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  1. It was a dark andrainy night. Unbeknownst to most, behind the clouds in the sky lay a new moon.The worst time of the year for a young Kieara. She was a young half demon, andlike all half demons lost her ability to use her powers on new moons. A terriblefate really for most half demons. It usually meant they were targeted. <o:p></o:p>
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    She was panting hardas she ran from something. What was it? One of a half demons worst nightmares.A slayer. They were after her again, and there was something in particularabout her that they wanted to find out. The girl had a curse on her. She was doomedto be obedient. Any direct order given to her she had to follow. She was bornwith this dreadful little problem. It was a curse put upon her family, whichnow ceased to exist due to it. <o:p></o:p>
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    However, the slayersplanned to use her tonight then kill her. They thought perhaps maybe she knewwhere others like her might have been hiding. Who knows? Maybe she did, maybeshe didn't. Either way it was another kill for them on their part. A win winsiutation, and a lose lose one for Kieara.<o:p></o:p>
    Kieara was sportingblack and white striped tiger ears, and a matching tail. Her eyes were a brightlavendar, and her hair was snow white. She was around the height of 5'3, andher hair was in a braid. It reached her lower back, but was falling down sinceshe was running. A few loose strands stuck to her face as the rain fell. Shealso had a bright silver bell clad on her tail. She couldnt remove it. It wasrelated to the curse. Her body was thin and petite, yet she had curves thatsuited her beautifully.<o:p></o:p>
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    She attempted to calmher breathing as she ran. It didn't do her much good. Not the way she wasrunning. It did more harm than good actually. After a bit she gave up on this.<o:p></o:p>
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    She was nearing the local park. She ran therisk of being seen, but would rather be seen than dead. Her heart was poundingout of her chest as she reached the edge of the woods, and yelped as shetripped. She fell hard onto the wet ground. Her body was exhausted. She wasunable to move an inch further. She had given up.<o:p></o:p>
  2. A man sat alone on a park bench. The rain created small rivers on his jacket as he watched the nothingness of night. It was all dark, aside from the yellow-orange lamps lighting the sidewalks in the park. The trails in the woods were barely lit by small lights spread out long distances. The man simply sat, thinking about a decision he had just made. A decision that changed his life. He was just recently engaged to be married. After being with Elise for three years, he decided to break the engagement. She was shattered...he was broken...they both still are...but there was just no way it could have worked...it was impossible...

    Suddenly, the man heard a yelp, similar to an animal's cry. The hooded man stood up and looked over towards the direction of the yelp.

    "Hello? Is someone there?" The man said in a slightly raised voice. He squinted and held his hand over his eyes, attempting to see through the darkness and rain...A girl!?

    "Hey! Are you ok!? Hey!" He jogged over to the girl and knelt down...she wasn't a girl...or...she wasn't a normal girl...but she was beautiful...and she looked hurt..."What...are...are you hurt!? Here let me help you up!" The man wrapped his arms around the girl and lifted her up. He was a strong man, a carpenter, and it showed in his features. He had a strong jawline, blue eyes, shaggy brown hair, and from what the girl would feel, toned muscular arms.

    "Come on, come on. Are you all right? Why are you so winded? Were you running? And...*ahem* i'm sorry if this sounds rude...but are you a human?"
    The man didn't run simply because the girl seemed harmless, especially in such a winded state...he had just hoped that the ears, tail, and eyes were all just a costume...
  3. Kieara had nearly blacked out when she heard a voice. She looked over when she saw him and her lavendar eyes glowed ominously in the dark. A cat-like pupil stared back at him. She squirmed in his grip despite being hurt. She seemed terrified of him. She hissed at him for a moment before she realized he wasn't one of the hunters after her. She then calmed.

    She curled into his chest more. She pinned her ears and hid her face in his chest. Her tail wrapped itself around his arm. A muffled reply could be heard. "Pl-please help me...." Her voice was soft, soothing, yet frightened. "I-i'm a half-demon..." She answered a bit confused.
  4. The man's forehead wrinkled with confusion.."Half...demon?" The man had only heard of demons in stories before...never had he seen one in real life...but this one was very real...hard to believe, but real as the rain that ran down his cheek. He blushed slightly when she buried her head in his chest...then curled her tail around his ar...it was all so odd to him...not bad, just...different...

