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  1. In this High-School, Love is one thing that teachers teach. They match personalities in each classroom, and make special activities for each student to find their perfect one. Hello, I am the Principle of this School. It's a pleasure to have you here [Your Name]. You may address me as Head Mistress Tamagi. Before you can officially sign-up for this school and its programs, you must read the rules of the school, and fill out the student application.

    :: School Rules ::

    Students will not leave campus unless they have been taken out by their parents or a legal guardian.
    Students shall not complain about who they are partnered up with.
    Students will give a [Anime] picture to the application to get a better look at who they will look good with.
    Students will not go to the different gender dorms after 10:00. No girls in guys dorms, no guys in girls dorms.
    Students will follow the rules of all the activities that we provide on campus, such as; beach, fair, park, food court, walking trails, museums, and anything else the students would like for romantic dates.
    Students shall come to councilors if their partner and them have gotten into a fight.
    Students shall not push their partners away, but try to make their connection happen.
    Students shall come to the Head Mistress if things with their partner just isn't working out. She will sign you to a new partner within 24 hours after your request, only if you have made extreme effort to make it work with your partner.
    Students shall not bully one another, or start fights. Drama will happen, we understand, but don't let it become a problem.

    :: Student Application ::

    Personality [Take this test, and post results]:
    Extra Information:

    :: Students Attending ::
    Victoria Silva [Played by @Lady Sandra ]
    Adrian Fuller [Played by @★Under The Stars★ ]
    Luella Marin [Played by @Shizuka ]
    Marcus Lieberenz [Played by @Frey ]
    Kimiko Sotomura [Played by @ClaireRae ]
    Kaoru Sotomura [Played by @ClaireRae ]
    Drew Oakly [Played by @☾Echo☽ ]
    Cristina White [Played by @Kal ]
    Michelle Von Schweetz [Played by @DANAsaur ]
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  2. I would like to Join!
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  3. Name: Victoria Silva
    Nickname: Vicky
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Birthday: 6th January
    - having a lot of energies and tend to enjoy most social situations
    - very friendly, cooperative and trusting person
    - loves art and try to keep open-minded
    - somewhere between being well-organized and sometimes distracted
    - struck a balance between expressing negative emotions and being relaxed

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Likes: - Drawing/Writing Mangas
    - Watching animes
    - Cooking

    - angry/Bad People
    Background: Victoria always had problems with finding a boy or girlfriend. She always was friendly, and no one had a problem with her ever, but she only managed to get girls or boys for her friends.
    Extra Information: She is very athletic

    (hope it is good)
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  4. I'd love to join this! I might not be able to complete my application until tomorrow, though.
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  5. Interested and filling out my application right now!
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  6. Name:
    Adrian Fuller


    Ria, Adri






    July 13th
    (Friday The Thirteenth)


    ~ Introversion And Extraversion Are Well Balanced; Shy At First, But Afterwords Becomes Very Friendly ~
    ~ Friendly, Cooperative, And Trusting (Unless Given A Reason Not To) ~
    ~ Somewhat Organized And Sometimes Distracted ~
    ~ Balance Of Negative And Calming Emotions ~
    ~ Very Open-Minded And Loves Any Kind Of Art (i.e. Music, Acting, And Actual Art) ~




    ✔︎ Crossdressing ✔︎
    ✔︎ Watching Anime ✔︎
    ✔︎ Playing Music/ Listening to Music/Singing ✔︎
    ✔︎ Being Underestimated In A Fight ✔︎
    ✔︎ Sucker For Romance Movies ✔︎
    ✔︎ Deep Conversations ✔︎
    ✔︎ Technology ✔︎
    ✔︎ Candy ✔︎

    ✗ Rude People ✗
    ✗ Bad Manners ✗
    ✗ Selfish Motives ✗
    ✗ Doing Extra Work ✗
    ✗ People Who Take Advantage Of Others ✗
    ✗ People Who Lie Frequently ✗
    ✗ Fake People ✗
    ✗ Bullies ✗


