Half Demon War Plot

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  1. It was a dark andrainy night. Unbeknownst to most, behind the clouds in the sky lay a new moon.The worst time of the year for a young Kieara. She was a young half demon, andlike all half demons lost her ability to use her powers on new moons. A terriblefate really for most half demons. It usually meant they were targeted. <o:p></o:p>
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    She was panting hardas she ran from something. What was it? One of a half demons worst nightmares.A slayer. They were after her again, and there was something in particularabout her that they wanted to find out. The girl had a curse on her. She was doomedto be obedient. Any direct order given to her she had to follow. She was bornwith this dreadful little problem. It was a curse put upon her family, whichnow ceased to exist due to it. <o:p></o:p>
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    However, the slayersplanned to use her tonight then kill her. They thought perhaps maybe she knewwhere others like her might have been hiding. Who knows? Maybe she did, maybeshe didn't. Either way it was another kill for them on their part. A win winsiutation, and a lose lose one for Kieara.<o:p></o:p>
    Kieara was sportingblack and white striped tiger ears, and a matching tail. Her eyes were a brightlavendar, and her hair was snow white. She was around the height of 5'3, andher hair was in a braid. It reached her lower back, but was falling down sinceshe was running. A few loose strands stuck to her face as the rain fell. Shealso had a bright silver bell clad on her tail. She couldnt remove it. It wasrelated to the curse. Her body was thin and petite, yet she had curves thatsuited her beautifully.<o:p></o:p>
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    She attempted to calmher breathing as she ran. It didn't do her much good. Not the way she wasrunning. It did more harm than good actually. After a bit she gave up on this.<o:p></o:p>
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    She was nearing the local park. She ran therisk of being seen, but would rather be seen than dead. Her heart was poundingout of her chest as she reached the edge of the woods, and yelped as shetripped. She fell hard onto the wet ground. Her body was exhausted. She wasunable to move an inch further. She had given up.<o:p></o:p>
  2. William walked home from the bar not knowing that tonight would be the night that his life would change drastically. For better or worse was yet to be seen. William was a man of slightly above average height and the build of a man who regularly trains in martial arts and has been doing it for awhile. Midnight black hair topped his head which was accented by deep emerald green eyes that always felt as if they were looking straight through to the soul. He always sported a nicely custom fitted suite, tonight it was a white suite with black interior and buttons, no vest, white shirt and black tie, white pants with nice leather black boots.

    It was three in the morning and he had just closed his bar for the night. I really need to hire someone to run this place late at night. I can't keep having these long days, even though they don't start til eleven in the morning but still.... William thought to himself. His house was only three city blocks away and right across the street from a nice a park. Still this night a man came from the shadows of an alley way and held a knife to William's back, "Give me all that you got on ya." said a deep voice from the assailant. William reached his hand into the left side of his suite jacket feeling for the well hidden .45 custom semi-automatic handgun that was kept there, "Look man," William began to say, "you don't have to..." but before he finished the thought he swung around leading with his right leg. The leg arched over the hand with the knife smashing the assailant in the temple, next William pulled out his gun and pointed it at the other man's head, and with his left hand grab the hand with the knife it breaking it at the wrist. "Leave now." William said to the mugger for which the mugger promptly replied with a quick stand up and began to run but not before William got to kick the man one last time. From there he continued to walk his marrily way home while returning the gun to its place.
  3. Kieara panted as she looked up only to hear the slayers coming. Her feline ears were working over time. Her heart was pounding out of her chest. She tried to get up only to feel pain in her ankle. She'd sprained it. This wasn't good. She hauled herself up anyway and continued to run. Though this time it was more like a fast half limp hald walk type of gait. She made it to the sidewalk and then collapsed again this time her cry out more pain filled since she oculdn't take it anymore. It would only be a matter of seconds before they came to kill her again.
  4. William was right there at his front door when heard the cry of pain from across the street at the park. Without a seconds thought he ran towards the scream. When he got there he saw a young girl wearing something he could only consider to be odd party clothes. Over her stood two men who seemed ready to attack the girl maybe even kill her. William knew he could only do one thing, so he took the .45 handgun out for the second time that night. "STOP!" he yelled but knew that they would not listen, hell they didn't even look up like he didn't even exist. As he was running he aimed the gun, one shot for each gotta make it count. *Bang, Bang* two unsilenced shots rang through the quiet night air. Two men fell to the wet, muddy ground with two bleed holes right in the middle of the head for each of them. I'll have to call Barry to clean this mess up. I'll do that in just a bit when I can. He reached the young girl and kneeled down next to her putting his hands under her head and knees, "Hey are you awake and coherent?" William said to her.
  5. Kieara let out a shrill scream when she heard gunfire. Her sensitive ears twitched and she jumped hitting the grouned hiding her head with her arms. Her ears were very sensitive as was her tail and the loud noise hurt them. She was shocked at what happened next. Another man in white came over and moved to pick her up. He slipped his arms under her and she hissed bearing her fangs as her ears pinned onto her head flat. HEr tail also wrapped around her waist the fur on it bristled. She crinkled her nose in an attempt to appear threatening and tried to squirm away from him.
  6. William jumped a bit at the actions of the girl. As well he was a little weirded out that her tail moved and the hair bristled but that could be just a robotic action. William spoke softly "hey hey its ok those guys are dead. Look we have to get you out of this rain you may get sick. I am taking you inside my house, there you can get cleaned up and sleep. Plus I have a call to make." He picked her up and walked to his house. He did think that her actions when he touched her was a bit cute.