    Being a good person, and from the situation being able to tell that this girl was not a bad person...or demon...She asked for help...help? How does one help a demon? He thought to himself... "How? How can I help? Are you sick? Hurt? Why were you..." Just then, a glint of a torch crossed the man's peripheral vision..."That? You were running from that!?" The man was a little scared now. "Oh...ok ok...let's go...Back to my place. I have a place a couple blocks from here. We'll be safe there." The man sighed...what have I gotten myself into...I mean, I can't just leave her there...who know's what was chasing her?... The man carried the girl back to his place, luckily there wasn't much traffic...it would have been weird seeing the man carrying a girl in the rain...

    "Ok..we're here...just gotta get my keys..." The man moved awkwardly to shift the girl so that he could hold her in one arm and reach into his pocket with his free hand. After a moment of struggling, he finally pulled his keys out. "Aha! ok, in we go!" The door swung open to a cozy living room, furnished with a cream colored couch and matching chair. A nice wooden coffee table sat on a circular red and cream rug. There was not much else, aside from some pictures of him and his ex fiance on the wall and one on the end table.

    "Here you go. Nice and easy." The man laid the girl on his couch as he went to get a towel so she could dry off. After a moment, the man would return and hand the girl a purple towel, if she was awake, else he would do his best to dry her himself.
  5. Kieara was comforted by the kind man. He'd helped her so much. He was nice to her, and it was a pleasant change from what she was used to. She allowewd him to take her back and stayed close to him. When she'd saw the torches she feared that they wouldn't be able to escape from the hunters. Somehow though, they managed to go unnoticed.

    She only pryed her face from his chest when she heard the door to his home open. She looked around as she was sat on the couch. All these things looked foreign to her, and she felt out of place. She watched as he left her alone. She curled her legs to her chest as she sat at one end of the couch. Her ears remained pinned and her tail wrapped around her. She shivered from head to toe. Part was from being nervous, the other from being cold.
  6. When the man returned, he handed the towel to the girl and frowned. "Oh I'm sorry. You're freezing. I can start a fire up if you like."
    The man pointed over to his fireplace. Luckily it was mid fall, so a fire every now and again wouldn't be uncommon.

    "I don't know if you saw it or not, but whatever was in those woods turned around and went a different direction as I carried you here."
    Then it hit him..."Oh! I'm so rude...I forgot to introduce myself." The man said as he placed some tinder and a couple chopped logs in the fireplace., "I'm Lucas...Wait...I don't even know if you speak English...haha...can you understand what I'm saying?" Lucas smiled and tossed a match into the fireplace, causing a low roar then a soft smooth crackle as the fire consumed the wood.

    Lucas would take this time to take his jacket off and hang it over the mantle, so that the fire might dry it quicker. He would reach over and turn the lamp off, preferring the light from the fireplace as he normally did. Everything in the room was now coated in an orange haze as shadows danced a waltz along the walls. The room wasn't very large, so the fire did well lighting up the place. Lucas stood by the fire, drying his damp clothes. He looked over to the girl and motioned for her to come be next to the fire.
  7. She looked up as he returned. She smiled a little. "Thank you." She spoke taking the towel and wrapping in it. She then came over by the fire and sat down. "I can understand you." She told him. "My name's Kieara, nice to meet you Lucas." She said to him as she shifted slightly in her spot by the fire as it warmed her back. "Thanks for everything." She added as an afterthought. After that she fell silent. She was awkward to these luxuries, and also awkward in a sense of she was unsure what to say.
  8. Lucas smiled and scratched the back of his head. "Haha yeah I hoped you could understand me. The pleasure is all mine, Kieara. It's nice to make your acquaintance. As for everything i've done for you, don't mention it! You were in distress...I mean...you looked like you had just given up on life, really...is everything ok? What happened back there?" Lucas sat down next to Kieara, his pants still a little damp, and spoke with a sympathetic tone. He gently grabbed an edge of the towel and wiped a few more water droplets off of Kieara's cheek as he awaited some sort of explanation. The crackle of the fire made any amount of silence actually quite pleasing, rather than awkward, so if Kieara didn't say anything, it wasn't so bad. The room was beginning to feel the heat from the fire as well, as it was becoming more comfortable by the moment.
  9. Kieara was a tiny girl, her tattered clothes were nearly falling off of her. They seemed like they'd been hand me downs possibly. HEr shirt slipped off one shoulder, and her pants hung loose on her. She didn't appear to be wearing shoes. What clothing she was wearing, however, was dirty and ripped. She allowed him to remove some more water droplets from her face. She took comfort in the friendly motion. She seemed a lot more relaxed in here than out there.

