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  2. Name - Kastia Rose
    Age - 16
    Looks - (Large) [​IMG]
    Mermaid Looks - [​IMG]
    Powers - (To be decided I want you guys to get first pick)
    Bio - Kastia grew up in a house right on the beach, it was a private beach and there were only a couple houses in sight, the beautiful white sand and clear water she always surfed it was her life she even had convinced her parents to home school her so she could surf more often. She made her way to mako one night when she was bored to night surf - even with the danger of sharks and ended up being wiped out while underwater she saw something and instead of going up for air she swam under the water into an entrance leading to a pool. It was a full moon and the water started to bubble she thought it was some hot tub somebody installed and the next day when she went to surf she had a tail. She also soon discovered her powers that she could turn water into a jelly life substance - and now she plays off her surfing as she got scared by sharks at Mako but her parents don't know if they believer her.
    Extra - N/A
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  3. Few questions:
    1. will any of the shows original characters take part in this? if they are, i won't be able to portray them accurately because, as you know, i haven't watched much of the show to have a good grasp on their characters
    2. are we allowed to double if the plot calls for more characters?
  4. I know I won't be using characters from the show - um and yeah of course! Basically we gain out powers from a pool in a mountain that has an opening at the top. During a full moon it bubbles up and can create powers, turning you into a mermaid when you touch water and giving a water manipulation whether it's turning it into ice, a jelly like substance, manipulating the water itself or evaporating it.
  5. Name -
    Catalina Skylar Evans
    Age -

    Human Form (open)

    Mermaid Form (open)

    Powers -
    Can freeze the water
    Bio -
    Catalina's grew up with both of her parents being Marine Biologists. She planned on following in their footsteps until the one night she decided to spend within the cave of Mako Island.'
    She didn't know what was going to happen that full moon night but when she witnessed the pool bubbling curiosity got the better of her and she decided to swim in the bubbling water
    Which then transformed her into a mermaid shocking her.

    Extra -
    Works at the aquarium.
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  6. are any of you guys opposed to merman?
  7. Im not
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  8. Neither am I!
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  9. awesome! I'll get my CS in a moment
  10. Name:
    Kyle Swenson
    Merman Looks
    Liquid Divination
    Kyle would come to Mako beach with family during vacation. His grandparents own and live in a small beach house and always welcome Kyle and his family, even his friends as long as they have been told ahead of time and how many are coming. One day, while exploring the beach with a friend during a full moon, they found a cave with bubbling water. Kyle, in his attempts to get a closer look, fell into the water. His friend was too high up to reach him and had to run back for help, leaving Kyle alone in cave with nothing but the moon above him and the odd bubbling water. It felt like forever, and he started to believe the cave was closing in on him, but finally help came and pulled Kyle out. A few days later, while in the bathrrom washing his hands, his legs locked together and turned into a fish tail, gills and fins forming on his neck and arms. The sight caused him to faint right there in the middle of the bathroom floor.
    After his accident in the cave, he has Claustrophobia
    Color ref:
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  11. The only thing with the bio I don't know the thing is people shouldn't know of the Moon Pool it's a secret mermaid thing tbh only very few select humans knowing but honestly eh I don't care as long as Rose doesn't care I guess we're good to goo - I'm editing my CS now then I'll post the RP thread - Just realized I posted this in the wrong forum I'm gonna put in a ticket for it to be moved this is the OOC And Sign-Ups BTW

    Updated my CS​
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  12. i had assumed all of us had found it by accident, at least, that's how i read it in all of our CS.

    btw this part right here:
    Can make for a really good beginning plot/overarching plot. i can see this pool as some sort of magical place that can give merfolk legs but at the same time give humans merfolk traits like what happened to our characters. maybe i'm transcending into some over-fantastic cliched plot here, but what if there are humans who are mermaid hunters? and maybe they found a clue and are in Mako beach to hunt our characters or other merfolk in the area and are causing some trouble too?

    i'm also kinda interested in how our characters are going to meet seeing as how they all got their powers at different times XDD.
  13. Well we all feel a strong compel to the island during full moons - so we probably would know each other by finding each other. I would say we're really good friends and yeah I like that plot we could start off with that that'd be really cool. Do you have a way we could start off with that type of plot though? Maybe one of us runs into an encounter with them and warns the others? Also Merfolk would usually just use their moon rings to get legs and mermen actually in the show are just able to switch to mermen at the touch of water but have legs idk but we could change it to using the moon pool! :)
  14. I am pretty much good with anything honestly so yeah that and I kinda just woke up form an hour long nap
  15. That makes sense. i should have seen that. I'd say this is the first part of the plot, as in how we meet each other, and maybe learn how to control our powers or something. I know for sure my character can't . . . yet. :3
    That sounds good actually. Maybe one of us should make mermaid hunters/people who are obsessed with them. I might, IF I have time later on.
    i personally like them touching water as their method of transformation. The reason why they are able to function in the human world and swim without transforming would be because they can control it while in water.
    yeah. I'm, um....... pretty aggressive when it comes to plotting things. i'm sorry please don't be scared of me
  16. It takes a lot to scare me away lol I am a go with the flow type of person
  17. The only thing is the part of the struggle is that they can't do their everyday things as soon as they touch water it's mermaid/merman .-. it adds a twist and some awkward situations
  18. yeah poses a problem for Catalina considering she is gearing to be a marine biologist
  19. aah. okay. thats fine by me and I can work with that
  20. Well we could change it - if you guys wanted I just think it's fun to add the challenge of having to avoid water and drinking through a straw etc.​