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  1. GoldenClan

    GoldenClan is named after the big rapefield which fill almost a half of their territory.
    Their camp is center to the forest, the territory ends to the thunderpath and end for the rapefield is two legs Place.

    Founder for the Goldenclan and it's first accepted leader was Copperstar, Which was born as a kittypet, lived as a rogue and get friends with wildcats.
    Now many years is gone, Goldenclan is very big now and lived peacefully far from the other clans.
    Which is purposed to change now, for good or bad.

    Hello I am Rosemarystar newly leader for Goldenclan and so one accepted ruler after the great Copperstar. Now you know something about who I am, so is it time to tell who you are? And the most importand question? Will you stay and prove your trust to this clan or will you put your tail between your legs and leave?
    Choise is all yours?

    Goldenclan's members

    Rosemarystar|She-cat|Crush/mate: open|

    Ravenmist|Tom|Crush/mate: open|




    Other mentioned clans (Max 5)

    1) IceClan (Ally/ Open to join)
    Members (open)

    Snowstar (male) open to claim
    Iceheart (Female warrior)
    Desertpaw (Med. app)

    2) SilverClan (Enemy/ open)
    Members (open)

    Silverstar (male)

    This is jump for it rp, but there is little form you to make
    Your look?
    Who are you?
    Fenale or male?
    Your rank?
    Your lovelife?

    Make your own clan Form?

    Your clan name?
    Is it Private or not?

    (What this means? Private: Clan played only By you.
    Not Private: Clan maked By you but other players can join there)

    Ally or enemy?
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  2. Your
    Ravenmist (open)
    look? [​IMG]
    Who are you? Ravenmist
    Fenale or male? Tom
    Your rank? Warrior
    Your lovelife? all open

    Rosemarystar waked at her den, Morning was making it first warm shine toward the entrance. Yawning and stretching she padded out of it. Accustoming her eyes to the sunlight she was about to see that her beloved clan was still asleep.

    Ravenmist sleeped deeply onto his nest, trying to catch a fat rabbit at his dreams.
  3. ((Heads up! Signup isn't working :3))
    Your look? Long-ish white fur with white spots
    Who are you? Iceheart

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Fenale or male? Female[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Your rank? A higher, well respected warrior. Has more say in matters than even deputy.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Your lovelife? None yet[/BCOLOR]​

    Other? She has an odd connection to starclan. She never directly gets spoken to by starclan. They give her an image from the future in dreams, and they push her in directions that way. She is also well respected in her clan. She is legendary at hunting, stalking, swimming, medicine, and climbing, but she can barely remember what happened the day before. She feels leader isn't really her spot but she wants a say in the matter.

    Make your own clan
    Your clan name? Iceclan.
    Is it Private or not? Nope :)
    Clan history? Iceclan is fairly new, created by Iceheart. She found that she didn't agree with how many clans worked in the local territories, being that some were very rough on the weak and others hated clans outside of their own. She was a rogue for a small time, recruiting many cats from clans and other places to create a small clan that was more focused around peace. She named it after herself, but refused to take up leadership. She wanted to keep a paw in the workings or the clan though and still wanted a mate. She appointed the current leader, but reminded them that she was still an important part of the clan. An advisor of sorts. If something goes down, the leader, medicine cat, deputy, and Iceheart are the first to know. But she did not ask for special treatment. She did not want apprentices to come and deliver her meals. She told them to treat her as an equal.
    Ally or enemy?

    Ally. They share borders with Goldenclan, and parts of the border is surrounded by a river that freezes over every winter. The heart of the clan lies on the banks of a small lake in the center of the territory. This area is heavily wooded, but the one border does have a bare spot due to an abandoned two-leg project. They had started building a nest, then left it to rot. It is a good spot for certain medicines to grow.​

    Iceheart opened her maw in a wild yawn, extremely tired from her late-night hunt. She couldn't sleep the night before so she evaded the night patrol and hunted. She brought three mice and a small bird back and started that day's pile. She walked out to see that the apprentices had already fed the prey to the elders and queens. She saw many cats greeting each other, acting friendly, and the older kits were playing around, batting at each others ears. It brought a proud twitch to her whiskers. She strided her way to the pile, removing a rodent from the pile. She prayed over it, then dug in.​
  4. (oh okey! and accepted!)

