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  1. A Young woman, Marcy, stands in the middle of an abandoned field. She slowly raises to the tip of her toes in her off pink ballet shoes. She concentrates as she focuses on her slow graceful movements. She twirls and leaps about eventually losing herself in the dance, the music, her emotion.

    An onlooker watches in secret in awe of her grace and power.

  2. Enai Yoritomo observes from atop a tree in the adjacent woods. 'Quite a graceful individual. Although, considering she is in a field, she is probably not wanting to be seen.' He looks away momentarily before looking back at her 'she is very good at dancing.' He pulls a drink out of his bag and opens it.
  3. Midway through the sound Marcy collapsed and gave way to tears. So many memory ran through her head of 'him'. She cried hysterically as she beat the ground. How could that jerk just leave her let that. They were happy together, they were going to marry, but now...nothing. Nothing would ever happen between then again. She calmed herself and sat up. The music stopped and so did the memories and the pain. She wiped the drying tears from her face and stood up brushing the dirt off of her. She needed to get through the song so that she could perform it with her company, her debut piece. It was do or die at this point. She had a week to get through the song. She had to push through. She played the song again dancing through her emotions.
  4. During her episode, Enai had gotten closer to see what was the matter. When she stood up, he dropped again. He looks around and moves a bit back and pulls a violin out of its case from the bag and holds it up, thinking of a song. He starts to play, thinking he is out of earshot from her.
  5. Marcy heard the sound on a faint violin and stopped. Was someone there? She turned off the music and the violin persisted. She blushed and quickly packed up her things.
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    He has the background parts of the song playing from a speaker, but they are drowned out by the violin. He stills his usual fidgeting and just plays. The only noise that comes from him is his soft breathing.
  7. She listen to the violin as she packed up. She started to sway with the music and she put her things down and started to dance. Freestyle ballet and telling a story of conflicting emotions surrounded by an unbearable loneliness. (I heard that song before but I can't place it O , o XD)
  8. (me too. I was hoping someone could place it. I feel like it is from a movie)
    He places the violin back in his case and turns off the speaker. He packs his case into the bag and stands back up. Enai is easily taller than the tall grass. He stands 6'2". His dirty blonde hair shifts in the wind and his deep blue eyes scan the field for anyone. He sees her and offers a small smile.

  9. Marcy turns to him in shock. This man looked just like her lover. froze when he smiling and her heart stopped for the very moment. A timid smile crossed her lips as a strong wind blew her loosely pinned hair free.

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  10. He turns around and tosses the bag over his shoulder and starts walking back to the forest. 'Don't follow me' He thinks.
  11. "Wait!" she yelled in her already fragile voice. She hoped that he would turn around and acknowledge her again. She had to be sure of something.
  12. He stops in place and turns on his heels. He watches her, waiting.
  13. "What's your name?" she called out.
  14. He pauses for a moment and stares. He starts backing away towards the forest. 'Oh, god dont follow me' He turns and continues walking 'Anxiety: 100000, Enai: 0
  15. "If you don't tell me I'll come after you!!" she yelled into the distance.
  16. He picks up the pace. 'And that is my cue to use that mental map of the forest. that i may or may not have'
  17. Marcy sighed then picked up her things and went the opposite way. Maybe their paths would cross again someday.
  18. (you were supposed to follow XD)

    He leaves the forest, seeing her not following and starts walking in the direction of downtown.
  19. ( ; , ; lol XD how about they meet again at the dance company * o * Enai could do music there as a new person. maybe possibly being the one she must dance to for his solo? O , o ^_^'''' )

    Went she went to practice later that day the choreographer worked her hard during her private practice. The revival of the company relied heavily on her and her solo. Marcy continued to practice even after her boss left. As she counted and danced she heard the very faint sound of a violin.
  20. Enai was in another area, playing a song beautifully. He moves with his music and glances at the music sheet. He suddenly stops and kicks the music stand over "I can't do this shit"
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