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  1. The age of Heroes is over!
    If you seek salvation, pull it down into your own hands!
    If you seek freedom, carve it out with your own sword!
    And if you seek vengeance, then take it!
    The age of Heroes is over!
    Everything is permitted!

    Grim Odyssey
    Fragments of the Zeroth Box
    They call it the Zeroth Box. The Heroic Trials. The Divine Prison. The Monster’s Coffin. An artifact made several centuries ago, it acts as a gate to another world, from which monsters are made. Those who succumb to the forces of evil are reborn as the very monsters they fight. Those who surpass these tribulations though ascend to a new form of humanity. Bearing the Mark of Heroes, they gain power beyond imagination, and rule over their own kind as Hero-Kings, their might unquestioned.

    But then, one day, the Zeroth Box was destroyed, and legions of monsters poured out. The Mark of Heroes disappeared, as a white-haired man, wreathed in corruption, declared the end of the age.

    The Hero-Kings fell, their countries torn asunder by waves of monsters.

    The Fragments of the Zeroth Box fell all over the continent, becoming masses of madness that distorted the laws of nature itself, monster nests that churned out more and more beasts.

    Despite this, though, humanity persevered. They hid in the shadows, did everything to survive, until eventually, a party of four descended into the first Fragment, purging the evil that laid within. They were named the Descendants of Heroes. They called themselves ‘adventurers’.

    Decades passed, and the survivors of the human race built themselves a city. Though much of the world is still infested by monsters, the city-state of Hexxenacht stands tall as a bastion of safety, knowledge, and progress. Outside those grand walls, adventurers, fool-hardy, brave, and quite possibly insane, set up their own shanty-towns, fighting monsters in the savage wilds and searching for the Fragments of the Zeroth Box, slowly gaining more ground.

    Seventy-seven winters have gone by after the Shattering, and the Prisoner is waking up once more.

    The forefront of technology, both scientific and magical, Hexxenacht is the only city of mankind thus far, protected by the Imperials. This is the birth place of alchemy as people know it, and the home to the only surviving collection of books that predates the Shattering. Run by a collection of Guilds, adventurers must pass the trials of the Guild before they are allowed to plunge into the Wilderness.

    Humans are naturally incapable of performing great feats of magic, and only 5% wield enough power to call down elemental fury. Most of the time, magic is used to either enhance pre-existing things, such as reinforcing a blade’s edge or strengthening one’s legs, or healing, which becomes very exhausting after some time, but has great effects.

    The inability to perform great feats of magic, though, did not prevent people from using it in other ways. Through alchemical formulas and magical amplification, one can re-create purely magical effects by using a natural base and then enhancing it. This has ended up with the creation of three major weapons: the Cartridge System, the Bomb Arm, and the Firearm.

    Fragments of the Zeroth Box
    Pieces of the Zeroth Box, these Fragments serve as portals to another dimension. Within this portal is an existence called the ‘Queen’, the shadow of an evil goddess from which countless demons spew out. While the Queen itself is weak, they are often protected by the strongest of their creations: the Guardian, an existence bearing the Mark of Heroes.

    Some people call them madmen. Other people call them the descendants of heroes. Ultimately, though, they are monster hunters and Fragment destroyers, those who form small groups and slay monsters in skirmishes. They have varied backgrounds, and are a cut above your normal Hexxenacht guard. Making their living by selling monster parts, looting monster nests, or completing missions established by Guilds, only a few adventurers survive until retirement, but, regardless of whether or not they survive to see their grandchildren, they become legends.

    The Wilderness
    An umbrella term for land that is outside the walls of Hexxenacht, the Wilderness is lawless and outside the jurisdiction of the Guilds. Out there, Adventurers enforce themselves, and the most common law is that ‘Everything is permitted…for a price’. As long as you know the right people, and have enough coin to spend, you can get away with committing any sort of crime. Indeed, as heroic as some adventurers are, there are others who became adventurers to fall into debauchery and freedom.

    Not all monsters are human-devouring beasts. Though rare, elemental Spirits have been known to make contracts with humans, imbuing them with magical power far beyond a mortal’s capacities. The price that must be paid though, is almost always a steep one, and the few adventurers that have made contracts with such spirits do not speak about the price they paid. Rumor has it that you either feed your own life, or sacrifice those of your friends, but those are just silly rumors.

    More accessible than Spirits, but a hell lot more whimisical, the ‘Gods’ that adventurers pray to also demand sacrifice in exchange for power. Though there are many of these existences, the most well-known is that of Dread God Karn, the Hungering Maw, who grants his demonic might to the Highlanders in exchange for their blood and their violence.


    Though associated more with scholars and scientists, Alchemists use the Bomb Arm, a specialized gauntlet worn on their dominant arm. By slotting in arcane vials, they can blast out a variety of area-wide elemental attacks, and then physically strike their targets with the residual effects that linger on their gauntlet.
    Class Ability: Bomb Arm
    Allows for the usage of the alchemist tool, Bomb Arm, as well as the creation of alchemical formulae.