    Grayson Fuller comes from a large religious family where there is a general consensus that having an interest in your same gender isn't okay. And on top of that, crossdressing is definitely not okay. And guess what? Grayson is into both. Luckily enough, both of his parents aren't as strict as the rest of his family and accepted him for who he is. He isn't explicitly homosexual, but he is religiously attached to crossdressing. Throughout his elementary and middle school years, he heard rumors behind his back and was very worried for many reasons. As such, he became somewhat of an introvert and didn't speak to many people because he was worried that they might think the same of him and do rude things to him. But when he entered his high school years, people started to actually make friends with him and he realized that not all people are so bad. And so, he lifted himself a bit out of his shell. He still never fully regained his confidence, so he could only make friends when they tried to make friends with him. When he was invited into the High School of Love, his heart soared because he had never been in a relationship before. Because he never went out and sought it >.>

    Extra Information:

    ❖ Horrible Liar ❖
    ❖ Can Hold His Own In A Fight ❖
    ❖ Very Intelligent, But Doesn't Apply Himself ❖
    ❖ Embarrassed Easily ❖
    ❖ Has A Dirty Mind ❖
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  7. >w> This is way too cute. I do need a cute RP in my life...

    :: goes to corner of tentative char creation ::
  8. All those who have submitted an Application have been accepted!

    If you have yet to turn in an application, I suggest you do so! ^^
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  9. Name: Luella Marin

    Nickname: Ella (only used by close friends), LuLu (only used by her parents)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Birthday: April 21st

    Personality: INFP personality type - The Dreamer

    • balanced between extraversion and introversion (she is a quiet person, especially with people she doesn't know, and will often only speak when someone else initiates the conversation or if she has a reason to)
    • very friendly, cooperative, and trusting person (she likes to assume people are good but is not naive enough to ignore warning signs if this is not the case)
    • somewhere between being well-organized and sometimes distracted
    • balance between expressing negative emotions and being relaxed
    • loves art and tries to keep open-minded


    • Animals
    • Nature
    • Video games
    • Anime
    • The internet
    • Being alone
    • Helping people (i.e. community service)
    • Writing
    • Listening to music
    • Reading
    • Large crowds
    • Cities
    • Noise
    • Bullying
    • Obnoxious/Rude people
    • Most people in general
    • Sports
    • Public speaking
    • Cleaning
    • Conflict/Drama
    Background: Luella was born into an average middle class family. She did well in school and had an all around normal childhood, that is until she turned ten. The day of her tenth birthday started out as one would imagine. She got up, had a specially made breakfast, and waited excitedly as her mother got ready to take her to the zoo. This had turned into somewhat of a tradition in her family. Every year her parents would ask her where she wanted to go on her birthday, and every year she would tell them the zoo. On this birthday in particular, her parents even called her out of school so they could go. So when her mother was ready, her and Luella piled into the car and were on there way. Luella's sister, Dawn, had the flu that day so her and Luella's father were forced to stay behind. Looking back, she was so happy they did. When they were about halfway to the zoo, a car ran a red light and plowed straight into the driver's side of their car. Luella was sitting in the back behind the passenger's seat and only ended up with a few cuts, a broken leg, and a concussion. Her mother didn't survive the initial impact. After that day, Luella hated riding in cars and would even walk three mile to school each day to avoid them. She also became slightly more reserved after her mother died and, although she still had a few close friends, she never sought out any new relationships. As for her thoughts about this school, she is... hesitant. She is not sure that she likes the idea of the school playing matchmaker, but then again it would save her the trouble of trying to go and meet someone herself. All in all she wants a relationship, she just isn't sure this school is the best way to find one.

    Extra Information:

    • She is afraid of cars and so prefers to walk places when possible
    • She is a terrible cook but great at baking
    • At home she has three cats and a dog (cats: Kiwi, Dandelion, and Clover. dog: Zuko)
    • Her family consist of her father and younger sister (14 years old)
    • Her sexual orientation is straight though she has no problem with and is even supportive of people would aren't
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  10. This looks like an interesting roleplay and I would like to join it. Let me know if something is wrong with my character sheet.

