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  1. OOC
    [ M x M ]

    Two groups from ancient grudge broke to new mutiny.
    One town both alike in dignity.
    A life lost.
    Survivors soon broken beyond repair.



    They had called themselves by many names - gang of geeks, the pack, brothers.
    Andrew was the pillar of their little group. The silent leader.
    He took care of everyone behind the scenes, an ever flowing fountain of advice and support. But one day he wasn't there.
    They'd planned to meet at early dawn to plan their next move against the Pride.

    Andrew never made it.

    Hours later his body was found in the forest near their meeting place by a jogger.
    A quiet chaos reigned within the pack. They were lost - unseeing, deaf, and numb; until one spoke out.


    And with that one word they had a purpose.



    Organized when they were erratic,
    tidy when they were slovenly,
    well behaved when they were unruly,
    the Pride was the antithesis of the Pack.
    The two "gangs" for lack of a better term, were rivals in everything they did.
    It of course made them prime suspects when Andrew's body was found.

    But did they do it?

    The Pride themselves were in disarray. They didn't know how to progress without one of their rivals.
    He had always been there with a teasing word or flip of the finger and now he was gone.
    They slipped into turmoil, friends suspecting each other when they never had before
    until one voice brought them back together.


    And with that one word they had a purpose.

    The original plot maker for GONE AT DAWN.

    This RP is a reboot since he/she disappeared. If he/she decides to come back,
    this RP will automatically fall into the hands of the original GM.

    1. Grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. is important.
    2. I want more than a sentence or a few lines. I'm not talking novels, but I don't want minimum effort.
    3. No Marys or Garys. You know the drill.
    4. If you are going to be gone for 3 or more days, please let the group know about it.
    5. There will be no female characters allowed in this RP. This is a MxM RP.
    6. There will be no OOC Drama whatsoever. IC Drama is fine! But OOC Drama will be dealt with immediately.
    7. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask.
    8. If you have read and understood these rules correctly, please pick any card suit and place it in your CS.

    Q: "I think @Jihae said they might use a number generator to pick who the killer will be or something like that. Other than that, I'm not sure if the two "gangs" are still fighting with each other and if both "gangs" have drama within them for some reason." - Pray4Me

    A: Unfortunately for plot aspects, our previous GM was the one who had all the ideas. I'm the one who just copy and pasted that onto a new thread.
    But, to think of it logically, the two "gangs" for a lack of a better word would still be fighting. The Pack thinks that one of the members or all of The Pride killed Andrew, so there seems to be some hateful tension there. As for The Pride against the Pack, because The Pack is wanting to get revenge (according to the previous thread I copied and pasted) The Pride would probably do anything and everything to protect their members while still figuring out how to seek the truth of what went down when Andrew was murdered.

    As for the killer. In my personal opinion, I kind of don't want people to know who the killer is other than the killer himself. It's kind of like XMan, that game BTS played on Rookie King. If you're unaware of what I'm talking about:


    So, basically, the chosen XMan (in our case, the killer) will be notified of their role without anyone else knowing. This killer would then have to distract the other members of his group and the other to make sure that he doesn't get caught. Along the way, he will have to drop little hints (can be one per post or many hints all at once) that may or may not be noticable to the other people reading the IC post. During this time, each person who was not selected as the killer would have to just look out for the hints, make assumptions about who the killer is, create blame, create drama, etc.
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  2. [​IMG]


    Choi Yoon Tae || The Planner

    Cyrille Nesrus || The Spy

    Soo Noeul || The Hypeman

    Bambi Derric Hemlock || The Fixer
    @Prince Justin Perfection

    Hyun-Ki "Kiki" Chae || The Spy

    Axel || Role
    @T E R R O R

    Derrick Amell || The Leader



    Dominique Vincent Westwood || The Leader
    @Prince Justin Perfection

    Seok-Jae "Momo" Mo || The Dealer

    Min Ki "Minnie" Kim || The Party Boy

    Ash Messick || The Spy

    Ma-Kon "Mako" Jeon || The Figther

    Ehtan Price || The Newbie

    Ji-Yeon Min || Co-Leader
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    (if you use anime pics - make sure it's at least semi-realistic)


    (vary them/minimum:18)


    Sexual Orientation:


    Best Friend:

    Relationship Status:

    (if it applies)



    (who do they believe killed Andrew? why?)



    Greatest Fear:

    (at least two full lines)

    (at least one small paragraph)

    (anything you'd like to add- theme songs, habits, appearance details, etc.)

    plot relationships/suspects discussion in OOC.




    ♠ CHOI YOON TAE. ♠
    (Tae for short.)


    Cis Male.

    Homosexual Ace.

    A tattoo artist at a shop in Downtown Portland, Oregon.
    Also a part of the black market as a businessman, but not as much anymore.



    수 노을.
    Soo Noeul.



    The Pack.

    The Planner.

    Just really good at picking a time and place for everyone to meet and converse.
    The go-to person for compromises between the group. The strategizer for anything big.
    Also special events. Really good at special events.



    Despite his tough appearance, there's nothing more that Tae loves than good lyrics with a fantastic beat. In fact,
    he doesn't really care if the lyrics are cheesy or nasty, if the beat is good, it's on his Soundcloud.

    This passion for reading comes from his stay at a University. From Romance to Horror, Tae enjoys books that
    take his mind off of things if people aren't able to do so. Although he likes books, he doesn't like the feel
    and flexibility of paperback covers. He will try everything to get a hardcover book, just for the aesthetic and feel of it.

    Because he's full Korean, Tae knows where the delicacies are at, and how to make them. Before his parents
    neglected him, Tae worked as a waiter in his family's restaurant. Needless to say, Tae learned a few tips
    and tricks to make the mouth water, and not just by moving his body.

    The need to be around people comes from working at Skin Adorn. He has met with many criminals and
    wealthy men and women who have peaked his interests in the most outstanding ways. Not only that
    but meeting and conversing with people his is escape route from negativity and past events. In a nutshell,
    Tae is always up for a good party or a chat.

    No one wants to be a Debbie Downer, especially Tae. If the mood simmers down into something bad,
    he'll always be there to spice it up with flavor and jokes. He does know that there is a time for work, and a
    time for play, and can find a strict balance between the two while keeping people from hating each other.

    The sound of foreign tongue is music to his ears and having a degree in Interpreting definitely peaked this interest.
    If someone knows a language, he will always, without fail, ask them to teach him a few words.
    Unlike other people, he will remember the things people teach him and will always use it in his daily life.

    Hating the deep blue sea, Tae needs something to fulfill his adrenaline. Tae finds peace and
    reconciliation with high places. From bridges to skyscrapers and zip lines, there's nothing that will
    make this man smile more than feeling like and looking at the top of the world.

    Being in the black market industry after his post high school education, Tae definitely knows how to
    keep and get a secret. If a person tells him anything that needs to be unheard, the information will
    be forever muted. If he needs to get a secret, there's nothing better for him to do than to be nice
    and caring for all eternity until the secret is shared, after that, he will still continue to be friendly, since
    sharing secrets to him is a very special bond that will hopefully never be shattered.

    Choi Yoon Tae wants to be in Love with a capital L. He wants to feel wanted, embraced,
    adored, and treated with care. He wishes for dates and cuddles, and gifts, and he understands
    that it will take him a while before it gets to that point with that special someone. Tae doesn't look for
    his wanted wish but waits for it. In reality, Tae is just a sweet and sensitive man that wouldn't mind
    being vulnerable to a person with mutual interests and feelings.

    Tae absolutely loves to dance, especially "popping", "B-Boying", and "sexy" dancing. He got his skills
    from seducing other men when he was questioning his sexuality in the black market. No one really taught him, he just danced.
    He loves moving his body to the beat of a song and likes dancing to hidden beats within it. Dancing is just
    another hobby of his, and mostly gets his inspiration and style from Michael Jackson like everyone else.


    If he falls in love with someone, the first thing that Tae looks for is if he has the capability to get
    an insect away from him. Tae doesn't mind ants or flies, but cockroaches, grasshoppers, spiders, and
    other things with scary looking features will make Tae have so many shivers down his spine.

    Although manipulative and heartless during work hours, Tae is a very loyal and protective person.
    Nothing breaks his heart more than someone betraying his precious soul. Even if he has dealt with
    betrayal for such a long time, if someone chooses to betray or backstab him, he will get revenge.

    Nothing hurts his ego more than being humiliated by a loss. Nothing.

    There are many things unknown about the ocean. Pools are fine, but the ocean, Tae will never step one foot
    into the ocean, he will step on sand, sure, but never the ocean. His fear of gigantic sea creatures and drowning
    prevents him from enjoying salty sea water.

    Being a lucky-go-happy person by heart, Tae will without fail be sad if the mood of a group is.
    He will continue to laugh and joke around and play class clown until the mood lightens up again.
    He doesn't wish for everyone to be so down all the time since it breaks his heart to see. So what does he do?
    He will try to make everyone smile, immediately or not, since smiles give him a lot of comfort and ignorant bliss.

    No reason as to why this is, it's just a little quirk he has.

    Because he's top dog at his work, Skin Adorn, he will feel absolutely belittled if people younger than
    him choose to boss him around. This can also be due to the strict Korean culture he grew up with.
    If someone younger chooses to boss him around, he will for sure lecture them to no end, unless it's
    the leader of the Pack.

    He is the planner of the group, after all. If things don't go to plan, his ass is on a stake for sure.

    For loving heights so much, it makes sense why he chooses to defy and despise places that make him feel like
    he's suffocating. If he's ever in any confined area, he will continue to be angsty and fidgety until he gets to
    walk around and get fresh air. He chooses to walk at night if he's feeling a little confined since cold air
    calms him down the most in times of angst.

    Tae absolutely hates it when people argue and start to yell. It gives him anxiety and almost makes him want
    to run away and burst into tears. If there is ever a situation where loud yelling and angry shouting occur,
    Tae will try everything to make it stop, whether that be getting out of the room, or putting on headphones and
    blast loud music until it dies out. God forbid someone yells at him, even just a sentence.

    Gigantic sea creatures.
    There is nothing worse than the fear of something unworldly gigantic. In Tae's case, it's the
    fear of the creatures under the sea than can, and are not afraid, to come out and play.


    Tae's life and outlook is to be of a calm nature. He prefers to go with the flow and make plans along the way.
    Due to being a graduate, Tae is also quite brilliant. For being a member of the Pack, Tae can also be very
    mature despite his enjoyment of social gatherings.

    Tae is quite the social butterfly and will always be seen trying to bring
    him or others around him together in a fun and carefree way. At first impressions, Tae will put on some sort of
    "perfect man" facade, and can even seem like a friendly, casual, businessman,
    but, if a person he feels comfortable with were to be around him, he will most surely be a bit more
    troublesome, leisurely. rowdy, and playful, acting around the person with troublemaking energy.

    There is also never a time where Tae does not smile, he has quite a
    jubilant nature and will always try to find ways to brighten up any awkward situation if at all possible.
    He does know that there is a time to relieve the tension and a time to be serious and sulking.

    Between him and the rest of The Pack, he will be straightforward and genuine, as well as courageous
    in protecting those in the group, since he thinks that they are his only family and home.

