Harry Potter and the Murderous Dinner Party

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  1. One on One

    To Whom it May Concern,

    You are cordially invited to a special dinner.

    It is to take place on the Fifth of November, in Little Hangleton.

    The House will be the largest in the village, please arrive Promptly at 5 pm.

    Cocktails will be served by 5:15, and dinner will be served promptly at 6 pm.

    I hope you will join me as an honored guest.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Characters Invited:

    Harry Potter: @Little_Miss_StormCloud

    Hermione Granger: @Little_Miss_StormCloud

    Ron Weasley: @TheUnstableOne

    Draco Malfoy: @TheUnstableOne

    Fred and George: NPC

    Luna: @TheUnstableOne

    Ginny: @Little_Miss_StormCloud

    Nevile: @Little_Miss_StormCloud

    Crabbe and Goyle :NPC

    Isabella Maria Jinx: @TheUnstableOne

    Blaise: NPC

    Thalia Jones: @Little_Miss_StormCloud
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    Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, Fred, and George had gone ahead of the others as they did not know what to expect when they reached Little Hangelton. They walked up the road until they reached the manor. It wasn't as large as what they thought, but it certainly seemed like a beautiful estate. Well taken care of, and the gardens seemed to have been tentatively taken care of. When they eventually reached the door to the manor, Harry rang the bell.

    The door swung open with a creek, there stood a bright young lady in aa maid's outfit, much like you would seem in a film. She smiled at the group,"Do you have invitations?" She asked as a rather heavy accent coated her voice.

    "uh... yes..." Harry said fiddling through his coat before pulling out the parchment he had received days in advance. The writing on it was smooth and beautiful, unlike anything they had ever seen. He handed the maid the invite as he stepped into the manor. The others followed soon after, all handing her their invites. They all seemed to look around in awe that their surroundings. They all began to remove their coats revealing that they had each dressed up for the occasion.

    Hermione wore an ivory colored tea length dress, that filled out at the ends due to the tulle under the skirt. The top was a halter style and suited her figure wonderfully. Her hair had been tamed to gently curls to frame her face. Her makeup was simple yet elegant. Her shoes matched her gown and increased her height. Ginny had put on a black floor length gown that suited her thin frame. Her shoes matched perfectly, and her makeup was rather dramatic, almost mature. Her hair had been styled in waves. As for the boys, they all wore suits with different color accents. Harry wore red, Neville a light sky blue, Fred and George a simple white.

    They waited for the other guests to arrive as they were all at least 5 minutes early. It wasn't until 5:14 did the bell ring again, only to reveal the quiet Slytherin girl, accompanied by Blaise, or as that particular group referred to him as, the ferret's best friend.

    "There are Gryffindors here, TJ. This won't end well know will it," Blaise said looking at the thing framed girl as she removed her coat to reveal a simple dark blue gown, it came off her shoulders elegantly and was floor length. No one could see the beat up heels underneath, but they could see her mother's pearl earrings and necklace. She looked quite elegant and even beautiful, but not so beautiful to be noticed.

    "I thought you knew," She said to Blaise in a soft voice as she looked at the Slytherin. She watched as he removed his coat to reveal a black suit except for the emerald green accents.
    Blaise let out a sigh, not bothering to respond as they waited for the others to arrive. It wouldn't be long now, otherwise, it would be a rather long night.
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