    Rosemarystar jumped down on the rock where her den was, walking toward the fresh kile pile. Pile wasen't not full but there was some catched preys. Taking a little mice in there she sitted down to eat it, listening the air if the Morning patrol was coming back.

    Desertpaw from Iceclan (open)

    Your look? [​IMG]
    Who are you? Desertpaw (Later Desertflower)
    Fenale or male? Female
    Your rank? Healer Apprentice
    Your lovelife? No, Forgidden

    Desertpaw waked at her nest next to her mentor who was still in deep sleep. Yawning she padded out to the den looking at the sunlight.
  5. Iceheart stretched out once more, feeling the warm rays of the sun bounce off of her white fur. She clawed the dirt under her paws mid-stretch. It was moist and cool from the morning's dew, though the elders probably would have aching joints over it.
    She saw Desertpaw leave the Medicine Cat den. As she approached, Iceheart sat straight back up.
    "Good morning Desertpaw. Is anything new around?" She asked, though it would be easier to ask one of the gossiping elders about it. She was mostly curious if she had seen anything from starclan recently, since their connection to her was really odd.
  6. Desertpaw looked at the she-cat, narrowing her eyes she looked at the sky, before shaking her head "No...I have not seen anything... not even dreams" she meowed knowing that she meaned about Starclan. Clawing the grass around her paws she sighed "Maybe we will see more if we go to the Falls" she meowed thinking the big waterfall where the forest ended and mountain begins, Place where is good chance to speak with starclan.
  7. Iceheart stared at her paws, remembering the last time she had been to to the falls. At the time, she was trying to find a leader for Iceclan because she did not feel fit for the duty. That was the only time she had gotten straight answers from starclan. They Told her that it was her own clan and she would be fine leading it. Iceheart continued to feel otherwise, and Starclan told her where to find the current leader. They also gave her a prophecy she had long forgotten, but she knew that it had something to do with the possibility of iceclan's collapse and it would come down to Iceheart making the right decision. But everything felt peackeful and orderly. No way the end was near, right? iceheart wasn't so sure.
    "Maybe so." She said, melancholic. "I will to check with leader and your mentor. When do you think is the earliest we can set out?"
    Iceheart felt like everything was perfect. Yet again she was worried that it might not be. Like the calm before the storm, she was worried that everything may not be what it seems.
  8. Iceclan

    Desertpaw silently looked at the blue sky, the running white clouds and the sun toward the trees. She thinked the path to the Falls, it wasen't long but not easiest one. "...Before the sun is almost down! I think we have a time to walk to the falls before moonhigh" she meowed looking the she-cat again, looking little sad "You sure you don't want to be the lead one?" she meowed looking the medician cat den "It's just that my mentor said that...only a hope will save our current deputy..." she meowed quieltly stopping to saying anything else.