    If there is ever a time where Tae is alone, he is self-critical and actually quite melancholy due to
    occurring hatred from his parents, as well as other past events that have happened. His mind seems to go wild
    when he is alone and no one really knows what it's like if Tae is alone because he rarely is. He continues
    to distract himself from his problems by hanging around with people that unintentionally keep his mind
    off of negativity. Alone, he is very hard, crude, sensitive, and just a tad bit dramatic, but once he's with someone
    that negativity goes away in an instant, and he's ready to put on a bright smile and eccentric attitude
    since he gets very uncomfortable when people begin to worry about him.

    Born into a mediocre family on April 25th in Monmouth, Oregon, Choi Yoon Tae lived his childhood
    trying to fulfill the dreams, goals and wants set by his parents. He succeeded by graduating from Western
    Oregon University with an Associates Degree in Criminal Law and a Bachelor's Degree in Interpreting.
    Needless to say, Tae was a very bright student throughout his years of academics and everything seemed to be just fine.

    Unfortunately, during his junior year of university, Jae got his first ever tattoo. In fact, he got more than just
    one tattoo. In one night, Tae got a full sleeve. Coming from a fully strict Korean family, this news of new ink on his skin
    was greatly rejected by his parents. They no longer supported him in his future endeavors and continuously
    referred to him as part of a gang. He did, of course, ignore his parents' remarks and continued his education to
    prove them wrong. Although, once he got his Associates and Bachelor's Degree, his life spiraled out of control.

    Longing for affection and support, Tae roamed the streets of Oregon at night, waiting for something, anything to come up.
    Sometimes he would be walking for a night and day, not returning home for weeks on end. Did his family ever worry? Not really.

    His long walks and exaggerated sighs were heard in a small little shop in Downtown Portland. The city was
    not joking around with a slogan of, "Keep Portland Weird." Tae saw a lot downtown; prostitutes, motorcycle gangs,
    the kings and queens of gothic fashion, marijuana users, hippies, rednecks, the whole nine. The only thing normal
    around Portland was the shop that Tae landed himself in, a well-off looking tattoo establishment by the name of Skin Adorn.

    The workers there saw the sleeve on his arm and thought he was experienced in the art of inking other people,
    at least, that's what Tae thought. The real reason why he was hired as he walked in was that the tattoo shop was a small part of the black
    market world, and the business needed a new member that wouldn't fuck everything up. Walk-ins welcome.
    Sure, Skin Adorn did tattooing, but that was not their main business. Prostitution, human trafficking, drug dealings,
    illegal currency, exotic animals, etc. was how the establishment got their Benjamins. Tae was learning the ropes of Skin Adorn's
    business. How to manipulate, persuade, fight back, become desensitized, bend to a client's will.
    Soon, Choi Yoon Tae was Skin Adorn's top worker. His partners did pick on him a little for not being
    able to handle cruel and immoral dealings but still applauded his efforts to stick through and see the worse to make money for the company.

    After not returning home for a whole year, Tae's parents no longer accepted him into their household despite
    his efforts to make them proud with appropriate education and thousands of calls that got ignored. This neglect turned a fiery Tae into
    a rambunctious animal for a little while.

    This continuous act of rebellion and carelessness soon turned into something different. Something more romantic.
    He started to experiment on his sexuality with the same sex, and that was when he had realized
    that girls don't mean as much to him as guys. He tested his curiosity in the black market, giving thousands
    worth of money towards Skin Adorn for a full six months before deciding that being a walking sex machine to creeps
    was not his passion. It was his nightmare. Once he stopped selling himself expensively short,
    Tae was a homosexual and secretly proud of it. This realization took his rough-rider personality into a more
    bubbly and friendly one. His intents of bettering his attitude were to get more men romantically and sexually,
    but soon, his personality stuck with him and he no longer cared for having any sort of sexual
    relationship with another partner for reasons he's extemely uncomfortable with sharing. He continued to work for Skin Adorn, and still
    does, but he dedicates his time to being a talented tattoo artist much more than selling body parts to a sketchy anonymous.

    And that's how he found himself to be a member of The Pack. The family that didn't get him into morbidity, the
    family that didn't abandon him just because of the ink on his skin, or the things that he's seen, or how
    he chooses to make his money. The Pack is something worth being proud of stumbling upon, and he'd do anything to
    continue being in it.



    One of Jay Park's (my FC.) songs.

    Some gifs and pictures of Jay Park.




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  5. Dom Title.png
    Dom Banner.png

    01. GENERAL

    FC: Matt Cook

    Dominique Vincent Westwood


    Dom, Nique, Prideful Prince, Snob, Player, Casanova, Conceited Dick, Playboy



    Actor/Model (Rich Kid)


    Raven Black
    Kept Shaved On The Sides
    Neat & Perfect

    Light Brown/Hazel


    276 lbs.


    Dominique has a few small tattoos on both of his arms, they have different meanings and only really close people to the male know what all of them mean to him.








    03. PERSONAL


    Taken, Sort Of...

    Lover: Cyrille Nereus

    The Pride

    The Leader: The one that makes the rules, the one that gives the okays and the noways. This is the perfect position for someone like Dominique, The Leader Role is the only role that fits his strong personality.


    04. DEEPER

    The color violet. Summer. Parties. Money. New outfits. New shoes. Gold. Exotic cars. Leading. The Pride. Order. Romance. Cooking. Sunbathing. Exercising. August Alsina. Nicki Minaj. Beyonce. Ariana Grande. The Beach. Roses. Drinking. Dancing. Kissing. Passionate People. Energetic People. Flirting. Getting his way. Guys and girls with attitudes. Determination. Getting playfully aggressive. Winning at everything. Wolves. Lions. Supernatural shows and movies.

    Most of The Pack. Darkness. Boring days. Messes. Germs. Having no money. Parents cutting his money supply. Getting caught doing... bad things. Secrets. Getting tricked and manipulated. Being called dumb and a snob. Rock music. Idiots. Country. Sushi. Twinkies. Fish.

    If you know Mr. Dominique Westwood then you know that he can be a bit full of himself at all times. The words conceited, self-centered and egocentric definitely fit him to a Tee. He will admit that he is a cocky bastard, which just makes him more of a Narcissist then you would first think. He loves to talk about himself but he does at least let other people talk about their own issues... as long as he gets the last words at the end of the day. Dominique does look down on people who don't hold up to his standards, he doesn't judge them right in front of their faces, he isn't that much of a jerk, but he also doesn't go out of his way to make them feel welcomed around him and his friends.

    Dominique has a sweet side to him and some people are lucky enough to see that side of him, he does love to be romantic and his charming side makes up for his cocky, douchebaggery. He isn't shy in the least, he will walk up to any girl or guy he finds attractive and flirt with them. Even if they aren't interested in him like that, Dominique will still try to get with them until they chase him off... which has happened a few times. He might not like being reckless and idiotic, like The Pack, but he does have a mischievous side that comes out when he's being flirty and playful.

    When he's not being cocky or flirtatious, Dominique has his head in the books and working towards his career as the next greatest Actor of All Time. He has determination and that's something he looks for in everyone that comes around him. If someone is just getting by in life, he'll X them out of his life just like that. He doesn't like to be around people who are not even trying to do better for themselves. Even though he was born rich, he still wants to make his own way in life and his determination is something others truly envy more than his looks and financial status.

    Dominique Vincent Westwood was born to Malcolm and Monica Westwood, their first and only son, the youngest of three and the most spoiled of the Westwood Children. He grew up knowing already that he was the favorite and that everything should and would be his for the taking. He loved doing new things and his favorite thing to do was, even at a young age, acting. He would mimic the people on the tv shows and movies that he watched, learning to speak because of the shows he watched. Dominique's first word wasn't "Mama!" or "Dada!", it was "Adrian!" The legendary line from The Rocky Movie. From then on, he would act out different shows and he was always trying to show off his skills at his family's parties, being known as the little baby that knew how to act out most of The Titanic's Iconic Scenes.

    He grew up in the nicer parts of his city, never having to want for anything and always getting everything without begging for it. Even though his parents did teach him how to be grateful for everything he was blessed with, he still had his moments of being s snobbish rich kid and flaunting his things in front of his "friends". He was the kid in Middle School that always had the newest things and he was also known as the kid that never shared his new things but always wanted everyone to share with him. He was and kind of still is a stingy little bastard. Dominique was always a Leader and he never followed what the crowd did, which made him stand out in a good way and gained him popularity that went straight to his already huge ego. His middle school and high school years were perfect, The Quarterback of his High School Football Team, dating both the Head Cheerleader and her best friend, The Male Co-Captain Cheerleader. His charming attitude was the only reason why he was able to date both cheerleaders without either one of them ever finding out... and they were both pretty clueless about everything but cheerleading, so that was another part that helped keep his secret safe.

    Around his Senior Year of High School was when Dominique and a few of his friends started up a group or Clique mostly made up of the Rich Kids, the name, The Pride was an idea of his and it fit them well... it fit him well out of the rest mostly. From that day and till now, he has been known as the Leader of The Pride and he knows that without him, his group would probably have not been as popular as they are now. He loves everyone of them like a true family, an extension of his real family that excepts him for who he is and have never judged him at all, The Pride and his real family are the same to him and that's how it should be.

    05. EXTRA

    To others this might be the most shallowest thing ever but Dominique's greatest fear is going broke and never having money again.

    Physically Strong
    Mentally Strong

    Letting Others Lead
    Hot Guys & Girls
    Girls & Guys With Attitudes

    Exercising. Flirting. Sunbathing. Learning New Things. Buying Things. Shopping.

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  6. [BCOLOR=transparent]“You are just an Echo in my thoughts, my dreams, my world.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Name:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Eiji Hashimoto (Echo)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] 21[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Sex/Gender:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Male[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Sexual Orientation:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Homosexual[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Occupation:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Small Time Musician[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Best Friend:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] None Currently[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Relationship Status:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Single[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Lover/Spouse:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] None Currently[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Affiliation:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Pack[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Role:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] New Member[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Suspect:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] ???[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Greatest Fear:[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent]His Brother[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Personality: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]On the outside Echo appears to look rather scary and intimidating to some. He will watch crowds of people, preferably standing on the sideline. Sometimes pitching in a few words when they need to be said. Most think he is just an outright asshole who is mean just for the sake to be mean. But on the inside, Echo is a lost puppy. Unable to find where to go in this vast world. He tends to stick with close friends since he can’t really trust anyone else. Only his close friends would know about the suffering he has been through and how much it has damaged his psyche. On the outside he might appear tough but in reality he is as broken as they come.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]General Appearance [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hair Color: Black[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Eye Color: Dark Red[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Skin Color: Pale white[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Notable Scars or Marks: His right eye is sewn shut so he wears a surgical patch over it. His arms, legs, and torso are covered in Frankenstein like stitches.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Notable Items: He is a musician so he is seen with a guitar on his back frequently.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Dress and Look[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Mode of Dress: Typically dresses very gothic. Wears reds and blacks. His outfits cover him completely. Only his head is seen. There will sometimes be red stitching details on his outfits.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Scent: Pine trees/ Cigarette Smoke[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Build: His build is not able to be seen through his large baggy clothing, so many think he is weak. When he is not wearing these kinds of clothes he is rather toned and has a good amount of muscle.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Posture and walk: Typically he walks and sits with his back straight, but when he is depressed he will slump over.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Likes and Dislikes[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Favorite Food/Drink: Teas, Typically he does not eat much[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hated Food/Drink: Bread, crackers[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Favorite Color: Black[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hated Color: N/A[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Favorite Book: Anything that has to do with music[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hated Book: Biology text books[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Favorite Scent: Anything sweet or fruity[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hated Scent: Blood, lab smells, hospital smells[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Favorite Weather: Rain, fog, anything gloomy.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hated Weather: Hot, humid weather.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Favorite Place/Scenery: Forest areas, small quiet places[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hated Place/Scenery: Labs, doctor’s offices, hospitals[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Favorite Animal: N/A He likes all animals[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hated Animal: N/A[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Favorite Hobby/Activity: Playing Piano, Playing Guitar, Singing, Writing, Reading[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hated Hobby/Activity: Anything science related, big social events[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Throughout Echo's whole life he has been abused. By who? Know one really knows because he won't say. His whole life more and more marks have appeared on his skin that he refuses to talk about saying "It is just how life is." or "Don't worry I am fine." Even people he is close to, have no clue where these marks came from. Of course everyone has their suspicions of where they came from. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Echo's parents both died when he was very young. He was only around 10 years old when they both passed. Both parents were found in the woods, chopped up into tiny pieces. Obviously, they were brutally murdered, but by who? The authorities still have no clue. Ever since that day Echo and his older brother Hitomu have lived together. His older brother raising him as if he were his own. Echo seems to not like to talk much about his brother besides saying "I love him of course...he is my brother."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Several years have passed and now Echo has decided to branch out. He has even decided to attempt to make it big in the music industry. So far he only gets gigs at small coffee shops, but it is a start for him. Especially with how shy he is when it comes to playing in front of a crowd. He wants to make friends desperately but does not know how to exactly...[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]He has decided to join the Pack in hopes of finding a place where he feels safe. A place where he can be himself. But once he actually sees what he has gotten into...he might want to back out.[/BCOLOR]
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  7. [​IMG][​IMG]



