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  1. (Takes place in 1990s)

    Charles. A boy with his preppy clothes and his young face. His pink lips that were clothed in coke flavored chap stick.
    The girls envied him, not his looks but his attention from boys.
    Charles was adorable doing anything. The way he doodled in his notebook with scented markers, the way he placed Lisa frank stickers on text books and how dainty he looked while playing with his chocolate brown hair.

    The class expected a new student that day and charles was the least excited as he heard the doorway creek.
  2. Margret opened the door, a sigh slipping through her lips at the class looking in her direction. This was her second school this year thanks to her fathers' new position in the Army. No longer a desk job but a trainer for the new recruits, maybe this time she's stay here. Hey jade eyes quickly scanned the area and then she turned her head, closing the door behind her. Biting her lip she walked towards the teacher to hand in her pink transfer slip. Something all too familiar- almost like a routine now.
    "Class, this is Margret Hanes. Our new transfer student. Make her feel welcome." he said in a voice that she knew she could fall asleep to if he decided to lecture. Looking down she made her way to the back of the room to one of the few empty desks and shyly pushed her curled hair behind her ear and glanced around once more. A few lingering stares here and there. Was it the hair? Or was my shirt too short? She thought and looked down at her outfit. She was used to wearing crop tops back in Florida that she didn't think twice when she put one on this morning.
  3. "... Uninteresting." Charles muttered to himself as he watched walk to her desk. He want interesting himself either, but he knew his advantages.
  4. She turned my head and looked at him before he turned around. "I heard." she said and continued to look down at her painted nails, crossing her legs under the desk. He probably didn't want her to hear that, whoops.
  5. "What? You prefer something else? Bland?" He snickered as he continued to blow a bubble from his bubble gum. The bubble caught a few boys glances.
  6. "Do you have a problem with me already? I just got here." I said and looked at him, my face serious. I wasn't about to me made a fool on my first day here, especially by some preppy wannabe.
  7. "You're right... I don't think you're bland." He smiled as he blew another bubble. " I just know it."
  8. My mouth dropped and I looked at him, shocked. Did he really jut say that to me? It was like the boy had no filter! I shook my head and rolled my eyes, my hair falling around my face now and I looked away from him and focused on the board, staring at things I already had learned.
  9. Charles stuck his gum under the desk. He then flipped through his text book, while he held a pink pencil in between his fingers. Another boy would steal a glance and return to their books.
  10. I looked around the room again and noticed the boy catch a glance. The I noticed a girl catch a glance at him. What was up with this kid- he was a complete ass and yet from the glare in the other students' eyes, they revered him. What the hell?
  11. The bell rang after a horrifying hour of the sound of pencils and paper. Charles walked out of his desk, stopping at a jocks' desk. The jock was in total fear, yet awe and adoration.
  12. I stood up and walked past him, not even hiding my gaze at the scene that was happening. I needed to make friends here, get the scoop on this kid. But I brushed it off and tried to find my locker in the time I had in between class. Give myself something to do.
  13. "Hey! You!" Charles said, swinging his pale purple sports bad. " I was wondering, after gym. You want to go to a mall." He smiled.
    " ... We could sneak out. My mom won't mind, she can drive us there."
  14. "I think I'll pass..." she said and shook her head. "I was always taught not to get into a car with strangers- especially if they're male." she smirked a little and turned around, going at the locker combination again.
  15. "I'm not interested in you, let alone girls." Charles said, walking to the out door part of the gym court.
  16. "Oh? You're gay?" she said to herself and looked at her schedule as she shoved her backpack into the locker and closed it. "Well this school just got interesting."
  17. "Yeah." He said, opening the gate to the tennis court. A boy came running after him, a very grungy one.
    The kid had acid washed jeans and a plaid shirt that draped over typical nirvana Tshirt. His hair a dirty blond.
    "Charles!" The boy said as he took Charles' hand. "Oh this is my boyfriend, his name is Casper." He smiled at her.
  18. "Hey." she said and another body came up behind her, wrapping their arms around her torso. She looked and then smiled a bit. "Speaking of other people, my twin brother, Garrett. My sister is- somewhere." She said and he let go of her, leaning his arm on her shoulder.
    "How's it going Mags?" he asked and Margret gave him a slight glance and he chuckled.
  19. Charles gave her brother a look. The same look he gave to that jock.
    "...are you going to meet me at the mall later?" Casper asked.
    "Yeah," he smiled.
    Charles searched through his sports bag to find his tennis racket while Casper walked off into the grassy campus, being picked up by a truck filled with more grunge kids like him.
  20. "Alright, tell me on the drive home. I'm going to go talk to the football coach alright?" he said playfully pinched her cheek. "Be safe Mags. And if you find Hannah have her find me." he noted and walked away. It wasn't unusual to have one of the triplets come up in the conversation. She always called Garrett her twin, guess he sort of was.
    "Bye Gare-Bear." she called and he waved before heading towards the sports offices. She glanced at Charles and shook her head. "He's straight."
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