    Knights of the nation of Hexxenacht, Imperials take the fruits of alchemical research and combine it with martial discipline. With the Cartridge System, they can utilize the same alchemical vials, adding elemental effects to their weapon swings, dealing massive amounts of damage. However, constant usage will cause the system to overheat, possibly exploding in a crucial juncture of battle, and the attachment of the Cartridge System makes any sort of weapon unwieldy.
    Class Ability: Cartridge System
    Allows for the application of the Cartridge System to any weapon, which decreases your attack roll by 3 and increases your damage by 3. Grants proficiency to all martial weapons.

    The unfaltering shield, Protectors are men and women tasked with a single duty: to make sure that only they take the hits. Capable of Intercepting enemy attacks, they are the keystone to any party of warriors, ensuring that the less-protected remain unscathed.
    Class Ability: Intercept
    Allows you to make a Protect action even after you've already had your turn, as long as your Speed roll is greater than the opposing attack roll.

    Living castles, the Fortress seeks not to protect individuals, but instead, to protect areas. With the power of Bastion, they weave protective spells over large areas, manifesting invisible walls to deflect waves of attacks, or nullifying gouts of blizzard breath.
    Class Ability: Bastion
    Allows for the creation of magical fields that reduce the damage of all attacks done at or within then.

    Mercenaries who only serve gold, Landsknechts are the flamboyant warriors of the Witschleff Lowlands, vicious and relentless. They strike with a violent flurry, and can chase down even the most agile of monsters. When they fight with two weapons in hand, it’s almost as if a Storm had passed by.
    Class Ability: Storm
    Allows for dual-wielding of one-handed weapons without accuracy penalties, as well as the ability to attack after making a Dash Action.

    Remnants of the Far East, Bushido bear the distinction of philosophers and artists, warriors who kill beautifully. With cold steel in hand, they reap the sins of the world with a single stroke. All they need is a moment to establish their Counter Stance.
    Class Ability: Counter Stance
    If you successfully make a parry roll and end up completely nullifying the damage dealt to you, you immediately counter, adding the damage you nullified to your damage roll.

    Gatherers, botanists, and, above all, doctors, Medics use years of training to pinpoint the root cause of ailments and diseases, before going through their herbal pouches and finding a quick remedy. There is no need for the arcane, after all, when all you need to do is administer First Aid properly.
    Class Ability: First Aid
    You can treat ailments, such as poison and paralysis, with natural remedies. Bonus to harvesting wild medicine.

    War Magus
    When the vagrants and the bandits are banging on your front door, and all you have is a squadron of injured knights to defend your outpost, the War Magus is an individual that truly shines. With blade in hand and magic on their lips, they are versatile individuals that can both Heal the flesh wounds of their compatriots and fight on the front lines. After all, in war, what you need are men, not magic.
    Class Ability: Heal
    You can heal others and yourself, using MP equal to the amount of HP you wish to heal.

    Dark Hunter
    The nightmares of men and monsters alike, Dark Hunters are assassins of the arcane nature, capable of employing the Shadow Arts to slip through fortified defenses and strike at their prey when they least expect it. With their daggers and shortswords, they can turn even the greatest beasts into a crippled mess, waiting to receive a coup de grace.
    Class Ability: Shadow Arts
    Add your Spirit modifier to your Stealth rolls and your Vital Strike rolls. Bypass difficult terrain and physical obstacles when using Shadow Arts.

    Warriors who pledged their soul to the Dread God Karn, Highlanders fight in the frontlines with polearms, ranging from large scythes to wicked spears. Through Blood Offerings, they sate the hunger of their god and their weapons in exchange for deadly strikes that tear asunder their foes. Many Highlanders live a short life, but there are always those who seek the power of the divine.
    Class Ability: Blood Offering
    Sacrifice HP to increase damage by the same amount. Restore a small amount of HP if you land the killing blow.

    Loud and powerful, Gunners are at the forefront of technology, bearing Firearms powerful enough to pierce the hide of the toughest monsters. Though it is costly to manufacture and maintain, as well as the fact that bullets themselves are difficult to come across, the sheer devastation one can wrought with a well-placed bullet makes Gunners an existence akin to true mages, though when it comes to range and accuracy, they are rather lacking.
    Class Ability: Firearms Usage
    Allow for the usage of firearms, weapons that ignore armor.

    More traditional, Snipers use bows and arrows. Versed in the ways of the wild, they use a variety of poisons and their knowledge of beasts to Inflict Ailments, weakening a monster from a distance so that their allies will have that much easier of a fight. Against armored foes, however, the Sniper will have much difficulty, as arrows can only pierce so deeply.
    Class Ability: Inflict Ailments
    Has knowledge of natural poisons that can be extract from flora and fauna. These poisons can then be applied to arrows to create a variety of effects.


    • Everything will be centered on the d20 and the d6.

      For checks, you roll a d20 and then add any applicable modifiers.