    I was born with an enormous need for affection and a terrible need to give it.

    ██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ██ ██
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


    ...OCCUPATION: A dancer at the local strip club coined "Paper Moon" during the night.

    ...LOVER/SPOUSE: ????
    ...BEST FRIEND: ????
    ...SUSPECT: ????

    ...ROLE: A spy, and one of the best around. Kiki knows how to get information from any way possible. When you've got a pretty smile and a dangerous tongue, it isn't hard to wiggle your way around behind enemy lines.
    ...SIDE ROLE: Some consider him the "darling" or even "puppy" of the group, though he likes to see himself as a "big and strong" caretaker. You touch any of his friends and you're dead, he guarantees it.



    If there's something Kiki can do best, it's keeping secrets. The younger prefers keeping things to himself instead of sharing his thoughts, his accumulated information of interest as he calls it, or anything else he believes can further his own personal intentions. Kiki can be a little careless with trivial matters though, but if something matters to him intensely, passionately, he'll give an arm, leg or even eye in dedication to it. He's a squawking sea-hawk diving headlong into the ocean without any calculated thoughts prior to the reckless action, without glancing around to see if there's any seals waiting to gobble him up. He’s a caretaker, foremost, and a listener and a kind shelter from whirlwinds and storms with a flair for expressing himself in shameless ways. He’s a bleeding heart with a set of wobbling legs, a rock you can anchor yourself on in times of need. There’s always room for one more: one more beggar, one more criminal begging for repentance, one more mistake. There’s always room for forgiveness. He's the kind of person who takes in stray cats because they remind him of himself. Maybe he just can't stand that melancholic crying, or the fact that everyone has been passing it by when it's fur is sodden and it's little tummy is rumbling to the point no one seems to give a fuck about it. Kiki cares, and sometimes, he cares too much.

    In his little heart is one mostly to find good intentions, though many attribute this naive purity to how childish he can be. Sometimes, Kiki can be a bit too caring for his own good. There's something about being labeled the hero and saving the day that pulls at the corner of his lips, but also, it tends to comes back and bite him in the ass. Too-trusting, too-loving, too-open; all of these things the male has trouble with even to this day. He's not the fire-haired guard dog that people see him as, but simply, a loving puppy wanting to curl up in your lap after a long day of play. Indeed, you wouldn't be too far from the mark considering this kid being pretty adventurous and passionate as well. Kiki simply enjoys joking around, never missing a chance to try and lighten the mood when the opportunity arises. He has a certain mindset that everything has a fun and bright side to it if you know how to bring it out, and sometimes being in a group consisting of ruthless street thugs, there's always room for just a little.

    When you take one hard look at him, plucking out the clean-cut edges of his jawline, slant of his almond eyes, plumpness of his lips, it's not difficult to see that he is Korean sauteed with a bit of other nonsense. Hyun-ki, or "Kiki", is pure mutt, almost fully, and throughout his entire life he has had to deal with the difficult slanders of trying to "pass" or "fit in" from his perfect peers. Natsumi, his mother, was half-Japanese and half-Chinese while his father, Jung-hoon, was full-blown Korean. Muddled together and thrown into one large, mixing-pot, young Kiki was made with the qualities of both his wonderful parents. Hailed straight into the cities of Busan, South Korea, the male was as normal as normal could get. A good kid formed with the happiness and love his family, as well as strong, distinctive traits of his bloodline, it appeared he had his entire life set before him. His mother worked the family store and did housework, while his father was a business man for a rather large company. They didn't make much as a whole, but enough to be comfortable. Enough to have food in the fridge, clean clothes on the line, and the occasional luxury during a good pay week. The typical middle-class setting of the decade.

    Time passed and eventually his father had fallen victim of cancer, using up just about everything they had in the bank for treatment. Surgery, chemotherapy, medication; his health continued to wither, and his family began to lose hope. Kiki, being the first-born and eldest of the Chae family, decided it was time to take charge. Applying for multiple jobs day and night, passing up salary at the family shop, and even selling some of his personal belongings, the male worked hard and even harder juggling everything while still in high school. He's a hero at heart, hard-work ethic littering his blood and dedication in his features, the male simply wanted to be happy once again, to make his family happy with whatever it took. And they were, up until his father took his last breath, and Kiki had to take different measures to keep them grounded.

    The candy-ladies, as he calls them, were the ones who finally picked him up off the streets, dusting him off and reveling in the natural angles of his feminine face. Hold his chin that way, dust on some powder, slick his hair upwards and Kiki was perfect. They checked his teeth, his eyes, his ears, and told him to strip. For whatever reason, he obliged, as there was nothing to be embarrassed of. The young male let them look him over, tittering over his sculpted body like clucking hens. They belonged to a popular strip club by the name of "Paper Moon", one of the largest in the city by popular demand. They called themselves "escorts", and they were currently looking for a little kitten to fill their recent opening. Kiki, being short and beautifully crafted with a set of plump lips and dangerous hips, was perfect for the job. He would have a place to stay and money of his own to provide for his family in need without any strings attached. The male would be his own person, and be free to do as he wished. Bathed, dressed, hair freshly dyed and young Kiki was taught the arts of the trade, excelling as he always did. Dancing became an extension of himself, blooming the petals he had kept locked away for years after denying it for so long. Faces could easily be ignored in the dimly-lit room and no one would know who he was. The young male was free, finally free.

    Time eventually caught up and Kiki provided the money to his mother with the brightest smile, proud of the hard work he had accomplished to now give his family the life they desperately deserved. Natsumi, almost suddenly, began looking at her only son in utter disgust. She found out through the mouths of coworkers, catching word of her eldest becoming a stripper of the night scene to provide for them. It was filth money, she called it, and burned it without question, demanding that he never step foot in front of her or their family again. He was no longer a Chae, and no longer the son she had raised years ago at the warmth of her bosom. He was banished, fully, completely; Kiki, had no other choice. The young male went on his way to start fresh despite his protests and choking tears, only then to find himself a spot in his new, loving family. The pack were the only people in his life to accept him as he who was, especially Andrew, who he had been closest to. His decisions were no longer mistakes, his sexuality wasn't a disappointment, and his dancing was purely an art. Kiki, was finally home.


    ...PINK: Despite having the hair color of a bright tangerine, Kiki has a keen liking to the color pink. The young male has no shame in it despite it being connected to femininity in today's society, so he isn't afraid to flaunt his favorites. He simply feels it to be a wonderful color no matter what. The color of plump lips, rosy cheeks, and spring cherry blossoms, Kiki can't be seen without it decorating some sort of his personal belongings.

    ...DOGS: Though Kiki is a fan of any species of the animal kingdom, both big and small, insects even, the younger finds himself loving dogs more than anything. It it hadn't been for his busy work schedule, current living conditions and lack of solid funds, the male would have about fifty of them just to himself, preferably the fuzzy sort. As he likes to put it, nothing can beat man's best friend.

    ...SLEEPING: Always on the go, Kiki is a huge fan when it comes to settling down for the night or naps in the evening, even. He rarely ever gets a break during his night shifts, so when the time arises, he's bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to hit the hay. The male can sleep just about anywhere though, as you tend to find him drifting off in the oddest of places. On the floor, under tables, or even in unimaginable, tight spaces, Kiki isn't afraid to catch up on some well-needed z's when the time is right. Just make sure you nudge him real good, as he's a heavy sleeper too.

    ...DANCING: The male has always been on his feet, wiggling to the beat even before he attained his job at the strip club. The fluidity of his curves and sharpness of his hips are the perfect match to any song, and he isn't ashamed to show off either. "Your body was made for this." the candy-ladies would say, "You could turn any straight man gay." It seemed that was enough confidence to fuel his engine for the decade. Kiki was never the type to learn solid techniques though, for he simply just memorized the way his body reacted to those watching.

    ...ROMANCE: Kiki is a hopeless romantic with a soppy heart and a warm smile. The male enjoys the little things in his relationships, and typically sees absolutely nothing wrong about his significant other when he is dating them. Scars, tattoos, distinctive freckles or crooked teeth; to him, you are the best thing that has ever happened to him. He is loyal, devoted, compassionate; the very three things to keep him at your side for as long as you allow it. Holding hands, cuddling in silence or gentle kisses, the male prefers the softer side to romance compared to the fast.

    ...FRIENDS: Kiki isn't the most social butterfly when it comes down to it, but if you peak his interest in any shape or form, the male is one of the most spectacular friends a person could ever have. He loves to smile and entertain for hours on end if he has warmed up to you, and when he has gained your trust, the male is thrilled to have learned he has attained yet another friendship in his book. It absolutely means the world to him. As loyal and loving as a house dog, he will never leave you hanging when you need him most.

    ...ANY FOOD: All kinds of food are his favorite, I mean, there's so many to pick, right? If there's something to eat, he's a happy camper.

    ...FASHION: While Kiki is a stripper of the night scene and typically prefers wearing little to nothing, when he actually does, the male enjoys looking nice and spiffy for his peers. He likes to mismatch, color coordinate, and pull off specified themes of outfits based on his current mood. To put it short, he's rather picky about his appearance and looking good to those around him, so expect him to hog the bathroom before parties. He'll look god damn good though!


    ...LIARS: While it being a hypocritical statement, Kiki absolutely hates being lied to. The male is devoted and loyal to those that mean the world to him, but when they go off and destroy the connection they had with a pair of rusty scissors, Kiki cannot stand it. Though when you are a spy gathering information for your own benefit, lying to those that are only of acquaintance is his second nature. As much as he doesn't like it, a person must get the job done and he is the most skilled at it.

