Ex: fast learner/intelligent/quick thinker. OPTIONAL)
      Magical Enhancements: (parseltongue, maybe you're great at occlumency/legilimency? That being said I don't everyone to be reading everyones mind or suddenly speaking to snakes ^^; Also if there are any enhancements you think are rare just PM me and we'll talk about it) You can put "None" here too.

    • Likes:
      Dreams: (what do you hope to achieve?)
      Fears (boggart maybe):

    • (You can chat amongst yourselves if you want your characters to be friends/enemies in the future or start off as either right from that bat. In that case have a history prepared about what happened since you can't just start hating each other out of the blue ;p)

      Blood Status:
      History of Family (OPTIONAL. If they are famous purebloods or had been a death eater at some point):


    Morgan C. Avery
    Mireille Standiford
    Ashlyn Lucore
    Naomi Castel
    Alice Aegean
    Ala Heath
    Samantha Moore

    Nick Leviosa
    Nathan "Nate" Reaket
    Carlyle Lies Caelan
    Justice E. Everett
    Etienne Stark
    Cillian Holt
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  2. does it matter which house we choose, can we choose for ourselves?
  3. Yup you can choose any house you'd like ^^ (or if you're not sure just take one of those online quizzes. Plenty out there.)
  4. yeah okay at my school we were sort into groups, apparently im on ravenclaw but im taking the quiz
  5. I'll get my CS up later, im at school now and we are about to start working on a case (hs street law sucks).
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  6. I'll be making a Gryffindor that isn't pure good. There aren't enough of those around!
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  7. I'll be posting CS soon as well. I'm editing!

    I ended up going for the half-giant Gryff (good)
    and the male twin Huffle (bad)

    P.s. I like the way you think Tatsua as you can see by my second choice D:
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  8. Lol now to complete the collection an all around nice, helpful, and friendly slytherin ^^ (I might just make that chara for the heck of it).
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  9. i took the quiz, can you guess which one i chose (if you do, you will be my bestie lol)
  10. Oh my god the pressure....I would have to go with Gryffindor (first choice was hufflepuff then I bailed, second was slytherin because I mean why not? And if it was Ravenclaw...sorry mate ^^").
  11. should of went with your first choice lol
  12. Dam I was close though! Actually pretty much right on the spot until I changed it.
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  13. Alright, I've only got a few things left to finish on the CS, the description, personality, and bio. Should be done in a day or two. :)
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  14. I wish luck to you! ^^ (...excuse my incredibly broken english)
  15. The CSs I shared were absurdly long D:
    I'll try to compress and simplify stuff (get straight to the point) so I don't have to subject you all to those walls of text D:
  16. With the bio guys, I think i'd be interesting (like with the boggart) if you found out the rest/all of their background from them, your thoughts?
  17. [​IMG]

    • Name: Morgan C. Avery
      Age: 11
      Gender: Female
      Date of Birth: February the Twenty-second
      Aspiring Profession: Duellist
      Race: Human (One-eighth Veela)
      Wand Details: Rowan & Dragon Heartstring, Eleven and a Quarter inches.
      House: Gryffindor

    • Eyes: Violet
      Hair: Brown
      Height: approx. 140cm
      Body type: Slim

      (Larger image)

    • Knowledge: Having grown up entirely among her own kind, it isn't so strange that Morgan has a little bit of magical knowledge already. This knowledge is kind of negligible, though...

      Skills: As a child, Morgan rarely engaged in any real intense physical activity, resulting in a rather neglected repertoire of physical skills. She isn't even that great on a broomstick.

      Talents: The special trait of Morgan's bloodline is "Abnormal Talent", and she is certainly set to prove that assumption correct. While she is yet to partake in any extensive magical study, she is naturally talented in most subjects, and particularly so in Care for Magical Creatures, Potions and DADA. While not a part of this natural ability, she has an inherited affinity for the Dark Arts and Duelling.

      Magical Abilities: Veela Charm (Same strength as a half-Veela)

    • Likes: Rainy days, hot tea and unique things
      Dislikes: Blandness, loudness and Muggles
      Fears: Snakes, deep water
      Habits: When she knows people aren't looking, she sometimes likes to stare at others.
      Patronus: Fairy

      Morgan is quiet, perceptive, and perhaps a little dark at times. She has a keen interest in learning about and interacting with people, but her lonesome upbringing made her poor at making many friends. One might think that she would be more suited for Ravenclaw with her seemingly calm, intellectual mannerisms, but she is secretly a bit of a hot-head, and otherwise hides several other traits commonly associated with Gryffindor. She's quite subtle, and doesn't really like to call attention to herself unnecessarily.

    • Blood Status: Pure?
      Family: Avery (Non-canon)
      History of Family
      According to family legend, Morgan's ancestors mated with Fairies in order to increase the strength of their magical blood. Of course, such tales are absurd, as no man could possibly make a Fairy with child. However, many of the Avery children possess unnatural qualities, and this is most often attributed to these tales of Fairy blood. While Muggles are nowhere to be seen in the Avery family tree, there are a few rumours out there that some of them have bred with non-humans. Regardless of what is said about them, there is no denying the strength of their magical blood, as there has not been a single unexceptional child born to that family in anybody's recent memory.

      Personal Bio
      Morgan is the daughter of the Avery family's pride, who is said to be one of the foremost supporters of independent magical research in this part of the world. Her mother is younger, an exceptional Duellist who is still working hard towards building herself up as a professional. Because of this, Morgan never really had much time to spend with her parents, and she treasured each moment greatly. From them, she learned many things about the wizarding world, some good and some not so much. See, her parents both shared a belief in the dark arts, and they were hardly going to allow their only child be left out of the matter.

      Outside of this time with her parents, Morgan was given a large chunk of her childhood to simply explore things herself. Her family's estate was nearby a dense forest, and she would often find herself wandering the edges of these woods, staring inside curiously. She remembers playing with Fairies a lot as a child, and they always seemed to have a certain fondness for her.

    • --> Friends
      --> Enemies
      --> Neutral
      --> Familial
      -Father, "Papa"
      Morgan's dearest father, who has always treated her nicely when he has had time for her. She loves him, and he loves her back, it is in every way a close and happy father-daughter relationship. He used to read stories to her a long time ago, and every once and a while, she manages to convince him to do it again. Often calls Morgan by her middle name.

      From what she's seen of Mother, she's a beautiful and nice woman. Every time they're together, there's some kind of new, exciting activity for the two of them to enjoy. Out of her two parents, she is the least close with her mum, likely because her job often means she must leave the house for long periods of time. When Morgan asked her father about Mother, he described her as a "Strong, free-spirited woman", and Morgan could definitely see this in her the next time they spoke. Like Morgan's father, her mother occasionally calls Morgan by her middle name, although not as frequently.

      -Aunts, Uncles & Cousins
      It's quite rare for Morgan to see her more distant relatives, and while they have met on occasion, she can't say she has much of a relationship with them. That's not to say they aren't kind to her, just that they don't really get together much...
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  18. I have no qualms with that. Possibly because it makes my life easier D:
    I'll just write stuff that anyone should know already or could easily find it out and update the CS as I reveal stuff in the RP

    This helps me remove my wall of text ^^ and keeps things simple, and post my CSs faster (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧
  19. Oh, cool a Harry Potter role play! I hope you don't mind if I join?
  20. Not at all, welcome aboard :)
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