      For damage, healing, and everything else, you roll a certain amount of d6s and then add any applicable modifiers.

      To get a critical, just roll a 20 on a d20. With that crit, something special will happen, such as suddenly finding a rare plant, or disarming your opponent.

      The range for fumbles, though, is from rolling 1 to 3 on a d20. Some rolls have large consequences when it comes to fumbling. Others, not so much.

    • Strength – This encompasses all forms of strength, from lifting to striking to gripping to whatever else you can imagine. High Strength, generally, doesn’t correlate with muscle mass...because anime.

      Speed – This encompasses maximum movement speed, as well as agility. Used for your sick reflexive dodging, as well as your ability to chase after a coward running with his tail behind his legs.

      Skill – This encompasses dexterity and finesse, the ability to have full control over your body’s movement. Essential to anyone who wants to use weapons and actually hit things with it, because without skill, you’re just a dumb brute.

      Perception – This encompasses the six senses. Without perception, you might as well be blind and deaf, with no badass danger sense to bail you out of dangerous situations. An adventurer without any survival instinct is a dead one.

      Spirit – This encompasses the ethereal realm of the arcane. Swordsmen hate it, mages love it. Spirit is what is used to both determine the strength of your magic, as well as how much magic you can cast.

      Willpower – This is the ability to push past your limits, the ability to exceed your former self. Willpower is what allows adventurers to return from the brink of death. Willpower is what fuels the final blow to slay a gargantuan beast. Willpower is the source of energy that people draw on when everything else is gone.

      Modifiers are calculated by taking your score and dividing by 3, always rounding down.

    • At the start, you will have 65 stat points to distribute amongst your six stats. You are only allowed to invest a maximum of 15 stat points into them, meaning that the highest starting modifier you get is a +5. The exception is your Spirit stat, which can be raised up to 30, for a modifier of +10.

      You can make up four skills that your character will be proficient in. Skill proficiency means that you can roll a d20 twice, and select the higher result. If you choose skill proficiency in a combat ability (such as Dodging or Attacking), though, you increase your applicable modifier by 50% when using that particular skill. As an example, a +5 modifier will become a +7 modifier.

      This makes it so that it is very hard for you to fumble with skills that you are proficient in, because you’re a pro at that shit. Combat, however, is full of happy little accidents.

    • There are three resources to keep track of in normal combat.

      HP – Your health points. Determines how healthy you are. Can be recovered through rest and magical healing.

      TP – Used for physical skills and regenerates. If you reach zero, this maximum value is reduced by 2, due to physical fatigue, and is not removed until you have a good night’s sleep.

      MP – Used for arcane skills. Can be recovered through rest. Has a minimum value of 10.

      Your Willpower is a resource that is shared between HP, TP, and MP, allowing you to consume it after those other bars are exhausted. Through this, you can continue to fight, teetering on the brink of exhaustion and death. Willpower can only be recovered with a vacation, where you can fully rest and enjoy yourself.

      Note that Willpower overrides the effects of a Crippling wound and ailments.

      The brink of death is your swan song, your final chance to look the monster in the eye and DO something. When even your Willpower is gone, you can make a Willpower roll, to see if your character dies like a dog or dies like a legend. With a success, you immediately are allowed to act, with maximum resources.

      Most importantly, though, you are allowed to ignore the Rule of Rolls and go full ham with the Rule of Cool…though whether or not you kill the monster that killed you depends on how nice I’m feeling.

      If you were to exhaust your MP and your Willpower, but you still have HP, you enter a state called 'Mind Zero'. You are effectively comatose and completely useless until you are charted back to town and have a Spiritmaster look over your body. Fortunately, you will not die in this state unless you remain in Mind Zero for three days. Life support technology is, sadly enough, not a thing yet.

      The formulas associated with these resources are:

      HP = 10 + Strength Stat*2
      TP = 10 + Skill/10.
      TP Regen per Round = 2
      MP = 10 + Spirit Stat
      Willpower = 5 + Willpower Stat

      Note that TP does not regenerate if you consume it consecutively.

    • Grim Odyssey deals in abstract ranges, instead of numerical ones.

      There are four ranges in combat: Engage, Close, Mid, and Long.

      Engage is when you lock blades with your opponent, allowing for melee combat with any weapon. You can only be Engaged on one person at once, but multiple people can Engage the same person.

      Close means that you can poke at them with polearms, can use firearms in their optimal range, as well as use small-scale alchemical formulae.

      Mid is where arrows and alchemical formulae come to play.

      Long is only the dominion of arrows.

      Everyone has one Movement per turn, which allows them to go from one range to the other. Going from Mid to Long, though, requires two Movements.

      You can expend your attack during the turn to make two Movements.

      If you are Engaged, you must expend your Movement and make a Speed check if you wish to escape. Your opponent can then choose to either make an Attack roll in order to hit you while you run, or a Chase roll in order to stay Engaged, thus preventing you from Engaging someone else.