    When they entered the house, William put the odd girl on the couch to rest and walked into the kitchen to begin making some hot tea for the both of them. While the water began to boil, William made the call to Barry. Luckily Barry understood and told William it would be cleared up in thirty minuets. If one thing didn't need to happen was getting the law on his case.

    The water whistled in which William took the water off the stove, poured two cups of water and put tea bags in both cups. "Here drink this it will warm you up." he said as he put the hot tea on the coffee table. "Tell me why were those men after you?"
  7. Kieara saw after a moment that he wasn't a threat. She stopped squirming and allowed this human to lift her. She wouldn't do much good trying to walk, that was for sure. She was soon placed on a couch and she looked around at all the things in the room. All this was so....so different....than the stuff back in the magical realm. This realm was so odd. And the people seemed mean. She culred her tail around her shivering. She was soaked from the rain and freezing. She allowed her ears to perk back up now that the ringing in them was gone. She looked as William came back and watched the cup he put on the table. Curiosity being one of her many cat-like traits, she couldn't help but wonder what it was. Her voice when she spoke was soft, and it held some sort of captivating, mezmerizing, divine tone to it. "What is it?" She tilted her head then turned her peircing lavendar eyes over to him. "I don't know....I just got here....." she said.
  8. William looked at her confused. "What do you mean what is it? It's tea have you never seen tea. And what do you mean you just got here like in this town or this state?" This was an odd meeting this girl was saying the weirdest things. She could just be in shock. If he waited it out maybe it would get better. He stood up while he was asking his questions and walked to the closet and grabbed a towel and blanket. He took the towel and did a quick run down on the girl getting her dry as possible then put the blanket around her to warm her up.
  9. Kieara looked at him like he was crazy. "No i've never seen it....Why's there paper and string in it?" She asked having never seen things like this. The tea bag intimidated her. What if it was poisonous? She tilted her head. "No. This realm." She spoke as if he was crazy. She looked as he left and returned with a fluffy towel. She was dried off by him and wrapped in a blanket which she didn't mind. It was warm and cozy. Though if he took time to feel of her ears now that they were dry, he'd see they were real. HEr fur felt like a persian cats. Extremely soft, same with her tail, and if tugged, they were attatched.
  10. William chuckled it was like teaching a young child. "The tea is in the bag and the string is for us to dip the bag in and out of the cup so that the tea spreads throughout the water. The tea is actually dried leaves that soak up the water and give it flavor when it releases the water. And what do you mean by realm? Are you saying that you came from another dimension?" William was a little worried about the sanity of the young girl. But he was starting to wonder about her ears and tail they looked so real but he refrained from touching them.
  11. Kieara listened to his explanation and nodded. She picked it up smelling it before she tasted it. She purred softly liking the taste. It was a mannerism she couldn't control. She blushed when she did it though becoming embarrassed. "S-sorry...." She spoke looking down as her ears drooped again. Her tail was hidden under the blanket, but a muffled jingle of the bell could be heard as she curled it around her waist. It was habit to keep it from getting stepped on. "Yes, I just crossed over tonight from Avalon." She spoke to him thinking humans knew of her world.
  12. "Ok so from what i have gathered you are not of this world and tail and those ears are real. Umm.... what is Avalon? And how did you get to this world?" William was a little surprised by the severity of her mental health. Maybe she just needed some rest but he did want to know what she was thinking. He would take her to the doctor later the next day.
  13. Kieara spoke. "Yes, they are real, no i'm not from this world, and Avalon is the magical realm." She spoke confused as to why she didn't know. "I got here by the portal." She said. "It links our worlds, and if you don't believe me my tail and ears are real, touch them." she spoke. "They're attatched." She reassured him as she remained curled under her blanket.
  14. William looked at the ears and could not resist anymore, without thinking he stood up, walked over to her and felt her ears. They felt real alright but that didn't actually mean much, so to make sure he pulled on them just a little, but they didn't budge and inch. "Ahhhh." William screamed as he stubled backwards, "Oh my god, they are real. This is unreal. It is beyond genetic make-up." William believed now full heartily. "How did you end up here. I know, I know the portal. But how did you get to the portal? Why were those men after you? Why did you come here? What are you?" William couldn't think coherently it was just all too unreal.
  15. Kieara's fur bristled and she pinned her ears back. The loud scream scared her and hurt her ears. "Not so loud....My ears are sensitive...." she spoke in a considerably quieter tone than he was using. She then blinked as she listened a bit overwhelmed at all the questions. "I um.....yes they're real.....I ran to the portal and snuck by the gaurds. I don't know why those men were after me, and I came here to escape my master......You're my new master...." She spoke. "I'm a half-demon."
  16. William was now the one in shock, "Your master? Half-demon?" William's human mind, as complicated as it was for a human, couldn't comprehend the massive amount of information that was coming at him all at once. His eyes dilated and rolled up into his skull. William was completely out, non-responsive.