    "Back there?" She asked. She had slowly allowed her tail to uncurl from her as it swayed in a relaxed manner behind her. Her ears stood erect on her head now. Though not in an 'at attention' way. More of a relaxed, normal way. "I was running from big men with torches and guns...." She spoke to him. "Some of them had bow and arrows." She said again as she thought about it.
  10. Lucas frowned..."What? Why were they after you?? I can't understand why they would chase you, you seem like a nice enough...er...half demon...is that it? Were they after you because they thought you were some kind of monster??" Lucas seemed rather upset at the thought...how terrible people could be towards something they knew nothing about...or so Lucas though.

    Lucas looked at Keiara and noted her ragged clothing. "you look like you need some new clothes...If you like, you can go look in my ex-fiance's closet...she didn't leave much, but I do know she's not coming back...you could probably find something in there." Lucas pointed at a door at the end of the hallway behind where the two were sitting.
  11. Kieara's ears drooped a bit. "Yeah....They kept calling me the spawn of satan...." She spoke. "I...I was hungry and I was trying to take something out of a big green box behind a store." She told him. She didn't appear to be very educated on more modern things. She wasn't aware that the big green box she mentioned was called a dumpster. "Once the man saw me, he threw rocks at me and used some kind of small thing that he held to his head to tell those men to come get me."

    She listened to him when he told her about the clothes. "Ok..." She wasn't entirely sure what a fiance was, but she was happy to get some new, dry clothes. She spoke. "I would like that...." She looked where he pointed and slowly got up and went to check.
  12. At the mention of the men calling Kieara a "spawn of satan," Laucas shook his head..."Spawn of satan eh?...You know, I always imagined the spawn of satan to be much...well...uglier, and mean...heh." Lucas' face turned red when he realized what he just said... "Oh! Not that I think you're ugly or mean! You're actually very attractive and seem very nice! Haha!" Lucas spoke quickly and slightly nervously. He kind of laughed it off and just smiled, hoping everything was ok.

    When Kieara got up and walked towards the room, Lucas got up with her. "Here, let me show you where to look." Lucas stepped in front of Kieara and wallked to the end of the hallway. He opened a room to a dark room and flipped the lights on. The room was dressed in colors of cream and black. On the left side of the room was a closet door and beside, it a tall dresser. In the center of the room there was a queen sized bed with a cream and black comforter covering it and black pillows lining the cherry wood headboard. And on the right side of the room there was another closet, ut bigger than the one on the left side of the room. On each side of the bed there was a nightstand, the one on the right side of the bed was bare and the one on the left had a small lamp and an alarm clock.

    Lucas pointed over towards the larger closet on the right side of the room. "You should find something to wear in there. I'll just go back into the living room to let you change in private." Lucas took a step back and closed the door gently behind him. This was all so weird to him...a half demon? Who would have though...but she's being hunted for some reason...maybe it was just the ignorance of people and their insatiable blood lust...who knew? But as far as Lucas could tell, Kieara seemed harmless enough.

    Inside the closet, Kieara would find only complete outfits and a night gown. One outfit was very business looking. It was a tight, knee length, black skirt with a white button up shirt and a black jacket. Next to it hung something more casual. It was a purple t-shirt and a pair of dark jeans. Underneath these two outfits were two pairs of shoes that matched them. Small black heals for the business suit and a pair of grayish silver flats for the casual wear. The night gown was folded up on a shelf. It was pink, with moons and sheep wearing night caps printed all over it. It was silky to the touch and looked quite comfortable.
  13. Kieara hadn't been anything other then a mere slave in the magical realm. She was used to things like that. She was still a virgin, but privacy was foreign to her. She watched as he left and stripped inspecting the outfits. She saw the night gown and how comfy it looked and deducted that was her attire for the night. She then slipped it on feeling better to be in dry clothes.