    • There are a variety of actions you can perform during your turn, but you can only perform one of them per turn.

      Abilities – You use one of your Abilities, provided you have the resources for them.

      Attack – You attack with the weapon in your hands. Feel free to flavour it as you like. If you have two weapons, the second attack will have an accuracy penalty.

      Vital Strike – You reduce the weapon defense of your target by 5, in exchange for taking penalties on your Attack roll.

      Guard – You adopt a defensive position, increasing your Weapon defense.

      Protect – You stand in front of your ally, and take all their hits for them. Can only be used if within Engage range of them. You cannot dodge. If multiple people are Protecting a single person, damage is split evenly between them.

      Dash - You use your action to perform another Movement.

      Ready – You prepare to act, waiting for a cue.

      Note that you cannot perform skills (such as perception, harvesting, medicine) in combat. Generally, those are things that cannot be done, because of the time it takes to set something like that up.

    • Combat works like this:

      You make an Attack roll (d20 + Skill mod). Your target makes a Dodge roll (d20 + Speed mod) or a Parry roll (d20 + Skill mod/2). You cannot parry projectiles or AOE attacks.

      If they dodge successfully, they receive a -2 to their Dodge roll against someone else’s attack, thus emulating the pressure put on someone who has to evade multiple blows.

      If they parry successfully, they reduce weapon damage by 1d6 + Skill mod.

      Damage is calculated by d6 + attack mod + Strength/Spirit mod.

      Defense is a static amount, calculated by the equipment you have.

      There are 4 different defenses that your equipment will give you: weapon, fire, crushing, and internal.

      Weapon defense dampens the effect of most physical attacks.

      Fire defense protects you against fire.

      Crushing defense protects you from bludgeoning blows from large objects, such as hammers and boulders, as well as giant blocks of ice.

      Internal defense protects you from electrical damage, as well as poisons and other nasty internal shit.

      Generally, though, internal defense is hard to get out of your equipment.

      The damage you inflict, then, is equal to your damage reduced by their defenses, and then any vulnerabilities or resistances are applied.

      Special Cases

      Vital Strikes are special weapom attacks. Your attack roll is reduced by a certain value, ranging from 5 to 10.

      If you manage to land a hit, your strike finds a chink in their defenses and you reduce weapon defense by 5 for your damage calculation.

      AOE attacks can only affect a certain range in a certain shape. It is up to my discretion who you actually hit, but feel free to describe who you’re trying to catch in the AOE.
      Firearms and Bomb Arms

      Firearms ignore weapon defense, and you do not add any stat modifiers for damage rolls using Firearms. Instead, you just have a very large weapon damage modifier.

      Bomb Arms do elemental damage, and you do not add any stat modifiers for damage rolls. Instead, your damage modifier is dependent on the quality of the formulae you have inserted into the Bomb Arm, prior to firing it off.

    • There are three different types of wounds: Superficial, Debilitating, and Crippling.

      Superficial wounds are wounds that you can shrug off. They are inflicted when you take 1 to 9 damage from a single blow. Imagine a flesh wound. It hurts, but you can fight on.

      Debilitating wounds are wounds that make you incapable of using a certain bodily function. They are inflicted when you take 10 to 19 damage in a single blow. Imagine a crossbow bolt buried in your leg. You aren’t going to walk that off.

      Crippling wounds are wounds that overload your senses so much that all you can do is crumble and scream. They are inflicted when you take 20 or more damage in a single blow. Imagine a dismembered limb, a dagger in your back. You are incapable of doing much of anything until you are either healed, or make a Willpower check to get your shit together again.

      Every time you lose a quarter of your total HP, all checks receive a -2 reduction, even if you are healed. Healing does not restore your lost blood after all. This is a culminating effect, meaning that the more quarters of your HP is lost, the greater that reduction becomes. This only disappears after you take a short break.

      This reduction counts as an ailment. With a Medic on the team, First Aid can be perform to remove some of the reductions without the need for a short break.

      Ailments themselves are static, with the rolls made against them a d20 + Strength mod. The number you’re rolling against is dependent on the quality of the ailment that’s being passed onto you. After you are inflicted by an ailment, you carry that until you have taken the necessary antidotes. Poisons are not something you can sleep off.

    • Dice is used mainly for combat or dicey situations.

      You will be using Iwaku dice to roll.

      Yes, I am indeed a sadistic monster for raising up the fumble rate that high.

      When you complete something that is thoroughly heroic, such as slaying a giant dragon, you will receive a ton of stat points, and perhaps some other goodies.


    Character Image: Gonna laugh if someone uses a Touhou here.
    Character Quote: Anything they'll actually say. Think of shit like 'I'll break that illusion!' or 'Believe in the me that believes in you!'
    Name: Unless you are a Bushido, there's no reason for you to have a Japanese name. So yeah, Fantasy-esque name, pl0x.
    Gender: There's only two answers.
    Biometrics: Height, Weight, and anything else that can't be seen in your picture.

