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Group Roleplay: Medieval Arranged Marriages

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by lxngdon, Sep 28, 2016.

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  1. Hi! I'm looking to start a new roleplay with about twenty characters. In this medieval roleplay, the most eligible princes and princesses of each of the twelve kingdoms in the land will be sent to the capital to meet their betrothed.

    I'm going to start the OOC thread once I get a few people interested. The OOC will contain information on each of the kingdoms, their roles in the economy and trading of the world our roleplay is set in, and other information that will pertain directly to the roleplay. The kingdom and the world it is set in will be completely fictional.

    I want one heir from each of the kingdoms (unless otherwise negotiated with me). For the sake of the roleplay and in order to stick with the medieval theme, only heterosexual pairings will be made.

    I am basing this roleplay loosely on a roleplay my friend used to be in on this site, sometime a year ago. I cannot for the life of me remember what that was called or even who was in it, but I am going to make sure that my kingdoms and such are completely my own creations. I do not want to steal from anyone.

    @Lurcolm has kindly agreed to be my co-GM. The pairings will ultimately be determined by Lurcolm and I.

    (@DANAsaur @Lurcolm @Misguided†Ghost @LostInWonderLand @derelict_lilyflower)
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  2. I'm very good with lore, so maybe I can help?
  3. Ooh that would be nice. PM me with ideas?
  4. Will do.
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  5. If this idea is still open to all , I would love to place my interest in this.^^

    @Pasi , @Justinaholic
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  6. It most certainly is! Thanks for showing interest!
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  7. I think this could be interesting as well!
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  8. I am extremely interested in this
    Please tag me if it does indeed go into an ooc thread
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  9. I'll keep my eye on this.
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  10. I've been wanting to play a royalty role for a while. I'm interested but would have to see more.
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  11. I am very interested. I hope I can be able to participate.
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  12. I'm up for trying it, my fantasy character is already a royal so just a little tweak and he'd fit better for it.
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  13. I'm intrigued
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  14. I'm interested. c:
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  15. So there's enough people showing interest for me to post the OOC but there's a few things;

    1. I'm on my phone and I blatantly refuse to post the OOC until I'm back on my laptop because I am a visual creature and I want to make the thread as aesthetically pleasing as possible

    2. @Lurcolm and I still need to discuss a few things about the lore of the roleplay.

    If there's enough people I may need to open a few more places. No more kingdoms, just some people will be playing each other's siblings and such. Right now, only one character per player, and it's best come, best dressed in relation to kingdoms, so you'd best reserve your characters quickly.
  16. I'm down for this :)
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  17. O_O Can't do anything on my end until there is OOC/CS
  18. I hope to have the OOC up sometime tomorrow (my time) because I'm currently on my phone and I need to get back to my laptop
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  19. Hey :) do you have an extra space for me ?
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