    Rosemarystar stopped eating her mice, the camp was fully awaken now. The apprentices sitted next By next toward the apprentices den entrance looking for their mentor to show up. Clan deputy was busy with his fangirls and the kits played as their mothers watched them any moves, just to be sure anything bad could happen. Elders den was quielty, the last elder was past away and the den was empty now.
    Sighing she walked to the medician den, she wanted to speak about her dream where the Starclan cat asked her to walk to the falls By tonight. She wasen't been on there after the day she got her nine lives "Why now? I have not any reason to go there?" she thought
  9. Iceheart rested her head on her front paws tiredly. Another small, yet foreboding breeze blew through her fur and she shuddered.
    Why didn't she want to lead? It was the dream of Many young kits, many times being trampled at a young age. It meant respect and glory and responsibility.
    But her instinct was to hand it off to another. Maybe she wanted to not be the center of attention. Or maybe she didn't want the responsibility. She was afraid that with so many cats and friends relying on her, she would make the wrong choice and let someone down. After all, starclan did warn her that the decision she makes could make or break the clan. It was selfish, not wanting responsibility of others, but it made sense.
    She thought back to her time, not too many moons ago, when she lived as a warrior of another clan. She had just set out with her first self-created border patrol; many of the cats were her friends. Sadly though, a few had turned their intentions to the worse. They had gotten to the twoleg path adjacent from goldenclan. As they came upon it, many twoleg monsters were running through. She remembered getting to the big pine tree, then being attacked by members of the patrol. They managed to kill the other innocent cats, and pinned Iceheart against a tree. They almost killed her too, but a monster came off the road and a twoleg emerged, making loud noises and scared off the traitors. Once the cats were off of her, Iceheart made a dash for the woods. She returned to camp, traumatized, to report what had happened, and they found the bodies of the dead cats neatly behind a tree in the forest, out of sight from the monster path. The twoleg must have moved them. When investigated, it was found that Iceheart was innocent and the other cats had joined a rogue group set on destroying clan life. She insisted to the day that it was her fault and she could have stopped it, though neither was true and all cats believe her innocent.
    Now, Iceheart kept most of her life stories not secret, and this was no exception. But many cats never brought it up, and they continued to insist that the incident did not reflect how she would be as a leader.
    "To be honest, I am not sure. But now, if starclan continues to insist I'd be good at leading, so be it. I will. But I honestly think I am good at creating things and handing them off to others they care for." Iceheart hadn't processed that she had said the word 'continued' which gave away the fact that starclan wanted her to lead before.
  10. Desertpaw nodded "Well it's your choise, nobady will not force you....Hopely we will get more answers when we enter to the falls..."sh emeowed making a smile "...maybe a path which will be good to us all" she meowed quietly. "My mentor said me once that if the clan life get too hard fpr there...we could go to ask help for the GoldenClan or newly come SilverClan?" she said sighing "I very don't like the idea doing something with them"

    SilverClan and Silverstar (open)

    Your look? [​IMG]
    Who are you? Silverstar
    Fenale or male? Male
    Your rank? Leader
    Your lovelife? I have a mate and kits

    Make your own clan Form?
    They live a small forest next to a mountains, their territory go very far to the mountains and other side the territory ends almost before the great falls.

    Your clan name? Silverclan
    Is it Private or not? Little bit both!

    Ally or enemy? Enemy
  11. Iceheart flinched when Desertpaw mentioned Silverclan. She had met Silverstar a long time ago. At a clan meeting, before even Iceclan, he talked about ideas he had for Silverclan. He only shared it with with a select few, the people interested in joining a new clan. His ideas had been around for a while, and originally Iceheart was going go join them, but she saw that the to-be clan and it's supporters seemed (to her) more war-driven and violent compared to clans like Goldenclan. Iceheart had made the decision to make a more peaceful clan. But she might have been overreacting to Silverclan. The incident had happened close to that moon.
    "Hopefully... I think we would like be better with Goldenclan to be truthful." She meowed. "They seem... a bit more hospitable."
  12. Desertpaw nodded as agreement "Yes, I think Goldenclan could be better choise...than Silverclan" she meowed "I did saw Silverstar once when we go to the falls with my mentor... he just looked at us inside his clan borders, but the way he very gived me chills" she meowed thinking the Silver haired tom, which looked like starclan cat to the moon light, but his eyes was cold, almost empty.
  13. "Yes, he is somewhat intimidating. But there's probably a story being hidden there." Iceheart laughed, trying to lighten up the mood. "But goldenclan is more powerful and would be a good ally."
  14. Desertpaw nodded "I hope so...I very hope...that it didn't mean anything..." she meowed her voice almost broke as she spoke. "Well I will go to look the nursery if the queens need something...We will come to you when we are going to the falls..." she meowed more happier this time.
  15. "Alright then," Iceheart said with a smile on her muzzle. "Dont get into trouble, now, okay?" She purred, thinking that maybe this trip would be worthwhile. She padded up to the leader's den

    Who are you? Snowstar
    Fenale or male? Male
    Your rank? Leader of Iceclan
    Your lovelife? He does have a mate who recently had kittens

    ((This character is open to whoever wants it, I'm only using him for interaction with Iceheart for a second and then anyone can claim him.))