    ...VEGETABLES: There is nothing more than being a child at heart and frowning at the bland vegetables sitting on your plate. Kiki has never been a fan of the "green fiends", as he calls them, for much of his young life. Even while he may still scarf them down at that evenings dinner time, Kiki still hasn't gotten used to them. The male definitely prefers fruit more than anything.

    ...COLD WEATHER: Cold weather simply isn't in his book of favorites. Kiki can look warm and cozy in a nice scarf and coat underneath the falling snow, but the male, if anything, prefers wearing little to no clothing. The sun is his friend, as he says, and if you can go out and soak up its warm rays to some good music, to him, that is a good day.

    ...PAIN: Pain is one of the many things Kiki has an incredible time dealing with. Illnesses, needle pricks, bites or punches, his tolerance of anything minuscule is knocked up to fifty times in his mind. To those he is most close to, the male refuses to show it in any sort of reaction as well. He feels weak enough as it is by simply being who he is, so he bites his lip and holds back his tears to stick through it for your sake.

    ...MONSTERS: One can only wonder why a brightly haired twenty-one year old is afraid of, what he calls, monsters, you tend to imagine him sleeping with a nightlight on. Though Kiki has a great answer for such. While monsters aren't entirely the "under the bed" sort that youngins fear in their youth, Kiki means the monsters of the reality type. The murderers, the manipulators and simply, the bad side of society you may call it that reap on the goodhearted like himself. Those are the kind he dislikes with a capital D.

    ...HIS HEIGHT: If there is one thing that Kiki hates most of all, is when people point out his height and tease him ruthlessly about it. While he is of the younger bunch in the pack, he is a tad bit shorter than most (even those younger than him). The male is trying his absolute hardest to grow a few centimeters to the point he is actually eating his vegetables, though, it seems to not be working.

    ...LOSING HOPE: When you are stripped of everything and backed into the corner with your tail between your legs, people tend to lose hope and Kiki absolutely hates that. The young male hates the feeling of being powerless to those that mean the world to him, and feeling powerless to those that wish him harm. Useless, stupid, worthless, nothing; he believes there's always hope and another chance at anything, so when you shove words into his mouth and pin him down, he makes sure he doesn't go down without a fight.

    ...CONFRONTATION: When you manage to get through his false outer shell, Kiki is a gentle and sometimes, shy soul to the outside world. He tends to stay away from those that wish harm upon him and his group, so typically, he tries his best to avoid confrontation as much as possible. Though don't get him wrong, when you mess with him or any of his mates, he'll come out teeth gnashing.



    Kiki has a terrible fear of being rejected by his own peers and being left alone for the rest of his days. The young male has been thrown aside the entirety of his life due to his appearance, sexuality and personal choices by society, so the idea of being tossed out from his one and only family and left on the streets is something that frightens him dearly. Like a stray, Kiki wants a place he can call his own with peers that accept him, as well as not being left behind. He simply doesn't want to be alone.

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  8. [​IMG]

    "Everyone deserves a second chance."

    Name: Soo Noeul
    Age: 22
    Sex/Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Closet Bi-sexual
    Occupation: Fast food service
    Best Friend: Choi Yoon Tae "Tae"
    Relationship Status: Single
    Lover/Spouse: TBD

    Affiliation: The Pack
    Role: Team hypeman/master of disguise
    -Soo Noeul is always hyping his friends up to accomplish anything they want. He’s a cheerleader at heart, able to motivate and drive his team. Because of his job as a mascot for a fast food chain, Noeul has taken a liking to dressing up and acting a role.

    Suspect: TBD

    Sitting anywhere and doing nothing while drinking energy drinks/hanging out
    Goofing around with friends
    People watching/being a creep
    Binge eating. He’s so skinny it’s like he never gains weight
    Picking on people/teasing
    Getting into fights/arguing
    Serious, inspirational and motivational topics
    Dressing in ridiculous costumes
    Carnivals/arcades (guilty pleasure)
    Soap operas/girly dramas (guilty pleasure)

    Being alone/lonely
    Getting hit in fights
    Being a slacker
    Wandering eyes on men
    Overly emotional
    Letting the dead not move on
    Pretending to be dumber than he really is
    Flan and other custards

    Greatest Fear:
    Accepting his orientation and bringing shame to his family.

    Soo Noeul can be one of the most likeable and unlikable guys in town. He’s blunt, to the point, and has no filter whatsoever. He speaks anything on his mind without a second thought and rarely regrets what he says. He’s one to start fights, trying his best to make himself look big and bad. But, Noeul is really all bark and no bite.

    Once those take the time to really look pass Noeul’s façade, they will find a kind-hearted, great man who’s extremely loyal and all for the team. He prides himself in making others happy, making them laugh, being there when they need a friend, and helping out whenever he can. He’s willing to take the punishment for those he cares about, wanting to keep his friends out of trouble. Many see him as a scapegoat because of this, using Noeul’s kindness against him at times. Even when double crossed, Noeul continues to be the hypeman for his friend’s and group.


    Soo Noeul is a 22 year old man who barely managed to graduate school and works as a mascot for a fast food chain, dancing and passing out coupons. He never thought his life would turn out like this. Growing up, Noeul was praised and promised to have a great life. He’s smart, attentive, a joy to his hardworking parents who started from the bottom. Being their only child, everything was put on Noeul to achieve and bring his family into a better light.

    Somewhere in his teens, Noeul changed. Life became too serious because of the pressure of his parents. He stopped caring about school, finding it hard to get through classes, and opted for a life of a so-called slacker. Each year since age 15, the bond with his parents faded more and more until both parents stopped talking about the good things about him. Now, he’s seen as the good boy that screwed up somewhere, the embarrassment of two hard working people who managed to screw up raising an only child.

    He spends most of his time out the house, making friends with whoever gives him time, and forcing a smile on his face. Noeul loves being around people, even those that hate him, to have that attention he doesn’t get at home anymore. Noeul blames his craving for attention to his hidden bi-sexuality that he refuses to accept.

    The Pack is now his new family. And while some may not like him in it, Noeul sees them all as family.

    “I wish people would just take me seriously.”

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  9. [​IMG]

    "You were the moon. All this time. And he was always there for you to make you shine."

    "Was he the sun?"

    "No, honey, he was the darkness."


    College Student

    Best Friend:

    Relationship Status:



    The Pride

    The Party Boy



    Hooking up | Getting high | Getting wasted | Soft sweaters | Leather | Black coffee | Spicy food

    Chewing Gum | Watermelon flavored anything | Country music | Being told what to do | Fakes and liars

    Greatest Fear:


    Flirtatious - By no means a prude, Min Ki isn't afraid to behave in a playful way, letting others know of his sexual attraction to them.

    Deceptive - It's very easy for Min Ki to present a lie as fact, misleading others whenever it suits him.

    Narcissistic- Often mistaken for over confidence, Min Ki can act like he owns the room because he truly believes that he does.

    Guarded - Min Ki doesn't often jump head first into new relationships. Even though he might seem like a flirty, open book, the reality is that there are few people that Min Ki will allow to get close to him.

    Charismatic - Min Ki's compelling and charming personality has always been attractive and alluring to others.

    Perceptive - Understanding or figuring things out has always come naturally to Min Ki. He is insightful, intelligent, and can usually see things that other people will miss.

    Persuasive - Min Ki has always been able to easily get others to do what he wants, whether through reasoning or temptation, whatever suits his needs at the time.

    Resourceful - When faced with a problem, Min Ki has always had a knack for finding quick and clever ways to overcome most difficulties.

    Uninhibited - Societal conventions and rules mean nothing. Min Ki never lets anything get in the way of expressing himself, his thoughts, or feelings.

    Disrespectful - Borderline rude. Min Ki doesn't let someone's status dictate whether or not he is polite to them. Respect must be earned, no exceptions.

    Hedonistic - Sensually self-indulgent, Min Ki is always engaged in the pursuit of his own pleasures.

    Moody - In the blink of an eye, Min Ki can go from laughing and playful to sullen and melancholy, usually without much reason.

    Cowardly - If Min Ki is presented with a problem or situation that he doesn't want to deal with, he has no qualms about running and hiding from it, refusing to face it.


    Min Ki was born an only child, coddled by his rich parents and raised by a nanny. As a small child, he was petulant, bratty, and had no qualms about pitching a fit to get his way. In adolescence, he learned more subtle ways of getting what he wanted, and learned that people were more willing to give if you didn't make a scene. And if he couldn't use his wit or body to get what he wanted, mommy and daddy's money usually did the trick. Eventually, he tired of being one of the spoiled kids that had everything they wanted, driven to seek new thrills, something that would get the blood pumping in his veins.

    Joining the Pride after graduating highschool gave him some of that. Truth be told he was one of the wildest members, the party boy. He knew that some members looked down on him for his "careless" ways, but he also didn't have any problems telling them to fuck off either. Min Ki has a lot of vices: alcohol, drugs, pretty boys and girls, fast cars, so going to college allowed him to indulge without having his parents breathing down his neck about his wild behavior. All part of the college experience right?

    Jack of Hearts

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  10. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Be true to yourself.




    | Min Ji - Yeon |
    | 24 |
    | Bisexual |
    | Flower boutique owner |


    Best Friend:
    They were the ones who originally started this, right in their college years, and have built a strong bond ever since then. These two always talk, even about the most sensitive subjects, and can be found together during the day just hanging out and going over business.

    Relationship Status:

    Mako, his handsome and strong jagiya, his lion.



    He finds it hard to believe that anyone in the Pride would have committed such an act and he only hopes that nobody has done it.



    Alcohol (sometimes)
    Sweet smelling things
    Loose sweaters

    Going on dates

    Getting high


    Greatest Fear:
    Getting caught
    Sure, they're all pretty safe in what they do, but that doesn't mean he's not allowed to worry. He truly worries for everyone, even himself, and only hopes that they stay together and proceed with intelligence and caution.

    Benevolent, scary when serious, overall compassionate. He was raised to be a good child and those principles still apply to his current life. Most people deserve kindness wherever and he wants to offer people that comfort if he can. Ji Yeon treats you as an equal (though of course he's probably older than you so you should show him respect) and will not talk you down. Do you need to rant a bit? Go ahead. He's all ears. Just want to spend time with someone? Give him a call or shoot him a text. He'll be gentle about it. However, he's co-leader for a reason so do not underestimate him. He has a pretty face and may look harmless, but he will seriously break you apart if you mess with him or someone he deeply cares about. Sure, he's forgiving, but forgiveness comes with a price if you're on his little 'list.' Dare get on his bad side and you'll pay for it. When it comes to business, he can get serious. No fucking around when he's in charge. Being snapped at by him makes you feel shitty.

    Ji Yeon otherwise is your mother figure. He will cook for you, bake for you, even let you crash at his place if you're drunk or in trouble. Just don't get him involved! Good guests don't do that. He smells like flowers and sugary fruit more often than not and has a natural calming aura about him, usually completed with dashing smiles. He is well liked for a reason and he also has enemies for a reason.

    Born to rich parents, Ji Yeon has lived a rather easy and laid-back life. An only child, a student who excelled at every subject and had the looks... many were jealous of him. How often is a rich, spoiled child actually born with a good heart full of true intentions? His parents raised him to be considerate and honest and he only has to thank them for who he is today. They're missed dearly. When he was a freshman in highschool, the day before spring break, a terrible event happened. His house was set on fire by some unknown strangers, presumably delinquents jealous of him or even business partners holding grudges. The fire blazed through the household and Ji Yeon only survived because he was woken up by his kitten Lucy when their fire alarms failed. The fire had reached his floor and he had no choice: jump. So he jumped out of the window with Lucy in his hands and a few items precious to him, only praying that his parents were safe too.