    Name: Marcus Lieberenz
    Nickname: None
    Age: 18
    Birthday: 17th December
    Gender: Male


    Personality: INTJ - The Architect .
    - More of an introvert than an extravert
    - He is friendly and care about persons he consider important, helping them if they need, but he isn't so sociable and won't initiate conversations.
    -Well organized and plan his actions.
    - Usually make choices based on logic rather than emotions and sometimes clueless about how others feel.
    - Open minded and accept a lot of things, love technology and new things.

    Likes: Technology and science, Classical music, Rainy days, Snow, Interesting things and people, Almost anything that is new.
    Dislikes: Annoying and ignorant people, Boring things, Sunny days, To attract to much attention, Crowds.

    Background: Marcus was born in an average family and had a relatively normal life. Since he was young he preferred to study and do things alone, acting different from others and leading to him developing his knowledge and body, which help him deal with a lot of things. As years passed he become a quiet person and detached from society, who lacked friends and who feels awkward with large groups. He think that nobody understand what he think and feel and that is why prefer to keep this things inside him. His parents were the ones who wanted him to attend this school, hoping that he will find someone to fall in love and to share his ideas and feelings.

    Extra information:
    - He wear glasses when he read or work on his laptop.
    - Drink tea quite often and usually relax him.
    - His sexual orientation is straight.
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  11. All Applications have been Approved
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  12. When we have eight more people join, I'll make the IC topic. For now, I'll submit a banner to advertise.
  13. So I couldn't resist making a char for this, it's just too cute.

    But, just as a heads up, I've been in a fight with my internet, and we're not on the best of terms. I don't anticipate it being a long-term issue, but if so, I might not be able to join.

    I'm hoping that won't be the case, so I've put her up tentatively!

    » Student Application «

    [BCOLOR=#333333]« Name » [/BCOLOR]
    Cristina White
    [BCOLOR=#333333]« Nickname(s) »[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]« Gender »[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]« Age »[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]« Birthday » [/BCOLOR]
    Feb 2nd

    [BCOLOR=#333333]« Personality »[/BCOLOR]
    › ENFP ‹

    "[Y]ou have a lot of energy and tend to enjoy most social situations." ›
    || Big crowds, tons of people, lots of talking = She's one happy camper. ||

    Cooperative! "[Y]ou are a very friendly, cooperative and trusting person." ‹
    || Wanna keep life fast, smooth, and sparkling? Take things at face value, she thinks. ||

    Unorganized! "[Y]ou're less focused and more easily distracted" ›
    || Seriously not the best girl to have if you want any work done on that group project. ||

    Secure! "[Y]ou're less emotional and fairly secure in who you are." ‹
    || Girlie likes herself pretty much. Sometimes a bit too much. ||

    Open! "[Y]ou love [astrology] and try to keep open-minded." ›
    || She comes off this way, but is quick to judge people based off their Zodiac sign. ||

    [BCOLOR=#333333]« Appearance »[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#333333]« Likes » [/BCOLOR]
    Excitement! | Making Things Up on the Fly | New Foods | Bonfires at the Beach or Else-Place | New People | Large Groups
    [BCOLOR=#333333]« Dislikes » [/BCOLOR]
    Routine | Deadlines | Laces on Shoes | Being Uncouthly Ordered Around | When it Gets too Quiet | Lack of Conscientiousness | Spending Extended Periods of Time with Disliked / Unlikable People

    [BCOLOR=#333333]« Background » [/BCOLOR]​
    For the greater part of her life, specifically for ten years, Cristina was raised by her elder sister. Taking after her stronger role model, where she lacked academically she thrived in using her freedom and strength to enjoy every faucet of life she stumbled across. A year ago, Cristina's sister got married. Being a 'the more the merrier' type, Cristina was more than happy for her sister and the new welcome member of the family. Gabe was perfect for Lily. Gabe was the one of the best brother-in-laws a girl could ask for. Well, too good. He actually cared for Cristina as a sister, wanting to put limits and boundaries for her own good. Of course, Cristina being Cristina, didn't take well to this new change. She, in some ways, tried to be flexible, but many times clashed with her brother-in-law over the new rules, curfews, and so on. When irked enough, she even pulls other people into her little get-back 'schemes'.

