Got Youtube Master Iwaku? (Open Again for Important Applicants)

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  1. Totally New Post!

    Lovely @Diana has approved of my Idea of having an Iwaku Youtube Channel! But! I cannot start it without some help of a few committed members. Some of us may remember of an Old Radio Show hosted by Iwaku that eventually crumbled due to lack of committed members. Hey, it happens though right? Don't disagree because we all know it does. I have come to you (!) to help me get it back up, not the same one but similar. It's going to be through Youtube.
    Only way to join me in this is a few requirements;

    1.) Been on Iwaku for Over Three Months
    2.) Got Skype? Of Course You Do! Get on it!
    3.) Submit An Application To Me Application Here!
    4.) Speak Fluent English
    5.) Active. Like Super Active!
    6.) Try to be professional yet fun!

    ***Must be 18 or older to join.

    Here are a few people I am looking for;

    We are eagerly looking for people who are capable of Video Editing, A GM for the Group when the system is back up, and plenty of people to just help put in various of departments. (Artists, Video Editors, and some planners:People who can organize and create events). Do not worry as you will not be alone in any of these departments and will make many of friends!

    7.) Think you can help out? Let me know how!

    (Slight Out Dated, but still applies when we get our more important applicants.)
    All Members Needed Have Been Found! But don't let this stop you from turning in an application. We could ALWAYS use people who want to find juicy stories for us to review, another person to help out in the Video Department, A Personal Slave Secretary, An Entertainer for the Group because why not, and anyone who has an idea of a way to help out; Speak Up!

    Now I need Committed Members, so help me out, help Iwaku out. Let's have some fun!

    Q:Do I get paid?
    A:Psh, that would be nice. But no.... at least I don't think unless YouTube starts paying us. If there was a donation program going on through the YouTube, all proceeds go to our dearest Iwaku.

    Part of the conversation to Diana;

    "I was laying here face planted on a table and an idea struck me! What if Iwaku expands a little and when I say expands I mean to YouTube! Something like a playful thing or a bit "News-y" with touches of fun? We all know Iwaku has an "Announcements and News" Thread but let's admit it's a tad boring. Bring it to life! You know how much attention that would attract? Not only that it would give people something to watch while they wait for RP's or whatever it may be.
    There could be a lot of things to bring into the Channel other than Announcements and News like the following;

    -Popular RP's (At The Time)
    -Recognizing Poets and Artists
    -Popular Games Because people love Rping about game.
    -Seeking RPers
    And anything that comes to mind related to the site or a little off track. Got to keep things interesting from time to time like music or....or...Yeah you know stuff!"

    I will answer any questions or concerns and I will love to hear feedback.
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  2. Sounds interesting indeed xD.
    Unfortunately I don't know how I can help though ._.

    But this idea is Very good! It's more like a VBlog in YouTube.
    I used to Do VBlogs with my older account and speak about stuff and role play ( at that time for other website )! ;)

    So.. I can assure you that's a Awesome idea !|
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  3. Thank you so much. If you want to help I have a few simple things that would be beneficial.

    An Segment Writer: Where you pick topics on Iwaku you mostly tend to be in and find hot topics or things that have no review etc. Even off topics not related to Iwaku is fine as there will be off topic episodes for pure enjoyment. Even picking out new members to welcome them to Iwaku a whole new way is cool!

    I have someone in General Chatting and Creative Exercise & Worldbuilding. Dont hurt to have more than one person there. We even advertise other peoples RPs!

    Anyone can submit a segment they want to see to me. If it makes it great, if it don't then maybe next time.

    If your interested to be a perminate segment writing I can give you more info @PureKor
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  4. I'd love to help but having only been here a week or so, I don't fit the criteria. :(
    But if you do decide you need someone, let me know XD
  5. 529163_330834323636715_123949102_n.jpg
    Mr. Walrus from the earliest days of the original show approves.
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  6. Sounds like fun! I would definitely subscribe! :3 I can see segments going with the upbeat and grumpy persons going at it. Perhaps upbeat and clueless for comedy?
  7. Most defiantly!
  8. I'm just not sure I should volunteer... It's kinda ridiculous, but.... I'm scared of webcamming. e////e'
  9. Tehe There are things to do where you don't have to be on webcam and not every episode will be on webcam.
  10. I like this idea. Like, a lot. Super-duper like it.
    I would volunteer, but alas, I am not of the eighteens yet.
    Do notify me when stuff starts happening, though. I like it when stuff happens. It makes me feel tingly inside.
  11. Generally if you were/are planning on doing elements from the old formats a lot of it was based on three main things: Community Announcements of Big Things Happening (News, RP advertising), Skits (like reading RPs, songs, etc), and Discussions and talks between members. I'd make sure you have more than one person taking care of stuff. I did the first 8-10 shows before I got overwhelmed and that was just editing and making background stuff.
  12. We are actually covering those and I am waiting to begin. I know I cannot do it by myself. I have three people I have chosen so far and set up a banner to attract possible people. Thank you for your input @Blind Hemingway :)
  13. I'll volunteer.

    This sounds promising and I'd love to contribute! :D
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  14. I can use all the help I can get. This is a big thing and isn't something a single or just a few people can do~
  15. I sent in my application. :)
  16. Alright I got it~

    I am going to take you over to Skype to do a small interview.
  17. Would it be alright to ask for this to be rescheduled for Wednesday?
    My laptop is currently getting some repairs, nothing major, at the shop and I won't have it back until then.
  18. Of course! Please be ready by then unless you want the interview through Iwaku.
  19. No problem. :)
    I appreciate you being understanding.
    Thank you.

    Interview through Iwaku?
    How would that be conducted?
  20. It's just some simple questions, not everyone likes to be on video so I don't force anyone. We would go back and forth as I try to get a better understanding, you get any questions answered, etc. Nothing big, since it is volunteer work and not a big corporation.
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