    She soon returned to him and sat down again. Her tail posed a bit of a problem with the back of the gown, so she let it remain limp and drag on the ground behind her. She just hoped he didn't step on it. She twitched her ears and smiled. "Thank you for the clothes." She told him.
  14. Lucas had actually decided to change out of his wet clothes too. He was now wearing a white t-shirt and blue plaid pajama pants. His hair was a little messy and unkempt from being out in the rain, but he didn't think much of it. "Welcome back," Lucas said with a smile. He noted Kieara's tail dragging on the ground...still odd, but he was getting used to it...

    "Oh, haha, you're welcome. I wouldn't want you catching a cold wearing those wet clothes." Lucas nodded. A quick glance to the wall clock indicated that it was almost 10pm. "I dont usually fall asleep until 12:30 or later...Never have, haha...but if you get tired, you can take my bed and I'll sleep out here on the couch. It doesn't bother me at all" Lucas smiled. He was smiling quite a lot...he liked the company, and it always felt good to do nice something for another person.
    "So, if you're not ready for bed, maybe I could ask you some random questions? Haha..I mean, it's not every day that I get to meet someone like you." Lucas shrugged and proceded to ask his first question, as long as Kieara wanted to stay.

    "Tell me a little about yourself, like...where did you come from, or where is your family?"
    Lucas thought it might be a sore subject...but his curiosity wouldn't allow him to remain quiet.
  15. Kieara noticed it. She sat down by the fire again. His fiance's clothes were still big on her, but not quite as bad as the others. She stretched out a little bit and smiled listening to his words. His voice was soothing to her. She wasn't aware that humans knew nothing of the magical realm either, so she answered with what she knew of her home.

    "I'm from Avalon." She spoke to him. "My family? I...well...I haven't seen them in years. The curse killed them all." She spoke to him. She hadn't mentioned it until now. The silver bell adorning her tail hadn't made much noise.
  16. A perplexed look crossed Lucas' face. "Avalon? What country is that in? Heh...I'm not much good with geography...and what's this about a curse?? I dont really believe in all of that curse stuff haha!" Lucas was still quite curious. The room was growing slightly dimmer, due to the fire dying, so Lucas reached over and tossed another log into the fireplace while awaiting a response.
  17. Kieara rose a brow. "Avalon is the entire magical realm." She said to him. "I crossed over in a portal tonight." She explained to him. She then answered his next question. "I have a curse, Anything i'm ordered to do I can't refuse. The bell on my tail binds me to it." She spoke to him. She trusted him enough to tell him. He'd helped her so she didn't think he would abuse the power.
  18. Lucas' jaw dropped... "A...portal?...I mean...you have a tail and cat ears so i guess it's not all impossible...it's just so strange, i've never heard of such things except from fairytales..." At the mention of the bell, Lucas looked over at Kieara's tail."So...you really have to do what anyone says? That's your curse?" Lucas thought for a second before coming up with a different question..."If that bell symbolizes your curse...why don't you just take it off?" Lucas shrugged. It didn't look too difficult to take off. "That seems like a pretty terrible thing, to be stuck with a curse like that..." Lucas' eyes wandered as he talked and he couldn't help notice how well built Kieara was...she had curves for days and the perfect frame. Lucas liked petite women...Ah what am I thinking!? I just met this girl!...Lucas quickly banished the thought from his mind...
  19. Kieara spoke. "I can't take it off. See?" She spoke and reached down trying to untie the bell. No matter how hard she tugged on the ends of the bow, it wouldn't budge. She wasn't sure how it could be removed. "Yeah, I have to do anything anyone says." Kieara found herself attracted to him as well. He was cute, a human, something she'd never encountered before, and she felt safe. Her cat-like curiosity attracted her. She twitched her ears softly hearing the fire crackle.
  20. Scratching his chin, Lucas leaned over to the bell then turned back to Kieara..."We could cut this part of your tail off!" He said with a joking grin on his face. "No no, don't worry, I'm only teasing."‚Äč Lucas sat back in his original position. He wondered if there was anything he could do for this girl to help her get that bell off...it was odd to see an actual curse...it was more odd that it was on someone he was trying to help. A thought crossed his mind... "Well...if you have to do anything anyone says...what if someone ordered you to rid yourself of that bell? Would that be dangerous." Lucas had a curiosity similar to a cat, and it was very apparent.