    They weren't.

    Fire trucks came but the house had practically burned down before they entered to try and save his parents. Everything was gone. Devastation struck Ji Yeon. All he had were sparse belongings and his kitten mewling in his arms and squirming about. Shortly after the fire, he was sent to live with family friends in the next city. They didn't have much but they accepted Ji Yeon into their family of four other children and treated him as their own. School was completed over the summer for him, as he couldn't return for some time due to his recovery time, and he still brandishes a large scar running along the entirety of his back from his shoulder blades to his lower back. It was obviously from the fall.

    Ji Yeon adjusted during the next school year and worked hard. His family were struggling in the city and often apologized to the orphan but he never gave up hope in them. They took him in when they themselves did not have much. He wanted to give back. City life was more difficult than his previous environment but he was more than determined to assist, even if that meant doing unspoken things. What sort of unspoken things? Light prostitution. The city was full of interesting characters and institutions, one of which he got a job into. Men liked pretty faces and Ji Yeon used that to his advantage. The money he earned got the family out of debt and as soon as Ji Yeon turned 18, he gave almost all of his money to his new family before moving out for college. A full ride. He was no longer going to serve as their burden. Now they could live happily and comfortably.

    College went by quickly and he went through what he could. He didn't want a large degree. He didn't want to run his family's business and follow in their footsteps. The male wanted to be quaint, to work alongside the less fortunate and build a new life. What interested him? Gardening. Baking. Cooking. Wife-material things, but they were things he learned with his other family. After helping create the Pride, he opened his own flower business and even a full garden on the roof for fresh fruits and vegetables. Most of these went to the local orphanage down the street, as well as some flowers to make the children feel better.

    Ji Yeon to this day surprisingly has no fear of fire. He should, right? But he understands that what happened was a tragic accident and that he shouldn't fear something of nature. Rather he should welcome it, embrace it, while staying weary of its power. Through saving someone else, he learned how to cope with tragedy and spend nights just listening and offering his own help wherever needed. Fingers running along a strong figure, large but gentle hands tracing patterns into his skin, comforting words just whispers getting drowned in the rustling sheets... those were the things that made him relax. Being with the love of his life, working and living side by side with him, feeling full. Complete, even. Like nothing could tear him apart.

    He continues to his flower boutique, Min Ji's Flowers (based on his surname and first name) while maintaining the co-leader position of The Pride.

    Oh, and he still has Lucy the Siamese. She likes to hang out in the windowsills of the shop.





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  11. "Let me rock your fucking world,"

    • "Curious sweetie?"

      ✘ Name ✘
      Ash Messick
      ✘ Age ✘
      22 years old
      ✘ Gender ✘
      ✘ Sexual Orientation ✘
      ✘ Occupation ✘
      ✘ Best Friend ✘
      PM/Tag if interested? ^^
      ✘ Relationship Status ✘
      "I'm a free man bitches,"
      ✘ Lover/Spouse ✘
      None (yet)
      ✘ Affiliation ✘
      ✘ Role ✘
      The Spy
      ✘ Suspect ✘

    • "Come and find out..."

      Flirty - There is no one out there that will not be attacked by Ash's flirty attitude. He knows that batting his eyelashes and shaking his ass to the right kind of people can get him exactly what he wants and needs before he's done with them.
      Bratty - While he's not a leader he doesn't mind acting like one. What is the point of being all serious all the time anyway? He can be quite mouthy and disrespectful to his superiors, but if anyone complains about it he's happy to show off his beautiful middle finger to the one complaining.
      Troublemaker - Stirring up a little bit of trouble is like Ash's second nature. There's no fun if nothing's happening and if the world doesn't want to provide him with something interesting, then he'll just find something to do himself. Consequences doesn't exist in his world.
      Outgoing - It's far from hard to get friendly with Ash and he's more than happy to take the first step if someone else is too shy to do it. He flings his bright smiles and sweet words around to those around him to increase his friend circle, seeing nothing wrong in gaining more acquaintances or friends.
      Sly - As a spy it is important to have a little bit of a silver tongue, but also plan several move ahead so he knows what he is meant to do next in other to reach his goal. He may not look like the brightest individual, but no one truly knows what's going on in that head of his.
      Secretive - Keeping secrets, his own and others, are his specialty. He is a spy so he knows he holds precious information that should only be given to special people. Getting information out of him can be incredible difficult, but not entirely impossible, as long as it does not go against the will of the Pride.
      Teasing - If there is something he can tease you about you will never hear the end of it. He does know his limits, he just doesn't care about them. If he's having fun on someone else's behalf, then that's all the better.
      Sassy - Do not come with a snarly comment over Ash's way and expect to not get a reply. You'll get more than you asked for, because Ash is not in the mood to take shit from anyone. It doesn't matter who you are, he will say everything he means about you and a little bit more.

    • "Heh,"

      ♥ Flirting
      ♥ Sex
      ♥ Rain
      ♥ The night sky
      ♥ His bed
      ♥ Sweets
      ♥ Music
      ♥ His piercings
      ♥ Teasing
      ♥ Messing around
      ♥ Alcohol
      ♥ Parkour

      ♡ Being tricked
      ♡ Broccoli
      ♡ Early mornings
      ♡ Too hot days
      ♡ Coffee
      ♡ Getting in too much trouble
      ♡ Being woken up
      ♡ Drugs
      ♡ Discovered while under cover
      ♡ Hangovers
      ♡ Noisy people
      ♡ Curiousity

    • "Ha. Fuck you,"

      Ash's biggest fear is to be alone for the rest of his life. He knows his personality may make him seem like a "player", but he is loyal if he ever found true love. One that he actually believes in. He does love to flirt with people, but he'd stop flirting with everyone else the second he found "the right" guy. Ash is aware that it doesn't exactly help how he is working as a spy, but he too is looking for someone to accept him and love him as he is, his every bratty to sensitive area in a romantic and sexual sense. Though he never voices out his fear of living through his whole life alone, it goes against his personality.

    • "Let's get it done then..."

      Ash has been an infiltrator for as long as he can remember. His parents died early in a car accident so he has little to no memories of them, so it's hard to miss someone he didn't even know. His father's brother took him in - his uncle - who happened to be a part of the military. Ash was too young to handle weapons, but he was not too young to infiltrate. He fit right in actually. Early on he was taught how to utilize the environment to its fullest potential, how there were paths and shortcuts that only he could see with his newfound training, how the world was a small part of his playground. As a young man most wouldn't believe he was a spy anyway, it made everything easier for his uncle. Training was all that Ash got to know, he didn't grow up in a loving family so it was never something he ever demanded either.

      Of course everything can't go perfectly. Ash was working undercover in a smaller military movement that was suspected for terror. He had been there for around half a year and had gotten really close to all of them, which wasn't a part of the plan. It was weird to be exposed to something he didn't know from before, but something he knew he should have had. In the beginning he was fine with faking the smiles and laughter, acting like they wanted him to in order to get closer quicker and get the information he needed, but after a while he didn't need to fake it anymore. He laughed because he liked their humor, he smiled because he was happy to see them, he helped them out where help was needed because he wanted to, not because he needed to get closer, to earn their trusts. Ash had tried to shake off the feeling that he 'belonged' there for the longest of times, but it just didn't work. He had never been trained to know what to do when his feelings got in the way, it was so strange.

      One day his uncle called him and told him to get ready. They were going to infiltrate and arrest them all, except Ash of course. He didn't say anything to the group and let what was going to happen, happen. This was how it was meant to be, he disappeared behind the curtains as a 'traitor' to them and a 'hero' for the other side. Though neither made him feel any better. The mere thought of staying there to watch them get beaten up and put in cuffs disgusted him, so instead he pulled himself back.

      And then he did something he thought he never would have the backbone to do.

      He attacked one of the soldiers and knocked him out, quickly stealing his uniform before getting into one of the trucks where the others were brought into to be transported to the facility. Luckily Ash knew how to drive, but he hadn't gotten his license card yet. He drove them as far out as he dared before stopping somewhere around a town that would be a day or two walk, any closer would risk them getting caught and Ash feared they wouldn't be caught alive then. He let them all out, he let them free while wearing his full gear to hide his face. Though he can still remember that the reasoning for taking off his helmet wasn't to hide his identity, it was to hide the tears he was shedding. Words couldn't tell how much he wanted to go with them, but he knew he didn't deserve it. Therefore he let them go, and let himself stay behind.

      Though one of them patted him on the shoulder and just grinned. They had probably known all along... and yet neither one of them seemed angry with him. Even if they knew, and even if they had forgiven him Ash couldn't bring himself to be with them anymore. He didn't deserve it.

      Instead he walked back to the truck and drove off, to become M.I.A before he turned to K.I.A.
      He changed his name, his hair color and overall appearance. All in order to start a fresh new page, forgetting the last chapter in his life entirely.

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  12. "Make love. Not war,"

    • "Hello there,"

      Ethan Price

      19 years old

      Sexual Orientation


      Model & Part time worker in Ji-Yeon's flower boutique
      Best Friend

      PM/Tag if interested?
      Relationship Status




      The Newbie


    • "You want to know that much about me?"

      Shy - Ethan is not the person to approach someone else. He sees nothing wrong in talking with others, but he won't be the one to approach first. If there's a crowd he'd retreat to the corner to try and make himself as invisible as possible as he hates being the center of attention.
      Pacifist - Violence only creates even more violence. He knows that there cannot be a world without conflict, but he's convinced there can be one without violence. Words can do more than enough to solve a problem, punches only creates more. Therefore Ethan refuses to hurt anyone in any way, and would rather be the one getting hurt if there is no way out.
      Modest - His confident isn't on top to say the least which makes him quite the modest young man. He'll blush at the smallest of compliments and deny then immediately, or degrading them. In a way he has a "compliment allergy" which works against him plenty of times due to his modeling job.
      Kind - If you ever need someone to take care of you then count on Ethan to be there for you. He's ready to be the shoulder you need to cry on, and he's willing to listen the entire night through to every single one of your silly complaints without judging you in any way. He wishes to be there for others and take care of others, no matter who they are. Humans are still humans.
      Self-Sacrificial - Whenever a dire situation occurs Ethan hardly wastes a second to sacrifice himself for the better of others. It is his way of protecting others, offering himself to be the punchbag of those who are foolish enough to fall to the path of violence. Many view him as stupid, but this is Ethan's 'bravery'.
      Quiet - He has a way of keeping quiet and letting others lead the conversation and instead listen to others. He may seem like he's spacing out, but in truth he's listening very closely. He'll answer to questions if asked, but he does not like the lead the conversation. However - on rare occasions - he might speak up if there's something he views as important which needs to be shared.
      Hardworking - Whatever it is that he is doing he puts his everything into it. He wants to do something to the best of his capabilities, and he gets annoyed whenever he feels as if he's lacking in something. His hardworking nature sometimes drives him to extreme exhaustion, but it doesn't seem to stop him before his body and mind literally shuts off.
      Possessive - While he's not the aggressive type to show it off he is quite possessive to his friends and his loved ones. He doesn't like seeing them being with others, and tends to do small gestures to keep them close, like gripping into their shirts or quietly grabbing onto their hands. He's bad at expressing himself, so he just prays those small gestures are enough.
      Naive - Because Ethan likes to believe that everyone has something good inside of them, he becomes quite the naive person and believes in the better instead of the worse. He knows that that people can change, and believes that everyone is willing to do it, but a very small part of him knows that that thought might, one day, cost him his life.