    Iceheart entered the Leaders den to talk to Snowstar, who had just come in from doing something. He was licking stuff from his fur that had gotten caught there. He saw as the brush in front of the den parted and Iceheart emerged. She then sat in the entrance.
    "Ah, Iceheart, what brings you here?" He said with a small laugh. He was a very lighthearted cat and was very friendly. Iceheart was glad she chose him, because as of now no one would take advantage or his niceness as of now.
    Iceheart bowed her head in respect.
    "I will be going to the falls later with Desertpaw." She said and Snowstar narrowed his eyes. "I see. Anyway, you have my permission to go. Do not fall into trouble." He said, smirking. Ice heart left the den.
  16. Desertpaw walked to the nursery looking if the Queens and kits was fine. For now there wasen't any problems, Queens was fine and kits healty. Turning around she padded back to the healers den to look if her mentor was already up, he/she wasen't which was indeed very weird, but she thought that the healer was getting old and needed more rest. She let her mentor sleep and padded to check the herb collections for make sure if needed anything.
  17. Iceheart exited the leader's den in search for something to keep her occupied until the time to leave for the falls. She joined a hunting patrol for the day, and their luck was extremely good today. They came back with as much as they could carry, so no one was left with and empty belly. During mealtime, at least three cats approached Iceheart with personal issues. Iceheart would smile and give them advice. This sort of thing made her happy and proud of what she had created. She didn't want to place her paws all over it, and screw up if she became leader.
    Soon, the sun had started it's decent and Iceheart rested outside of the medicine cat den. She hadn't seen hide nor tail of the medicine cat, but hoped that she/he allowed Dustpaw to make the journey and escort her to the falls. A single, golden leaf fell right in front of her on her left paw. She looked at it for a second, then sighed, placing it gently down. She waited for Dustpaw to emerge.
  18. Desertpaw looked at the sky, the sun was on it way down. She padded to her mentor to say that she is out now. Looking around she walked to the Iceheart "We may go now, Healer is not coming, his/her legs are in a really difficult condition" she meowed looking around "She said we could take a warrior with us,just for safery's sake" she said looking at the golden tom next to the Warriors den "I will get Goldenlion if he is interested to join" she said before padding to the young tom.
  19. Iceheart nodded. It was understandable that the medicine cat was not coming with. They were old, and in the upcoming moons, Desertpaw was bound to get her full name. It would have to happen soon though.
    "Bringing another cat would be a good idea for safety's sake...and Goldenlion would be a good warrior to take." Iceheart meowed. Goldenlion seemed like a cat who had all four paws on the ground and seemed to know what he was doing. He was a good worker, but like Iceheart, he had said he didnt want to be leader. Or, at least thats what he had said. He was also a stronger warrior, and very useful.

    ((So, are you making Goldenlion))
  20. Desertpaw padded to the long haired tom, with golden eyes. Goldenlion was always so gently and calm, that's way Desertpaw choised him, but of course it was all Goldenlion's choise if he wants to go or not. "Goldenlion, you hurry?" she meowed looking at the tom.
    "No...Why? Do you need me for something?" he answered calmly.
    "Well...I am going with iceheart to the falls...and I...we need a warrior to join us, would you maybe want to come?" she said waititng for the answer.
    Goldenlion looked at the apprentice then Iceheart "Sure...I will come...I am always wanted to see the great falls anyway" he meowed standing up, before following Desertpaw toward the Iceheart.

    Goldenlion (open)

    Your look? [​IMG]
    Just kidding! xD (open)

    Who are you? Goldenlion
    Fenale or male? Male
    Your rank? Warrior
    Your lovelife? Have a mate Silverdrop (open to claim)

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