    Goals: Why did your character become an adventurer? What are they pursuing?
    Ideals: What are their beliefs? What do they strive to become?
    Bonds: What NPCs do they know? What places are they attached to?
    Personality: Five adjectives that describe who they are.
    Quirks: Anything odd that they do? Love cats? Whistles constantly?

    Class: Pick one from the list, or make up your own.
    Class Ability: Comes with the class in the list, or make up your own.
    Personal Abilities: Three abilities that complement your Class and that your character will have cultivated. So nothing like a Medic having the ability to summon meteors, or a pacifist having a certain-kill move. Feel free to get creative within those boundaries.
    Personal Skills: Four things that your character is exceptionally proficient at, but is otherwise mundane.


    TP Regen

    Theme Song: Because it's always a thing, obviously.

    If it's not made obvious, you play as people who have decided to risk life and limb to become an adventurer, for whatever reason. You have lived in Hexxenacht or the surrounding area your entire life, and the RP will begin with your characters facing the Guild Trial, to become true adventurers.

    The dice system may change from time to time, as this is mainly homebrew, so everything may not be so fair.

    When it comes to your Personal Abilities, just describe what you want, and leave the mechanics to me. Try not to get anything too complex too early on.

    This RP is as much about combat as it is about adventuring and character development. Because I am a big softie on the inside, I leave it up to the dice to decide whether you live or die. May your characters form strong enough bonds that your deaths profoundly affect each other.

    There will be a plot behind all this.

    I will take a maximum of 7 players, and reserve the right to reject a sheet simply because I don't like you.

    Any questions? I'm all ears, especially when it comes to discussing custom classes or sketchy Personal Abilities~!
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  2. [​IMG]
    “You think I’m reliant on my formulas?”​
    Name: Luhki Qeiy (Ke-ai)
    Gender: Male
    Biometrics: Dark blue eyes, purple hair, and a fair complexion. 5’9” in height with a muscular physique befitting of his class. Appears to be in his late teens or early twenties. Has a few marks and scars from learning how to make formulas, mostly on his hands, and how to fight. His armor and weapon.

    Goals: Power and then money. There’s only so much growth that can happen within the walls of Hexxenacht, and nothing’s quite as profitable as a successful adventurer.
    Ideals: It would be nice to actually earn a place in legends and stories like the First Four, but trying for that at the moment will end with him dead and forgotten somewhere. Let’s focus on making enough money that he won’t have to lament over his lack of it again.
    Bonds: His mother, Plair Qeiy, works as a seamstress in Hexxenacht. Garlan is his combat trainer while Yuril imparts her knowledge to him. Marianne runs the family bakery next to clothing shop his mother works at, and he hung out with them quite often as a child. He still drops in once a week at a minimum usually.

    His closest friend would have to be Kyra, a childhood friend who’s also on the adventurer’s path as a Landsknecht. They often spar in an effort to improve each other’s skills as front-liners. Hopefully it’s enough that both of them make it back… While closer to Kyra, he also calls Hiyren a friend. Shying away from violence, she trains as a Medic to nonetheless be of help, but it’s worrying to think of what might happen in the Wilderness. For someone pacifistic, her personality is immensely strong and not something either Kyra or Luhki have been able to argue against though. … there’s also Harima. A Bushido that he doesn’t seem to get along with at all.

    In terms of places? Well his home in Hexxenacht naturally. It’s about a half-hour’s walk away, but the tomb where his father’s ashes are sealed away is something he visits every so often. Warior and Alchemy Guild buildings also hold quite a few memories, although he honestly prefers the latter even if he sees his friends more often in the former. There’s a bakery next to the store his mother works at that he often frequents, and he’s friendly with the owner.

    Personality: Soft-spoken, patient, resilient, practical, and self-interested.
    Quirks: Finds it calming to look at alchemic formulas within their vials. Has a sweet tooth. Scratches his forehead when in deep thought.

    Class: Imperial!
    Class Ability: Cartridge Load: Allows for the usage and maintenance of the Cartridge System. Also grants martial proficiency with all melee weapons.
    Personal Abilities
    Like a Storm: Training with a Landsknecht every day has imparted some of her skill onto Luhki. He can perform an attack after a Dash with disadvantage.
    CloserS, No-escape conflict: Advantage to remain in Engaged range with enemy. An Attack roll, with disadvantage, can be made after a successful Chase action.
    Vysa, Draw forth death: Laventin’s sheath. A modified Cartridge Load system charges the sword with an alchemical formula while sheathed, allowing first strike to be Cartridge Loaded regardless of preparation. The sheath itself can be wielded to help Parry, reducing damage by an additional 2.

    Attacking: Knows how to hit things well.
    Cartridge Maintenance: Taking care of the systems that makes him an Imperial is real important!
    Dodging: Knows how to not get hit.
    Parrying: Knows how to not get hurt that badly.