    • "I just want this toy..."

      The outdoor
      The spring

      Being alone
      Unreasonable violence
      Spicy food
      Messy places
      Noisy people/places
      Alcohol & drugs
      The winter
      Unable to help
      Bees (allergic)
      Big dogs

    • "Don't think about it. Just smile?"

      Ethan's biggest fear is to ever be face with abandonment It doesn't matter if he is left behind or they die or something else, what he fears is being alone. He does not wish to be in a cruel world alone, which is why he works so hard on being helpful and useful for others. If something were to happen to his friends and he could have done something, then that would break his spirit completely. Ethan wants to spread smiles over to all of his friends, and he hopes that his efforts will be enough to keep his friends from leaving him behind.

    • "Did... did you really need to bring that up?"

      Unfortunately Ethan remembers little of his past. It is not because he does not want to, but because he is unable to. The little he knows is that he and his family was in an area with a lot of conflicts between gangs, and his parents had gotten in contact with one of them. They never told Ethan why, but one day his parents had just left and he was left all on his own. The reason he can't remember anything is because he has suppressed them, or so his psychiatrist keeps on telling him. He had tried to find out more by asking questions, but she is never willing to answer them which makes Ethan fear the worst of the worst. His memories begins when he is sixteen and it feels so strange to not remember anything of his childhood. A lot of unanswered questions leaves Ethan the ability to answer them - or make answers for himself - and therefore the answers have turned a lot more morbid than he would have liked them to be.

      They left him for a reason. The reason for Ethan is that they could no longer take care of him, and the reason they got in touch with gangs was him. Perhaps they left him in order to get rid of a burden, or maybe they never wanted him from the beginning and left him when they believed Ethan was able to take care of himself. He cannot even remember how they found him, but rumors around the house he had been living in spoke of blood and something more terrible, which did not help Ethan in the slightest.

      A part of him blames his own blindness for being the cause that his parents sudden disappearance and abandonment. Perhaps it was too much for them to live with, a blind child could never be easy for any parents. If only he had been born with sight, then maybe he would have made things easier for his parents. He doesn't even know if he was really born blind either, but that is something Ethan have chosen to believe to give himself some answers to the millions of questions he asks himself all of the time.

      In his later years he was picked up by a photographer where his modelling job officially began - making him able to move out of the kind psychiatrist house - and instead have an apartment for himself. He doesn't earn loads of money, but he earns enough for himself to live off and to pay off the rent. Somewhere in the back of his mind he wishes that he could find his parents - dead or alive - just to know what happened. He hopes that he one day remembers what happened, but secretly he also hopes it never returns to him.

      Maybe some things are just better forgotten. His brain must have suppressed 16 years worth of memories for a very good reason. Right?

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  13. Jack of ♡​

    "Life is as ever changing like a river just like love, yet both hurt like a knife to the heart and a gunshot to the stomach when it all ends.”
    Cyrille Nereus
    18 Male Homosexual
    Occupation: Music store employee
    Best Friend: ???
    Relationship Status: Taken

    Affiliation: Pack
    Role: Foot soldier/Spy
    Suspect: ???

    < Music of any kind
    > Reading
    < Being around the one he loved the most
    > Getting into fights even when he can’t win
    _Being bored_
    _No lust for life in people_
    _Meaningless murder_

    Greatest Fear: Death and spiders

    Personality: Cyrille is a kind and sensitive soul that hides a fiery side that loves to get into trouble. He loves to have fun and do crazy things, especially at night. Cyrille can be a bit blunt when it is needed. He is also extremely loyal to his gang, which kind of puts him in a tight situation when it also tangles in with his love life.

    Cyrille lived in the city with his usually drunk and forgetful parents. When his parents ran out of alcohol, they would have him go and get more. These times were the only times where they remembered he was there. Because he was so young, he had to steal it and that just made it worse when the cops would catch him. Luckily, he developed his skills through this and would practice sneaking into and out of places whenever his parents scent him out. When he grew into his teen years, he found himself in the Pack and it became a stable and safe place for him... when they weren't going up against the Pride.

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  14. [​IMG]

    "I like the darkness. There's somthing to the feeling of not knowing your surroundings, not seeing the color of things as they appear, but as they truly are. There's something about the unknown, the quiet, the cold. There's something unspoken about the dark, something I can never quite put words to. Something terrifying, yet beautiful."


    Drug Runner

    Best Friend:

    Relationship Status:



    The Pack

    The Runner ; eventually functions as the Pack Leader



    Dark places | Sunsets | Late Nights | Sour food | Cigarettes

    Liquor | Illicit drugs | Waking up early | Naivety | Sweet things

    Greatest Fear:
    Dying without making an impact on the world.


    Street smart-

    Analytical -

    Spontaneous -

    Cynical -

    Arrogant -

    Rude -




    King of Diamonds

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  15. [​IMG]



    My whole life was a blur, but then you smiled at me and everything was as clear as day.


    OCCUPATION The owner of a popular host club by the name of "Water Lily".
    LOVER/SPOUSE Min Ji-Yeon, the light of his life.
    BEST FRIEND ????
    SUSPECT ????
    ROLE He's the muscle, or fighter of Pride. The "big guns" as he likes to say. He knows many fighting styles after fending off the dogs in the black market for so long.
    SIDE ROLE Although being relatively new in the group, he is quite observant and pretty much memorizes everything that everyone does. Think of him as the protective big brother.



    Motherless, and practically fatherless, children sometimes grow up too quick for their hopeful, bright-eyed dreams to keep up. Mako is no exception. All of the little lessons he learned as a scraggly boy feel alien to him; inconsequential, unimportant. He remembers them clearly enough and knows how to replicate them for convenience sake, though like a tree locked up in a cupboard, his branches have grown in strange directions to keep up. He prefers to simply exist even when plagued with loneliness. A shadow that echoes behind his panicked steps; intimidating and uncomfortable, stretching claws underneath the crevices of his shoulder blades. He's fading away; almost gone, a blip in the massive sky of never-ending cosmos. He's on the brink of screaming because he needs someone to understand what he's going through. Someone to support him, someone to run with, to accept him as who he is with the shitty cards he has been dealt. To sit through his wave of curses and heaves of denial to be able to meet the core. Mako is a fighter, and always has been a fighter. Admitting that he is broken is like pulling teeth; he won't go down until he's pinned to the ground with claws out and teeth gnashing.

    An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, the male can come off as strictly black-and-white in the eyes of his peers. He too is often known for being capable of bending and shifting his viewpoints when the time arises. In other words, Mako is the full embodiment of tints and shades. While a very deep and intense person with more than meets the eye, at the same time he presents a cool, almost detached air to the world. Underneath that cracked porcelain is tremendous power, extreme strength, intense passion and a strong-will trailed by a persistent drive.

    Despite being the eldest and only heir of the Jeon family business, how his parents met Mako never knew. His father was never one to tell the truth, let alone to him, and was much too fond of lies for Mako to ever get any real story out of him. Small, nonchalant fibs to keep the blubbering child quiet and out of his way. While his father was an intimidating shadow in his facade of nothingness, Mako lost his mother at a very young age. The one person who was supposed to be the most prevalent in his life, gone within an instance to the point he can't even remember her. Orphans have always said they recognize their mothers smell: daffodils, daisies, roses or lilies. Beautiful flowers that call out to him. But, Mako smells nothing. Only an empty need to fabricate for the sake of clutching onto something. He tried to imagine that she was alive, whole and real, and with him right now, but it was impossible without those small sensory secrets to make himself believe, even just for a second. It would've been enough. He never saw his mother's soft hair and never understood the likeness between her and his father, not without her cooing words, not without her guidance to trace the contours of their adjacent noses. Mako always felt like nobodies child. In all technicalities, he was born to a ghostly, nonexistent woman and a pompous nobleman who couldn't even recall his name - simple syllables that would've meant the world to him. There hadn't been any other children to play with: no brothers, sisters, or even distant half-cousins that would give him the time of day. Only a lonesome, disconcerting youngster with bright eyes, sharp features and no friends. How many words were spoken directly to him by his father? Perhaps: "Elbows, Mako. Only speak when you're spoken to, boy. Where's your nanny? I told her a thousand times to teach you proper goddamn manners." Mostly, it was as if those words were directed at the walls, like he couldn't bear to look his only son straight in the face. If he said he didn't live a privileged life though, then Mako would've been lying.

    Soon enough, the young boy began wandering away from the sticky, uncomfortable confines of the Jeon home. The further he went, the better he felt. He became something of a rascal on the streets. He poked around and made a nuisance of himself, pestering the patrons for stories of treasure and adventure. Many became fond of his eager naivety and spoiled him rotten, teaching him a few tricks of the trade to keep him happy, while others either ignored him or sent him scurrying with a yell. Being so small, so significantly unnoticed, he often was lost in his own world. He was only truly useful to himself. Every night, as he retired to bed, he whispered into his pillow the secrets he learned during the day of adventuring. It was one of many games that kept him busy, kept him from wondering why his father couldn't bear the sight of him. Kept him from missing the floral smell of his forgotten mother. This continued on and on each day until his father was murdered while on a business trip, and he was given to the hands of his nanny as the next heir. Finally free and able to do as he pleased without the harsh words of his unloving father.

    When Mako reached his ripening teen years, the male sprouted beautifully and became the man many girls dreamed of having. From the small, lonesome kid to a tall, handsome lion gifted with a deep, caramel voice; Mako had his life set before him. His grades were astounding, his popularity off the charts and his love life strictly beautiful girls and handsome boys. It wouldn't be long until he finished private school and eventually college, only then have the company his father left for him in his possession. Nothing could stop him at this point. Though when you get into the business world with a pocketful of inheritance money and a notorious host club, you can't help but get sucked into the black market head first. Many would imagine the underground dogs would tear this fresh slab of meat into pieces, but come to find out, Mako was a natural. Not only did his intimidating appearance and deep set of pipes scare off those who attempted to cross him, but the male had a dangerous tongue for a good business. He was a big timer now. The endless amounts of money, the great sex, the copious supply of high-end drugs; it all came in at once like a rushing wave. He picked himself up a loving boyfriend and a new place he could call home without a worry in the world. This was it, this was his life.

    But good things, always come to an end.

    His new addictions came without a warning, swallowing his whole world up whenever he managed to get some time for himself. It was the high, he craved it. The pills, the coke, the occasional shot of heroin; they were his best friend, the one and only thing that kept him grounded in this shitty world. The thing that kept him from tipping straight over the edge. He needed it, like a fish that needed water. His boyfriend left, his business flopped, the male was constantly getting into blood fights with the market dogs and knocking out cold into the beds of high-end prostitutes. Mako was drifting, faster and faster into the depths of the unknown without any signs of stopping. The scars, the bruises, the need for that substance to reside in his veins once more. Was there a reason to live anymore? He had no family, no friends, no lover to call his own. Simply money in the bank and a condo to go back to after a nights worth of getting trashed and beat up. He felt useless. Nothing.

