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A boat of random strangers, friends, family, etc, boarded a boat to head to Alaska. Passing by Hawaii, the boat stopped to pick up passengers at one of the islands. The next day, they headed out again. A couple hours later the boat got hit in a storm.. It was struck by lightening! The pilot, and crew members didn't make it, but everyone of the passengers did. They passengers eventually wash up on a nearby deserted island.. Will you work with the others, and figure out how to work with them. Or will you be suspected of being in on the maddness by the other passengers?..


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➺ ALL the site's roleplay rules apply
➺ include everyone
➺ give recaps
➺ drama is ENCOURAGED!
But please as me before you go out and do anything huge
➺ all characters from all fandoms are allowed
➺ no mary-sues/gary-sues, overpowered/perfect character
➺ please write at least FIVE lines for every character you have
➺ no killing other people's characters without mine and the owners permission
➺ PM me if you have any questions
➺ i will add more rules if necessary
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alias; [people who tease her:] No name really, people don't tend to bully her [her friends:] simply "Hiyori" [family:] Ori
gender/pronouns; Female/ her, she
sexuality; Straight
species; half-Ayakashi
age; 15
fandom; Noragami
powers/abilities; Hiyori can sense creatures from Far Shore (demon relm), on top of this she also has really smell recognition. Her physical combat is well educated, with enhanced strength, speed, and agility. She is able to look into ones memory, but not very well. This power comes from her state in being really good with people, and being good at reading them. The only downfall in these great powers is her astral projection. Being half-Ayakashi, instead of full, means she is still half-human. She has connected ties with the demon relm, making her "half-Ayakashi". The downfall in this is that she can sometimes become restless and slip through her body, into her ayakashi form. It can slip so easily that she doesn't realize, and can sometimes led to danger with her body. If she is walking in a cross-walk, for instances, and slips out of her human form, her body will just drop to the ground and go into sleep mode. No human will be able to her demon-form, but they'll see her human form..
personality; Hiyori is a kind-hearted girl with a strong sense of right and wrong. Hiyori is also characterized by a deep loyalty to those she trusts and a tendency to express her emotions. Hiyori is also a very brave person who constantly puts her own safety at risk to help others. Despite being raised to be completely lady-like, Hiyori is a huge martial arts fan and has a fixation on a martial artist called Tono, whom she copies her attacks from and will often become inspired and act on his words; when she remembered Tono telling everyone to pave their own destiny with their own hands she decided to do so. However, she keeps this secret from her mother, whom she worries will freak out if she finds out she's into something like that.
appearance; Hiyori's appearance is that of a rather attractive yet average school girl. She has long dark hair which is colored dark brown and light eyes that are colored magenta. She appears to be petite and she's often seen wearing her middle school uniform, which consists of a lavender sailor shirt and a knee-length skirt. She changes outfits on occasion, donning a grey overcoat over the uniform and wearing a pink scarf. When she turns into a half-Ayakashi, a purple tail-like "cord" that bears a strong resemblance to a cat's tail emerges from her lower back. Her height is 162cm (5'4"). When she becomes a high school student, she is often seen wearing her high school uniform.



alias; [people who tease her:] Polka brow, [her friend's:] Izi, or simply "Izumo" [family:] simply "Izumo"
Gender/pronouns: Female/ she, her
Sexuality: Pan
Species: Human
Age: 18
Fandom: Blue Exorcist
powers/abilities: She has proven to be a skilled Tamer. She believes that her natural talent is related to her distant relation to the White Foxes. That means she has exceptional spiritual strength, this is the key to controlling familiars. Her knowledge and use of their skills is also impressive. Her "familiar" are two chibi-like foxes named Mike and Uke, whom she uses to fight. Izumo calls them her "brothers". Izumo, and her foxes abilities are limitless, and Izumo uses them in battle. Together, they take down the worst of enemies. She summons these beats with two slips of paper, which she almost always has, a drop of blood, and a calling can send Mike & Uke shooting out of the papers.​
Personality: Izumo maintains a very tsundere personality most of the time. However, she does occasionally show kindness. She is quite considerate, even though she does not appear this way.. She easily loses confidence when she sees her friends in distress but has slowly learned to stay calm and composed during battles.
Appearance: Izumo has dark red eyes and long dark purple hair, which she usually keeps in a twintails or a ponytail hairstyle. Her most notable trait would be her small, oval shaped eyebrows, which is why people tease her with the nickname polkabrows. Her outfit is primarily the school uniform. She is 5'5', and weighs 108 lbs.



Nickname; [people who tease him:] People don't tend to mess with him [family:] Shimie [friends:] simply "Renzo"
gender/pronouns; Male/ he. him
sexuality; Pan
species; Human
age; 16
fandom; Blue Exorcist
powers/abilities; Renzo possesses powerful Tamer abilities, and has been able to summon a high-level fire familiar, Yamantaka, since childhood. His powers are powerful with Yamantaka, and doesn't even have to summon him with a saying, paper, or blood. Renzo has figured out how to use Yamantaka's flames to his advantage without really even summoning the demon. Renzo is also good with a K'rik, a type of Buddhist staff, that he uses to fight with. He takes it everywhere!
Renzo is the most carefree person, and it's shown that he doesn't act as serious as other Exorcists in serious situations, but yet has a fear of many things, mainly bugs. He's very friendly, and doesn't whether your blue or pink, he'll still be your friend. He refers to everyone, even his teachers, casually, and even teases them. He loves women and has a big obsession over them. He is also a pervert. He is the 5th and youngest son of his family,and he's glad of this because it means he has less responsibilities. This shows that he isn't willing to take on his responsibilities and prefers to be carefree.
appearance; Renzo has natural black hair, which he dyed pink. His eyes are a deep brown. He bears a scar near his left eyebrow. Renzo is 5'9', and is 139 lbs. He is quite handsome, and he would have a lot of girls if he wasn't such a pervert.



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o3o Is there any sort of explanation as to how all these characters wound up in the same world to begin with? Just reading the first post, I never would've guessed that this was supposed to be a multi-fandom RP (or any kind of fandom RP, for that matter) if it wasn't labeled as such.

It's an interesting premise, but I think I'd like to know more about the world that this is set in before joining.
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