    Strength – 15 (+5)
    Speed – 12 (+4)
    Skill – 15 (+5)
    Perception – 11 (+3)
    Spirit – 0
    Willpower – 12 (+4)

    HP: 40/40
    TP: 11/11 | Regen: 2/round
    MP: 10/10
    Willpower: 17/17

    Weapon: Laventin & Vysa (-4 to Attack, +4 to Damage, Reduces damage by additional 2 with Parry)

    Theme Song: Why you do this to me?
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  3. *Waves* I'll be making a character if you don't mind! I should have them up in the next hour! ^ ^
  4. After a walk in a park, I realize that TP regen is pointless. Here's some new formulas.

    TP = 10 + Skill/10
    TP Regen = 2

    TP does not regenerate if you consume it consecutively.

    Dang, you're fast. It's almost like you prepared this beforehand.

    Damage is not a skill. Get something else.

    Note that the Attacking skill only applies to attacking as an action. Should be obvious, but yeah.

    Everything else is k.

    @★Under The Stars★
    What class you going for?
  5. [​IMG]


    “Shrug it off."

    “Female. You idiot. Did you seriously not notice the huge honkers on my chest?”

    Kiereina is a woman who is built with a great figure, but her bust size makes it hard for her to move around freely. She currently stands at 5’9’’ and has a weight of 138 lbs. (Keep in mind, most of this is muscle. Say otherwise, and she’ll shove a weapon right down your throat. ^ ^) Her legs are a little longer than her torso and she has a slightly toned physique.

    Goals: Power. Information. Kieriena isn’t someone who is out for blood, but she knows, in order to make it somewhere in the adventuring world, you need to be willing to get stronger and make sacrifices that will change you forever. You also can get access to different kinds of information while you are an adventurer. In Kieriena’s mind, knowledge and information are power.

    Ideals: Information/Knowledge is power. Obtaining information others cannot will lead to a more successful, as well as, a more profitable career.

    Bonds: Kieriena knows many people, but really only cares for two.

    Her Father, Siunah (SEE-OOO-NAH), who previously worked in a position that helped further the enhancements of guns. He was fired for reasons unknown, but it seemed that the company he was working for deemed him ‘incompetent’ and ‘unable to contribute to the business properly’. For this, Kiereina has a deep-seeded hatred for Gunners. Siunah holds no grudges, but the fact that Kiereina has entered a state of hatred with them has made him feel a lack of motivation to try and go back to work there. Siunah has tried many times to apply for other companies, but it seemed he was unable to accepted to any of them.

    Her cousin, Miurmia, who now trains as a Sniper. She communicates with her cousin frequently because she aims to be as her cousin is currently. Miurmia has found a party that works well for her and they have emerged from many conflicts in the Wilderness victorious. Miurmia has taught her a few things about different poisonous concoctions. Miurmia never taught her how she should apply them to a weapon, but she at least gained the knowledge from her. She admires Miurmia very much for sharing that with her.

    Personality: Curious, Indifferent, Quick-tempered, Confusing, Bossy

    Quirks: Plays with her hair constantly, checks herself out whenever she comes across a mirror, writes in a journal after every encounter with others.

    Class: War Magus

    Class Ability: Heal - You can heal others and yourself, using MP equal to the amount of HP you wish to heal.

    Personal Abilities:
    SURVIVE! - While healing others, she is able to defend herself to make sure that she doesn't die. (✧_✧)b

    Poison - Kiereina knows enough knowledge regarding poisonous plants that she can harvest them and make poisons from them. She receives a disadvantage regarding the making of said poisons.

    Rage Hit - Kiereina’s rage builds up and increases the damage she inflicts.

    Personal Skills:


    Washing Laundry
    “I know it’s a mundane task, but I’m quick at it, okay?!”

    Monster Knowledge
    (She knows of all basic monsters? If this doesn't work, then I'll go and change it again. >.<)

    “Haha. Yeah. Good at cooking and at laundry? Shut up, you sexist pig.”

    Strength - 15 (+5)
    Speed - 9 (+3)
    Skill - 9 (+3)
    Perception - 9 (+3)
    Spirit - 15 (+5)
    Willpower - 8 (+2)

    HP - 40/40
    TP - 10
    TP Regen - 2/Round
    MP - 25/25
    Willpower - 13

    Theme Song:
    Hemingway - "No Hard Feelings"
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  6. The Gunner Guild does not create or design guns. Businesses and scientists do. The Gunner Guild is composed of Gunners, and you learn shooting techniques and maintenance techniques from them. Basically, think of Guilds as collections of current and retired adventurers.

    The Guild test is only for adventurers, for them to gain membership into the Guild properly, and it's a combined test with other Guilds.

    You're Welcome doesn't really work. You're using your own resources to heal someone else, so why would you also be healed?

    Poison will just be a basic 'you are better at harvesting poisonous plants and roll disadvantage to make poisons'. Be too much of a pain to keep track of which plants she specifically knows about.

    Rage Hit...don't make up the numbers yourself. Give me a fluffy description of what it is, and I'll decide its mechanics. So yeah, she just gets mad and hits something? Like a berserker?