    He knew for a fact he would've slipped away if it hadn't been for him.

    The blonde hair, the gentle hands of an angel, the smile that made him realize his life was actually worth living. Pride picked him up before it was too late, and suddenly, in one single instant, Mako scraped himself off the side of the street and pushed himself to get clean. They were the voice of reason, the hope he could entrust in, the family that he never had. For once, now, he wasn't just another face. Mako, from that day on, dedicated himself to the group and started anew.



    RED Mako, for the entirety of his life, has been looking through a set of black and white goggles passed down from the hands of his detached father. Nothing else stuck out to him, vibrant blues or soft yellows, but the fiery passion of a sunset red caught his eye. Beneath that gray-scale canvas of his is the burning dedication similar to that of a crimson, the physical embodiment of a color he has long since locked away. Whether it be the color of blood, hardworking hands or bloodshot eyes, Mako connects the color to the idea of strength. There's just something peculiar about the intensity of it that he takes a keen liking to.

    CATSThere's something about cats Mako says, sitting stoic and in their glory, that no other animal has. Dogs can be obnoxious and annoying, running up to you hoping for another game of ball, while cats do their own thing at their very own pace. They come to you when they need to, and keep themselves occupied with long naps or downtown adventures. Pretty much what Mako dreams of doing in his spare time.

    MORNINGS No matter what, early bird gets the worm and Mako is always up at the same time every day to do as such. Routine is important to him, it keeps him occupied. Though it's not just that, he enjoys watching the sun rise and cast rays of light on the sea of wrinkled bed sheets. The silence of the room, the soft snores of his lover, there's nothing better than that. It's like the world stops, just for him.

    SINGING While it may not look like he is much of a singer, the truth is, he is. Singing is actually a favorite pastime of his despite his intimidating appearance. He's the type of person to sing in the shower when he has some time alone, or hum a cheerful tune during downtime. Those who have caught an ear of his voice will be surprised by the way it sounds. If he hadn't of obtained his inheritance, surely, he would be on a stage singing somewhere in the world.

    CUDDLING To go hand in hand with the love of early mornings, Mako is an avid fan of cuddling, especially with Ji-Yeon. The act of simply laying there in silence with nothing but the warmth of two bodies is one of his absolute favorites. The male is a huge softie when it comes to things like this especially.

    SPICY FOODS Having been fed gourmet food all his life, the male settled down on the spicy Korean barbecue from the street vendors he had visited often as a child. You could say that was the only worthwhile thing he cherishes from his childhood and actually remembers head on.


    THREATS Mako is a man of action, so when someone is throwing threats around nonchalantly with little to no follow up, he tends to get a bit heated. He likes to settle things upfront and forward, so when people are beating around the push and threatening those that mean the world to him, he tends to go out fists flying.

    SWEET FOODS The male will eat sweet things out of respect for Ji-Yeon and his wonderful baking, but nothing more. Secretly, the male cannot stand outrageously sweet things due to having a liking to the hot variety for so long. But if he can make his jagiya happy by eating a faceful of baked goods, he is a happy camper nonetheless. Just don't tell Ji-Yeon!

    WARM WEATHER Mako doesn't mind being shirtless for other matters, but when it comes to keeping cool in hot or even humid weather, the male cannot stand it. He prefers weather of the cold sort, or even snow when winter manages to come around. There's something about cozy sweaters and long scarves, or even little mittens that Mako finds appealing. The occasional rainy day during the cool spring is particularly nice as well.

    INSECTS Who knew this big fella would be afraid of even the littlest of bugs? Mako can take a fist to the face or a knife to the gut, but when a garden spider is found crawling beneath his bed sheets during the night, you can guarantee the male is sleeping on the couch without a blanket. Maybe it's from being sheltered to the point he rarely left the house as a child, but regardless, Mako won't come near anything that lives outside and is meant to stay out there.

    LOUD NOISES As stated before, Mako loves the silence of early mornings, but also, he takes a liking to silence in general. When you are working and constantly listening to the chatter of men and women throughout the day, the act of settling down in a quiet room is all he could ask for. People talking, or simple noise pollution of the busy city gets on his nerves.

    FAILING Mako hates failing more than anything else in this world. When you are programmed with the concept of winning and only winning, the idea of managing to fail even a simple task disgusts Mako to the point he beats himself up. His father only taught him to be the best, so anything below or even in between causes the male to second guess himself.



    In this moment of time, Mako is scared of losing everything again due to his poor choices and decisions. After having met the love of his life and regaining a position of respect within the group, he is deathly afraid of having it all slip away to never be seen again. Though careful and nearly proceeding with caution in everything that he does, Mako feels the littlest mistakes he makes will backfire on him and bring him back to the lowest point of his life again.

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  16. Appearance


    Name: Marcus Blackwell

    Age: 20

    Sex/Gender: Male

    Sexual Orientation: Homosexual


    Best Friend:

    Relationship Status:

    (if it applies)



    (who do they believe killed Andrew? why?)



    Greatest Fear:

    (at least two full lines)

    (at least one small paragraph)

    (anything you'd like to add- theme songs, habits, appearance details, etc.)

    Will finish by tomorrow​

  17. [​IMG]

    Don't make mistakes you can't return from.




    | Mo Seok-Jae AKA "Momo" |
    | 23 |
    | Pansexual |
    | Nightclub owner/ dealer |


    Best Friend:

    Relationship Status:




    Given his lack of trust, he is going to be cautious of everyone.



    Being alone
    Not talking to people
    Spicy foods
    Having some sort of semblance of control

    Having to make decisions
    Getting high more than twice in a day
    Sun, sunlight, bright lights
    Being disturbed (woken up)
    Physical activity
    Physical contact
    Sweet food

    Greatest Fear:
    He's lived through a lot of shit so he doesn't really know what to fear besides an early death. He really, really, hates heights and will refuse to go in any building that is higher than four stories. If he's brought to a window where he can look at the ground in --let's say a skyscraper-- he will most likely suffer from a panic attack. Don't stick him in tall buildings or he will lose it.


    Seokjae is hard to approach, hence his lack of friends or colleagues. He can get mad easily, his temper practically a loose cannon, but he's not exactly intimidating. His bark is literally worse than his bite. Usually his bark is enough to get people to knock off their annoying behavior and fix whatever got him pissed off in the first place. He takes nothing from nobody and is about as independent as one can get; lives alone, works alone, likes to be alone... it's just his lifestyle. Been like that since he was young and habits tend to stick around. Seokjae can be characterized as being overall grumpy and in a bad mood, swearing like a sailor the minute he wakes up in the afternoon and flailing about like a tornado if someone wakes him up from his slumber. Despite his attitude, he can actually be helpful sometimes. Not often, but sometimes. Same with compassion. He has little patience but for some reason, if you just want to rant out feelings, he'll sit quietly and listen. Maybe not pitch in, but just listen. It's sort of like talking to a brick wall; it's there to listen but doesn't talk back when you're done. His advice can be sort of shabby and strange in logic but one day it might come in handy. If he really cares about you, you'll know. Seokjae would only laugh and smile so much around others.

    Seokjae was an orphan from the age of three. Mother couldn't take care of him anymore on her own and his father was probably dead or drunk somewhere in a city alley slowly dying of liver cancer or alcohol poisoning. Not like it mattered. He was raised in an orphanage for his young life and through his teenage years, generally an outcast among the children. A grouchy kid was never welcomed to play toys, which was fine by the thin Asian boy. He didn't need friends. He was fine on his own. He attended the usual, cringe-worthy public schools just like all of the other kids at the orphanage, scoring a part-time job in the city. It made enough money for him to get out of the orphanage when he was of the legal age to do so, renting out a shitty studio apartment after finishing highschool. He had no money for college. What was the point? Working multiple jobs in the shadier side of the city helped him realize the world and how unfair it really was. He scraped by just enough to make a bit of a living, getting tied in with all the wrong people. Were they friends? No, not really. Just low-beat dirtbags that kept him busy and on his toes all the time. There, he learned the trade of dealing drugs in the alleys of the city, crafting it into his own mold. It was something to do, something to keep him occupied. The money helped him become less poor and more comfortable, affording a real apartment after he saved up the money. Sure, he had almost gotten arrested once more twice, but he escaped. Became one with the shadows again.

    At one point he had gone too far. Got involved in a gang shootout. Gangbangers were awful people to deal with, but having a gun aimed at his forehead had been the scariest moment in his life. Turns out the gangleader just wanted a business partnership after hearing about Seokjae's small drug business and he really couldn't say no with a gun pressed against his head, a thumb on the trigger of the loaded gun. It frightened him, almost gave him one of his panic attacks. Only idiots would try to get out of that situation. Reluctantly he agreed, getting his hands on drugs and then giving them to the gang who either indulged or sold the goods for super inflated prices, giving Seokjae only a small portion of the money in return. It was a short time, only about a year or so, before the partnership ended with the sudden death of the gang leader. He received no threats. Hardly kept in contact with the gang members. Sometimes individuals would ask him for product and he'd sell to them. End of that story.

    With the money accumulating still, he knew he needed to invest in something to not look suspicious. So, when he found a building for sale with a decent price on the corner of a busy street in LA, he threw almost all of his money into the damn thing. Made it into a bustling nightclub, gay-friendly, still selling drugs to those who knew him or knew of his trade. He didn't go to college and he didn't have plans to go and he could legally own a business so why not invest in something that would keep his nights busy? Not like he had anything else better to do in life.

    Thus, Club Essence was born, also bringing about his new membership in the Pride. He had known of them as just a bunch of youngsters grouping together like a frat, but he never actually thought he'd join a gang. They were pretty low-key and he could tolerate that. Blame a certain annoying druggie kid named Min Ki for dragging him in. Once you're in, you can't get out.


    - This tattoo (the one with the blue flower) covering his left arm (replace the pink bird with a small peacock)
    - The butterfly on his hand in the third picture is also on his left arm (so basically his entire arm from shoulder to hand is tattooed)
    - A jasmine flower on the side of his neck right below his ear with Roman numerals of his birth date going vertically next to it
    - Lotus flower tattoo in the center of his back
    - Band around his right shoulder
    - Compass on his upper forearm, right underneath the band to form an upper sleeve
    - Two small, minimalistic anchors on his hip bones
    - Has 5 piercings; two in his right and three in his left
    - Has a single tongue piercing




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  18. Bambi Title.png
    Bambi Banner.png


    Daje Barbour


    Bambi Derric Hemlock





    Youtuber/Professional Chef



    Kept Short


    Hazel but sometimes they look Gold in The Sunlight.




    189 lbs.


    A Runner's Body


    Bambi has a tattoo on his left bicep and only his closes of friends know what it means to him.

    A few small burn scars from his old home's tragic fire.

    A Crescent shaped birthmark in the middle of his chest.

    Bambi has another tattoo that goes around his left ankle. It's a chain with the names of his parents and the day they died under their names.


    Bambi's Nipples are the only thing he has pierced and he wears tight shirts just to show off his perky nipples, the boys love it when they notice.


    Street Chic
    High Fashion




    Single AF


    ... Single ...