    Love wise, this girl's getting over her one-sided crush. Cristina doesn't consider herself lucky or unlucky in love, just... easily distracted? Good at making bad choices? Mmm... either way, perhaps this school can do Cissy some good.

    « Extra Information »
    › Relies on talking herself out of things ›
    [BCOLOR=#333333]‹ Can act privileged or expecting of exceptions when she doesn't catch herself ‹[/BCOLOR]
    › Horrible at being on time, and not the most reliable overall ›
    [BCOLOR=#333333]‹ Remembers pertinent but also random details of those she meets ‹[/BCOLOR]
    › Academically lazy ›
    [BCOLOR=#333333]‹ Overly invested in other's Zodiac signs and compatibility, but plays it off as 'done for fun' ‹[/BCOLOR]
    › Likes Being Likable, Likes Being Liked ›
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  14. I wont have a problem with it at all. I completely understand ^^
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  15. Kimiko Sotomura



    Nickname: Kimi
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female

    Birthday: September 27th


    +Balanced Extrovert/Introvert+

    +Unusual Things+
    +Elegant, Posh People & Places+

    +Plain Things+
    +Dishonest People+

    Background: Kimiko and her brother Kaoru were both born into a very rich and wealthy family. The two of them were pretty different, apart from their friendliness. Kimiko is responsible and the mature one, even though Kaoru was born 9 months earlier. Now that they're both 17, their parents started thinking about setting them up with the sons and daughters of other wealthy families, in hope they could set up an arranged marriage. In defiance, the two siblings banded together and put in their application to this new school, in hopes of finding TRUE love, set up by an expert, not their parents who were just in it for the money.

    Kaoru Sotomura



    Nickname: None
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Birthday: January 21st


    +Can Sometimes Seem Unemotional+

    +Quick Wit+
    +Things That Make Him Laugh+
    +Bike Rides+

    +Boring People+
    +Plain Things+
    +Dishonest People+

    Background: Kaoru and his sister Kimiko were both born into a very rich and wealthy family. The two of them were pretty different, apart from their friendliness. Kaoru is a bit lazy and the irresponsible one, even though he was born 9 months earlier. Now that they're both 17, their parents started thinking about setting them up with the sons and daughters of other wealthy families, in hope they could set up an arranged marriage. In defiance, the two siblings banded together and put in their application to this new school, in hopes of finding TRUE love, set up by an expert, not their parents who were just in it for the money.
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  16. Drew Oakley

    Nickname: Fox Face
    Gender: Agender (no gender at all)
    Orientation: Pansexual
    Age: 18
    Birthday: 12th of August
    - Very friendly, cooperative and trusting person.
    - Somewhere between being well-organized and sometimes distracted.
    - Less emotional and fairly secure.
    - Loves art and tries to keep open-minded.
    - Sports

    - Warm Weather
    - Motorcycles
    - Art
    - Martial Arts
    - Closed Minded People

    - Prejudice People
    - Being Alone
    - Born and raised in a small Maori community, 6 hours west of Christ Church.

    - Family consisted of a single mother and three younger siblings, two twin girls ( 10 years old ) and a 6 year old girl.
    - Moved to Japan due to a job offer for his mother at the age of 12.
    Extra Information: Fluent in Maori, English and Japanese.
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  17. So is it just heterosexual characters? Just wondering.
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  18. That's what I've been wondering as well.
    And can we have trans/non-binary people as well?
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  19. I think everyone will be accepted as long there is an fitting partner and they can fall in love. In the introduction the GM said will choose the couples with similar personalities but I don't think it will make couples that won't work. In the end the GM decide.
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