    In regards to Puzzle Buff...note how there's no 'Intelligence' stat. Things related to thinking are things that you, as a RPer, will deal with. So yeah, get yourself another Skill.

    Everything else is fine. Would have preferred to have a more fantasy-esque thing for the picture, but whatever.
  7. We just gonna have two dice RPs going off at once?

    (I will probably be in for this)

    I sense a possible crossover :3
  8. @Renose Used to have multiple dice RP, really. Sentence and Final Five were really fun shit. So this is nothing new~

    And crossover will probably be horrible. Literally pure sin.

    If your HP is still at a good value, but you have exhausted all your MP and your Willpower, you will enter a state called Mind Zero.

    Mind Zero is basically a comatose state, where you can't recover from until you get carted back to town. In this state, you're totally useless. Pure deadweight.
  9. q.q
  10. q.q
  11. Oh it will be horrible. Horribly Gloriously Horrible.

    But I will love it all the same. BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Also what was Final Five?
  12. Final Five was a superhero RP ran by Asuras. Like all his dice RPs, it was homebrew and we got custom-made abilities.

    Shit was so glorious, because I was basically a manly man of a tank, and could spout off all the manly shit I wanted while weathering hits that other people would get rekt by.

    RIP Tian-Gui, you were a badass.
  13. Time to make all those try-hard nerds mad with anime-logics!

    "I don't care about how fluffy your cat is or how much your kids love her, are you going to buy or not?"
    -Eizl to a a customer

    Gender: Female
    Eizl boasts a tiny frame of around 150 cm with a weight around 40kg. Despite that, however, she is still capable of utilizing her Beam Arm, because anime which can be strapped onto her arm.

    Personality: Direct, indifferent, curious, caring, calm
    Quirks: Eizl can railroad pretty hard if there's something she is really interested in. While able to keep her temper, she gets rather emotional if her father is involved.

    Goals: Simple, really. Eizl started ‘adventuring’ to find her father. Though, she can’t deny the lingering excitement about the whole exploration-deal either.
    Ideals: Eizl yearns for fame and recognition. Though, rather than becoming a legendary hero or whatever she seeks it in form of becoming a revolutionary inventor.


    Karl Han
    Eizl’s caring father. An adventuring alchemist who, together with his group, has gone missing on their latest endeavour. Owner of the Atelier 'Wiederkehr' which also specializes in selling all kinds of alchemy-related items - though raw materials are used by the Atelier itself. Also played a big part in the development of the first Beam Arm, her Beam Arm.

    Eleanore Krisis
    Eizl's mother. An adventurer just like Karl, they are not on good terms with each other. Eizl has no contact with her, as Eleanore seems to hate her.

    Deus Herian
    A charming store clerk with a big smile and a big heart. Without him, Wiederkehr would only be half as popular. Also a great cook.

    Flavio Pranz
    One of Karl's best friends and magical blessed inventor of Wiederkehr, the cowardly mentor fell in Eizl's disfavour as he wasn't even able to overcome his cowardrice upon hearing of Karl's group having gone missing.

    A bunch of other people
    Eizl knows a lot of people through her father's business, but doesn't really care about them.


    Beam Arm
    Very similiar to Alchemists, Machinists carry around a weapon called the Beam Arm. Yet, another technological wonder, the Beam Arm is a weapon that combines experimental steam-technology with the theory behind the Bomb Arm. Triggering Alchemical Vials inside the long shaft, the resulting explosion is propelled forward through steam pressure, creating a solid beam of energy thanks to the weapons shape. While ice-based attacks are impossible in its current state to execute, the Beam Arm is capable of increasing its damage output in a prolonged fight through a mechanic called Overheat.
    For the sake of flavour and functionality, 'Steam' is treated the same way as TP.

    Alchemical Engineering: Beam Arm
    Allows Eizl to create, maintain, invent and modify her Beam Arm as well create Alchemical Vials for everyday purposes.

    Personal Abilities:
    Overwhelming Force
    Attacks executed with the Beam Arm are capable of penetrating/ignoring part of the enemies affected defenses.

    Recoil Rider
    Adjusting certain settings before firing off the Beam Arm, a blast with a recoil strong enough to move Eizl back one combat range can be fired.

    Arms Defend
    The rather hard material of the Beam Arm allows it to be also used defensively, including as a makeshift-shield against ranged attacks.

    Personal Skills
    Alchemical Engineering: Beam Arm - Well, she is good at it!
    Attack - Despite not being an adventurer, Eizl still knows how to use her Beam Arm.
    Natural Instinct - Eizl is very attentive of her surroundings and has a sorta sixth sense.
    Scavenger - Eizl has an eye for treasures and shiny things. It's in her nature.