    The Pack


    Bambi might not look the part, but when The Pack needs someone handled or needs something done without a trace, he is usually the man for the job. He knows how to clean up the others messes and he knows how to get them out of sticky situations. Since he is so clean cut and "innocent" looking, he always seems to escape unharmed when The Pack gets into trouble. It might be pure luck or some crazy ass supernatural power that he has or something but Bambi is usually the only one that doesn't get caught when he does anything. He could walk into a bank and rob them and he would get away for no other reason than for not looking like the type to do something like that. The Fixer is the perfect role for him, knowing how to fix the mistakes of others has always been something he has been a master at.


    Bambi doesn't know who would do this to Andrew, he hopes that it was just some random thug that thought he could make a name for himself if he took out one of the Big Dogs. He hopes that none of his friends betrayed their Leader and he hopes that no one from The Pride did something so horrible... he wants answers and he will get them, no matter what.


    R&B. Arcades. Clubbing. DJing. Cooking. New Recipes. Flirting. Reading. Commitment. Meeting New People. Sunlight. Swimming. Pools. Beaches. Traveling. The Pack. Spray Paint. Painting. Fashion. Youtube. Entertainment. Entertaining. Sushi. KPop. Pop. Trash Pop. Dancing. Positivity. Making Jokes. Consoling Others. Friends. Cookies. The Color Jean Blue. Overalls. Cats. Helping Others. Yoga. Meditation. Exercising. Running. Horror Movies. Comedies. Disney Movies. Cartoons. Balloons. Coloring. Online Games. Costumes. Living Life. The Truth.


    Negativity. Liars. Backstabbers. Death. Fires. Sadness. Raining Days. Crying. Feeling Weak. Getting Called A Baby. People Who Hate Themselves. Suicide. Bullying. Funerals. Violence. Thunder & Lighting. Bad Singers. Dishonesty. Disloyalty. Snobs.


    Always one to jump into someone's arms, no matter who they are. Bambi loves showing affection towards everyone, it isn't always meant to come off as flirting... but he is just so nice and open with his words that he tends to get the rep of a flirt. He loves love and he loves showing his love. He will never forget a birthday and he will always be there for anyone that needs him.

    There's always that one person in the group that can bring a situation to life just by being there, that person for this group of individuals is Bambi Hemlock. He just has a youthful spirit that can bring even the most boring of days to life with just his presence and beautiful smile and childish giggle. He seems to always be full of life, never feeling tired or drained, even when others are trying to go to sleep he will usually wait for everyone to go to bed and then he falls asleep for only a few hours every night.

    Some people would've gave up on life if they had been through the things Bambi has been through but he uses those situations to motivate himself to see only good things around the corner. For every bad thing, there will be two good things just ahead, that is his motto to get through life. He has had it rough and still has it rough somewhat but he will always keep that sparkling smile on his face through all the pain.

    He will never give up on anything, if he wants something or needs to finish something... he will get the job done in the end. He is the most determined twenty-one year old that you will ever meet. Bambi has a bright future ahead with his passionate attitude towards his dreams and goals.

    He has multiple ideas in his head and other than cooking, he loves to paint and draw and loves to think up new ideas about everything around him. His mind is a unique one like no other and his thoughts can confuse people sometimes since he thinks about things in ways that no one has ever thought before.

    It's pretty hard for someone to have any hate or malice towards him. He is too nice and childlike for anyone to want to cause him any harm. He does have his moments of "Princess" Mode but that's only when someone criticizes his cooking. He is too cute and ridiculous to hate.

    Bambi isn't the sharpest crayon in the box but he damn sure isn't the dullest either. He has a good head on his shoulders and he is smart where it counts.

    Living on his own for three years after his parents tragic death, he had to learn how to take care of himself and that independent spirit has instilled in him the knowledge that he uses now to do things on his own and he has no problem with going solo on a mission or anything else if the situation calls for it.

    His parents were loving towards him and his aunt and uncle are loving towards him and he has always wanted a big family of his own one day. He loves children and treats everyone like his brothers and sisters. He just loves having people around him and he calls them all his family no matter how long he has known them.

    Emotionally Gifted
    He has this weird thing that when someone close to him is having a bad day and is trying to keep it a secret, he can just feel that something is off with them. It's pretty hard for most to hide their true feelings around Bambi, he is so in tune with his own emotions that he has a gift for noticing when someone else is feeling bad or upset about something without them even having to say a word.


    Bambi has been known to whine and have a tantrum or two when something doesn't go the way he thought it would. He can become very emotional and... childish when one of his cooking recipes doesn't go like he planned or someone makes a mess of things and they don't apologize. If you're on the receiving end of one of his tantrums, it's best to let the male tire himself out from creaming and crying.

    He might be very smart but Bambi can sometimes give his trust to the wrong people and has been burned by a few of the badder "friends" in his life. He tries to always see only the best in others and sometimes it just goes wrong for him in the end.

    He hides most of his emotions behind his smile and playful nature. His tantrums and crying only comes out because he still has a lot of growing up to do since he had to grow up quick at such a young age. He keeps most of his more vulnerable feelings deep down inside and he hates showing the more vulnerable and less "colorful" side of him to anyone.

    If he wants something, he wants it until he gets it. He will give someone the cold shoulder and not speak to them until he gets what he wants. He will only change his mind if HE wants to and not if someone else wants him to. Good luck getting him to do something that doesn't appeal to him.



    Bambi Derrick Hemlock grew up in Upstate New York with two loving parents and he was the only child and his parents spoiled him like no other. Bambi's parents had suffered four miscarriages before having him, he was their Miracle baby but he didn't come easy. He almost died inside of his mother because the umbilical cord had wrapped around his neck and he was born two months early because of fear of him dying if he stayed in his mother's stomach for too much longer. He was born premature and had to stay in the hospital for his first year of life, fighting to stay alive through everything. Him fighting to stay alive would be an ongoing thing for the male, unfortunately.

    It was a late night at The Hemlock Home, Bambi was only ten at the time. While the whole family were asleep after a wonderful home cooked meal that Bambi helped his mother prepare, smoke started to fill the kitchen of the home. Someone had forgotten to turn the stove off and food had still been sitting on top of the burning stove. When his father heard the fire alarm, he instantly ran to Bambi's room and woke him up. Bambi was frighten, never being in a situation like this before and being only ten years old. Sadly, his home was on the top floor of a huge building and while his father safely got him out of the house with the help of a neighbor, he risked his own life to go back into the burning building to save his wife since the firefighters couldn't find her. Bambi's father had snuck into the building while the firefighters were busy trying to put the fire out.

    Bambi would never see either one of his parents after screaming towards his father to not go back in and waiting there in hope of seeing his parents come out of the now destroyed building. The neighbor had been with him and would've brought him to her family's home not that far from the street where his home use to be, but he ran off from her when she wasn't looking and would be on his own for three more years before being caught by the cops for committing his first crime ever, the only time he has ever been caught, and thus being shipped off to his aunt and uncle in California soon after the cops found out about who he was and used their connections to find out if someone was looking for him for those three years.

    A few years later, around the age of eighteen, Bambi started to do even worst things in California and started to hang around a bad group of friends. His aunt and uncle treated him as good as his parents did but he still acted up out of anger and hatred towards his father for leaving him all alone, he still has resentment and abandonment issues and acts out a lot when someone seems to not love him the way he loves them. The only thing that keeps him from going off the edge most days is his passion for cooking and his new Youtube Cooking Channel and he loves doing it and showing people his cooking skills.




    Fixing Mistakes
    Taking Care of Others


    Physical Fighting (Would Rather Just Clean Up The Mess Instead of Cause It)
    Putting His Trust In The Wrong People
    Hopeless Romantic


    Creating New Cooking Recipes.
    Youtube Videos.
    Taking Care of Others.
    Fixing Mistakes.
    Entertaining Others.
    Having Childish Tantrums.

    Ⓘ ❤ Ⓤ... MEAN IT.

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  19. [​IMG]
    – —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —
    – —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —
    i look for peace -- but see i don't obtain
    i look for peace -- but see i don't obtain

    Male || 22 || Pan-sexual || Restaurant Owner

    Best Friend: (Pending)

    Relationship Status: Single

    Lover/Spouse: (Pending)

    Affiliation: Pack

    Role: The Crazy Infiltrator

    Suspect: (Pending)

    FOOD! || Drugs/Alcohol || Mysteries || Parkour || "Murder!! Ehehehehe!" Doing his job
    "Sugar!..." Cocaine || Lavender || Tall & Short People || Acceptance || Humor
    Escalators || Sky diving || Outer space

    Being called "Pothead" || Being called psychotic || Strict people || Medication || Blinding light
    Cold chills || Dullness || Ordinary || Betrayal || Restrictions

    Greatest Fear
    Axe's greatest fear is being snicked on. He has a lot of bad history with the police and if one false move from him ends up in someone reporting him to the police then he already knows that he'll easily get in and rarely ever get the chance to get back out. He knows that he can survive in there, but how long before he breaks is what he is afraid of. (Even though he technically is already crazy.)

    As stated before, Axel can get really crazy and psychotic when he wants to be. Unfortunately, sometimes Axel is not able to control his sudden outburst and crazy antics whenever he can or whenever he needs to seriously stop. He takes medication for it, but as you could probably already tell..he's a few months overdue of them. Beside this, Axel can also be a really calm and chilled guy on one of his good days. He likes it when he gets a scare out of certain people, but tries his best not to scare them off with his jump scaring. Axel also loves to cook for other people when it can, which is why his close friends all are allowed to eat at his restaurant completely free of charge as long as they agree to at least pay half price if they bring a friend he doesn't know. So yes, Axe can also be a very charitable person as well. When he's angered? Well, it all just depends on how he was angered and when. If it was because of an insult he clearly does not like then he could be at that state where he would want to beat the crap out of someone. If it was something different and more serious? He could more than likely end up murdering someone or at least causing some type of energy. Like I say, since he is way passed due on his medication and cocaine in the only other thing he does to calm him down..he can get pretty reckless. When he's pissed it's a whole other story when it comes to him. He doesn't really act upon anything since he's usually just irritated when it gets pissed, but on rare occasions he just lets it all out alone to himself or does Parkour to forget about whatever may have gotten him irritated in the first place.

    Have you looked beyond the crazy yet? Well, let me tell you that the orange headed male wasn't always like this. It really all started when he was around 10 years old after something had scarred him for life. Born in Korea and raised in Paris, France, Axel Miyemi Xienon had been something that his parents never expecting him to be. To be honest, they had both gotten ready to conceive a female that they would soon name Annalisabelle, or Annabelle for the sake of pronunciation. They dreamed about that very night for the longest time that they could remember, picking out pink and light purple clothing that surprisingly would match their pre-painted baby room. Yet, uncontrollably, Axel was born instead and was ten times more shockingly adorable than they would have ever thought their baby girl would be. Little did they know that soon enough everything would be tumbling down right before their eyes.

    To make a long story short, his parents had the same problem Axel had been dealing with only a few years after he had been born. Many people had complained about them and made up stories about them abusing Axel just so the police would more than likely take them to jail. When they couldn't find any evidence that lead to that, they decided to hit and punch Axel themselves just to set the two of them up. Since they saw no reason to hold back on arresting anymore, they sent them off to the psychotic ward where they went through a long process. Lack of the proper attention, care, parent relationships, and other things kick started the beginning of Axel and began to get worse before better could even describe it. Want to know more? Well... Axel doesn't kiss and tell, but maybe if you offer something.. "Like sex..or drugs...Don't need money... Mm, I'd take candy too.."


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