    William was deep in his dreams of the past. First off when he was an adolescent fighting in the streets with rival groups of kids in his town. Moving to his young adult years when he was SF for the military and the mission that he carried that all contained death. Next later in his life just a few years ago and present of being in the bounty hunter and assassination corps. Then he woke in a hot sweat on his bed. He didn't know how long he was out but he was moved to his bed. Or maybe he had just fallen asleep last night and the whole thing was a dream.
  17. Kieara had gasped when he passed out. She was confused. She moved from the warmth of her blanket and took him to his bed. She then returned to the living room and got her blanket. She then covered up with it and sat down in the floor in the corner of his room. She ended up falling asleep that way. Her ears drooped on her head and her tail stuck out of the blanket. She wasn't lucky enough back in the magical realm to have things like blankets. This was a gift to her, and since he'd given her permission to use it, she wasn't letting it go just yet.
  18. William got out of his bed. Look William this has fallen upon you so you have to deal with it. She needs help, no matter who or what she is. He moved over to his closet and put on his sleepwear and robe and went back downstairs. It was still night outside, he could have only been asleep for about an hour. He saw the girl a sleep on the couch. I forgot to ask her name how rude of me. She can't sleep here. He went to the couch picked her up and carried her to the guest room. He nudged her a bit to wake her, "Look tomorrow we are going to wake up early tomorrow. First off we can't have you wearing those clothes so we are going to go shopping for new ones. Second we are going to try and set you up an identity that makes you a natural born citizen of the states. now go back to sleep."

    William walked away from the room. He locked the door, turned on the alarm system and out of a paranoid feeling checked all his weapons, knives, swords, and guns. From there he went back to bed so that he would have some energy for tomorrow. Maybe she would be willing to work in the bar.
  19. Kieara never woke when he lifted her. She curled into his chest when he did still gripping the blanket he'd given her for a moment. Then it slipped from her fingers in her groggy sleep state. She woke when he nnudged her opening her glowing lavendar eyes in a half lidded manner. She listened snd spoke. "I get to go shopping?" She'd never done anything like that. And she wasn't sure how they'd hide her ears and tail. She was assuming humans didn't like them from his reaction. She nodded again and then dozed back off.
  20. William went to the guest bedroom and knocked on the door. "Hey, wake up. We got stuff to do in a short amount of time. I have food cooking so come down and eat once you get ready." William walked back down to the kitchen to finish the food and coffee. Today he was dressed in an exact negative version of the suite he had worn last night. His hair was pulled back into a pony tail to day. The smell of the food wafted through the entire house, permeating all knooks and crannies.