    Strength: 6
    Speed: 3
    Skill: 15
    Perception: 9
    Spirit: 17
    Willpower: 15

    HP: 22
    TP: 11
    TP Regen: 2
    MP: 27
    Willpower: 20
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  14. Expressing my interest. I'm a weeb. :D
  15. @Skyswimsky
    Order Grande is pretty grande~

    Looks fine with me. Your Overheat will trigger every time you consume 10 TP, and each stack of Overheat gives you another d6 of damage. For the time being, let's say that each stack of Overheat also increases your fumble rate by 1. If this is too brutal, I'll amend it.

    Overwhelming Force, for the time being, will be a -2 to any applicable defense.

    Recoil Rider will roll to attack your opponent. After that, you must make a Strength roll against d20 + vial modifiers. If you fail, you get knocked prone after you get blasted one range again.

    Arms Defend lets you Parry projectiles and AOE attacks.

    Note that Natural Instinct only applies for ambush detection...which is still really useful when you're up against the Special Ops Gobs.

    @Shounen Senpai @Renose
    What classes do you two plan on going for? Just so I can figure out if there's any major overlap.

    Right now, we have...
    Boss-Killing Long Range girl
    Angry War Magus
    Clumsy Imperial Meathead
  16. [​IMG]


    "Out here is where I was meant to be!"

    Gender: Female
    Biometrics: Short (5'3") and mildly stocky. Tokudome comes off as surprisingly well-built despite her pristine and feminine appearance.

    • Generous
    • Content
    • Excited
    • Clumsy
    • Absent-minded
    • Prone to sleeping at odd times in the day.
    • Easily interested in mundane things, prone to staring at things for long periods of time.
    • Will often speak out loud to herself.
    Goals: Adventure for adventure's sake! She hopes to make her patron proud as well, and so seeks to ensure the safety of adventurers.
    Ideals: The outside world doesn't have to be such a scary place, and it's in mankind's best interest to change it. Adventure is beautiful and cathartic, and despite the danger, a man is better for participating in nature.
    Bonds: Her father, Munkata Tokie, one of many Eastern family heads making up the Doroseishin Temples. Her mother was (is?) an adventurer like she hopes to be, and had set out as a priestess years ago. She has not been heard from, but Tokudome is sure she's alive out there, doing stuff.

    Her patron deity, Michinokami, that is the subject of the Doroseishin Temple folk. Though she has never spoken to it directly, Tokudome has a habit of often speaking to it in passing, as if having a conversation (casual prayer).

    Class: Priestess
    Priestesses command the forces of kami, the tiny, otherwise inconsequential spirits that pervade a great deal of the world. Throughout history, most old civilizations lost the ability to sense kami, though was preserved in one particular area; that of the Far East. Kami require little in the way of payment beyond the occasional offering of food, but will aid those who can commune with them how they can. Priestesses are a fusion of other classes, able to grant mild shields with the benefit of enhanced luck in one's endeavors, as well as generate an aura of gentle comfort for the ailed.
    Class Ability: "Chaperon"
    Grants a small damage-absorbing shield to a single target and blesses them with enhanced luck.
    Spend MP to generate a (0.5 x Spent MP) HP shield on target within Close Range, once per turn. As long as shield remains on target, their rolls crit on a 19 and 20. Can reinforce shields as a free action.

    Personal Abilities:
    • [Limit Break] | Golden Road: Rouses the kami in the area to extreme action, granting teammates an intense shield for a short duration. (Consumes all remaining MP and half of Max Willpower to generate an HP shield equal to (2 x Spirit Modifier) for three turns)
    • Spirit Fervor: The preservation of kami in her presence blesses Tokudome with increased strength. (For each Chaperone shield remaining on a teammate, Tokudome gains a +1 modifier to her Damage rolls)
    • Benefic Aura: Remaining within Close Range of Tokudome benefits teammates with soothing aura that minimizes effects of wounds. (Ticks for 1-2 MP per turn while in use. Lessens the effects of wounds by 1-2 points (depending on MP being spent))
    Personal Skills:
    • Climbing
    • Spirit/God Communication
    • Parrying
    • Wildlife Identification/Knowledge

    Strength - 8 (+2)
    Speed - 3 (+1)
    Skill - 10 (+3)
    Perception - 9 (+3)
    Spirit - 30 (+10)
    Willpower - 5 (+1)

    HP - 26/26
    TP - 11/11
    TP Regen - 2
    MP - 40/40
    Willpower - 10/10
  17. @Asuras
    I'll assume that the horns are decorative. Like bunny ears.

    Spirit/God Communication should become Kami Communication.

    Wildlife Identification/Knowledge will be for normal animals, not the monsters that pop out of a Queen's womb.

    Climbing is a good thing to have.

    Specify that the range for Chaperone is Close range, and Golden Road is Mid range.
  18. Might take some time to take the plot elements into my teeny tiny brain. But I guess I'll reserve/take Clumsy Imperial Meathead.
  19. I'd like to join, however i feel like i'm too stupid for this roleplay so people might have to help me a little. Is helping me okay or do i have to know every aspect of said game before joining?
  20. @Shounen Senpai
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